Razer Gaming Chair Review 2021 – Is it worth your Money?

Razer has just launched their first Gaming chair a Few months ago. Razer is known for their best Gaming products Like gaming mice, keyboards, laptops, and other products.

But when they launched their first gaming chair it was to see will it be just like some other gaming chair that is in the market, and will have just the Razer logo and signature on them.

Or will have some special as their other products have. Also, there was also another question that will their first step of coming to the Gaming chairs market will be A success or Flop step.

To know all the answers we reviewed their gaming chair Features Like durability, comfort, adjustability, design, and many more, and now are writing this blog post. And we will also discuss what makes this razer gaming chair different from other gaming chairs?

An most importantly Does this chair really worth 500$. Just read this blog and you will get answers to your all questions. So stay turned.

Razer Gaming Chair Comfort

The first thing we think before buying a gaming chair is their comfort. We have different questions that will it be much comfortable as we expect from a gaming chair that we are going to buy.

And when we are buying a 500$ gaming chair it becomes more important. To provide you a more comfortable experience they use PVC synthetic leather instead of PU leather. AS PVC is more durable and Comfy than Pu leather.

razer gaming chair material

But PVC leather becomes a bit warm when uses for long hours. But it does not have much problem if there is Fan or AC in your room. To provide comfort to your back, the neck and armrest are also made of high-quality leather.

The armrest is adjustable to provide comfy to your arms and wrist so you can play without any difficulty. Also, the headrest is very soft and comfy when used.

The lumbar pillow will provide support to your back and will reduce back pains. Even seats are made to provide you an amazing sitting experience that you will never forget. You can sit in the same position for long gaming sessions without difficulty.

Due to these high-density cushions, the chairs dont lose their shape for a very Long time. And if you are average size gamers you can use and sit on this razer gaming chair without any time of Uncomfortabliity.

To provide more comfort you can adjust its backrest that gives you a more comfortable position without worries about uncomfy.


Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

Now let talk about other features that everyone looks at before buying a gaming chair- headrest, and lumbar pillow. Since they are one of the major features everyone looks at.

The Head cushion of the razer gaming chair very dense highly dense but is still flexible memory foam that molds to the shape of your head to give the right amount of support and comfort that your head needs.

Head cusion Razer gaming chair

The head cushion is removable. So can be removed when Dont needs to use it. One of the main features of this gaming chair is its lumbar pillow. The type of lumbar pillow razer has use you have not seen before in any Gaming chair.

There is a button under the seat, and you press it to release the spring pistol, and the lumbar pillow comes outward. Razer’s main goal was to make a chair that provides ergonomic comfort so they have a focus on key features.

That provides comfortable like a Lumbar pillow. The lumbar pillow is far comfy than other gaming chairs I have reviewed. As key have much focused much on it. You can just push the lumbar pillow to move it back in its original position.

Which is the important feature I list most. It provided enough Comfy that your back needs. To work without any type of back pain.

Design and materials

 Razer iskur has a very unique and attractive design and pattern. Till now the chair has only Two color options- Black and green. Maybe in the future, they will have more color options as at the time of launch it has only black clour.

The design and color options give it an ergonomic and premium gaming chair Look. There is the Razer logo on the headrest, head cushion, On the seat, and at the back of the chair. The logo looks really cools and attractive.

They have stitching of green color on the chair and even all the logos are made by stitching. That really gives it a unique design. the combination of Green and black is really a very nice look. SO now let’s talk about the material.

Head cusion Razer gaming chair

As the chair is of 500$ they have to spend a lot of money on material. the material is of high quality and has more durable than other chairs use in making their chairs.

The razer iskur use MULTI-LAYERED SYNTHETIC LEATHER in their chairs that are much more durable, comfy and dont get fade even after a long time. So you can sit on The gaming chair for Long gaming sessions without getting tired.

Even the seats are made of plush, dense cushions to make sure you can sit on the seat on them without any comfortability. The seats also dont get deflation after overuse. So you dont have to worry about the build the Quality of this 500$ gaming chair.

Adjustability and recline area

The razer iskur is a High adjustable chair. It has 4 d armrest that can move Up& Down and Right& Left. So can be adjusted to a position that gives you more comfort. The lumbar support is may more adjustable than other gaming chairs’ lumbar pillow as we have earlier said.

Razer iskur 4d armrests

The Razer gaming chair has recline area of 139 degrees. So you can adjust the backrest on different positions for Playing games, watching movies, or resting. That you were comfortable working or playing games for long hours.

Assambly and warrenty

The razer iskur is a bulky gaming chair but is not difficult to assemble. The chair is very easy to assemble and dont take much time to assemble. Not like other gaming chairs, it comes with a small instruction manual.

Its installation manual is of big size and they move down all images so that you can understand it easily and dont get much difficulty in assembling. The assembly dont take more than 20 minutes.

They recommended that while assembling you should have one person to help you but You can alone Assemble it without any difficulty. Also, they give all tools that are needed for assembly which are of high quality.

That is also a thing we like about razer. The razer gaming chair has 3 years warranty covering defective parts and components (Not including standard wear and tear). You just have to message on their Gmail or Support. They reply very soon and have good service.. 

Pros & Cons of Razer Gaming chair

  • It has build Quality and is durable.
  • The seats are very Comfy.
  • Comes with 4D armrests to give it comfy.
  • The Head cushion is removable.
  • Has very unique design.
  • The lumbar pillow is highly adjustable.
  • The seats are not much wider so if you are not the average size it will not much comfortable.
  • Comes in only 2 color options.


Conclusion - Worth or not ?

Now, let’s move to the main point should you buy it or not? As you know that it comes in 500$ price range. Which is an expensive price range. So if you are a full-time gamer or play games then you should surely buy it.

It really worth 500$ and gives you the experience that you expect from an expensive gaming chair. It has Highly customizable lumbar support that you will not see in other gaming chairs that comes in the same price range.

Even it has a very unique and attractive design that gives it a premium look. But if you are looking for a gaming chair that gives many color options to choose from or a High backrest recline area then you should Think again as it gives only 2 color options- Black and green from which you can choose from.

Even if you have a tight budget and dont play games much then should invest your money in other budget chairs.So now it’s time to end this blog post and we will see you in our next post. 

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