Office chair won’t recline – 3 Easy ways to fix it { With Tips }

Reclining is one of the important features of a comfortable office chair. Office chairs may have less reclining area than gaming chairs but are still important.

In a reclining chair, we can find the best position that gives us a way more comfy experience by reclining its backrest.

If your Office chair won’t recline then it’s a big issue that you need to fix before it gets worse.

Dont worry as today we will tell you 3 ways how you can fix the Office chair won’t recline issues. These steps are very easy and can be done without the help of any other person. 

Plus, before starting the reclining process make sure you know the main place or part which is causing the problem.

Tools That You will Need –

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Ways to Solve Office chair Won’t Lean Back Issue

The Office chair won’t recline problem can be solved by replacing the damaged cylinder with a new one. Do this if your chair cylinder is not broken. But before that make sure that you don’t have to tighten your knob too much.

1.Tension Adjustment Knob

The first common reason due to while your office chair won’t recline is because you have move rotated your knob clockwise too much due to which your knob has become too tight, due to which your office chair won’t lean back from its place even a little bit.

So you can fix this problem by rotating the knob clockwise and then the chair will start recline back properly again. But make sure don’t to put knob too loose as the problem will also occur due to putting it too loose too.

The good thing is not to put it too loose or tight. A tension knob is present on the downside of an office chair. And you can easily access it by reversing your office chair. If the problem is solved then it is great but if not then other points may help you.

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2. Try to find the main thing causing problem

Firstly try to adjust your office chair height by pressing the height-adjustable lever. If the height is increasing and decreasing smoothly then there is no problem with the cylinder, but if you hear a weird sound then the cause of the problem is a cylinder, rather than recline mechanism.

Then you can simply clean the cylinder or can just replace it with a new one. If everything is OK, then just sit on the seat and rotate the tilt knob, and see if the chair is tilting smoothly or not? But before doing that make sure that the tilt tension knob is not too loose or tight.

So if everything is OK with the knob then the problem is caused by other things. Dont lose hope, as below we have told more solutions.

3. Is recline lever is broken or Not ?

Of course, don’t forget to check whether the recline lever is broker or not. If your lever is stuck at the same place or is moving freely, then there may be two possibilities.

First, your level is a broker, And second, your recline lever is displaced from its original position. But don’t worry, just follow my instruction as you can correct them easilly.1. Turn your chair downside and screw down bolts that are under the seats.

Try to use a drill machine to make it faster, if don’t have a drill then simply use a screwdriver. After that, you will be able to see recline lever and another mechanism. Now see whether the level is broker or not.

Office chair won't lean back

If the lever is broken simply replace it with a new one but if the lever is just displaced from its position then simply put it in its original position. Plus, if the lever or any other mechanism has caught rust then simply use grease or oil to make it smooth. After that crew the bolts correctly and you are ready to go and hope your office chair won’t recline problem will get solved.

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Tips – While solving tilt tension not working problem

  1. Before doing any changes or start repairing make sure to check the positions of all parts, you can even click photos so in cause you are not able to solve any problem you will still know all part’s positions and can keep them to their place where they were easier. If you don’t remember their positions you may end up increasing your problem.
  2. Try to use a drill machine or wrench while removing bolts or any other nuts, which will help you solving tilt tension not working properly in less time.
  3. In case any part or bolts have to get rust then don’t forget to apply grease or oil on it. As rusted parts get damage easily and of course you will not want it.
  4. Clear properly all parts like cylinder, knob after completing your work.
  5. Don’t forget to use the installation or instruction manual of that chair provided by the company. It will give you an idea of where all parts are installed.

Conclusion – Office chair won’t lean back

In this blog, I tried to answer your question about fixing your recline problem. After reading this blog I hope you will be able to fix your office chair won’t recline the problem. If you are having any problems you can ask us in the comment box.

We will try to answer your Office chair won’t lean back questions. You should only start repairing this properly if your warranty period is over. If your warranty period still remains the contact the seller and ask him to refund or return this chair.

It may take some time in returning the chair and receiving the new chair but if you dont want to wait then you can repair your office chair yourself by reading this article. You dont have to call a specialist to repair your chair and give him money for this little work.

I believe the post will be effective for you so if you like this article then you can leave like in the comment box. We will meet you in the next blog till then peace out!!

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In this part, I will try to answer Frequently Asked Questions that most people ask about office chair won’t recline. Hope your question will also be answered in this part.

I don’t have any experience or knowledge about this Stuff. Can I still do it?

The simple answer is Yes, In fact, you dont be a mechanic to do it. The process is very simple. You just have to read this blog and do It as written above, and will be able to do it yourself without taking help from other people.

How long does an office chair Last?

Mainly it depends on your chair. If you buy a cheap office chair then it won’t last more than 2 years. But a good and premium chair can last even more than 4-5 years. Plus, it also depends on how you handle your chair. So if you want your chair to last long then use it carefully and clean it constantly.

Why Office chairs have less recline area than gaming chairs?

Because you are not going to recline your chair 180 degrees in your office and start taking a nap.If you do that you may be fired from your job. But it’s not the case with a gaming chair. Gamers can easily recline their chair and can take nap or relax on their chair. That’s why in gaming chairs you will find many more recline areas than an office chair.

Should I clean my chair with a wet or dry cloth?

You can do it with both. But it is preferred with a little wet cloth. Not too much wet or dry. Even if you want to clean your chair with a wet cloth then make sure that your chair is waterproof or not. Or you may end up spoiling your office chair.

My gaming chair is not reclining. Can I use these same for repairing for that chair too?

Yes, You can. As both office and gaming chairs recline in a similar way. Even the height adjustment, cylinder, and levers are at the same position in most of the chairs.

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