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Looking for the Best office chair under $300? Then this blog is For you. While looking for an office chair for under 300 dollars you will find tons of office chairs. While will confuse you for sure that which chair you should buy.

Dont worry as your problem will be solved today, as today I will review the 10 best office chairs under $300 that are worth buying. Today review will be done on the behalf of features, price, pros, and cons.

I have sure that you will be able to choose the best chair for yourself after reading this blog. All 10 chairs that we will review are the best chairs that you can get for under 300 dollars so choose a chair that suits your body size and requirements.

  1. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Best Overall
  2. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair – 2nd Best Overall
  3. STARSPACE High office chair – Best Chair for Heavy Weight users

1. Gabrylly Ergonomic High-Back Office Chair

Recline Degree 120 Degree
Weight Capacity280 Lbs
Dimensions25.6 x 22 x 45.3 inches
Weight 0.28 LBS
Gabrylly ergonomic mesh office chair

So the first Most comfortable chair under 300 Dollars on our list is Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. Gabrylly is a highly adjustable office chair.

It comes with an adjustable Headrest, backrest, and armrest. You may not have seen any chair with that much adjustability. The headrest can adjust up to 6 Inches and the armrest of the chair are with moves up& and down and even flip to 45 degrees.

71WdyYk0HZL. AC SL1500 removebg preview1The chair is made of mesh leather which is both breathable, Soft, and durable. the chair has a high and decent recline area of 120 degrees which pretty much good. 

The office mesh chairs avoid sweating and sticking and provide comfort for sitting for long hours of working. The chair is made of high-quality material that increases the durability of the chair.

Like chair is built with high-quality nylon and gas lift which can lift the weight of up to 250Lbs The wheels are made of PU leather that makes that smooth and durable.

The mesh chair is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. It has a sturdy five-pointed base and the chair frame adds durability and stylish appearances.

The company is a bit sure about the chair build quality and gave a 1-year warranty on this chair. So don’t have to worry about the durability of the chair.

  • Comes with flip up ammrests.
  • Has a 1-year warranty.
  • Very lightweight office chair.
  • Soft and Breathable Mesh leather.
  • Cheap and Budget-friendly.
  • Dont have much color options.
  • Not for high-weight users.

2.Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Recline Degree 140 Degree
Weight Capacity280 Lbs
Dimensions20.5 x 20.5 x 41.7 inches
Weight 1.26 LBS
Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Looking for a comfortable and adjustable office chair then this Ticova office chair is best for you. It comes with 3D spine support to give your back proper support. Its also best mesh office chair.

Also, the backrest is not only 3D spine support but also has a good reline area, of 140 degrees. So, you can lock chairs in that different positions by tilt locks to enjoy Playing, resting, and nap.

It also comes with a very comfy and  W-shaped and waterfall-edge design, made of 3 Inches high-density foam. That makes seats very soft and comfy for sitting for gaming.

Like our previous chair, it is both headrest and back are made of mesh which is breathable leather. So when sitting on a chair will not feel warm and uneasy for even more than 5-6 Hours.

The headrest can move 135 degrees to provide comfort to your head and also helps to save you from neck pains.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair The chair comes with 2d armrests that can move up and down can be adjusted to your working desk. It makes it easy while your desk is too tall or small.

The chair is heavy-duty legs that are very durable and are able to bear a weight of up to 1136. The soft rolling wheels are anti-noise and don’t leave any marks on the wooden floor.

Due to its these ergonomic features, we have put this in a list of our best office chairs for under 300$.

  • Made up of breathable mesh.
  • Made of 3 inches high-density foam.
  • Has adjustable headrest and armrests.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee & one-year warranty.
  • Till now I dont find any.

3. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Recline Degree 125 Degree
Weight Capacity330 Lbs
Dimensions29.13 x 14.57 x 24.8 inches
Weight 40 LBS
SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Now move to our 3rd office chair in our list of best office chair under $300, which is SIHOO Office chair. It costs a little more than the previous office chairs in our lists.

The chair more focuses to provide comfort to the backrest so you can sit without any problems. To provide comfort to the back they have – Adjustable Lumbar support ( can move up and down 1.96 inches),

Frame base, made of mesh and have a good reclining area. As the mesh is breathable you can sit for long hours without feeling warms. Alo gives feeling of best mesh office chair.

The backrest can recline 90 to 120 Degrees and comes with a tilt lock function. So don’t forget to lock it in your comfortable position. To provide extra comfort the chair is padded and high-density foam seats.

They are very soft and comfy for sitting for long working hours. The seats reduce the pressure of your butts while sitting on them. But it comes only in 2 color options – Black and grey which is one of the drawbacks of this chair.

The chair has an adjustable height which can increase up to 3.93 Inches and can rotate 360 Degrees to give you dynamic movement in the chair.

The chair weighs just 40 Lbs and supports a weight of 330 Lbs. That makes chairs best for middle and high-weight users. Their chair has passed SGS testing, which makes sure that the chair doesn’t break after intense uses.

Not only that they are much sure about their build quality that they give 3 Years warranty and are easy to assemble.

  • Comes with 3 Year warrenty.
  • Comes with adjustable armrests and lumbar support.
  • Made up of breathable mesh material.
  • Light weight and S-shaped design.
  • Dont have much color options.

4. Hbada Office Desk Chair

Recline Degree 125 Degree
Weight Capacity250 Lbs
Dimensions20.07 x 23.62 x 38.18 inches
Weight 28.5 LBS
Hbada Office Desk Chair​

Hbada is not only known for its best gaming chairs but also Office chairs. their chairs are durable and have ergonomic features that gamers or buyers look for. So we pick their best office chair under $300.

Even their chairs are very budget-friendly. Their office chair comes in 3 different color options- Black, grey, and white. So don’t forget to choose your favorite color chair.

Their chair comes with a flip armrest that can move up to 90 degrees. If you are feeling uncomfy while sitting due to your large-sized you can just flip up the armrest for extra space.

The lumbar pillow is adjustable and can be adjusted to 5cm to fit your waist, and also to support your chest. The seats are made of stone-filled cushions to provide you comfortable sitting seats, the seat also doesn’t get delate due to excess use.

The chair has a good recline area to provide comfort to your backrest, with lumbar support to save your back from pains caused by sitting for long hours.   Hbada Office Desk Chair​ reclining area The wheels don’t make any noise when they are cool or move as are made of nylon material which is a durable material.

The company has a strict material check and have don’t rolling wheels test more than 10K times, backrest pressure test more than 120k times to make sure you get a durable and strong best office chair under 300$.

The chair just weighs 28.5 Lbs but can bear a weight of up to 250 Lbs.

  • Comes with adjustable lumbar support.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Smooth and silenced rolling wheels.
  • Sleek and Simple design.

  • Not comes with Headrest.

5. FDW Office High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair

Recline Degree 120 Degree
Weight Capacity250 Lbs
Dimensions29.5 x 26.4 x 48 inches
Weight 36 LBS
FDW Office High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair

Looking for a Cheap Office chair made up of Pu leather then this char is made for you. The chair just comes just in 110$.

The chair is made up of Pu leather which makes the chair easy to clean, waterproof and resistant stains. it comes with a high backrest and recline area of 120 degrees So that you can lock chairs in different positions that suit you.

Both backrest and seats are filled with high-density sponge padding to provide you a comfortable experience while sitting on it.

FDW Office High Back Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair

Plus, the seats are made of a double padded cushion to reduce pressure on your butts while sitting on them. The chair has a premium design and look, to increase the look of your office.

The chair height can be adjusted to 3 Inches from the ground and has a 360 Swivel so don’t forget to find your comfortable position.

This office chair just comes in 2 color options – black and brown. to provide extra comfort, it is equipped with a thickly padded headrest to provide support to your neck and head.

Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause back pain due to a bad position, But don’t worry about it while using this chair. It has an ergonomic design that makes sure you sit incorrect position.

The chair is easy to assemble and takes just 15-20 minutes to assemble. In addition, this  Office chair comes with all hardware & necessary tools needed for the assembly of it. Thtas why we put in our list of best office chair under $300.

  • Made up of Premium PU leather.
  • Has BIMFA certified gas lift?
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with rocking mode.
  • The upholstery was done terribly.

6. KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair

Recline Degree 110 Degree
Weight Capacity400 Lbs
Dimensions32.28 x 27.56 x 46.46 inches
Weight 36 LBS
KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair ​

If you love Sturdy 5-point heavyweight and duty office chairs then you are gone love this KBEST Office chair.

The chair base is made of a heavy-duty base that supports a weight of 400 lbs, which is more than any other best office chair under 300$. If you are a height weight user and find hard searching for a chair that can support your weight.

Then don’t forget to check out this Chair. the seats are made of soft and comfortable bonded leather and is durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean.

KBEST High Back Big & Tall Office Chair layered seats

Plus, the chair has a waterfall design so that your legs don’t slip while sitting on it. And the seats provide comfort even in long hours sitting. 

This office chair can swivel 360 degrees and the wheels are made of nylon material. Due to 360 swivels, you can rotate the chair in any direction as you need.

One drawback I see in this chair is that it has a low recline area, which a reclining lover can hate. But still comes with a tilt lock function. To support your head and back it is equipped with a padded headrest and lumbar support.

The lumbar support is breathable to provide you cool experience while sitting for long hours. Even the seats are made of breathable leather which is made of 4 Different layers. To give you a premium sitting experience.

Due to these ergonomic features, we have kept it on the list of best office chairs for under 300$.

      5-point heavy duty metal base.
      Comes with Rocking Back and Forth function.
      Has a wide and soft seat.
      Made up of High Quality Bonded Leather.

      ###ER##GF####Difficult to move chair form one place to another.[/i2p

      7. CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair

      Recline Degree 135 Degree
      Weight Capacity275 Lbs
      Dimensions27.8 x 27.8 x 43.3 inches
      Weight 60.5 LBS
      CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair ​

      So now move to our 7th best office chair under $300. The CLATINA  is an ergonomic chair with high adjustability features. It comes with adjustable, lumbar support armrests, height, and backrest.

      The chair comes with an ergonomic design to maintain your body in good position. The chair’s backrest is made of breathable mesh which allows passing air through it.

      So that you dont feel warm on your back during long uses. Plus, It can recline 135 degrees with a tilt lock so that you can lock / Adjust it according to your need.CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair ​

      The armrest of clatina is highly adjustable.  They can move up to 2.8 inches and rotate 40 degrees. To adjust it you just have to move or press the button, below your armrests.

      The chair has a gas lift that has been tested and the solid construction can support up to 275 lbs. The seats of the chair are padded with soft cushions, to ensure that you dont feel any type of uncomfy while sitting on it.

      Due to it the seats dont lose their shape even after long use. One of drawbacks I see in this office chair is that it dont have a headrest.

      Which can be big deal for some buyers. If you get neck pain while using a chair for a long time. The CLATINA chair has a premium Look and design which I like most. It gives a feeling of a premium chair design.

      The chair also comes with a 60-month warranty and free replace or return service within 90 days. This is a pretty good thing about this CLATINA Chair.

      • Comes with 3D armrests.
      • The chair has an ergonomic design.
      • Has a Sturdy steel 5-star base.
      • Has High-density foam cushioning.
      • Dont have headrest in the chair.

      8. SAMOFU High Back Office Chair

      Recline Degree 135 Degree
      Weight Capacity350 Lbs
      Dimensions17.32 x 20.79 x 45.28 inches
      Weight 46.2 LBS
      CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair

      If you are looking for an ergonomic and premium design office chair for under $300 then don’t forget to check out this chair.

      This office chair has a unique design that you are gone love it. the SAMOFA comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar to provide support to your neck and back.

      To support different sizes back the lumbar can adjust to 9cm. the chair comes with a high reclining area and gives the different positions for – working, napping or relaxing., with a tilt lock function.

      SAMOFU High Back Office Chair​

      The chair comes with 2D armrests that move up & down according to your need. The clatina uses high breathable mesh material in their chairs and seats which makes them soft and comfy.

      Plus,  their seats are high-density breathable mesh with waterfall and C shape designs. That reduces pressure under your legs and butts, which allows air to pass through seats.

      That prevents body heat build-up, warmth while sitting on the chair. The chair design has made by an official designer to ensure that it supports your spine in a good way and have and has been certified by BIFMA and SGS.

      Not only this they have done 80K lifting and 120K rolling tests on the chair. To ensure that you get a worthwhile product.

      But the assembly of the office chair can be a bit difficult and time-consuming process due to its unique design. But don’t worry it doesn’t take more than 30-35 Minutes to assemble it.

      To make it easy they give an instruction manual with the chair. Even  the chair comes with 5 year warranty.

      • Comes with 5 years warrenty.
      • Has a unique and attractive design.
      • Has certified by BIFMA and SGS.
      • Comes with good reclining area.
      • Bit difficult to assemble

      9. STARSPACE High Back Big & Tall Office Chair

      Recline Degree 120 Degree
      Weight Capacity400 Lbs
      Dimensions28.3 x 30.3 x 50.8 inches
      Weight 49.6 LBS
      STARSPACE High Back Big & Tall Office Chair​

      If you are looking for a big and tall office layer then this chair is made for you. The chair is wider and taller than most of the chairs on our Best Office Chair Under $300 list.

      The seats of the chair are made of high-density cushions so that you can sit without any problem, and also are wider as compared to other chairs.

      Even If you have a large butt still you can move it without any difficulty. The chair has an S-shape back cushion equipped with an adjustable thick padded headrest and lumbar support.

      They help to maintain your body in good shape and provide support to your, neck and back. Due to this, you can relax on the chair even for long hours.

      STARSPACE is equipped with an extra-strong metal base and a seat plate ready that supports a weight of 400 Lbs without any problem. that makes chairs best for middle and high-sized users.

      STARSPACE High Back Big & Tall Office Chair​

      This ergonomic chair is made with high-quality material and breathable leather. To provide to premium experience while sitting on the chair.

      The armrests of the chair are padded with leather to provide support and comfy to your wriest and hands. The drawback I see in this office chair is that it doesn’t have adjustable armrests. So you cant move the armrest as you want.

      It is also equipped with Solid and Smooth-rolling Casters that provide the durable and stable movement with 360° rotation. This office chair comes with a 1-year warranty on the chair.

      • Has high Weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.
      • Has double padded seats with spring.
      • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
      • Comes with S-shape back cushion.
      • Has Solid and Smooth-rolling Casters.
      • Bit Difficult to carry.

      10. SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair

      Recline Degree Tilt Tension
      Weight CapacityBelow 275 Lbs
      Dimensions27 x 27 x 42 inches
      Weight 49 LBS
      SIDIZ T50 Office chair, white color

      Ok, So it’s time to move to the SIDIZ T50 chair which is also the last chair on our list. I may have put this chair in the last position but believe me the chair features will amaze you. The chair in no doubt is a highly comfortable and bit ergonomic chair.

      The Spine friendly gives back great support. No matter how long you sit on the chair you won’t have any issues. The breathability of the chair is also good, thanks to the Mesh. The chair seats are padded and also can come forward-backward and forward.

      They have a waterfall edge shape that is which there is no issue of having hips pain. The chair is sturdy and strong. The chair won’t break for many years and its Mesh won’t tear up. The chair casters are very smooth and strong.

      Good thing is that they do even not make noise while they roll on the floor. The base has been made wider, that is why the chair is so much stable. It dont shakes while a user sitting on it.

      The look of the chair is cool, so if you love a stylish look chair then you are going to love this chair too. The chair has adjustable features too like an Adjustable Backrest, Height, Armrests, and Headrest. Adjust them according to your need.

      Even though the chair has so many features the chair not cost much. This thing also is enough to tell that why the chair has a 4/5 star rating. With so many pros the chair has some disadvantages too.

      Like even at this price the chair is not much ergonomics like it should be. Also, I didn’t find any instruction mannual with the chair which can create problems while assembling.

      • Great build quality.
      • Backed by 1 year warranty.
      • 5 Casters for easy movement.
      • Value for money.
      • Makes noise while tilling.

      What should we look To buy most comfortable chair under 300 Dollars

      To buy a best office chair under $300 we should look many points before buying them, so we will covert some points we will discuss below-

      Recline Area

      Reclining is a very important feature of a gaming chair. An office chair under $300 will surely have a great reclining backrest. If you are buying a chair for under 300$ then make sure that chair at least has 120 degrees recline.

      Also, if you play games for a long time, a reclining backrest will be great for you. As you can recline the back and can rest your back. The reclining backrest will also allow you to recline your chair back at different angles.

      By this, you will be able to find the best angle for yourself for playing games or sitting for a long time. 

      Headrest and Lumbar support

      Sitting on a chair for a long time causes neck and back pains which make it difficult while sitting on a chair. In that chair headrest and lumbar pillow provide support to the neck and back and reduce pressure on them.

      He makes the headrest and lumbar pillow more important. but when we are buying office chair under $300 then we will expect that the chair comes with an adjustable armrest and lumbar pillow.

      So that you can adjust their height according to your need. So don’t forget to check out this feature before buying any chair.

      Adjustable armrests

      Adjustable and padded armrest are import feature to look before buying a chair. But it is not much important in office chair unless your desk is not too high or low.

      But if the armrests are even 2D armrests then it is still good. But they also should be padded armrests. It provides soft and comfortable to arms. It makes it easy for working on a computer or Pc when buying Best office chair under $300 .

      High adjustability

      office chairs at this price range should have high adjustability. The more adjustability the chair has the more comfortable it becomes. The adjustability allows the user to adjust the chair according to the size of his body.

      By doing this he can increase the chair’s comfortability. Make sure that your chair has an adjustable headrest, armrests, lumbar pillow, and adjustable height.

      By adjusting all of them you can get proper support in the main areas of your body like the neck, back, and elbows. Both headrest and lumbar pillow will allow you to sit in a straight posture.

      If your chair is small or high for your body then the adjustable height feature will help you a lot. You can just decrease or increase the height of your seat. And the chair will be ready for you to use.

      Material and Build Quality

      When we are buying a best office chair under $300 ,we should definitely check the material used in the chair. The more premium material used in the chair, the more durable the chair will be.

      If the chair uses faux or mesh leather it is much better. Mesh leather is breathable leather that makes the chair very comfortable.

      Yes but chairs under 300$ usually don’t make of real leather. For build quality you should check do they have any certificate on build quality or how much time they have done a quality check of the chair.

      If you dont want your chair break in a few months or years don’t forget to check the build quality of a chair.


      When buying the Best Office Chair Under $300 then you need to check chair ergonomics. The chair should have an S-shape backrest which is also called Spine friendly backrest.

      An ergonomic back is much more comfortable and good for users’ backs. Also, it makes sure that the user’s back gets a proper Hug from the backrest. Because of S-shape back, your back will not get pain or pressure, dues will also you to sit properly in a straight posture.

      The blood circulation in the lower back area will also not stoped. Which is good for your health. Ergonomics not only means that your chair should have Spine friendly back but also waterfall edge seats, headrest, lumbar pillow, and armrests.

      All of these are parts of ergonomics. An ergonomic design chair is great for users who sit on the chair for a long time.

      Size and Weight

      In the office chair list, you will find different size and weight capacity chairs. But you need to find that chair which is made up for your height and weight. Never go with low weight or size chair than your body size and weight as they will not be comfy for you.

      As will get a congested feel while sitting on that chair. Choosing the right size chair is very important. Always choose a chair that is a bit larger size for yourself so that you can use that office chair for a longer time. The same applies to weight.

      If your weight is 250 Lbs then go with a chair that has a weight capacity of 280 to 300 Lbs. That chair will be best for you as your weight will increase over time. Also if you sit on a low-weight capacity chair that chair will not be able to bear your weight and can get broken after some time of use.

      Should We invest on Best Office Chair under $300?

      Investing in an office chair is very important, especially when you have a sitting work. Generally, normal chairs are not made up for long hours sitting. And they are neither comfy nor good for health. You will have an uncomfy feeling while using those chairs.

      That is why I said that you should invest in a good office chair. Office chairs in our best office chair under the $300 list have features that you will need to sit comfortably. Like they are highly adjustable, comfortable, and ergonomic chairs.

      You would regret it after buying these chairs as they will allow you to sit for long hours. Your back, neck, and butts all will get great support. You can easily sit on the chair and can do your different works like working, Gaming or watching movies, etc.

      All these chairs in our list are the best chairs that you can get on Amazon for less than 300 dollars. Moreover, these chairs are of great durability and will at least last for 5 years.

      Overall it means after investing one time you won’t have to invest in another chair for at least 5 years. And you can use that comfy chair for many years. Thus, there is no doubt you should invest in these premium chairs.

      Conclusion- Most comfortable chair under 300 Dollars

      Overall today in this best office chair under $300 we did a review of the 9 best office chairs. All the chairs are worth buying as they have many premium features. All chairs come under 300 dollars so we can say that they are very affordable. 

      You won’t have to break your wallets to buy these gaming chairs. I am sure after reading the blog you will surely be able to find the best chair for yourself. Overall killabee chairs are a great option for gamers who play games for 8-10 hours a day. 

      You will surely be able to play gamers more properly. Moreover, killabee chairs can also be used for office work. The chair’s ergonomic back and lumbar pillow give gamers’ backs great support, which is an important thing for gamers. 

      I hope, this blog will be very useful for you and you will have surely got the best office chair under $300. If it helps you then make sure to share this blog with your friends so that they can also get a chair best office chair under 300 Dollars.

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