Staples Gaming Chair Review

Staples comes from those brands that are known for making good-quality gaming chairs. These gaming chairs have premium features but are budget-friendly.

Today, we have pick 3 best staples gaming chairs and will do a Staples gaming chair review in this Blog. The review will be done on the behalf of their features, price, adjustability, and build quality.

So to know all this make sure to read the Staples gaming chair review Blog from start to end.

Staples Gaming Chair Review

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Staples company overview

Staples is a well-known brand in the market. They not only sell the best gaming chair but also other products like desks, chairs, stationery products, and many more.

Of course, in this blog, we will just take about their gaming chair product line. In the office chair categories, you will find cheap gaming chairs to expensive gaming chairs.

But for this blog, we have chosen their 3 mid-range best gaming chair with ergonomic features so that anyone can use their gaming chair. And get their gaming chair benefits.

All staples gaming chairs reviewed in their chair are best to buy and use. Staples are also known for giving high durability and high warranty chair than other gaming chairs.

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Staples Emerge Vortex Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, (51464-CC)

staples luxura racing chair review
Recline areaOnly have tilt lock
Weight43.56 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions45.9 – 49.7″H x 28.4″W x 30.1″D
Warranty7 years

So first staples gaming chair in our list, is their staples emerge vartan bonded leather gaming chair below we will do staples luxura racing chair review. No doubt the chair comes with a good look and design but does not have a racing-type gaming chair, but it’s not much big deal if you just want an ergonomic gaming chair.

The chair staples one of the most popular gaming chairs. You can just imagine from that it has more than 4.5 ratings over 5 and has 1.2K reviews. It may not have much a much good design but it is made of faux leather, Due to which the chair color looks very bright.

staples emerge vartan bonded leather gaming chair REview | staples emerge vortex review

The chair highly skin and water-resistant due to made up of faux leather. You will not feel any type of inches on your skin while sitting on this gaming chair has tilt tension, to make sure that the seat also tilts with the backrest when you put pressure on them.

The chair comes with an inbuilt padded headrest and lumbar pillow. You that you dont feel pressure on your head and back. Due to its ergonomic design, the chair will keep you in good body posture, so that you dont get tired while sitting on it.

Plus, ergonomic design is important for good health as it helps to maintain your body in good posture. If we talk about its base section, then it includes 360 degrees swivel, strong nylon base, and smooth-rolling wheels.

These smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move the chair without your room space. Vortex chair is easy to assemble and it dont takes more than 20-30 minutes in assembling. To make it easier the company also provides an installation manual with a chair in its box.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes in budget price range.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Have Strong nylon base and durable.


  • Not have an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.

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Staples Vartan Gaming Chair, (58542)

Staples Emerge Vartan Gaming Chair, (58542)
Recline area135 degrees
Weight55.34 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions49.9″ – 53.8″ H x 29.2″ W x 27.6″ D
Warranty7 years

So now let’s move to the next staples gaming chair in our Staples Gaming Chair Review list. The chair comes with a bit higher price tag than our previous gaming chair but also gives more ergonomic features than the previous one.

First, the Staples Vartan Gaming Chair comes with a good reclining area of 135 degrees with a tilt lock. So it gives more comfy locations that you can lock this chair.

Staples Emerge Vartan Gaming Chair, backrest

This staples model also has tilt tension like the previous chair, to deliver the best experience to you. To provide proper support to the neck and back the chair is equipped with an adjustable headrest and backrest.

Which not only just provides support to them, but also helps to reduce pressure on them. The seats and backrest of the chair are made up of bonded leather which makes this Vartan chair highly soft and comfy.

The chair height can be adjusted from 18.3″ – 22.1″ inches, which makes sure the chair could be used by both middle and high-sized users. The height-adjustable level is just equipped under the chair, which can be easily accessible while sitting on the chair.

This Staples Vartan Gaming Chair modal is equipped with smooth 360 degrees and rolling wheels. You won’t have to worry about its build quality and stability while buying it as it has passed all ANSI/BIFMA Standards.

Apart from them chair also comes with 7 years limited warranty, so you can mail them, if you face any issues with the chair.


  • Has both ANSI/BIFMA Standards.
  • Comfy even when used for 12 hours a day.
  • Durable and budget-friendly.
  • Unique design and color combination.


  • Heavy weight which makes it difficult to lift.

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STAPLES Helix Fabric Gaming Chair

STAPLES Helix Fabric Gaming Chair
Recline area135 degrees
Weight52.2 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs
Dimensions48.5-52.2″H x 27.9″W x 27.4″D
Warranty7-Year Limited Warranty

So now lets move to the last chair in our list. The chair costs much more than any other staples chair but also gives the comfy that you are expecting.

The chair comes in 3 different color options – red, blue, and green. It is much good than our previous chairs as they just come in 1 color options. The chair is upholstered with fabric and Luxura gives it a styles gaming chair look.

This emerge chair is highly adjustable than other table gaming chairs. firstly it comes with an adjustable armrest that moves up and down and In out.

STAPLES Helix Fabric Gaming Chair

Which you can adjust them to the position that gives more comfort to your arms and wriest. Du to armrest it became easy to work while using this chair.

Secondary the chair comes with seat height adjustability, and back adjustability. The chair backrest can be adjusted to 135 degrees, which gives you enough area to comfortably work, gaming and resting.

In this, I will not talk about its weight capacity as it has the same as other chairs have. As the chair staples gaming chair is made of both fabric and Luxura leather, the chair not just becomes easy to clean but also highly breathable.

STAPLES Helix Fabric Gaming Chair Seats

So while sitting on a chair you will not feel warm on a hot day. Plus, it reduces the problem of sweating. Even the chair is made in such a way that it delivers much comfy that you can it on it for more than 10 hours a day without any problem.

Staples has paid much attention to its look that’s why they use similar color casters wheel, strips on base. The chair can be a good option if you want a high comfortable and durable chair.


  • Made up of high quality material.
  • Attractive Ergonomic design.
  • High adjustable armrests and headrest.
  • Comes with 7 Years warranty.


  • Not have adjustable lumbar pillow.
  • No Swivel and bit overpriced.

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Buying Guide

Build Quality

Build quality is the important thing that you need to check. Make sure any gaming chair you are going to buy has good build quality. Check the quality of the upholstery, casters, Foam, and material.

Never go with a chair that has low build quality even though they cost at a low cost. As it is sure that they won’t even last for a few months. Moreover, you will have to spend money on building a new chair. So spend a good amount of money and buy a high build quality rather than spending multiple times.


Comfort is another important thing that your chair should have. Your chair should be comfy so that you can sit on your chair and can do gaming for a long time. Padded seats and backs chairs are much comfortable so make sure to check this in your chair.

Uncomfy chairs will also affect your gaming experience and your performance can also be reduced. You can go with chairs that have a headrest and lumbar pillows as they are very important. As both of them gives support and comfort to the back and neck.

You won’t feel pain in your body due to both of them. The chair armrests will also give your elbows great support. You will not have pain in your elbows because of them.


Gaming chairs often have leather Upholstery. But some chairs also have mesh Upholstery. If you want a more durable chair then go with leather chairs rather than a mesh chair. As leather chairs don’t tear up like mesh chairs.

But kept in that leather chairs are not breathable so can be uncomfy on summer days. The problem is not big if your room has a fan or is airy. If you like cold areas the always go with leather chairs rather than mesh ones.

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Weight Capacity

Choosing the right weight capacity is important. Of course, you won’t want to use a chair that cant bear your weight. Right? Also if your chair is of less weight capacity than your body weight then is likely that the chair frame, base, or casters will break out.

Also, it is dangerous for you. While buying a chair make sure that the chair has high weight capacity than your weight. For Eg- if you weigh 300 Lbs then go with 350 Lbs of weight capacity.


Some chairs are very hard to assemble and take many hours. If you dont like assembly then you should buy a chair that is easy to assemble. Also, check whether the chair comes with an assembly manual or video.

As they both make assembly of chair very easy and faster. Even with some chairs, you will also get to see the tools that need to assemble the chair. But it’s not a big thing that can affect the buying decision.


Different chairs come with different period warranties. Warranty is a really helpful thing as if your chair faces any issue or you dont want the chair then you can return the chair.

But it will only happen if your chair is in a warranty period. Moreover, you can get repair the chair for no cost. Make sure to reads the warranty conditions of the chair too.


If you are looking for the best mid-gaming chair then no doubt a staple gaming chair is a good option for you. All staples chairs we covered in our Staples Gaming Chair Review List are worth buying, it depends what is your budget.

When buying a chair we should spend money on our chair as we are going to use that chair for many years. All staples chairs are durable and provide the ergonomic features that a user is looking for.

Now it depends on you which features are you looking for on a chair. As all staples gaming chair lags some features like the first chair in our list dont recline but has other features.

Like that other gaming chair also has some best features but also lags some. So you have to keep in mind which chair has all features that you are looking for.

So I hope you will be able to find the best gaming chair for you. I am ending this Staples Gaming Chair Review blog right here and will meet you in the next blog, till then peace out!!


How long can Staples gaming chairs last?

The Chairs build quality is tought and strong, that is why these chairs can last for many years. The long warranty also shows that Staples is sure about durability of that chair. Also it depends on How much you use the chair and what care you give to the chair. But generally they can last more then 4-5 Years.

Does these Staples chairs are ergonomics?

Their chairs are not much ergonomics. As you wont see S-shape backrest and a waterfall edge seats. Still headrest and lumbar pillow surely adds bit ergonomics to the chair.

How much warranty does we recieved on these Staples Gaming Chairs?

On all staples chairs you will get to see 7 Years of warranty. Which is surely a very long warranty for a gaming chair. At this Price Range gaming chairs generally have 2-3 Years warranty.

Does headrest and lumbar pillow comes Free With these chairs?

Yes, they do. So no need to spend more money on buying headrest and lumbar pillow.

Is their need to assemble these staples chairs?

Yes their is, as these chairs dont comes preassembled. So you have to assemble the chairs by yourself. But no need to worry as they are not hard to assemble.

Is staples emerge vortex a Good Chair?

After doing staples emerge vortex review its is clear that the chair worth it. staples emerge vortex gives a comfortable place for gamers to sit at such a affordable price tag.

The chair build quality is good and the back ergonomic design also provides better sitting experience to gamer. If budget is your problem but you want a best chair at this price then surely buy it.

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