Ficmax Gaming Chair Review: Does It Meet Gamers’ Needs?

Looking for a budget gaming chair? No doubt you will find many gaming chairs with this price tag but believe me most of them won’t even last for 1 year. Therefore you will need to have a gaming chair that has both ergonomic features and a low price.

And one of these gaming chairs is the Ficmax Gaming Chair, which comes at a very low price but is still a worth chair for gamers. So today in this blog I will do This Ficmax gaming chair review, on the behalf of its features, pros, and cons so that you can decide whether to buy this chair or not.

This Ficmax gaming chair review blog will surely help you in taking decisions more properly. And will help you to find, whether this chair will be worth it for you too or not?

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review: Does It Meet Gamers' Needs?
Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax Gaming Chair review – Specifications and Dimentions

Item Dimensions LxWxH33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches
MaterialPU Leather
Seat height from ground17.5 – 22 inch
Overall Chair Height54 inches
Weight51 Lbs
Weight Capacity350 Lbs
Warrenty1-year warranty


  • The chair has a fully reclining backrest.
  • Comes with Massager that runs from USB.
  • The chair has a heavy weight capacity.
  • Has a High density Padded Seat cushion.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 5 Smooth Casters For easy movement.


  • The warranty on the chair is only of 1 Year.
  • The chair armrests are not padded.

Ficmax Gaming Chair review

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Adjustability and comfort

So the first feature of the Ficmax gaming chair we went talk about is it’s adjustable. The chair is highly adjustable because firstly, it has an armrest, Massage Lumbar Pillow, and a retractable footrest. This means the user can adjust each one for maximum comfort for hours on end.

The headrest is removable so it can be removed when not in use. As with lumbar support, however, lumbar can be adjusted according to your preference. And most important it has a footrest which can adjust and can move up or down the chair when you don’t want to use it.

Ficmax gaming chair Adjustability and comfort
Ficmax Gaming Chair

That is the main benefit of a retractable footrest. Now you may be thinking are footrest headrest and lumbar pillow are important? Yes, they are the main features of gaming chairs. They increase the comfy of a gaming chair. They have many advantages.

First, they maintain good body posture and improve blood circulation within our bodies. Secondly, headrest, footrest, and lumbar support decrease neck pain, back pain by supporting them. Same with the case of footrests, as it also reduces leg pains. Which makes it easy and comfortable for Intense Gaming Sessions Or Long Workdays.

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Reclining area and Padded Armrest

Ficmax Gaming Chair is a high reclining area. you might be thinking why I am saying that. There is a reason behind it. This gaming chair can recline up to 180 degrees. Isn’t that incredible? Comparatively to many chairs in that price range, the Ficmax has a large reclining area.

As it has a tilt mechanism, it can be locked in any position. It can be adjusted and locked in whatever position you need. For example, it can be used as a reading chair, a playing chair, and a relaxing chair. The 180-degree lock allows you to take a nap or sleep after intense gaming.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Padded armrests and reclining area
Ficmax Gaming Chair

That is the advantage of buying reclining area chairs. The chair is also equipped with a padded armrest. Your arms and wrists will be supported in this way. This will make it easier to work without feeling pain in your hands. As they are only 2D, armrests are only able to move up and down to adjust with your desk.

This is a drawback of this chair. With PU leather that are very soft and comfortable, the armrests are padded. Despite intense use, they do not deflate. Many chairs provide 3D or 4D chairs at this price range.

Build Quality, Design, and Color options

First of all, let’s talk about build quality. Pu leather is used in making their gaming chairs. Pu leader has many features, such as easy cleaning, dirt resistance, and fade resistance. The seats are made of high-density memory foam. The seats are therefore softer and more comfortable.

As a result of being filled with high-quality foam, the seats won’t deflate over time. They use a complete metal frame to build this gaming chair. The quality of the framework increases the lifespan of the chair. Now let’s move to Design.

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Ficmax Gaming Chair also comes with an attractive and ergonomic design. The chair has a Racing Style Gaming Chair design. As a result of its design, your gaming room will look more aesthetically pleasing.

We always want our favorite color when buying a gaming chair, but sometimes it’s unavailable, so don’t worry about it. Because This Ficmax Gaming Chair comes in 9 different color options, so you will surely find your favorite color within these color options.

A combination of colors and a line pattern makes it an upscale gaming chair look. Their unique and attractive designs will surely seduce you.

Warranty and Assembly

Your mind will be ringing with the question of how many years of warranty they offer? So Yes the chair comes with a warranty, And they offer a 1-month free return policy and a 1-year limited warranty on replacement parts.

All parts of the gaming chair may be returned or exchanged without any problems. Could it be that they don’t replay quickly? Customer support is available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about that. The support staff is very helpful and responds very quickly.

They only require an email address to contact them. Let’s move on to your second question, Is ficmax gaming chair assembly Easy? They don’t provide an installation manual for their chair, but still, chair assembly is easy.

The company should provide the proper manual with the Ficmax Gaming Chair. Yes, but we have read many reviews that say that ficmax gaming chair assembly is easy and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to assemble.

Massage Lumbar Support and footrest

In the lumbar support, the chair features a USB-powered massager. The massage can be connected with most devices like Powerback, PC, Laptop, with the help of USB. The USB used in the Lumbar pillow is 5V. What are the benefits of this feature?

The USB-powered massager will vibrate and will provide for your back. It will promote better blood circulation and help you relax. Also, a lumbar pillow will give your back support and will help it to remain straight. It is also possible to sit for longer periods of time in the same position.

This is the Befits of a massager lumbar pillow. How can we forget footrests when talking about support? Footrests can be adjusted upwards and downwards as needed. The footrest is much softer, thus your legs will get a soft place for resting. Even if you don’t want to use it, just move it below your seat. This will also help you to save space in your room.

Height and weight capacity

If you are buying a gaming chair, you should also consider that will chair will fit your body size and weight. Just think you buy a gaming chair and when it doesn’t fit your body size when the chair is delivered. Moreover, you will not find it not comfortable for your size.

Then how will you feel? so you should definitely check the size and weight capacity of it. Racing Style Gamer Chair has a heavy-duty wheelbase and Class 4 hydraulic piston. The chair weighs 51 Lbs and supports 350 Lbs. So don’t have to worry if you are Best for Middle and large-sized gamers.

Base And Casters

The base and casters of a gaming chair are important for its stability and durability. If your chair base and casters are not strong and stable then your chair might not be stable. This will cause problems when you are gaming while sitting on it. This Ficmux chair has both durable and stable casters and a base.

The chair base is heavy-duty and allows the chair to be more stable and stronger. The chair casters are 60 MM and can roll on any floor type like carpet, Hard, and Tilt. Moreover, they won’t also leave scratches on the floor. Due to their wider size, they won’t break up for a long time and will be able to bear heavy weights.


So Yes. Ficmax Gaming Chair is backed by a Warranty. Not only just this FX-07 modal in fact their all other gaming chairs that we pick in our Ficmax Gaming Chair Review list. You will see a 1-year warranty on the chair.

This means if you face any issue or any part of the chair gets broken you can just ask them for a new one. They will solve your problem for free. Also, there are 30 days of free returns which allow buyers to return the chair for free. In case they dont like the chair or the chair has any issue. You can also buy the chair and can check whether the chair is best for you or not.

Some Other Ficmax Gaming Chairs

The Ficmax gaming chair also has some other gaming chairs on their list We will tell you each and every feature of these gaming chairs with pros and cons in this Ficmax gaming chair review. You can also buy and use these gamin chairs if they suit your need.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest
Item Dimensions LxWxH33.8″D x 12.6″W x 25.2″H
Armrests2D Armrests
Recline Area180 Degrees
Weight51 Lbs
Weight capacity350 Lbs

We will start off the list with Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair. This gaming chair is also one of the highest-selling gaming chairs of ficmax. If we talk about the chair look then the chair has a cool look. On back Arrows, patterns have been drawn.

Also, you will see patterns on the chair seats, headrest, lumbar pillow, etc. The headrest and backrest of the chair have strips on them. Which you have to tie to the chair to use the headrest and lumbar pillow.

Both of them not only are fluffy but also you will see that the lumbar pillow has been made larger in size. The large lumbar pillow gives support to the back. You can adjust their position so that your back and neck can get proper support from them.

This chair armrest comes with height and weight adjustability. They have been made in a curve shape. So when you will place your arms over them they will not have hard feelings. Below the seats their you will see a Class 4 hydraulic piston. 

So What Does Class 4 hydraulic piston Do? They help in allowing the adjustment of seat height. This SCS4 cylinder is quite strong and durable too. They make height adjustment smooth and easy.

The base of the chair is 5 Star and strong which makes the chair stable and strong. Also, it gives the chair a heavyweight. A heavy-sized and weight user can also sit on the chair comfortably. 


  • Comes with Free USB Massager.
  • Has heavy weight capacity.
  • Ergonomically Designed Backrest.
  • Has 1 Year Warranty.


  • The chair armrests are not padded.

Ficmax XJZ-010 Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest

Ficmax XJZ-010 Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest
Item Dimensions LxWxH33.8 x 25.2 x 12.6 inches
Armrests2D Armrests
Recline Area180 Degrees
Weight49 Lbs
Weight capacity350 Lbs

Ficmax XJZ-010 is a cool look pink color gaming chair in our Ficmax Gaming Chair Review. The chair comes with pink bright color that looks very stunning and cool. If you are a girl gamer then you will surely love sitting on it. Color patterns on the chair and base increase its look.

The high reclining backrest of the chair can recline fully back. Which allows the gamer to lay down on the chair. You can lay back and can rest on the chair after you have done gaming. With the help of a lever, you can Lock the back of the chair at different angles.

An adjustable footrest also comes along this chair. This footrest gives support to gamers’ legs. You can put them over them to give your legs rest. These footrests can be put under the chair seats too.

The seats of the XJZ-010 gaming chair can both rotate 360 degrees and can Move by Up-Down. By adjusting the seat height you can make the chair comfortable for sitting for different sized users. A 5-star base is attached to the chair to promote stability and mobility.

This base has a weight capacity of 350 Lbs. The comfortability of this Pink Gaming Chair is great. The chair seats are very soft and comfortable. 4.8INCH THICKEN CUSHION is the reason behind the comfy seats.

You can sit on this chair for long hours and can do gaming easily. Even if you are heavy weight user this 4.8INCH THICKEN CUSHION is not going to deflate. In terms of comfortability, the chair has a 5-star rating.


  • Has cool Look and design.
  • Can sit on the chair for 8-10 hours comfortably.
  • Comes with detailed Instruction manual.
  • Has a large and high reclining back.


  • The assembly is bit tricky.

Is Ficmax a Good Brand?

Ficmax is surely a good brand. There are many reasons for it. Firstly all gaming chairs of ficmax are ergonomic and comfortable. They are great gaming chairs that a gamer should surely buy. Their gaming experience and performance will increase.

They will also enjoy gaming even more. The customer support of ficmax is also fast. They give a long warranty on their gaming chair which is a sign that they are sure about their product quality. Their product includes gaming chairs only so they have quite an experience in producing great gaming chairs.

There are many popular gamers using their gaming chairs. So if big gamers are using their chairs then they are surely a good brand. Ficmax was founded in 2015 so they are not much old. But still, they are quite experienced. Till now they have sold more than 62k Gaming chairs which is enough to show how fast they are progressing and how much gamers are liking their chairs.

Should We Buy Ficmax Gaming Chair?

A pro gamer should buy Ficmax gaming chairs. Surely they are very helpful for a gamer as a gamer will get a comfortable chair in which he can sit and can do gaming. While sitting on a gaming chair you will have a comfy experience and also you can sit on the chair for long hours.

You will not have pain in your neck and back which can cause if you use a normal chair. If you have read this Ficmax Gaming Chair Review from start to end then you would have surely found how good their chairs are for gamers.

You will get to see every feature that gaming chairs should have. Like ergonomic, comfy, and high adjustability features. You can adjust the headrest, back, and lumbar pillow of these Ficmax chairs. The look of these gaming chairs is also very cool.

These racing-style look chairs will make your gaming room look cooler. All these gaming chairs come in a budget price range so a new gamer can also afford the chair easily. All these things make the chair worth buying. If you don’t have money to buy their costly gaming chairs then you can also check other ficmax chairs in our blog.

Conclusion – Should you buy it or Not?

Still confused buy or not? So at the last move to the conclusion. The Ficmax Gaming gaming chair is a budget gaming chair as it comes under 200$. The chair is highly comfortable, has high build quality, and gives ergonomic features which makes it the best gaming chair.

Yes, but it only has a 2D armrest, which is a drawback but they give all the other features that we expect from the best gaming chairs. Like it has a good reclining area, uses a High-quality Pu leader and the char is best if you are a Middle and High sized gamer.

They can use it without any discomfort as it has a large armrest and sitting seat. That will not let you get tired when sitting for long gaming sessions. So, I will say in last definitely you should buy this gaming chair. The chair is worth it. And you will surely love its design and pattern. So if you find this Ficmax Gaming Chair review blog helpful then make sure to share it with your friends.

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