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Best Kids gaming chair Review

Nowadays crazy of gaming is increasing day by day among children. According to report – Average kids spend 2 hours a day playing gaming on a computer. Children play games sitting on chairs but sometimes they feel problem like neck and back pain during sitting on them, due to their low quality.

Those chairs are failed to give them comfort and support for good sitting posture. Sitting in a bad posture is not good for children and causes problems to them in long run.

That why good quality kids’ gaming chairs become important which not only provides support and comfort to them but also attracts them. We have to find such gaming chairs that have a design that attracts that, and they love to sit on them. That is why today in this blog we will do some best kids gaming chair review. That you can go with.

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Image Name Details   Price
612WyLd4voS._AC_SL1500_ GtRacing gaming Chair
( Best Overall )
Made up of Leather.
PU leather upholstery.
5-point base built with heavy duty.
Check Price
71CUX+IaYPL._AC_SL1500_ Respawn RAVEN-Xi Fortnite Gaming
( Best for Fortite lovers )
Fortnite logo on headrest.
275 lb weight capacity.
Has extendable footrest.
Check Price
81n4M9JUlrL._AC_SL1500_ X Rocker, 5172601 Wireless Bluetooth 2.1.
Has 2 forward facing speakers.
Has mesh upholstery.
Check Price

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers Bluetooth Music Video Game Chair (GT890M)

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers Bluetooth Music Video Game Chair (GT890M)
Recline area90 to 175 Degrees
Weight capacity300 Lbs
Dimensions29.13 x 24.41 x 24.41 inches
Weight 50 Lbs

GT890M is another GTRACING most rated gaming chair on Amazon. This GTRACING gaming chair has a 10K+ rating of 4.5 stars. The chair comes with an ergonomic design to support good posture.

The chair comes with both adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar pillow, that maintain good body posture. the headrest and lumbar support maintain the body in good posture and reduces pressure on the neck and back.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers Bluetooth Music Video Game Chair (GT890M)

As sitting in a bad posture for long hours are not good for health, and can cause many problems. The GTRACING GT890M main feature that makes it different from other gaming chairs is its 5.0 Bluetooth wireless speakers.

These Bluetooth speakers are installed at the corners, back of the gaming chair. The speaker gives clear and richly detailed stereo sound out loud in solid bass, to increases your watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

The speakers are easy to connect to laptops, pc and gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4 through GTRACING Bluetooth Adapter.

But remember, you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter separately that costs just 16$. The chair is made of high-quality PU leather and a thick padded seat cushion that makes the chair and seats high soft and comfy.

Due to made of Pu leather the chair becomes easy to clean and is durable. The chair focuses mainly on providing gamer good sitting posture that’s why has a Strong metal frame.

This GTRACING chair has a Durable Gas Lift that allows the chair to lift 300Lbs weight. The chair has nylon smooth-rolling casters that make its wheel easy to roll and durable. Due to its comfort and durability, we have put it on our list of best gaming chairs for kids.


  • Comes with 5 mm wireless Bluetooth speakers.
  • Comes with nylon rolling wheels.
  • Easy to assemble and the Instruction manual is very clear.
  • Comes with a premium and Ergonomic design.


  • Has to buy bluetooth adapter separately.

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3086-BLK)

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3086-BLK)
Recline areaCan recline only by applying force
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches
Weight 16 Lbs

OFM ESS-3086-BLK is in the second position on our list of best gaming chairs for kids. The chair got its place due to its, premium design, features and amazing price tag.

The chair comes in 7 different color options like – black, blue, yellow, and many more color to choose from, so your child can choose his favorite color.

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3086-BLK)

To provide extra comfort to gamers it comes with contoured segmented padding, padded headrest, and padded arms to provide comfy so you can sit on it for long hours. The OFM has flip-up arms that move 90 degrees and can be adjusted to support your arms.

Even the seats of this chair are made and padded with soft leather so you can sit even for all long days. The chair has recline area but can recline only by applying a force which is Ok at this price range chairs, with Center-tilt control reclines.

This gaming chair has 360 degrees of swivel, to give you more movement freedom.  The OFM chair is made SofThread Leather and has white sticking on them to give the chair an aggressive style and cool feel to the gamer.

Due to made of leather the chair color looks very bright and reflective, and the kids will surely like it. This heavy-duty and durable chair just weighs 16 Lbs and has a 250 lb weight capacity.

Due to its low weight, it becomes easy to move from one place to another. One user has said that the chair is so much comfy that it becomes hard to stay awake after a long day.

The chair is super easy to assemble and comes with an installation guide. Due to its cheap price, it becomes a great option for those who have a tight budget or don’t want to spend on a single gaming chair.


  • Made from upholstered leather.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Cheap and budget-friendly.
  • Very comfy and durable.


  • Not much adjustable.

RESPAWN RAVEN-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

RESPAWN RAVEN-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair
Recline area90 to 155 Degrees
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
Weight 41.9Lbs

If your kid is a Fortnite lover then he is gone alike this gaming chair. Respawn Xi Fortnite gaming chair is one of the favorite gaming chairs for gamers.

This chair comes in deep purple color and has the Fortnite logo embossed on the headrest which gives it a racing chair look. The char comes with a fixed armrest but don’t worry it has padded arms.

RESPAWN RAVEN-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair

So that you can put your arms on them while working to reduce pressure on arms and wriest. The Ravan Xi has a good reclining area of 155 degrees with a tilt lock function so the chair can be a lock at different positions.

For extra comfort to your legs, it has an extendable footrest. The footrest can move upward and forward at which position you want to adjust.

You can simply recline the chair and extend the footrest to adjust it to the position that gives you more comfort and support to your body. Sitting on this gaming chair doesn’t feel uneasy or uncomfy even in long gaming sessions.

The chair has Full 360 degrees of swivel rotation that gives dynamic movement which is very good for health. The respawn chair is made from leather which is strain and breathable leather.

Due to breathable leather, the chair dont feel warm on hot days even after playing for long hours. the chair has wide seats and a backrest and it becomes comfortable for both small and middle-sized gamers.

Due to its wider seats, and foam cushions you will not feel pressure on your butts while sitting on the chair. Their racing-style gaming chair support 275Lbs and have RESPAWN Limited Lifetime Warranty. Which shows how much they are certain about their chair durability.


  • Comes in a cheap price range.
  •  It has 360 degrees of swivel rotation.
  • Has Fortnite logo embossed on headrest.
  • Comes limited lifetime warranty.


  • Dont have adjustable armrests.

FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker – Cushioned Ground Chair for Kids Teens

FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker - Cushioned Ground Chair for Kids Teens
Recline areaDont have recline area
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions16 x 28 x 29 inches
Weight 15 Lbs

If you are looking for the best floor gaming chair in a cheap price range then dont forget to check out this FDP gaming chair. The chair just costs 43$, but look judge this chair for its price.

You can just tell by its 4.5-star rating that how durable and comfy the chair will be. The chair comes in 3 different bright colors Black, Blue and red. FDP chair is an L-shaped gaming chair for kids.

If you are worried that it will not be stable then dont worry, it has a free-standing design that saved it from the falling problem. The chair is made of Polyurethane leather that makes the chair easy to clean and durable.

You can just clean the chair by using a wet towel, water, or milt soap. The chair just weighs 15 Lbs which makes it super easy o move it for children. The seats of this chair are padded with soft foam cushions that make it comfortable for studying, watching, or playing games.

The chair will not feel uncomfy sitting on it due to its softness. FDP has done seamless stitching on the chair so the threads are not visible, to increase its look and design.

FDP is a highly durable kids gaming chair Constructed with a hardwood frame. That also will help to maintain your body in good posture. The chair comes pre-assemble in the box, so as not to have to worry about its assemble.

It is one of the features I like about floor gaming chairs that we dont have to worry about their assembly. One user has said that the chair is also a good option for 5.5 height gamers. FDA has done great work in maintaining price and quality of this chair.


  • Comes in very cheap price range.
  • Very light weight and easy to transport.
  • Has GREENGUARD [GOLD] Certified.
  • Comes with free standing design.


  • Dont have much adjustability.

X Rocker, 5172601, Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker, 5172601, Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Floor Chair
Recline areaDont have recline area
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89 inches
Weight 36.16 Lbs

X Rocker is one of the favorite gaming chairs for kids due to its design and ergonomic features. It has a bit similar design to our previous FDP chair and features like Gt racing gaming chairs. X rocker’s highlit feature is its high-quality speakers.

It has 2 forward-facing speakers with a powerful subwoofer that provides crystal clear sound quality. Its loud and clear sound will increase your gaming, watching, gaming, and multiplayer experience.

That you are gone, love. The X Rocker has Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth that can be easily connected with Tv, Phone, iPhone, Ps4, and many more devices.

X box users can also connect it with their console but have to use HDMI from Xbox to the converter, then HDMI from the converter to TV, and then the supplied audio cables from chair to the converter.

The devices can be connected to speakers through a wireless connection, RCA outputs, and a headphone jack(3.5mm), and have 30 feet connectivity range. Apart from these the chair has an ergonomic design to maintain your body in a good position but gives them support.

The chair comes with both inbuild padded headrest and lumbar support to provide a comfortable gaming experience.

The X rocker has used High durable Faux leather so the chair won’t tear or wear from any sides and the seats reduce pressure on your butts. Due to made up of faux leather, gamers can sit on the chair for long-duration comfortably.

The chair is easy to assemble and dont take much time in assembling, also is foldable. So dont take much room space for keeping. Due to its amazing design and features, it ranked #94 in the video gaming list of amazon and has 4.5 stars rating.


  • Foldable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Value for money.
  •  Comes with 2 speakers with powerful subwoofer.


  • Has to buy HDMI splitter cable separately  for connectivity and also a adaptor.

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair, 5-Position Adjustable Folding Floor Chair

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair, 5-Position Adjustable Folding Floor Chair
Recline areaDont have recline area
Weight capacity300 Lbs
Dimensions23”x29.5”x32.5”  inches
Weight 20 Lbs

Gintex is a bulky look floor gaming chair but is a highly adjustable and comfortable gaming chair. The chair looks simple but has high ergonomic features.

The backrest can be adjusted in 5 different positions that suites and provide more comfort to your body, which is more than many gaming chairs in this price range. Unlike most other floor gaming chairs at the bottom of ours is a 360 degrees swivel base.

You can rotate the chair 360 degrees smoothly without any problem. The chair is made of a thick shaping cushion and has high-density springs which make the chair super comfy for sitting.

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair, 5-Position Adjustable Folding Floor Chair

Due to springs on the chair, the chair dont lose shape, even when the heavy gamer is sitting on it. Not only this, but thick cushions also make the chair comfortable for long hours of gaming or working., as reduces pressure on butts.

To provide extra comfort and enable good sitting it has neck, back, lumbar, hip, and thigh support and reduces pressure on them. The gamers dont feel tired due to it.

The chair comes in 6 different color options like – Black, coffee, pink blue-grey, etc. You will fall in love with Its bright colors. The chair looks build and heavy but are not, it weighs just 20Lbs.

The chair comes with a foldable design that can be folded when you dont want to use it, which saves space. The seats and backrest are much wider and large to support even high-sized gamers.

The chair base is made from a metal frame that supports 300Lbs of weight. This gaming chair for kids can be a good choice for those who love floor gaming chairs with an audio setup. Your kids will surely fall in love will this gaming chair.


  • Comes with 360 degrees swivel.
  • Foldable which saves room space.
  • Light weight so easy to carry.
  • Has Interior Springs and high density sponges for support and comfy.


  • Till now I dont find any.

Amazon Basics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner with Headrest and Back Pillow

s l1600 5
Recline areaHave a good Recline area.
Weight capacity90 Lbs
Dimensions24 x 27.6 x 31 inches
Weight 37.9 Lbs
BrandAmazon basic kids

So the last gaming chair for kids on our list is a youth gaming chair. The chair looks bulky but has a unique gaming chair, made especially for kids. the chair can be used by kids which are up to 3 years old.

The black and the blue color combination really gives it a unique finish. The chair comes with a headrest and lumbar pillow, to provide support to your head and back. The seats are wider and bigger to provide comfortable space for sitting.

Unlike other kids gaming chairs, it has a footrest, which will provide support to your legs while sitting. You can just put your relax on them while playing your favorite games.

The footrest is adjustable so you can adjust it to positions that suit you more. The chair is Upholstered with LeatherSoft which makes the chair durable and comfortable for long uses.

The leathersoft is easy to clean and can be cleaned by just using a wet towel or something. This gaming chair has a solid hardwood frame that supports 90 Lbs weight and can be used easily for 5-6 children age.

Even it supports 90 lbs weight the chair just weighs 37.9 Lbs which makes it easy to move, even for kids. The company has used CA117 fire retardant foam filling which doesn’t catch fire easily, for kids’ safety.

The chair is not just used for gaming but also can be used for playing video games, watching TV, reading. For extra comfy and adjustability, you can just recline this chair for comfort.

This kids gaming chair is easy to assemble and can be assembled in just 5 to 10 minutes( has 4.8 ratings out of 5 for assemble). the chair can be a good option for you if you are looking for the best kids gaming chair.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with CA117 fire retardant foam filling.
  • Comes with ergonomic design.


  • Dont comes with much color options.

X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

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Recline areaNo recline
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions‎25 x 18.25 x 15.75 inches
Weight 12 Lbs
BrandX Rocker

X Rocker Eclipse Floor kids chair. So as the chair is a floor chair so you won’t see any base in this chair. This type of chair is loved by kids. And your kid is also going to love this chair. Now let’s talk about its look.

The chair has a cool look with Patters on all over the body. This X Rocker Eclipse Floor chair comes in 2 color options – black-silver and Grey-red. Both of these chairs look very attractive.

The area size of the chair is 27.5″W x 16.5″H, so we can say that the chair is made up of small size kids. A larger size user can’t sit on this chair. But the weight capacity of this chair is large which is common on these floor chairs, So if you are a heavyweight gamer you can sit buy and sit on this chair.

The chair is lightweight makes it easy to move the chair. By this line, I mean that you can take this chair from one place to another easily. You can just lift this chair to move it. If we talk about comfortability, then this chair is sure comfortable.

Its back is curved which gives support to the back properly. Your kid is not going to have any back pain while sitting on the chair. Gaming, sitting, watching moves can be done on the chair due to its high comfortability. You can do gaming while sitting on a chair for a long time.


  • Very light weight and easy to move.
  • Comes in 2 cool Colors.
  • Highly comfortable chair.
  • Large back that gives support to gamers back.


  • No armrests or headrest.

BHUTAN Gaming Chair, Yellow/Red

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B094ZGN1PH&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chair4you0a0d 20&language=en US
Recline area170 degrees
Weight capacity330 Lbs
Dimensions29.5 x 29.5 x 52.5 inches
Weight 45 Lbs

This BHUTAN Gaming Chair is an amazing chair for cool-looking chairs Fans. The colors, its design, and its color combination all look stunning and appealing. The chair is also a high reclining gaming chair as it has a 170 degrees reclining backrest.

By raising or lowering the backrest you can get the best angle for yourself for different works. Choose an angle that increases your working experience. The reclining backrests going to increase gaming, resting, and watching experience.

Now let’s talk about another adjustable feature of this chair. So you will also see adjustable armrests, headrests, lumbar pillows, and seats. You can increase or adjust them to a certain height according to your body size.

Due to this, you can provide the body support that you want. The headrest and lumbar pillow also promote ergonomics in the chair. Moreover, the chair backrest also has an ergonomic design. All of them will give support to the neck and back area.

And you are going to feel pain in these chairs. 360 degrees swivel seats give dynamic movement to the user whereas the 5 casters give it to the chair. This BHUTAN Gaming Chair becomes easy to move due to them. No sound will be produced while rolling the chair.


  • The customer support is fast.
  • Can be used for gaming and office work.
  • Can bear very heavy weight.
  • Fully recline backrest.


  • The lumbar pillow is not large.

Should you buy a Kid’s gaming chair?

Buying a gaming chair for kids is important due to many reasons. First normal chairs are not good for kids’ health as their body will not be in good posture in normal. Moreover they will not have a good gaming experience normal chair chairs are not made up for gamers.

That is why you should buy gaming chairs for kids as they are specially made up for kids. They have a comfy back and seats in which a kid can sit comfortably. Kids won’t have an uncomfy experience while using these chairs.

Their body posture will be maintained using kids’ gaming chairs. And the last thing that these chairs in our list are budget-friendly chairs that does not cost much. So parents won’t have to buy another chair for many years. But make sure to choose the right size and features chair for your kids.

Buying Guide: Kids gaming chair/Gaming chair for kids

Buying the best gaming chair for kids can be challenging because we have to see that does gaming chair you are going to buy will suit your kids or not. different kids have different body sizes and conditions.

All gaming chairs have most of the important features that ergonomic gaming chairs have. But you have to see before buying a gaming chair for kids that it has those features that you want in a chair that you are going to buy a gaming chair.

Most of the features that we have to look at before buying a chair are comfort, adjustability, material, build quality, etc.


Comfort is a feature that buyer first look in any gaming chair that he is going to buy. Of course, we buy gaming chairs instead of using common chair dot to having more comfort in gaming chairs.

If you are going to buy a chair for your kid then he is going to spend much time while sitting on the chair. So you will want that he feel much comfort while sitting on the chair.

For comfort, you should check whether the chair has a headrest and lumbar pillow on them. Both headrest and lumbar pillow are important for providing comfort to your body. they help to reduce neck and back pains by reducing pressure on them, which allows us to sit on a chair comfortably.

Reclining is also an important function for comfortable. If the chair has 120 degrees and more then it’s only. You should buy a gaming chair with a reclining area. As it gives us more position from which we can find the comfiest position that suits you.

Comfy is not only important while gaming but also when we are relaxing, reading, or working. If the chair you are buying, fails to provide enough comfy then your kid may not much like that chair.


Kids usually like gaming chairs that will uniquely design. And one of the differences between an office and a gaming chair is that gaming chairs have better-designed office chairs.

Before buying a kids gaming chair you should definitely know which gaming chair design he loves most. In or list we have floor gaming chairs, racing chairs, and soft design chairs. Different kids may like different designs.

All gaming chair for kids in our list have a unique design. Gracing and Respawn chairs in our list have unique and attractive designs that most kids will like.

In fact, respawn gaming chair in our list have a Fortnite design that your kid will surely like to have. But for the best design chair sit with your child and show them all chairs in our list and ask them which gaming chair they like most.

Size and weight capacity

Everyone has a different weight and height. It is not sure that a chair that suits one person will also fit another person. Some gamers are short and some are tall.

Plus, all have different weights like some are heavy and some are light. Before buying any kids gaming chair we should check which that will that chair fits the height and weight of the kids for whom we are buying that chair.

If we buy a large gaming chair for small kids or a small chair for late kids then he will not get much comfort while sitting on that chair. If you are low height gamer and buy a large gaming chair then you will not have much space to sit on a chair properly.

You will not love that you buy a gaming chair and when it comes to your house and unwrap it and see, that it is way too big for your kid. So to solve these problems first check all specifications of the chair you are going to order.


You need to check the warranty period of the gaming chair that you want to buy. You should not go with gaming chairs that dont have any warranty as it is likely that they do have not high build quality.

Warranty is an important factor that a user needs to look. Go with a gaming chair that at least have a months warranty. If anything happened with the chair or you dont like the chair you can just return the chair. Or can request a new gaming chair. That is why in our best kids gaming chair blog we have chairs with a warranty.


Some gaming chairs can be hard to assemble. And if you dont have knowledge about assembling the chair it cab become harder for you. That is why go with a chair that is easy to assemble. Also while buying a chair you should check the assemble manual in the chair. This mannual makes the assembly process much easier. If you have much experience in assembling a chair then you can go with any chair.


When buying a gaming chair for kids you need to check the weight of that chair. We will recommend you not to go with a heavy chair as that chair can be hard to move from one place to another. Or if the chair is heavyweight then check whether the chair has casters or not. Never buy a heavy chair that dont have casters as kids will face difficulty in moving them. And it will also be unsafe for them, move a heavy chair.

Conclusion: Kids gaming chair Review

So now, let’s the last part of this gaming chair for kids review blog post which is the conclusion. You can buy any kids gaming chair on our list. All gaming chair for kids in our list is the best to buy. We have covered the best racing style, floor, and bulky look gaming chair.

Now it is up to your which style chair you like most. If you love racing style gaming chair then you should buy GT racing gaming chair in our list and if you like floor gaming chair u can buy floor gaming chair but if want a bulky look chair then dont forget to buy amazon basic chair in our list of best kids gaming chair.

Yes, but it also depends on your budget that which chair you can afford. In our list, we have chairs that come in the cheap and budget price range which I think most gamers can buy.

Not only this everyone wants different features from their gaming chair. Like some want a highly adjustable chair and some want a high comfortable chair. So now, buy a gaming chair that suits your requirements.

I hope you will able to find the best kids gaming chair and now I am ending this blog right here. I will see you in the next blog post tilt then peace out!!

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