Ikea Järvfjället Office Chair { Review 2022 }

Are you looking for the best Premium budget office chair? If so, then you would surely find this Ikea järvfjället review post very helpful.

As there are so many chair options on the market, finding the best office chair within a budget price range can be a challenging task.

But Ikea järvfjället is one of those chairs that gives a lot of features at less price. 

And today we will do its detailed review. Its review will be done on behalf of its-

  • Features
  • Adjustability
  • Build quality
  • Price

So to know this, make sure to read this Ikea järvfjället Review Blog from start to end.

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Specifications and Dimentions

Here are some Specifications and Dimensions of the Ikea Järvfjället chair.

Seat Depth18.8 Inches
Overall Height55.8 Inches
ReclineTilt Tension
Weight 41 Lbs
Weight Capacity243 Lbs

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Ikea Company Overview

In 1953, IKEA was founded in the town of Lmhult, Sweden. It was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. The company began as a mail-order catalog company. However, in today’s market, they offer a wide selection of products on both their website and store.

They provide the highest quality products and a warranty that is unbeatable. There is a wide array of products available from them, including tables, chairs, desks, as well as furniture.

Currently, they have stores in many countries, including the US, Canada, India, and Hong Kong. All of their products come with a 10-year warranty.

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Ikea Järvfjället Office Chair

IKEA Järvfjället is an affordable and budget-friendly office chair in today’s market. There are four colors to choose from – black, white, blue, and grey – in Järvfjället Char. It is not like other chairs that are only available in black. Even though they come at a budget price tag, they still provide high adjustability.

It is easy to adjust the headrest and the back to provide proper head and back support. Additionally, this chair has adjustable lumbar support. So while using the chair you will not feel pain in your back and neck area. An ergonomic design ensures your spine is positioned correctly in this office chair.

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Ikea Järvfjället Office Chair black  Lumbar support ( backview)

This is why you don’t get tired easily and can sit on the chair for a long time. Soft foam is used on the seats, so you will not feel hard on your buttocks and legs. But even there are soft but it would be great if the seats without having a waterfall design.

But it’s ok as it’s not a big deal. You can rotate the chair 360 degrees and can easily move the chair around your office chair because of its smooth rotating wheels.

Height adjustment in this chair is another amazing feature. Adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and seat height and depth help the chair to perfectly fit most body height and shape.

Of course, everyone has a different size and weight. The chair does not just have high adjustable features but also offers good build quality.

The material used in the chair is of high quality and doesn’t easily tear even after high use. Because of its comfortability, you can easily sit on this chair for more than 8 hours a day.

Ikea Järvfjället Review – Features


First, let’s talk about the comfort of the Ikea office chair. It only costs $230, but it gives so much comfort that you can sit on it for hours without having any difficulty. When you sit for a long time on a cheap chair, your back and neck will hurt.

With both a headrest and lumbar pillow in this chair, you won’t feel pressure on your back or neck and will be able to sit for long periods of time. In addition, 100% polyester makes the sets extremely soft, allowing you to sit on a chair for the entire day.

As a result, it is a great option if you are looking to buy a chair for your office. By tilting the chair, you can easily recline the area after long days at work, and you can easily take a nap while sitting on it.


Ikea Järvfjället office chair has high adjustability features. Because of which the chair becomes comfortable for most people of different sizes and weights. But if you are a short person the chair may not be much comfortable for you.

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IKEA Järvfjället Swivel Chair

First, let’s talk about its height adjustment. You may be thinking does it even has an adjustable height or not. Hence, my response is simple. It can be easily adjusted to a certain height. Its adjustable height limit is far too high compared to other office chairs at the same price range.

The majority of office chairs only allow you to adjust the height by 2-3 inches. In this case, the height can be adjusted from 17 to 25 inches, depending on your needs and requirements. In addition, the adjustment is smooth and easy. Järvfjället height can easily be adjusted by pulling the lever in the chair. And adjustment dont need much effort.

Headrest and Lumbar Support

IKEA Järvfjället Swivel Chair, Glose Black
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Headrests and Lumbar Supports can be easily adjusted to provide more comfort to the neck and reduce pain. Reducing falling pressure on them also helps to reduce joint pain and neck pain.

As they are filled with flexible Polyurethane foam, the headrest and lumbar are very soft and comfortable. Like other chairs, the lumbar support is not upward, but rather backward. The lumbar can be adjusted by moving it up and down. The same goes with headrest. As a result of their softness, you will not feel hard on your neck and back when you put your head and back on them.


IKEA’s chair comes with armrests, but they are fixed, and this is one of its major downsides. Nevertheless, the armrests are soft and comfy enough that you can rest your elbows on them. As a result, you don’t feel pain even after a long time. The armrests may not be a problem for you if by default the armrests are not way too low or high for you.

Yes, but it depends on your body size. The armrests of the chair can be easily removed. This will make it easier for you to store a chair underneath the table when you are not using it. The chair can be easily stored because of this. You can also benefit from a fixed armrest.


It is different from another chair in terms of the tension of the backrest tilt. In most of the chairs, we have to lose the knob to make it tilt. As the knob gets tighter, you have to put more force into tilting the chair. However, it is different in this chair.

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Ikea chair Backrest and lumbar support

This office chair has no knob. You heard me right. You can tilt the chair according to your weight. You can lock the chair in any position or leave it tilted.

You will be able to take a rest in a more comfortable post moreover, the mesh backrest allows air to pass through the backrest easily, keeping the chair cool on hot days. Thus, sweating is reduced and you can sit for longer periods, even during the summer.


This office chair has both adjustable and comfortable seats. Firstly, the material of the seats is Polyester, making them extremely comfortable.

Second, the east can move upward and forward easily, giving you the option of adjusting the seats to suit your needs. The lever under the seat can be pulled to adjust its position.

Height and weight

This 55-inch Järvfjället office chair is suitable for users who are middle-sized and larger. Even though it weighs just 41 lbs, the chair can lift 243 lbs with ease. Plus the chair is easy to move not just because of its lightweight but due to its 5-star base and rolling wheels.

5 star base and rolling wheels
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The smooth-rolling wheels allow the chair to roll easily over most types of floors. Even if you are a tall person, you can sit or use this chair because of the high backrest.

Material and Build Quality

Mesh backrests in this chair make the chair very comfortable and durable. 100% Polyester has been used in the seats to make them durable and waterproof. The 5 star base of the chair is made from Aluminum and has polyester powder coating over them.

Because of this, the frame doesn’t corrode easily and doesn’t become weak over time. Because of made of high-quality material the chair has a high build quality and can last for many years without giving any problem.

Assembly and Warranty

An installation manual is provided with this chair by Ikea. You will find instructions for assembling this chair in the installation manual, which includes pictures, to ensure any problems during assembly will not arise.

We have included a video of the assembly for your convenience. Most parts of this chair come preassembled in the box when it arrives in you. Additionally, the Ikea Järvfjället chair is covered by a 10-year warranty.

As you can see, they are confident about the durability and quality of their chairs. There are very few companies that offer this type of warranty.

What we like about Järvfjället Office Chair?

  • It has a unique and attraction design.
  • Meets all ANSI/BIFMA x5.1 requirement.
  • Has a very comfortable backrest and seats.
  • Has many color options to choose from.
  • Light weight and easy to roll.
  • Has both adjustable headrest and lumbar to provide proper support to neck and back.
  • Comes with 10 years warranty.
  • Complete all flammability requirements.
  • Has high adjustable features.

What we dont like about Järvfjället Office Chair?

  • It comes with fixed armrests which is a major drawback of this chair.
  • Not have waterfall design seats.
  • The lumbar support is not much adjustable.
  • Not a good deal for short users.

Conclusion – Ikea järvfjället review

As a whole, Järvfjället is a comfortable chair, suitable for users of all heights. A good amount of comfort is provided by the headrest and lumbar support. Furthermore, the chair has a good build quality that allows it to run comfortably for many years.

The chair might be a good option for you if you’re looking for a chair that will easily last for many users. Moreover, it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can contact Ikea if you have any problems.

While fixed armrests and a lack of lumbar support are some of the drawbacks of this chair, if you can do a bit of compromising, then you can buy this office chair without regret.

I hope you will be able to determine whether or not this chair is right for you. Simply leave a like in the comment box if this järvfjället review blog was helpful to you. I’ll see you in the next post, until then, peace!


Why Järvfjället office chair is famous?

This is because Järvfjället chair comes from Ikea which is a well-known brand known for its high-quality products. So you can say that Järvfjället is also a high-quality chair that has both good build quality and comfort.

How many years warranty comes with this office chair?

This chair comes with a high warranty of 10 years which is way too much than other office chairs on market.

Does this chair has adjustable armrests?

No, it doesn’t have. In this price range, most office chairs at least give 2D armrests but Ikea chairs don’t. We know this is a major drawback but every chair has many features and some disadvantages. Like this chair.

What is the weight limit of this office chair?

This chair can easily lift the weight of 243Lbs.

Can this office chair can be used for gaming too?

Yes, you can easily use this chair for gaming too. If you don’t pay much attention to the racing style chair then the chair is a good option for you. The only problem you will face is due to its fixed armrests. But it’s not a major problem as you will get a good chair in the budget price range.

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