8 Best Star Wars Gaming Chairs [ 2022 Review ]


Are you a fan of the Star Wars series? Having star wars characters on these chairs is what all kids and die-hard fans of star wars will love.

Moreover, these star wars gaming chairs are made for both kids and middle-sized individuals. In this Blog, we are going to cover topics-

  • 8-star wars gaming chair with Pros and Cons
  • Buyers Guide
  • Is it worth investing in a star wars gaming chair?

So make sure to read the full star wars kids chair blog to know all this. 

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Disney Frozen 2 Micromink Bean Bag Chair
  • DISNEY FROZEN 2 DESIGN: Frozen 2 graphics that all kids and...
  • KID FRIENDLY DESIGN: A comfortable and supportive chair for...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: With a height of 30 inches, a width of 30...
  • SHOP THE FROZEN 2 COLLECTION: Pair with other home décor...
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Featuring The Child Figural Bean Bag Chair with Sherpa Trim, Ages 3+
  • DESIGN: Original Star Wars Design, The Mandalorian known as...
  • COMFORTABLE AND DECORATIVE: This decorative chair will be a...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE DESIGN: The Star Wars chair is filled...
  • RECOMMENDED USE: The Star Wars bean bag chair is perfect for...
Disney Star Wars Storm Troopers Tween Saucer Chair
  • Ideal for any Star Wars Fan!
  • Perfect for any dorm or space
  • Folds for easy storage when not in use

8 best Star Wars gaming chairs

In this post, we feature 8 of the best Star Wars kid’s chairs. Star Wars doesn’t sell the chairs we have chosen officially, but it’s not a big deal since this is common. With Star Wars logos and design, this chair gives you a fantastic experience while you play games or watch Star Wars.

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Star Wars Kids Darth Vader Character Chair

Star Wars Kids  Darth Vader Character Chair

Our list of kids’ chairs begins with a chair featuring Darth Vader, a popular Star Wars character. The chair is specially made for kids under 7 years, so it has features that small kids need. As the chair is named Darth Vader, there is a Darth Vader character design on the backrest and seats.

This chair only weighs 28 pounds to allow even small children to move it easily. In addition to this, Darth Vader is a foldable chair, so you can simply fold it and carry it in its carry bag. The chair is made with a Polyester blend material, which allows it to be easy to clean and provides comfort and support.

You don’t need to worry if your child splits his drink on the chair by accident. Simply clean it with a damp cloth or towel. Kids enjoy drinking water, juice, or cold drinks while watching their favorite cartoons or movies. A bottle or can is easy to hold for a short period, but a can or can is more difficult.


So they have a mesh cup holder so you can simply put your drink over it. Parents are always concerned about the safety of their children, so the chair is designed with a Kids safety lock mechanism. To increase the chair’s durability and life, the star wars kids chair body is made of steel frames.


  • Lightweight but still supports 100Lbs weight.
  • Anti-slip script installed on the legs of the chair to prevent sleeping.
  • Foldable and comes with a carrying bag.
  • Durable and comfy.


  • Some buyers have a complaint that the chair is not fit for 7 years chair as provided by the company.

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Idea Nuova Bean Bag Chair

Idea Nuova Bean Bag Chair

Baby Yoda is a beloved character among children. So if your child is too a baby Yoda lover then he will surely like this star wars gaming chair. This Bean Bag Chair may look bulky and heavy, but is a lightweight and easy-to-carry chair.

This chair weighs just five pounds, but it can lift up to 81 pounds. The Yoda character design created for children is very cool, and most children love it. No assembly is required for this Bean Bag Chair, so you don’t have to put it together like other chairs.

Idea Nuova provides a comfortable experience, but also an amazing experience while sitting on this chair while playing games, watching movies, and relaxing. Plus, this amazing-looking star wars chair will also increase the look of your living room.

Thanks to the Polyester material, this bean bag chair is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Now you may be thinking by which material the chair is filled with?

Is it filled with Foam?

The star wars kids chair is not filled with foam as its name suggests. Instead, it is filled with polystyrene beads. That is easy to clean. Due to the durability and comfy features of this chair, the chair has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon which is pretty amazing.


  • No assembly is required.
  • 100 percent mom-certified.
  • It cute and cool look.


  • Till now not found any.

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Idea Nuova Star Wars Rocker Gaming Chair 

Idea Nuova Star Wars Rocker Gaming Chair 

The next chair on our list is a floor gaming chair. Many kids love floor gaming chairs and many do not. So if you love floor chairs, read full paragraphs. The chair has a black backrest and seats with the red script and has Darth Vader’s iconic head on the black backrest, which gives it a cool look.

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Made of padded polyester, this Star Wars gaming chair is easy to clean and maintain and durable for little ones. It is not only made of soft leather, but it also features an ergonomic design. Due to its ergonomic and comfy material, any kid can sit for hours while gaming, watching TV, and resting.

While this star wars gaming chair is much heavier than the previous one, it is still light and easy to move. Its low size allows you to place it anywhere in your house without worrying about space. It is the best choice for kids ages 3 to 8 years old and comes Pre-Assembled in the box when you order.


  • Skin-friendly fabric.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Ergonomic design and features.


  • Not much stable.

Idea Nuova The Mandalorian Bean Bag Chair

Idea Nuova The Mandalorian Bean Bag Chair

The next star wars chair is a good choice for those looking for a comfortable chair at an affordable price. The star wars kids chair just cost $45 but still gives a premium feel while using this chair. With its Amazon rating of 4.3 stars, you can quickly predict its durability and comfort.

The chair is very lightweight and easy to move around. Due to the material used in this kid’s chair, the chair becomes so lightweight. The star wars chair is filled with soft beans due to which it becomes light and comfortable. Like the full body of the chair is very soft and comfy.

Idea Nuova  The Mandalorian Bean Bag Chair

While sitting on a chair you will not feel any hard or tough feeling on your back and butts. This chair has a baby Yoda design headrest and the theme that most kids like. The covering of the chair is made from soft mink fabric which is a breathable fabric.

Due to the easy airflow through the chair, you will not feel warm and hot on hot summer days, and will also reduce sweating problems. The star war chair is easy to maintain and clean, making it a 100 percent mom-approved chair. Overall, this star wars chair is a pretty good deal in this price range for kids aged below 5 years.


  • Charming and comfy design.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Very lightweight and easy to move.
  • Comfy armrests and headrest.


  • The chair seems a bit small for 5 years kids.

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NUOVA Idea Star Wars in The Mandalorian Theme

NUOVA Idea Star Wars in The Mandalorian Theme

Stylish and lightweight, the Nuova Idea Star Chair is easy to carry around. Baby Yoda is a baby character that small kids, love, that is why the company has imprinted its image on the chair. The light weight of the chair allows it to be easily moved around the house even by young children.

This chair folds up flat so that you can carry it during travel and collapse it in your room to save room. It has a 23-inch diameter, which provides space for kids aged 8 to sit comfortably.

With the large seating area, your kid will not feel congested or uncomfortable while sitting on it for long hours. This star wars chair can be used for numerous purposes, including homework, gaming, and listening to music without getting distracted.

The strong steel body of the chair allows the chair to support the weight capacity of 125 Lbs, which is much more than other chairs that comes in the same budget price range. There is a locking mechanism on each leg of the chair so that the legs stay in place without moving while it is in use.

The chair is much breathable, which will prevent sweating. This star wars chair is a pretty good chair that has a 4.5-star rating over amazon but still has a low price tag.


  • Foldable and lightweight.
  • Comes at a cheap price tag.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Not find any.

Disney Star Wars Storm Troopers Tween Saucer

NUOVA Idea Star Wars in The Mandalorian Theme

A Nuova idea star chair is a lightweight and easy-to-carry chair. The lightweight of the chair makes it easy to move around your house easily even by small kids easily. Baby Yoda, a baby character is loved by small kids, that is why the company has printed his image on the chair.

The foldability of the chair allows you to carry it during travel and you can simply fold the chair to save space in your room. The 23 inches diameter gives proper space for 8 years old kids sitting on it.

Disney Star Wars Storm Troopers Tween Saucer Chair

Due to the large sitting space, your kid will not feel tight or congested while sitting on it for long hours. This star wars chair can be used for many tasks like while doing homework, playing gaming, listening to moves without getting distracted due to uncomfy.

The strong steel body of the chair allows the chair to support the weight capacity of 125 Lbs, which is much more than other chairs that comes in the same budget price range.

The Leg of the chair features a safety locking mechanism to hold legs in place to prevent any movement while in use. The chair is much breathable, which will prevent sweating. This star wars chair is a pretty good chair that has a 4.5-star rating over amazon but still has a low price tag.


  • Very sturdy and comfortable.
  • Light is easy to move.
  • One of the best chairs for star wars lovers.


  • Till now I dont find Any pros.

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Disney Star Wars Yoda Swivel Chair

Disney Star Wars Yoda Swivel Chair

The Mesh Task Chair is different from other Star Wars chairs because of its design and features. Firstly this star wars gaming chair comes with a height adjustability feature, and height can adjust up to 28″ – 33 inches through easy-to-use levers.

Height adjustability allows the use of the chair comfortably by both small and tall kids. The chair is the best option for kids between the ages of 3 to 15 years. Classic Yoda artwork is done on both a mesh back and a padded upholstered cushion.

Mesh back and high-quality material make the chair much breathable, making it comfortable for use on hot days. Due to the 5-star swivel base of this chair, the chair can rotate 360 degrees easily and smooth-rolling wheels ensure mobility to roll it in your room easily in your room.

This task star wars kids chair is good for studying in your dorm or working at your desk for long hours. Apart from that, the assembly of the chair is super easy and doesn’t take much time.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels for smooth movement.
  • Breathable mesh backrest.
  • Smooth height adjustment.


  • Not for kids’ weight over 130 Lbs.

Cenove tuffed Animal Kids Bean Bag Chair

Disney Star Wars Yoda Swivel Chair

The bean bag cover is the next on our list. The chair is actually a bean bag chair cover rather than a bean bag chair. Baby Yoda design is printed on the chair to give the cover a cool and attractive look.

You can fill the chair with many soft things such as beans, towels, cotton, etc to give it a chair-like shape. The softer the thing that you put inside the chair, the more comfortable it will be to sit in. The colors and designs of the chair won’t fade over time, and the chair cover won’t damage easily.

The chair has a Hidden Zipper Design so that the Zip doesn’t decrease the chair’s look. The zip is of strong quality and will open and close more easily. The chair is not hard to move and store. A small kid can also move the chair from its place easily.

This chair can also be easily stored in small spaces. It is made of polyester, which makes it very soft. You can sit on the chair comfortably and can do gaming, watch movies, and rest. The chair has quite a positive rating on Amazon as it has received a 4.6-star rating. The reviews of the buyers are also very positive.


  • Easy to Store.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Very comfortable and soft.


  • Not have any serious cons.

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Is it worth to invest on star wars gaming chair?

Definitely, it is!! And there are many reasons for this answer. At first, these star wars chairs have a cool and stylish look that kids love. Because of this, they concentrate on their work even more when sitting on the chairs.

Secondary these chairs are very budget-friendly so parents will get this premium chair in less price. Another reason for this is that these chairs are very comfortable and kids can sit on a chair for many hours.

They will love doing their homework, watching moves, and playing games while using the chair. These chairs are durable and strong too!!. That is why parents want to have to spend money for many years. All these amazing features make investing in these chairs worth it.

Buying Guide


Most important thing that a user wants in the chair is comfortability. You won’t want your kid to feel uncomfy while sitting on this chair. 


If not, then make sure that any chair you are going to buy is comfy. If the chair you buy is not comfy due to any reason, your kid will not love to sit on the chair. Moreover, even if he sits on a chair then he wont to be able to sit for a long time.

You will be glad to know that in our list you will see comfy chairs. When your kids will sit comfortably on the chair they will also be able to do their work more hours. Padded and wider back and seats play an important role in the comfortability of any chair. So make sure your chair has this. 


Durability means how strong your chair is. This is another thing that you will not like to miss. 

Do you know Why?

Even if your star wars gaming chair is comfortable but if it is not durable then it won’t last for even months. So if you want to use your chair for many years then check the chair’s durability. The durability of chairs or any other product depends on the quality of materials used in your chair.




You are buying this star wars kids chair for your kids, Right? Then you need to make sure that the chair has a cool and stunning look that your kid likes. Different chairs have different looks. If your chair has a cool look and design then your kids will love that chair.

Moreover, they will also love to sit on a chair. Some chairs’ colors get fads away after some time. So your kids may not like those chairs after that. So make sure that the chair that you buy has not this problem. And their color dont fade away. Also, buy a chair that has your kid’s favorite character printed on the chair, they will surely love it.


Different problems can come to the chair after some time of use. At that time you may have to return the chair or repair the chair. And at that time you will find how helpful the warranty is. If your chair is in warranty period you can get the chair repaired for free or can return the chair for free.

On the chair, you will find a different period warranty. On some, there is 1 years warranty and on some, there are 5 years. Buyers have to pay more money on the repair or return of the chair if the chair has no warranty. So we will advise you to go with a chair that has a warranty.

Height and Weight 

Kids’ chairs are made up of different heights and weight users. So it becomes important to check the height and weight of that star wars gaming chair you are going to buy. A chair that is not the correct size and weight of a kid will create many problems. Like –

  • They will not be much comfy due to the smaller seat and back size.
  • They will break faster if they weigh less than your weight.

Overall, first, check the height and weight of that chair and after that only buy it. 


Today we have done a review of the 8 best Star Wars kids chair, on the behalf of their rating, price, and features. Having these chairs will benefit your kids because they will love sitting on them and doing their work for a long time.

It is without a doubt the best chair on our list, the Idea Nuova Star Wars. Both the aesthetics and functionality of the chair are excellent. Now it doesn’t matter all other chairs are not worth it. They are also the best and worth buying.

Choose any chair that you like and fits your child’s weight and body. Each chair supports a variety of weights and sizes. Please share this blog with your friends as they might also be interested in buying a cool-looking gaming chair for their children.

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