Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review { Updated 2021 }

Respawn gaming chairs are one of the favorite chairs for gamers. Many big gamers and YouTubers uses their chairs. If you want a gaming chair in budget price then their Respawn 110 gaming chair is sure a chair that you should once checkout as you may find the best chair for yourself.

In this Respawn 110 gaming chair review Blog we are going to do so. We will tell you each and every feature, pros, cons, and price of this chair in this Respawn 110 gaming chair review blog. Also, we will compare this Respawn 110 gaming chair will other best gaming chairs too. So you can find which one is best for you.

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming

Respawn 110 Review

  • Comes in Multiple Colors.
  • Strong Durable PU Leather cover.
  • Good Weight Capacity.
  • Ergonomic Backrest.

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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review – Specifications and Dimensions

Here are the Specifications and Dimensions of the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair. It is also a short Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review as by this you can get to know the features of this chair. But as I said short so you need to read the full blog to get everything known about this Respawn 110 Gaming Chair.

Item Dimensions LxWxH28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
MaterialPU Leather
Seat height from ground19.26″-22.4″
ArmrestsFixed But Padded
Weight 28 Lbs
Weight Capacity275 Lbs
Warranty5 Years


  • Comes with soft padded footrest.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has 5-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Comes with Free Headrest and Lumbar Pillow.
  • Comes in more then 8 Colors.( including Pink )
  • Can bear heavy weight.


  • Only have 3D Armrests.
  • Seats can have deflation issue.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Overview

Respawn 110 gaming chair is one of the highest-rated gaming chairs on amazon. This chair and has 23k reviews on amazon. This respawn chair is made up of a faux leather, to provide a soft and skin friendly backrest and seat.

The chair backrest can recline up to 155 degrees and with infinite locking positions, that provide many comfortable position for playing games, watching movies, and taking rest. The chair comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows that can be adjusted according to the position, that provides comfort to you.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair recline area

Headrest and lumbar support pillow not only give comfort but also help to maintain a good sitting position, and reduce neck and back pain caused by bad body posture. The Respawn chair also has a padded armrest.

Armrest provides support to arms and also improves the use of mouse and keyboard without any difficulty. The chair comes with an extendable footrest for position reinforcement.

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The chair has a large collection of colors and a very eye-catching stylish design that will surely increase your room look. They give such features at a very reasonable price. Below we have done a detailed review of comfort, the material used, assembly, design, and pros, and cons of Respawn 110 gaming chair so make sure to read to get full Info about this to respawn chair.

Features of Respawn 110 Gaming Chair


Respawn chair are made up of faux leather that makes the chair comfortable for long uses. The chair has an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows to support your back and neck so you don’t get back and neck pain and can play games for Long hours.

The chair has an extendable footrest that provides support to legs and you can sit in the same place without having leg pain. The footrest is an important thing that should be in every gaming chair.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair review

The chair can recline 155 degrees and have a tilt lock and the chair can be adjusted according to need. And gives the best different position for Relaxing or watching movies. Due to this reclining feature your body will get support and comfort which will help your body to reduce tiredness.

Its chair has 4D armrests that are the cream of the crop that giving your arms the support help for comfortable gaming. All such features make respawn 110 gaming chair the best in terms of comfort.


Respawn 110 chair is King in terms of adjustability. Their are some reasons for my saying. For Example- The backrest can recline up to 155 degrees. Which may be bit Low but at this price it is best. Also back also locks at different angles which also comes in adjustability,

Secondly, The headrest and lumbar support in the chair can be adjusted according to your need, that provides comfort and support for working for Long hours. Both of these headrest and lumbar pillow can move up-down. This respawn 110 chair has a 4D ADJUSTABILITY in it.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Headrest and lumbar pillow

This ergonomic chair is also equipped with an extendable footrest and can be adjusted in position to provide support to the legs. the chair has Full 360 degrees of swivel rotation that enable dynamic movements in the chair.

The seats of the chair can be adjusted UP-Down. For Adjusting both back and seats different Knobs are given under the seats. You have to pull them in order to adjust the chair. No doubt at this price range Respawn is giving high adjustable features chair.

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Material Quality

Like most gaming chairs respawn chair also uses Faux leather in the cover of their chair. Faux leather makes the chair comfortable for long use. Faux leather not only makes the chair more comfortable but also increases chair life.

Faux leather is not torn, worn, worn, but also is skin-friendly, water-resistant, etc. So your gaming chair is not going to get damaged due to water or any other liquid or food. Faux leather is also responsible for the low price of this chair.

The Respawn 110 chair comes at a budget price but they don’t compromise on build quality. The material they use in making metal bases is strong enough to lift off weight of up to 275 Lbs.

Yes but there are some complaints from customers that the color of the chair Fades after 6-7 months of use. In-chair casters have used PU casters. And if we talk about Foam, then foam used in seats has great softness and fluffiness.

Adjustable Footrest and recline angle

A footrest is an important thing in gaming chairs. Most chairs that come with footrests are expensive or if they are cheap then they are of low build quality. But in respawn 110 they give the best footrest at such a budget rate.

The chair comes with an extendable footrest that can be used according to someone’s need. Footrest provides support to legs and makes them comfortable for or long workdays. The chair footrest can be put under the seat too.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair  Footrest

These footrests have fluffy foam in them which makes make that user’s foot dont have a hard feel. Now we will talk about reclines angle. The backrest can recline up to 155 degrees.

The respawn 110 and can be tilted, providing different positions for playing games, watching movies, and taking a rest. But there are many chairs in the market that can recline up to 170 degrees.

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Respawn chairs give a warranty of Respawn limited lifetime warranty. It doesn’t mean that if they are giving a lifetime warranty then their chair will not be of good build quality. Their chair is built of high quality as told in the above section.

If the chair malfunction or the chair has a manufacturing defect then u can contact their customer support any time. According to Buyers – The customer support of respawn is very fast. And they solve every issue as fast as they can.


Assembly of Respawn gaming chair is not a time-consuming process. It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble respawn chairs. In the box, there are already 5-6 assemble parts so it’s not difficult to assemble them.

Just a little work to assemble and your chair is ready for use. The chair comes with an installation manual that makes it easy to assemble their chairs without any difficulty and in case you lost that they also have a user manual uploaded on their official site and Amazon.

Color Options in Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • RedForest camo
  • Trooper-v
  • Omega-xi
  • Raven-xi
  • PurpleGreen

Comparison Between Different Respawn Gaming Chairs

Respawn 110 Vs 200

The first big difference I know is that Respawn 200 Doesn’t have a footrest. And respawn 110 comes with an extendable footrest that provides comfort for Legs. The backrest of Respawn 110 can recline 90 – 155 degrees with infinite locking positions.

But Respawn 110 reclines only 90 to 130 degrees. Respawn mesh in the backrest increases airflow that regulates the body temperature of gamers. Both gaming chairs can hold a weight of 275 Lbs.

Respawn 200 gaming chair comes with an Adjustable armrest that height can be adjusted according to needs. But respawn 110 gaming chair armrest can only move only from Right to Left.

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In terms of color options, both chairs are a bit similar but still respawn 110 wins. But The look of Respawn 200 is way too much than Respawn gaming chair. So this was a small comparison between Respawn 110 and respawn 200 gaming chair.

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair

Which One Wins Respawn 110 Or 200?

In the respawn 110 gaming chair review blog we find that, Respawn 110 is the clear winner in terms of comfort and features. But in look Respawn 200 wins. Still, we will recommend you to buy Respawn 110 as the chair gives more features but cost only 20-30 dollars more.

Respawn 110 vs Respawn 100

Like, respawn 200 gaming chair, Respawn 100 also doesn’t have a footrest. Respawn 110 has a large collection of colors than respawn 100 chair. Respawn has a reclines area of 90 – 155 degrees with infinite locking positions and Respawn 100 of having only 90 – 130 degrees.

So respawn 110 provides a much comfortable position that you like or according to your needs. Both chairs come with adjustable headrests and lumbar support pillows to give you luxury and comfort. That helps the gamers to play the game for long hours without any back and neck pains.

Respawn 200 Gaming Chair

Which One Wins Respawn 110 Or 100?

Respawn 100 gaming chair is best from Respawn 110 in some terms. After all, the chair is also comes much expensive than the Respawn 110 version. Like in terms of comfortability and durability the respawn 100 wins. But in the reclining area and price Respawn 110 is the winner.

Is Respawn a Good gaming brand?

Yes, definitely it is. Their Gaming chairs come from some best gaming chairs. Respawn has a large variety of gaming chairs in its product line. Different prices and features of gaming chairs can be found in their product line.

Giving great chairs at the best price is the thing that makes them a good brand. Respawn is making gaming chairs for many years that is why they have quite an experience in making good chairs.

They only make gaming chairs that is why they put so much into making their gaming chairs better. Respawn 110, 200 are great examples of it. Another thing that makes them a good brand is that their gaming chairs come with a long warranty.

Which is a thing, only good brands only give on their chairs who are sure about the quality of their product. If the product is not good customer will return that product which will return in a loss to the company.

Conclusion – Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review

So after doing a brief respawn gaming chair review I will come to conclusion. If you are thinking to buy or not respawn 110 gaming chair then U should buy it. Respawn 110 is a budget chair that Gives luxury and comfort at a very reasonable price range.

If we compare it to other respawn modals Respawn 110 gives the same features in the Budget price range. the chair is made of faux leather that makes a chair comfortable when sitting for long hours.

In addition, All their chair comes with a Lifetime warranty and dedicated, year-round representative support. that in case you find any manufacturing defect or damage you can contact their customer support for help. And also not forget fact that they fave a 4.5+ rating and 23K+ customer rating on Amazon.


How many days warranty comes with Respawn 110 gaming chair comes with?

Respawn 110 chairs comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty and dedicated, year-round representative support.

How much weight do respawn chairs support?

They support a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds weight.

Is respawn 110 gaming chairs comfortable?

The answer is yes, Respawn 110 chairs can recline up to 90 – 155 degrees can be adjusted according to the situation that fits you. Also, they have an adjustable headrest, lumbar support pillows, and footrest that give relief to back and neck pains.

Is the Respawn 110 gaming chair worth it?

Yes, Respawn 110 worth buying. The chair comes with premium features in the Budget price range. The chair is highly comfortable so can play games, watch movies without any difficulty.

How much time it take to assemble It?

Respawn chair not take more then 20-30 minutes to assemble it.Box comes with 5-6 pre assewmbled parts and installation manual.Even in their site and amazon their is Installation manual and video uploaded in it.

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