Autofull Gaming Chair Review 2022 -Top 5 Modals

The gaming industry has become very popular in recent years. Taking it very seriously, gamers spend hours every day playing their favorite games such as GTA 5, Fortnite, and Dot. Having to sit on a regular chair is not as comfortable as you might think.

Autofull Gaming Chair Review 2022 -Top 5 Modals

They cause a variety of difficulties and pains when you sit on them. Pain in the back, neck, and legs because they are not designed to be sit on them, for a long period.

The need for a gaming chair arises at these points. Today, there are hundreds of companies that provide gaming chairs.

The problem is that most of them are not worthwhile or too expensive. They dont have features that a gamer needs in his gaming chair. However, you needn’t worry as there are also many brands that produce premium gaming chairs.

In a Hurry? Then Check out our Top 3 Picks ( With Rating )

AutoFull Bunny Pink Gaming Chair ( Best Chair Overall With 4.7 Star Rating )
AutoFull Conquer Series Chair ( 2nd Best Chair with 4.5 Star Rating )
AutoFull Advanced series Chair ( Best for Heavy Weight Users With 4.4 Star rating )

One of them is Autofull, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it already. Today I will do the Best Autofull Gaming Chair Review so that you can get the best Autofull gaming chair. This Autofull gaming chair review will be done on behalf of Features, Price, Pros, and cons.

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Quick Buying Guide

There are many important things to keep in my while buying a gaming chair. So that you can pick the best chair for the Autofull Gaming Chair Review list. In our Autofull Gaming Chair Review list, there is a total of 5 chairs and all of them have different features. So in order to choose the best chair for yourself you just need to check the buying guide.


The first thing you need to check is chair durability. The parts used in the chair should be made up of strong material as they are important for a durable chair. Check the durability of armrests, casters, base, frame. The strong base and frame are not only important for a durable chair but also for a stable chair.

Also, if the chair is not much durable then it can get damaged after a few months of use. That is why go with a durable and strong Autofull chair. Low-durable chairs are also arent able to bear heavyweight. All Autofull chairs in our list are strong and durable and are made up of strong material.


Of course, you are going to buy these autofull gaming chairs for gaming. And will also sit on the chair for a long time while doing work. If Yes, then your chair should be comfortable. An uncomfy chair will create many issues while gamers like you will sit on the chair.

The softer back and seat chairs are much comfortable. That is why we will recommend you to go with chairs that have a comfy back and seat. The headrest, lumbar pillow, and armrests also make the chair more comfortable.

If you want your chair to be comfier then look at these things in that chair. Believe me, you will be able to sit on that chair for many hours straight. Also, your gaming and sitting experience will also be increased.


Casters in the chair are of great use, as they are very helpful. The movement of the chair is not an easy task without the casters. You would have to put much effort into moving a non-casters chair. If you also lie from those Gamers who roll chairs too much then you need to buy that chair with casters.

All Autofull gaming chairs have casters so any chair you buy is easy to move from one place to another. There are different types of casters for different types of floors. Choose casters according to your floor type. As wrong types, casters may cause many problems like Leaving damages/scratches or even not rolling smoothly.

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Assembly is a thing that buyers hate to do. Some chairs are easy to assemble and some are hard to. So if you dont know how to assemble the chair or do not like to then you need to go with the chair that is not hard to assemble.

Moreover, in many chairs, you will also get to see the assembly instruction manual that makes assembly of the chair easier. In all Autofull gaming chairs, easy and simple mannual comes along. So you won’t have to face any issues in the assembly process.

Size and Weight

All 5 autofull gaming chairs in our list have different sizes and weight capacities. Few of these chairs are made up for short users, whereas some of them are for large-sized users. Apart from these gaming chairs also have a different weight capability.

So before you buy any chair that you love, make sure that the chair can bear your weight and can fit your body size. If the chair is too short for your body or too large then you will not get the best sitting experience for the chair.

Autofull gaming chair company Overview

Autofull, a maker of top-of-the-line gaming chairs and gaming desks, is one of the leading American gaming product manufacturers. They have a wide diversity of gaming chairs and desks on the market.

Since they have been producing high-quality products for a long time, they are an experienced company. Over 30 Esports teams around the world are sponsored by Autofull. Not only that Autofull company gaming produces are also used in many different Esports tournaments.

Autofull’s primary focus is on making the best high-quality chairs with high build quality that are comfortable and give the user a premium experience. There are a variety of gaming chairs in their collection, from the cheap to the expensive.

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AutoFull BUNY Pink Gaming Chair

AutoFull BUNY Pink Gaming Chair | autofull gaming chair review
Recline area90-155 degree recline area
Weight capacity330 Lbs
Weight56 Lbs
Dimensions22.4 x 20.8 x 50.8 inches
Warrenty3 Years

AutoFull’s Pink Gaming Chair is one of autofull best seller gaming chairs. This chair is also most popular autofull gaming chair. The rating on Amazon is 4.7 out of 5 stars which is an excellent rating. We have also ranked it #1 in our autofull chair review list for that reason. You can tell by its rating that how much comfortable and durable this chair will be.

This Homall Racing Style Ergonomic pink gaming chair is made for girl gamers, and you’ll find many girl streamers using it. Besides being stylish, the chair is comfortable and well made. With snow rabbit ears, a fur tail, and a pink carpet, this pink gaming chair is attractive to girls.

AutoFull BUNY Pink Gaming Chair

There are removable ears and tails so you can take them off when you are not using them. With a tilt lock, the chair offers tilt in four different positions – gaming, watching movies, resting, or sleeping. All you have to do is pick the position that makes you comfortable.

In addition, the pillow and headrest are adjustable. You can rest your neck and back comfortably on both of them, as they are soft. Additionally, the chair has a detachable lumbar pillow so you’ll have no back pain or fatigue after hours of the game. They have the Autofull logo, which is a nice touch.

The chair is made of PU leather which is a soft and premium material. A soaked towel can be used to clean the chair since it is easy to clean. Therefore, don’t worry if you accidentally spill something on the chair.

On hot days, the chair material can feel warm, unless you have an air conditioner or fan in your room. There is a 4-dimensional armrest that can move in all directions and rotate 90 degrees. With a gas spring explosion-proof of international standards and a sturdy Sakura Base, this pink gaming chair can support 330 lbs.

The seats are also wider and deeper, so even large gamers should find them comfortable. Autofull also provides a pink carpet for the chair, which looks fantastic.


  • Comes with very attractive Design
  • Very Durable and comfortable.
  • Has removable Lumbar Pillow.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Material is not much breathable.
  • Not for small-sized gamers.

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AutoFull Racing Style High-Back Gaming Chair

AutoFull  Racing Style High-Back Gaming Chair
Recline area 90-155 degree recline area
Weight capacity400 Lbs
Weight44 Lbs
Dimensions27.6 x 23.6 x 50.8 inches
Warranty30 days free replacement, 72 months warranty on parts

So now let’s move to the 2nd Autofull gaming chair Review on our list. With a racing-style design and blue color combination, the chair has a premium look. The chair is available in five different colors – black, red, blue, red and blue, and black&white.

It has an autofull logo on both headrest and backrest which looks pretty cool. There is a 2D armrest that measures 9.8 cm long and rotates 90 degrees on this chair. They can then be adjusted so that your arms and wrists have more support.

AutoFull  Racing Style High-Back Gaming Chair

Not only does the chair recline to 155 degrees, but it also has a tilt lock that lets you adjust it to many positions. This AutoFull Racing Style gaming chair has an ergonomic design and makes sure you sit in a good position. A headrest and lumbar pillow are adjustable to keep your body in good posture.

Since they are adjustable, you can position them to provide more support and comfort to your head and back. By reducing pressure on them, both of them also help relieve back and neck pain. Therefore, the chair is more comfortable for gaming for long periods of time.

AutoFull  Racing Style High-Back Gaming Chair

To ensure that even heavy gamers can easily sit on the chair, the seats are wider. Seats are filled with high-density sponges, which prevent the seats from sagging after prolonged use. Carbon fiber and soft Pu leather are used to make the chair, which is skin-friendly and comfortable.

So you will not feel uneasy while sitting on it. To provide more safety to gamers they use a 4-level cylinder certified by SGS. The chair is made of a metal frame with a heavy-duty nylon base which makes the chair durable and supports 400lbs of weight.

The company uses nylon rolling wheels, which are very smooth and don’t make any noise when rolling. They could have used metal wheels, but nylon would have been better. According to One Buyer, assembling this chair does not take more than 20 minutes.


  • Has a high weight capacity of 400Lbs
  • Strong Nylon-made Rolling wheels.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Value for Money.
  • Premium and ergonomic design


  • Only have 2D armrests.

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AutoFull Racing Gaming Chair ( AF075 )

AutoFull Racing Gaming Chair ( AF075 )
Recline area 90-155 degree recline area
Weight capacity350 Lbs
Weight58 Lbs
Dimensions27.5 x 27.5 x 47.6 inches
Warranty30 days free replacement, 72 months warranty on parts

With the AF075 gaming chair, Autofull has put a lot of effort into its style and design, since this is an Autofull racing series gaming chair. In the beginning, let’s talk about their color options. There are three color options available: Blue, Cyan, and Indigo.

The colors look very stunning and appealing. Blue, dark blue, and white stripes combine to make the chair look classy. Designed ergonomically, the chair fits perfectly the curvature of the human spine. As well as an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, this chair promotes an ergonomic design.

The headrest of the chair is removable so you can also remove them when you don’t wanna use them. This chair is equipped with an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to 2.7″ in diameter.

There are two adjustable armrests that have a 7 cm lift up and down and a 45° left and right rotation so that your elbows and wrists are comfortably positioned. With an Anti-collapse sponge that measures 4.4 inches, this chair provides a comfortable sitting experience while you sit on it.

Autofull chair also comes with a 360° swivel to provide gamers with a dynamic movement experience. Due to its nylon-made heavy-duty base and SGS certified 4-level cylinder, it has a high weight capacity of 350lbs.

Which makes it also for high-weight gamers. Autofull AF075 uses Floor friendly rolling wheels, that’s why wheels don’t leave and make on wooden floors. Even they are easy to move and roll smoothly.

Many users have said that the chair is even comfortable when sitting for 12 hours a day. Plus, it is easy to assemble. In just 30 minutes, you can assemble the chair. It has a 4.6/5 star rating due to its design and premium features.


  • Easy to assemble, takes no more than 30 minutes.
  • Comes with unique design and color options.
  • Silent wheels made of PU leather.
  • Mush wider and 4.3” seat depth.


  • The armrests only have a 2D design.
  • Not for short gamers (it’s not a pros)

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AutoFull Ergonomic Gaming Chair Advanced

AutoFull Ergonomic Gaming Chair Advanced
Recline area155° reclining and 25° rocking
Weight capacity400 Lbs
Weight47 Lbs
Dimensions27.6 x 23.6 x 50.8 inches
Warranty1-month free replacement, 6 years warranty on parts

Now let’s move on to the fourth autofull advanced gaming chair on our autofull gaming chair review list. Autofull advanced chair has a bulky look and design. It is the gaming chair on our list which comes with a footrest. The footrest of this Autofull gaming chair can be adjusted, so you can put it in a position that provides more comfort and support for your legs.

This is great because it can be adjusted under the seats when you wish to use it. The seat and backrest of the chair are much wider than in other autofull gaming chairs. The seats are much wider and have more depth to support even heavy gamers.

As the chairs are upholstery with high-density foam padded, the seats do not deflate ever used by high-weight gamers. This is one of this I like about this chair. The chair is made of high-quality carbon fabric material. Due to carbon fiber, the chair doesn’t have a much shiny look.

But one proof is that the chair doesn’t tear or wear from any place. That way the chair can last for many users, after intense use. Both headrest and lumbar pillow in this chair are adjustable and removable. They come separately in the box when it arrives in You.

After that, you can just be adjusted according to your need, and that gives you more comfortable support. These pillows are fluffy and soft, so you won’t feel uncomfortably pressed against them. It has 155 degrees of reclining and 25 degrees of rocking (Rocking recline means you can recline up to 25 degrees by applying force).

This chair has a good height adjustability of 3.2” height that enables multi-tasking on this chair. The majority of the features of this chair are similar to those of previous Autofull gaming chairs, including 400-pound weight capacity, rolling wheels, 5-star base, and a strong metal frame.


  • High-quality fabric made of carbon.
  • Wider and deeper seats to accommodate larger gamers.
  • Parts are covered by a 6-year warranty.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Chairs can be difficult to move because they are heavy.

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AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair

AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair
Recline area90-170 Degrees
Weight capacity350 Lbs
Weight56 Lbs
Dimensions27.56 x 27.56 x 50.39 inches
Warranty3 Years

The next chair in our Autofull Gaming Chair Review is AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair. This is another autofull cool look chair. In many of our previous blogs, we have already reviewed this chair. Dont worry if you have not read that blog. 

This Homall chair has received a positive rating from its buyers. This chair is one of the best chairs for pain users. So why am I saying this? It’s because of the chair high-wider and recliner backrest. The chair can fully recline back up to 170 degrees which is a great thing.

This recliner allows the user to recline the chair back so that a user can easily lay back on the chair. Laying back reduces the user’s body tiredness. The back also has an ergonomic design, which will give your back proper support.

AutoFull Conquer Series Gaming Chair

The high backrest will alow help the gamer to sit straight for hours. The headrest and lumbar pillow are included in the chair for free, so no need to pay extra money for them. The chair has an adjustable footrest too. That can be used for giving rest to both legs.

The combination of backrest and footrest can be used to increase comfort and the sitting experience. The PU leather used in this Autofull Conquer Series chair is 2.0 PU leather which is more durable, smooth, and easy to clean. The chair frame and base are strong, because of made of strong material.

Overall, the chair is both a cooling and ergonomic gaming chair. If I talk about its comfort rating so the chair has received 4.6 stars in this term and 4.6 in Support. And the overall rating of the chair is 4.5 star and 480 reviews.


  • Comes with high adjustability features.
  • Strong build quality.
  • 5 stunning colors to choose from.
  • Ergonomic back design.


  • The chair armrests are not padded, so can be hard.

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  1. Are autofull gaming chairs covered by a warranty?

    A great warranty period is included with all autofull chairs. On all of their chairs, the company offers a one-month free return policy and a six-year warranty on parts, except for their pink gaming chair that comes with a three-year warranty.

  2. Is it hard to assemble the gaming chair? Are there instructions included?

    No, the chairs are easy to assemble and don’t take much time to assemble. Plus, all their chairs come with a proper installation manual. So it becomes easier to assemble the chair without any problem.

  3. Do they ship their chairs to many countries, and how long does it take for them to process?

    They ship their products to many countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. And autofull has a transit time of 2-5 business days. (If you buy from their website).

  4. Who should invest their money in their gaming chairs?

    If you are a serious gamer and spend long hours of your day playing gaming and want a good ergonomic chair then you should surely invest in their chair. As you know sitting on a bad gaming chair can be dangerous for your health. But if you spend on their chair you will get an ergonomic chair that will help to maintain good body posture. And you can play games without any back and body pains.

Are Autofull Gaming Chairs Worth For Buying?

No doubt they are. After reading this Autofull gaming chair review blog you would have also gotten the answer to this question. Autofull gaming chairs are highly comfortable gaming chairs and are a great option for gamers to buy.

They will love doing gaming chairs for many hours while using the chair. These gaming chairs have high ergonomic features too that give the user’s body great support and comfort. Many years warranty comes on the chair which is a great thing as it should that autofull is really sure about the quality of their chairs.

As these chairs last for many years, gamers won’t have to put their money on a new chair. They can use these chairs for many years. The comfortability and support of these Autofull chairs will not decrease over the period time.

So overall if you are a hardcore gamer then you should invest in these autofull chairs rather than on a normal chair. As normal chairs, dont have features that a gamer needs in his chair for doing gaming comfortable for a long time. You can go with any gaming chair that suits your budget.

Conclusion – Autofull Gaming Chair Review

Still confused regarding which gaming chair should you buy? The choice of features that you desire in your gaming chair will affect your decision. In the list below, we have different autofull gaming chairs with different features.

In this Autofull Gaming Chair Review Blog, some chairs have the best design, but they lack some features that other autofull gaming chairs have. The prices of all the autofull gaming chairs on our list are different. It is important to determine which chair is within your budget and which is not.

If you want a brightly colored gaming chair with premium features, then you should definitely get an autofull AF075 chair. Autofull pink chair is the best charming gaming chair that most girl gamers will love. Pink gaming chairs are not much in the market.

Therefore, it has become hard to find a pink chair. But luckily Autofull has a pink chair, so you can find that chair now. Those who are larger or heavier can go with the rest of the Autofull gaming chair such as the advanced model. They support high weight and are most suitable for bulky gamers.

Thus now the choice is yours, which gaming chair you should buy or which would not. But all autofull chairs are worth buying. So, now I am finishing this Autofull gaming chair review blog right here. We will meet you in our next blog then till then peace out!!


Which is the best Autofull Gaming Chair?

Without a doubt, Autofull Pink Gaming Chair is the best chair on our list. The chair’s cool and stylish look is the Best Thing I like. But the chair has way too much more than that which is features. Like the chair is highly comfortable with its high backrest that gives back great support. Overall this autofull chair is a great option for gamers.

How long can these Autofull Gaming Chairs can Last?

All these autofull gaming chairs are made to be last for more than 5 Years. I will not be shocked if these chairs last for more than 10 years as the material used in the chairs is of good quality. The build-up of these chairs is also great, allowing the chair to last for years after intense uses too.

How long warranty comes on Autofull Gaming Chairs?

On the chair you will get to see 3 years of warranty. Moreover, in some Autofull chairs you will also get to see 6 Years of warranty, depending on your chair model. In Autofull gaming chairs their is also 30 days money back.

Will I Have to Pay extra for Headrest and Lumbar Pillow?

No, both Headrest and Lumbar pillow comes along the chair for free. So no need to pay extra for both of them. And it applies to all Autofull Gaming Chairs.

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