Killabee Gaming Chair Review 2022 : Top 3 Best Picks For Gamers

In the market, there are different types of gaming chairs available. All the gaming chairs are manufactured by different brands. There are tons of brands available in the market that are giving high-quality gaming chairs. I am sure you have heard of Killabee, one of those brands.

The Killabee brand is known for providing premium gaming chairs at affordable prices. You should consider their chairs if you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming chair.

In this KillaBee Gaming Chair review, we’ll cover every feature of their gaming chairs along with the pros and cons. Also, we will talk about the Killabee brand so you can learn more about them. This is all explained in the blog, so be sure to read it from beginning to end.

Here is a Quick Answer to your Question

Overall, Killabee 9015 is the best of all these killabee chairs. The chair is ideal for small and middle-sized users. The best thing we like about the chair is the chair ergonomic design and footrest. The chair has a 4.3-star rating. To read more just check the full blog.

Killabee gaming chair company overview

In 2013 as the passion for online gaming increased at high speed and at that time gaming chairs were not comfortable for long use, this thing inspired killabee to make its killabee gaming chair for the first.

The Killabee brand is now a well-known brand for its ergonomic, comfortable gaming chairs and high-quality office chairs. The brand was established in 2001. From that date, it has been making reasonably priced ergonomic chairs so that every gamer can afford them.

Their chairs mainly focus on gamers, office workers, and workers who have to sit on chairs for a long time. Sitting in the same position for a long time is not good for health but the Killabee gaming chair and office chairs are designed to bring relief from many types of back pain and neck pains and to solve this problem.

Features of KillaBee Gaming Chairs


All Killabee gaming chairs are king in terms of adjustability and can be adjusted according to the gamer’s needs. I am saying this because in the Killabee chair you will find a backrest, armrests, headrest, lumbar pillow, and height all adjustable.

Their Most gaming chair comes with four backrest modes – 1. Comfortable work mode 2. reading mode 3. watching movie mode. 4. taking rest mode. The backrest of the chair is a high adjustable backrest, which you can move back at different angles.

Killabee gaming Chair Review

The chair seat can move up and down and can also swivel 360 degrees in any direction. Both the headrest and the lumbar pillow can be adjusted. They can be adjusted in height and angle.

This chair has an adjustable footrest so you can adjust its position to give your legs support. The gamer can adjust all of these to get more support and comfort to him while doing gaming. Even though the chair has so many adjustable features the chair still doesn’t cost much. Which is a great thing.


Normally, gaming chairs require a lot of effort and time to assemble. Not so with Killabee gaming chairs. It takes only 20 minutes to put together a Killabee chair. Using Killabee’s official website, you can find an instruction manual and assemble videos that make it very easy to assemble its gaming chairs.

If you encounter any problems assembling the chair, they have fast customer support. So you can content them for your problem solution. So there is no need to worry about assembling their chairs.

Headrest pillows and Lumbar support 

Headrest and Lumbar pillow, both of these things come along in all killabee chairs for free. Thus, users have to spend money on buying them separately. Both of them are very useful for promoting ergonomic in the chair. They will give your back and neck great support.

Also, they are very soft and fluffy, due to which when the user sits on the chair they dont get a hard feel on the area of their neck and back. Due to proper support, less stress comes on the neck and back area, the blood flow in those areas will also not stop.

If you find difficulty in sitting straight then these headrests and lumbar pillow will help you for sitting straight. Also in some killabee chairs, you will see a USB massager which makes the lumbar pillow more useful.

As the lumbar pillow will give your back massage and will reduce tiredness from the back. The USB massager can be connected to many devices like PC, Powerbank, etc through USB.

High-quality components and Comfort

Gaming chairs made by Killabee are made from high-quality, durable materials. They have acquired deep knowledge of technology to produce quality products. PU Leather on Killabee gaming chair is highly durable, soft, and water-resistant.

It is made from high-quality materials that will never bend, break, or malfunction. Killebee’s seats are padded with cold foam, which makes their set extremely soft and comfortable to sit in. With adjustable headrests, footrests, and neck rests, Killabee chairs are kings of comfort.

The chairs of the seats will not lose their original shape for years to come, since they use cold-foam padding in making them. Rust-proof heavy-duty metals are used in the chair’s mechanism, which can support 440 pounds of weight.

The 5 casters of the chair are of great build quality, due to this they roll smoothly on the floor. Moreover, they also won’t leave scratches on the floor. Now let’s talk about the base. The base of the chair is made up of durable material.


Killebee chair offers a large range of chair sizes but all their chairs are made for middle and large-size gamers. It’s a type of drawback that their chairs are not made for small-size gamers. Their chairs are made for gamers whose height is from 5’6″ to 6’4″.

Very long gamers enjoy using their gaming chair as they have many chairs that support a height of 6’4″ and weight of Up to 440 pounds. So today we will show you their gaming chairs size by a table to make you understand easily.

Seat Width x Depth22″ (W) x 22″ (D)21.3″ (W) x 20.1″ (D)20.5″ (W) x 20.9″ (D)
Overall Height48.4″ to 50.8″48.4″ to 51.2″51.2″ to 53.5″
Max. Height Support5’8″ – 6’4″ / 172-193cm5’6″ – 5’9″ / 167-175cm5’8″ – 6’2″ / 172-188cm
Max. Weight Support440lbs / 200kg250lbs / 113kg400lbs / 181kg

Strong Base and Casters

All chairs in our Killabee gaming chair review list come with a strong base and smooth caters. Their base is made up of nylon which is a strong metal. Due to the use of strong metal, the durability of the base also increases.

5 casters come with all the Killabee chairs that are made up of string material and roll smoothly on the floor. The wider chair base promotes stability to the chair. And the smooth-rolling casters make the movement of the chair easier.

Due to the stable base and casters, the killabee chairs remain stable and move much easier. If you roll gaming chairs then you will surely find these casters very helpful.

KillaBee Gaming Chair Review

Here is the review of the top Best Killabee Gaming Chairs, that is great choices for gamers. Below we will tell you the features of these gaming chairs.

KILLABEE 8204 Racing Gaming Chair

KILLABEE  8204 Racing Gaming Chair

Number one on our list is the KILLABEE 8204 Gaming Chair. There are three color options for the chair- red, blue, and grey. As well as being used for gaming, the chair is also perfect for office use.

This killabee chair is one of killabee’s highly adjustable chairs as it comes with an adjustable – Armrest, footrest, and Backrest. This chair is equipped with a 3D spine head pillow, Stem support, and an inbuilt USB Electric Lumbar Massager that allows us to sit comfortably for long periods of time and eliminates back and neck pain.

You can recline from 90 to 155 degrees, and there are four modes available-comfortable work, reading, watching movies, and taking a break. The chair’s design comes with a heavy-duty mechanism that can support up to the weight of 350lbs / 159kg. Gaming Chair 8204 by KILLABEE Racing is best suited for those between the heights of 5’8″ and 6’1″.

Product details of KILLABEE Racing Gaming Chair 8204

  • Material: Metal frame, PU leather, high-density sponge
  • Product dimensions: 27.6 x 27.1 x 48.4- 51.2 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-175 degree
  • Max weight capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Recommended height: 5’6″ – 5’9″
  • Color options: black, grey, blue, red
  • Additional features: Adjustable footrest, USB electric massager


  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • The high backrest that promotes ergonomics.
  • The armrests are adjustable.
  • Solid and sturdy body.


  • Not have heavy weight capacity.

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair 9015

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair 9015

KILLABEE 9015 Massage Gaming Chair is one of Killabee most selling gaming chairs. That is why we will do this KillaBee Gaming Chair Review . It’s Killabee, one of the newest and most affordable gaming chairs on the market. With the 9015 model chair, you can recline the chair from 90 to 175 degrees and retract the footrest.

The chair also features four modes-work, reading, watching movies, and resting. It can support a weight of 250lbs / 113kg and accommodates gamers up to 5’6″ – 5’9″, which makes it ideal for gamers of middle height.

The chair comes in 5 color options– Red, Blue, Black, Grey, and Pink. This chair has padded armrests, footrest, and massage support to ensure that the user can use it ergonomically and comfortably for a long time without experiencing neck and back pain due to poor posture.

This chair has only one drawback: it has no adjustable armrests. All these features make this chair a value for money offer.

Product details of KILLABEE Racing Gaming Chair 9015

  • Material: Metal frame, PU leather, high-density sponge
  • Product dimensions: 27.6 x 27.1 x 48.4- 51.2 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-160 degree
  • Max weight capacity:250lbs / 113kg
  • Recommended height:5’6″ – 5’9″ / 167-175cm
  • Color options: Black, grey, blue, red and Pink
  • Additional features:  Extendable Padded Footrest, Nylon Base , Smooth-rolling Castors


  • Has Highly comfortable seats.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Comes along headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • Assembly is easy and simple.


  • The footrest is not much stable and is wobby.

KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair 8257

KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair 8257

The Killabee chair (Big and tall gaming chair) was created to meet the needs of big and tall gamers. The Killabee gaming chair supports gamers of 5’8″ – 6’2″ / 172-188 cm in height. Grey, black, and blue are the various colors of the chair, and it has an amazing design.

You can lock the chair backrest according to your requirements and recline up to 170 degrees. As a result of its premium PU fabric and Memory foam padding, Killabee chairs are incredibly comfortable, even for extended periods of time.

PU leather is a leader in quality and is water-resistant, stain-resistant, soft, and comfortable. The Killabee 8275 has a head pillow, lumbar support, and footrest that keeps our posture and relieves neck and back pains.

Its heavy-duty mechanism can lift up to 400 pounds / 181 kilograms. Because of its ergonomic construction, adjustability, and design, this Killabee gaming chair is an excellent example of a premium quality gaming chair.

Product details of KILLABEE Racing Gaming Chair 8257

  • Material: Metal frame, PU leather, . Memory foam padding
  • Product dimensions:23.6″ x 20.9″ x 51.2″ – 53.5″ inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Adjustable backrest: 90-175 degree
  • Max weight capacity:400lbs / 181kg
  • Recommended height:5’8″ – 6’2″ / 172-188cm
  • Color options: Black, grey and  blue
  • Additional features:  Memory Foam Seat Cushion, Head Pillow and Lumbar Support Castors


  • Has a heavy weight capacity.
  • Great and wider lumbar support.
  • Has a strong heavy-duty metal base.
  • 5 strong rolling casters.


  • Has non-padded armrests.

What we Like About Killabee gaming Chairs?

  1. Some Killabee chairs come with a USB massager in the lumbar pillow that vibrates and releases heat and massage to the back.
  2. All Killabee gaming chairs are very comfortable and of high build quality on a pocket-friendly budget.
  3. All Killabee chairs are easy to assemble and take only up to 20 minutes. Also, These chair comes with a user manual that makes them very easy to assemble.         
  4. The chair base is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to support up to 200KG/440lbs. They are best suited for high-size gamers.               
  5. Killabee chairs are made of PU leather and memory foam, which makes them very comfortable for long periods of time.                           
  6. Good spinal posture and reduced neck pressure are achieved when their chairs have adjustable backrests, lumbar support, and footrests.

What We Don’t Like About Killabee Gaming Chairs?

  1. Small gamers find Killabee chairs uncomfortable. They are only designed for middle and tall gamers. They support gamers between 5’6″ and 6’4″ tall.
  2. The inbuilt USB massager is just the name. It does not provide sufficient heat and massage.

Things you need to look for in a gaming chair


The first thing is a comfort that you have to check. Your gaming chair should be comfortable in which you can sit for long hours. Your chair shouldn’t be uncomfy as it will affect your gaming experience.

If you do intense gaming, then your gaming chair should be comfier. The headrest, armrests, and footrest make the chair comfortable. So you need to look at them in your gaming chair. If your gaming chair is not expensive then you may not find a footrest in that chair but it is not a big issue.

Also, check out the reclining area of your gaming chair as reclining back gives comfort to users back.

Padding and Upholstery

First, we will talk about padding. Your gaming chair should be high padded as they are much comfier and dont give pain to the user’s body. You should go with a gaming chair that has padded seats and back. In these chairs, your back and butts won’t feel pain due to hardness.

You can use padded chairs for a longer time. Now let’s talk about upholstery. In gaming chairs, you will see the fabric, mesh, and leather upholstery. And fabric and leather chairs are the most durable and comfy of all of them so buy a chair that has this upholstery.

Headrest and Lumbar pillow

Headrest and lumbar pillow are important things in a gaming chair and your gaming chair must-have. Never buy a gaming chair that dont come with these things as those chairs will not be comfortable and ergonomic.

Your neck and back area will begin to feel pain if your chair lacks these things. In our Killabee gaming chair review, you will see gaming chairs with adjustable headrests and footrests. Both of them need to have soft inside them which will make them soft.

Build quality

Some gaming chairs may come cheaper but they low build quality. So they are not wort for buying as they won’t last for many time. So go with gaming chairs that may come a bit higher in price and they will have a high build quality and will be durable.

Check the material used in the chair as the more high-quality material is used in the chair the more durable the chair will be. Most important check the quality of the upholstery, frame, and base as they are plays important role in making the chair stronger or weaker.


Some Gaming chairs can be hard to assemble and time-consuming tasks. If you not have assembled the chair earlier then this can become more difficult. Buy a gaming chair that is easy to assemble or comes with an installation manual as it makes this process very easy. Easy assemble chairs can be assembled in less than 30 minutes which will save a lot of time.

Conclusion – KillaBee Gaming Chair

So I hope this killabee gaming chair review would surely help you to find the best gaming chair for you. All of these gaming chairs are worth buying. And chairs have some pros and cons, so read the full review to find which is best for you.

And these gaming chairs are important for you if you are a hardcore gamer so make sure to use these chairs rather than normal chairs. I hope this KillaBee Gaming Chair Review blog will be very useful for you and will help you to find a premium chair. If So, don’t forget to share this killabee gaming chair review blog with your friends.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Are KillaBee chairs good?

I will say Yes. Killabee both gaming and office chairs are highly adjustable, comfortable, and Pocket-friendly. The chairs are valued for money Deals.

How long does KillaBee take to ship and In which country Does it Ship?

Due to covid 19, the order processing time and shipping time may be delayed but it generally takes only 4-5 days only.

What are the KillaBee refund and warranty policy?

All Killabee chairs come with a 1-year warranty and 30 days refund policy.

How do you assemble a KillaBee gaming chair?

All killabee chair takes only 20 minutes to assemble and come with the instruction manual. In case you lost it then U can get an instruction manual on their official website.

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