7 RGB Gaming Chair Review 2022 { Buying Guide }

RGB Gaming chairs are chairs that Gamers love a Lot. Every gamer wants a gaming chair with colorful RGB lights on them.

Of course, they increase the look of a gaming room to another level. If you also love RGB gaming chairs then you are going to love this RGB gaming chair review blog.

As in this blog, we will do a review of the best RGB gaming chairs on the internet and will tell you the features of these chairs.

Like their comfortability, ergonomics, RCB lights, Pros, and cons. I am sure after reading this RGB gaming chair review you will surely find the Best RGB gaming chair for yourself.

In a hurry? Then check out our Top 3 Picks.

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair, 5152401

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair, 5152401
Recline areaFixed
Dimensions 33 x 25 x 45 inches
Color optionsBlack and grey
Weight 40.3 Lbs
Weight capacity250 to 300 lbs

So first RGB gaming chair is our RGB gaming chair review list is Prism Pedestal Chair that comes from XRocker. After knowing its features you will find the answer to why I kept it in the first place.

The chair comes with both RGB light and sound equipment to enhance your gaming experience. Firstly the RGB lights are installed on the front edges of the chair. The LED light can light up in more than 30 colors.

Apart from that, they can also glow in different patterns which gives the chair a unique look. You can easily turn these RGB LED lights turn on and Off by just pressing its button.

To give you an amazing gaming experience the chair is equipped with 2 speakers and 4 buffer.s. This audio setup is full wireless and canned be control through wireless Bluetooth.

The speakers and buffers used in the RGB gaming chair are highly powerful and gives high-quality sound quality. Due to its high-quality sound, you can increase enjoying movies, gaming, and listing to music.

The chair also doesn’t leave behind in terms of comfy and adjustability. Firstly the X rocker gaming chair comes in an ergonomic design to give you a good sitting posture.

As the chair is equipped with both a lumbar pillow and headrest which gives support to the head and back. Due to the pressure on both head and back is reduced it becomes comfy even when sitting on the chair for a long time.

More amazing features of this X rocker RGB gaming chair include area 360 Swivel. armrests, sturdy base. Due to its strong base, the chair can handle a weight of up to 300 Lbs.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Has 2.1 Dual Bluetooth/Wireless Audio System.
  • Foldable and space-saving.


  • Difficult to move as have due to its base type.
  • Due to not have padded Seats the seats are not much soft.

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair 2.1 Dual

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair 2.1 Dual
Recline area170 Degrees
Dimensions 26.77″(W) X 25.59″(D) X 49.41″-52.17″(H
Color optionsBlack, white, red and Blue
Weight 40.3 Lbs
Weight capacity350Lbs

So now lest move to our next gaming chair. Kasorix gaming chair comes with many ergonomic features for providing a premium experience. The chair comes with good reclining area of 170 degrees, with Multi-angle locking.

You can simply recline your back to the best comfy position and can lock it. Which gives users to work in different comfortable positions like working resting, gaming, and sleeping.

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair reclining back

Not only that, the chair comes with adjustable 3d armrests. Due to its adjustable armrests, you can simply adjust them to the height of your gaming desk, which helps you to work or play on Pc easily.

Kasorix chair has an ergonomic design and a high padded backrest which allows the gamer to sit on the chair for long hours. To promote ergonomic design, the chair is equipped with an adjustable and padded headrest and backrest.

Due to its both soft headrest and backrest, you will not feel pressure on your back and neck. Which will help to regulate blood flow within them easily.

The chair also dont lest behind in terms of the cool lock. Forgiving an amazing look to the chair, RGB lights are equipped on both backrests and cushion. These RGB lights used in the chair are bot high quality and safe.

X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal Chair 2.1 Dual

So dont worry about these RGB light life and the lights dont get warm when you will use them. These RGB lights can light up in 6 different colors, color patterns, and static.

These lights are easy to control, which can be easily controlled wireless and have to just plugin to laptop, computer and power back. These RGB lights when are on will give your room an amazing look that you will never forget.

They also increase the gaming experience of a gamer. Now you may think that this RGB gaming chair may be hard to assemble, but you are wrong. It just takes 20 minutes to assemble this amazing RGB chair.


  •  Made up of high-quality breathable PU Leather.
  • Passed all BIFMA tests.
  • High-life RGB lights.
  • Highly adjustable.
  •  All installation tools come to the inbox.


  • You may receive defective RGB lights.

Modern-Depo High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Modern-Depo High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Recline area180 Degrees
Dimensions27.6 x 20.9 x 54.3 inches
Color optionsBlack white, black-red, black gold, and pink
Weight 48.2 Lbs
Weight capacity380Lbs

Are you a reclining chair lover? Then you should surely check this RGB chair. The chair comes with a high reclining chair with a high backrest. The chair can recline up to 180 degrees which is much more than our previous gaming chairs.

It has both tilt lock and tilts tensions which means you can simply lock the chair at any position that gives more comfy to you gives you more comfort. This Depo chair is made from PVC leather which makes the chair high comfortable and durable.

The seats of the chair are highly spongy covered with soft seat cushions. Due to the high-density foam, the seats don’t lose their shape, and you will not feel hard or brought while sitting on this RGB gaming chair.

Modern-Depo High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair lights

The LED lights used in the chair can glow in 7 different color options to choose from. This RGB lighting comes with 3 different model options – static, dynamic, and auto cycle mode.

You can simply try them out and find the best mode for you. You just have to simply plug its USB port into your laptop, port other as serious and you are ready to go. This depo RGB chair has 360 degrees swivel and a multi-direction wheel.

These smooth-rolling wheels move smoothly on any type of floor. That makes the chair easy to move in your room. Due to the use of high-quality steel for making its steels frame the chair becomes highly durable and support the weight of 330Lbs.

Due to its high weight capacity and comfort, it can be a good option for even high-weight gamers. More imp. features include adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar pillow, adjustable height, armrests.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • High ergonomic features and adjustability.
  • Has removable/adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.


  • The USB wire is too short, which makes it difficult to connect.
  • Poor installation instruction.

OHAHO RGB Lighting High Back Gaming Chair

OHAHO RGB Lighting High Back Gaming Chair
Recline area180 Degrees
Back Dimensions 34.2 x 20.8 inch
Color optionsBlack
Weight 40 Pounds
Weight capacity300 Lbs

OHAHO Gaming Chair is a Black Color RGB chair. No Doubt that this chair is also is one of the highest-rated RGB chairs in our RGB gaming chair review Blog. Not many color options come in this chair.

But dont worry as the chair has a cool design with Patterns on its back and RGB lights on its corners. On both back and seats, Multi colors RGB lights are installed that glow brightly. In order to use These RGB lights, you need to connect them to USB Cable.

These RGB lights can connect to any device that has a USB in it. If we talk about reclining then it will not be wrong to say that the reclining area of this chair is too much. I mean you can fully recline the chair back, and after that, you can just lay back on it.

By this, you can reduce the tiredness that you will have after doing gaming for a long time. Not just reclining if you want you can lock its back at different angles too, which has been possible because of the Tilt lock function.

These OHAHO Gaming Chair seats are able to rotate by 360 degrees. This 360 degrees rotation helps to user to rotate its seat without moving the chair from its place. This feature will help you in doing different works easily.

The seat dimension of this chair is 20.8 x 20.08 inches, which means you will get enough space to sit in the chair comfortably. High-density memory foam in the seats adds comfortability to the chair. Overall the chair is a good choice for both users who want a comfy or stylish chair.


  • Made up of highly durable PU leather.
  • Free 30 days free return.
  • Has a Fully recline backrest with Lock.
  • Great and fast customer support.


  • The seats are not uncomfy due to bit hard.

Homall RGB Lighting High Back Chair

Homall RGB Lighting High Back Chair
Recline area180 Degrees
Dimensions19.3 x 18 x 38 inches
Color optionsblack and Blue
Weight 47.3 Pounds
Weight capacity300 Lbs

Homall is a well-known brand in the gaming chair market as their chair has both ergonomic features and design. That’s why we put their RGB gaming chair on our list. The chair comes in 2 color options on amazon black and blue.

So you dont have many colors to choose from while buying the chair. But dont worry if it dont have much color option, even then this an amazing RGB chair.

Due to its features and firstly the chair is made from high-quality Pu leather which makes that chair soft and comfortable. Due to made of PU the chair becomes very easy to clean and water-resistant.

That way if you drop your drink on the chair then dont worry, just clean it with a wet towel. Both backrests and seats are padded with soft foam so that you dont feel any problem while sitting on them.

This RGB chair comes with a high backrest and wider seats, which makes the chair comfortable for large size gamers. The LED lighting used in the chair is of high quality, and will not get damaged or fuse even after a long time.

The LED lights can glow in 7 different colors, so you can easily glow them to color as you want. This LED lighting gives bright and dynamic lighting effects that can be changed to four mode-1. Static lamp mode 2.Rolling lamp mode 3.Breathing lamp mode 4.Stacking lamp mode to get a premium experience.

Apart from this, you can easily control the speed and brightness of these RGB lights easily wireless. To on these lights you just need to plug into your US port. This homall chair is not left behind even in terms of ergonomic features.

Firstly the chair is equipped with an adjustable headrest and a lumbar pillow. Due to their adjustability, you can simply adjust them to a much comfortable position. Secondly, it has 3d armrests which can move up&down and In&out.

Due to adjustable armrests, you can just relax your hand on them while doing your work and playing gamers. These ergonomic features are enough for playing gamers for 10 to 12 hours while sitting on the chair.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable Height and armrests.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Smooth and durable rolling casters.
  • Cool LED lighting.
  • Comes with a 1year warranty.


  • The remote dont work properly.
  • Not for high weight gamers.


51xGN00cHL. AC SL1080
Recline area180 Degrees
Dimensions19.3 x 18 x 38 inches
Color optionsblack and Blue
Weight 47.3 Pounds
Weight capacity300 Lbs

PL4500 gaming chair is a great RGB chair for gamers who want a chair in many color options. Most of the RGB gaming chairs on our list do not come in many color options. But this RGB chair comes in 5 colors.

This gives you the option to buy a chair according to the color you like. You can also buy the chair in a color that matches your room color etc. The first thing I like about this RGB chair is that it has Wireless RGB lights.

This means you can control them wirelessly, no wires will be attached to RGB light. Also, these RGB lights can sync with the music. This sync option will create another lever gaming atmosphere. You will enjoy gaming and streaming even more due to this.

The back of the chair is very wider. It is enough wide that if you are a large person you will still get support to your back. Your back will not have pain due to your wider back. While sitting on the PL4500 chair gaming can be done for many hours.

You can customize the lighting effect of the chair too. Even though the chair is lightweight still you will see 5 casters in its base. These casters are attached to the base to make their movement easy.

These casters make the movement of the chair from one place to another easy. The chair parts will be packed in the box when they will come to your home. Just assemble the chair and use it for gaming.


  • The chair has Truely wireless RGB lights.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Light weight and easy to move.


  • The chair not have Headrest.

UOMAX LED Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Back

UOMAX LED Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Back
Recline area135 Degrees
Dimensions20.47 x 25.98 x 45.83 inches
Color optionsblack and Blue and Black-blue and red-black
Weight 47.3 Pounds
Weight capacity249 Lbs

Having a budget issue but still want the best RGB gaming chair? Then dont forget to check out this RGB hair. After looking at its features and look you will not believe that this chair just comes under 130$.

Firstly lets talk about its look. This chair comes with a padded headrest having to stick on it. The back of the chair has a very unique design like diamond cut style. The chair’s backrest and back has LED lighting in a beautiful pattern.

UOMAX LED Gaming Chair features

These LED lights are easy to control and use, just have to plug it into your power back, Pc, etc through a USB cable. These LED lights increase the look of your gaming room and increases the gaming experience.

Even at this price range UOMAX high comfy and reclining area backrest. The backrest of the chair can recline 135 degrees giving the best different comfy positions for working, gaming, relaxing, and sleeping.

In the chair, you will not have to compromise in terms of build quality. This RGB chair is equipped with SGS certificated gas lift that supports 250Lbs weight but the drawback I see is that it is not a good option for high-weight gamers.

Due to SGS, it gives smooth height adjustability that can be adjusted 15.52″ to 22.24 inches. The chair promotes high ergonomic features to gamers so that they can play gamers sitting on chairs even for long hours.

UOMAX LED Gaming Chair features

Like the chair is equipped with both a headrest and lumbar pillow, which helps to reduce pressure on the neck and back. Secondly, the RGB chair has armrests and wider support so you can sit on the chair for long hours of gaming.

Due to linkage armrests, it also moves with the back when the backrest is reclined. Many other features the chair has are – 360 degrees swivel, 5-star base, curved backrest.


  • Ergonomic and premium design.
  • Cheap and budget-friendly.
  • Adjustable height and 360 swivels.
  • Comes with BIFMA Certificated.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and smooth-rolling wheels.


  • Not comfy for high-weight gamers.
  • Has to buy batteries for RGB lights separately,

Should You Buy RGB Gaming Chairs?

RGB Gaming Chairs are sure worth buying chairs. They are the best choice for gamers who pay great attention to the look of their room. If you love chairs with a look then you should definitely go with RGB Gaming Chairs.

But remember that you will have to pay extra money for the same features in the gaming chairs. As RGB Lights increases the cost of gaming chairs that is why you have to pay more. Another thing you need to know is that they consume more energy.

So you have to charge them more. But it’s not a big deal as it dont consume high energy. Make sure to buy an RGB gaming chair that not only has RGB lights but also is ergonomics, comfortable, High durable, adjustable, etc. In our RGB gaming chair review Blog, you will find these chairs. Buy any RGB chairs that have features that you look in an RGB chair.

Buying Guide

Before buying a RGB Gaming Chairs you should check out some best features of the chair so that you can get the best chair for your money. To know these features read the below points.

Build Quality

Buying quality is one of the important things you should check out in a gaming chair. Build quality of a chair is depends on the material used in the RGB chair.

Like you should buy a gaming chair that has used high-quality material? leather in the chair. So that the chair don’t get tear ad wear after intensive use. Secondly, which metal the frame of the chair is made and can the base of the chair is capable of lifting high weight gamers.

If the base and frame of the chair are made from low-quality metal, the chair can get damaged after a long time.


2nd thing to check in a gaming chair is its comfortability. Of course, you are spending money to buying the best gaming chair and will want from the chair a comfy experience.

The comfy of the chair depends on the material used in the backrest and how floppy the seats are.If the seats of the chair are hard then you will feel pressure on your butts while sitting on the chair.

Second, try to buy an ergonomic design gaming chair as it helps to promote good body posture, so you can sit on a chair without any problem. Chairs with bad ergonomic design cause difficulty and uncomfy when are used for long gaming.


While buying an best rgb gaming chair you will not like to have RGB lights that have poor connectivity. If you are buying a mid-budget chair then buy a chair that has wireless connectivity so that you can control the lights from your remote.

If the chair light is controlled with a button then it becomes difficult to control LED lights. Plus, if the lights can be controlled by your mobile then it becomes easier.

Color Options

Dont buy an rgb gaming chairs that dont gives many color options or customization. All chairs in our list have high customization like you will be looking for. Of course, you buy a chair with RGB lights, and after that, you find out that you have only 1-2 color options to choose from. Sorry to buy an RGB chair that gives up to 5 color options and monocular options choose from.

Power Type

In Different RGB Gaming chairs, You will see different Power Types. In some, you can Light Up RGB lights by connecting to a Power back, Laptop, etc through a USB cable. But in some, you have to plug it into a power socket. There are also RGB chairs that give a Battery that a user can charge and after charging you can run your RGB lights through them. You can choose any of them as all are great.


Of course, the price is an important factor when finding the best rgb gaming chairs or even any other product. Everyone has a different budget, but if you are going to buy a gaming chair you should try to spend more money as you are going to use a chair for just 1 or 2 years.

You will use your RGB chair for long years, then why not spend money that can give you premium features for long years without any problems. Now it depends on you that you are able to buy an RGB gaming chair or not from our list. As in the end, it depends on you.


Today we do a review of some best RGB gaming chairs. We tell you each and every feature of these RGB gaming chairs after doing RGB gaming chair review. After this, it will not be wrong to say that the X Rocker RGB Prism Pedestal chair is the best RGB chair of all other RGB gaming chairs.

The only drawback of the chair is that the chair dont have casters. But in terms of comfort and durability, the chair is great OHAHO Gaming Chair will be a great choice for you if you love chairs with casters.

The chair has multi-LED Lights which increases its look. There are also other RGB chairs that you can also check out. Make sure to read Buying Guide that we have given in this RGB gaming chair review as it will help to choose the best chair for yourself.


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