What is fear of chairs Called? {Popular case of Billy Bob}

Have you ever wondered what a phobia is? So here’s what I want to say. Phobias are types of anxiety disorders characterized by an intense, irrational, unwarranted fear of situations, objects, places, or any other thing.

Which are normal for other people. Problems such as these can be caused by many factors, including genetics or environmental influences. Below we will tell You what is fear of chairs is called.

What is fear of chairs called?

There is no specific phobia name for fear of chairs. Until now, no certain cause has been found. There is a fear of furniture. Epiplaphobia is the term used to describe this problem. Epiplaphobia often causes a person to be afraid of chairs.

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Epiplaphobia, on the other hand, does not just cause fear of the chair but in this case, begins to fear any furniture in the home, such as old chairs, tables, etc. As a result, people who fear chairs do not suffer from a specific phobia named after them.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Epiplaphobia people begin to fear from all furniture, but they fear from a certain thing only.

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Famous cases of Epiplaphobia

Here are a few famous cases of Epiplaphobia. However, Billy Bob Thornton is perhaps one of the most famous causes of this epileptic disorder. Here’s an interesting case we’d like to share with you.

The famous American actor Billy Bob Thornton is known for his amazing acting in his films. The actor revealed in an interview that he suffers from Epiplaphobia.

The strange thing about his phobia was that he said in an interview that he had a fear of furniture made before the 1950s. Because of this, he does not stay at his house or in his hotel room.

American actor Billy Bob Thornton
American actor Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton also said people just overstated the extent of his furniture phobia. As he can easily handle chairs and tables, he had no fear about it.

He was only afraid of French/English furniture with mildew and carved lions. He was also suffering from Argyrophobia, fear of silvery.

Can fear of chairs Cured?

Yes, it can be!! This type of phobia are not complex, that is why you wont need to take therapy. But in case your phobia is growing bigger then you should go with professional. This problem should not be taken lightely has the problem can get bigger with time.

Is Phobia genetic?

Phobias can be both generic and enviromental. Studies shows that, phobias can pass through familes. But it don’t happen every time. But the changes of passing phobia from families are average 10% higher.

What Things can cause Phobias?

Their are few things which can cause phobias. Like –

  • It can be due to some past incident that leaves effect on that persons brain.
  • Some times these phobias passes through previous family members that have phobia.( Genetic factors )
  • Some major life events can also cause fear towards something.

What is the fear of tables?

Like fear of chair then is also not a specific name for fear of tables. They all come under fear of furniture which phobia is called Epiplaphobia. In this phobia, the users feel fear of tables. He can have excess sweating, shaking, heavy breathing, fast blood flow problems due to this. Till now not famous celebrity has this fear of tables problem. 

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