Vitesse Gaming Chair Reviewed 2022 – Best Budget gaming chair?

Budget gaming chairs have become very popular. There are gamers who dont want to spend the money on gaming chairs.

But it can be a challenging task to find budget gaming chairs, as they need to buy the best gaming chairs that both come within their budget and have good features. So to solve their problems we are going to do a Vitesse Gaming Chair review.

Vitesse Gaming Chair is a great chair for budget users. As it comes with features that a gamer would want in a gaming chair. So makes sure to read this Vitesse Gaming Chair review blog as here we will tell you the features of this chair.

As it will help you to make a decision whether to go with the Vitesse Gaming Chair or not.

Armrests Fixed
Recline Area180 Degrees
Headrest and Lumbar Pillow Adjustable
Material PU Leather
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 42 Lbs
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs

  • Value for money.
  • High build quality and comfy.
  • Comes in a budget price range.
  • Has large reclining area.
  • Comes with a removable headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • Has a very unique and attractive design.
  • Dont have adjustable armrest.
  • Wheel are made of plastic instead of metal.

Vitesse Gaming Chair - Overview

Vitesse Gaming Chair is a budget-friendly gaming chair. With its 4.4 star rating, the chair comes with great features. The chair is no doubt an ergonomic design chair as you will see an ergonomic back with a headrest and lumbar pillow.

This allows the back to be in a straight posture for a long time. No feeling of pain in the back and neck arouse due to them. Soft arms support is attached to the chair. Where gamers can place their elobws while doing gaming.

This helps gamers to play gamers for a long time without pain or stress on arms and elbows. Another thing you will see in this Vitesse Gaming Chair is that it has a 5-star base.

This base is much wider in size, which makes this chair stable. Because of that, the chair does not move from its place unwantedely. Which allows the gamer to do gaming or sit comfortably.

Casters come attached to its base and these casters are responsible for its easy movement. A gamer can roll the chair from one place to another easily. The chair cover is made up of Pu leather, which is waterproof and durable .

The chair can be cleaned easily with wet water. So cleaning is not an issue with this chair like it is with mesh gaming chairs. No doubt that mesh gaming chairs have also many pros but they also have cons. ( Check Mesh gaming chairs.

The chair is the best gaming chair for gamers who sit on a chair doing gaming for 8-9 hours. You can do this type of gaming comfortably on a chair. Read this Vitesse Gaming Chair Review Blog for full detail of the chair.



Comfort and Recline area

Comfort is one of the main things that a gamer sees before buying any gaming chairs. Also read our Are Gaming Chairs Not Comfortable? Blog. Vitesse is a high comfortable gaming chair that comes in a budget price range.

The seats of chairs are wide and so that you can sit comfortably. The chair is made of PU leather to provide you a soft and comfortable experience.

There is soft headrest, lumbar pillow to reduce neck and back pain so that you can sit comfy without any pains. To provide you extra comfort Even the chair can recline so that you can choose the position that suits you. This is a high-reclining gaming chair.

Vitesse Gaming Chair - Comfort and recline

It can recline 90°-180° safety angle that gives you Four different position-Working, playing, watching, and resting position. The recline area they give is very high as compared to chairs that come in the same price range.

It becomes more comfortable in using a gaming chair. Also, the chair has 360 degrees swivel that enables dynamic position.

Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

The chair comes with both a headrest and a lumbar pillow. they both are removable so you can remove them when you dont want to use them.

Both headrest and lumbar pillow are very helpful as they help to maintain good body posture. The helps to reduce neck and back pain by giving them support and maintaining your body in a good position.

Vitesse Gaming Chair - Ergonomic design

So that you can do gaming for long hours without any problem of body pain. Sitting in a bad posture for long hours is also not good for health.

That’s why the headrest and lumbar pillow are so much important and one more thing Ergonomic Design Gaming Racing Chair: Three points support your head, spine, and lumbar.

High Adjustability

Even though the chair comes under 150$, you will see many adjustable features in this chair. As the chair back is highly adjustable. It can recline up to 180 degrees. Due to this, a user can fully lay back on the chair. Also, the headrest and lumbar pillow of the chair can be adjusted.

They can move both up-down and right-left. By this, you can adjust them to the position that gives you even more comfort. Ok, now let’s talk about the seats as they are also an important part of a gaming chair.

The seats of this Vitesse Gaming Chair can be moved UP-DOWN. Not just up-down, they can rotate by 360 degrees by the user too. Height adjustable seats allows the user to adjust their chair height according to his height. In order to adjust its height, you need to pull the adjustment lever. Vitesse Gaming Chair design

Look And Design

Vitesse Gaming Chair has a racing-type look and design. Patters and color combinations make the chair more attractive. You can buy the chairs in 5 different colors, and all colors will cost you differently.

As I previously said that chairs are made up of Pu that is why these colors on the chair look even more bright. There is Vitesse logo embedded on both seats and lumbar pillow. Gamers who love cool-looking chairs will sure love this chair.

The cool and attractive design of the chair will give your room a cool feel. You will get an amazing feel while sitting on this Vitesse Gaming Chair.

Assembly and Build Quality

The assembly of the Vitesse Gaming Chair is not a hard task. Vitesse chair comes with an installation manual so that you dont have any difficulty in the assembly of the chair.

Also, it dont takes more than 30 minutes to assemble. Most of the parts are pre-assembled you just have to screen drown and the chair is ready to use.

The build quality of the Vitesse chair is also good. they use high-quality material in the building of their chairs. The chair is made of a Strong Metal Frame made of high-quality steel and can lift the weight of 300 Lbs.

This shows that the chair is very durable and can be used for a Long time. The rolling wheels are made of PU Rubber Caster that is durable and dont make noise when the chair is moved.

But if they had used a metal wheel it would be much better. Both lumbar and headrest are made of high-quality leather which color will not fade or will not get scratch even using for a long time.

Also the soft foam inside the seats, back, headrest and lumbar  pillow dont deflate easily. Which allows the chair to remain comfortable for long time. It is only due to the chair high build quality that the chair last for many years even after using it too much. The chair has got very good rating in build quality and Sturdiness.


On the Vitesse chair, the long-time warranty can be seen. It is only due to this fact that the chair is of high build quality. There is also a free replacement on the chair. So if your chair parts get any issue you can replace that part for free.

This warranty is for 365 days. You just have to contact their customer support and they will see you that part for free. But it is unlikely that you will face any issue with this chair as according to its buyers the chair dont give any issue because of its strong build quality.

Buy Vitesse Gaming Chair If -

  1. You Should Vitesse gaming chair if You have a tight budget and want a best gaming chair in that price range.
  2. If You want many colour options you can choose from as it has more then 8 different colour options.
  3. If you want a gaming chair that has a very unique design even in low price range.
  4. If you want high comfort and adjustability in low price range.
  5. If you are not a full time gamer and dont want to much comfort and features.

Dont Buy Vitesse Gaming Chair If -

  1. If you are a full time gamer and spend full day sitting on chair and use it very much.
  2. If you want full adjustability and high comfort from the chair.
  3. If you much more money so you should go with other gaming chairs.
  4. If you prefer a gaming chair that has footrest and adjustable armrest.

Is Vitesse ergonomic chair Worth it for Buying?

If you have ready this Blog, then no doubt that you have already gotten this question answer. That chair is worth buying. This chair gives so many premium features at a very less price.

The Vitesse chair has an ergonomic back design that gives support to gamers’ backs and allows them to do gaming for a long time. Due to the chair’s comfortability, the user can sit on this chair for a long time, as the gamer will not have an uncomfy feel .

You will not have back pain issues because of the headrest and lumbar pillow. Overall if you are searching for a budget gaming chair then you should definitely buy this chair. As after buying this gaming chair you won’t have to search for a new chair.

Vitesse Gaming Chair Review - Bottom Line

Vitesse Gaming Chair is a worth gaming chair for gamers. In this Vitesse Gaming Chair Review Blog, we tell you the features of this chair and the pros and cons of it. Vitesse has done great work by making a chair that costs less but gives high-end features.

In terms of both comfortability and durability, the chair has scored well. So you can go with this chair if not have much money to spend on an expensive chair. You will not have an issue sitting on the chair.

This chair is going to last for many years. You can check out our best gaming chairs for long hours sitting if you do intense gaming. And if you like this Vitesse Gaming Chair Review then make sure to share this on social media.


Is Vitesse a Good gaming brand?

The Vitesse brand is not much old but still, it is a good brand because of 2 reasons. 1. The brand is making high-quality gaming chairs that are best for gamers. 2. The gaming chairs of Vitesse come in budget price which makes them easy to afford.

They are not like other brands that give gaming chairs at a very high price range and are not able to afford by small gamers.

Can Vitesse gaming chairs reduce my back pain?

Yes, this Vitesse gaming chair has an S-Shape backrest which helps to maintain an ergonomic posture of the user’s back. Due to which the user’s back pain issue reduces.

The gamer will not have back pain as he will get proper support because of the ergonomic back design with headrest and lumbar pillow. He can also adjust it according to his body size, to get more support to the back.

Will water damage this Gaming chair?

No, it will not. And it has been due to the use of PU leather in the chair cover. This PU leather makes the chair waterproof. So if you drop water on the chair, the chair will not still get damaged. This also makes the chair easy to clean as you can clean it with the help of a wet cloth without worrying about damaging it.

Does the Vitesse gaming chair come Pre-assembled?

No, you have to assemble this chair by own. This gaming chair does not come pre-assembled. These chair parts will come in the box with instruction mannual and Tools. Just use the tools and follow the instruction and assemble the chair.

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