3 monitor computer desk

Are you looking for a 3 monitor computer desk for home or office use? If so, then you will find this post very useful. As a result of their features, these desks are becoming more popular.

It is not common for desks to be big enough to accommodate three monitors at once. Even desks that aren’t much larger than 2 monitors may not be able to accommodate them. There was a need for desks that could hold three monitors at that time.

Many companies have 3 monitor computer desks. For most of them, they are either overly expensive or of low build quality, so a user either cannot afford them or does not want to buy them. In one of our previous blogs, we had reviewed some computer desks.

Several of the desks in that post were able to hold three monitors, but others could hold just two. Today we will review the top 10 best desks available online, so you don’t need to worry. To know all about these desks just read this post till the end and at last, you will find yourself.

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IRONSTONE L shape 3 monitors Gaming Desk

IRONSTONE L shape 3 monitors Gaming Desk
Item Dimensions LxWxH59 x 59 x 30 inches
Adjustable height1.18 Inches
MaterialP2 Mdf Board & Metal Frame
Weight 58 Lbs
Weight CapacityN.A

IRONSTONE desks are the first on our list. Your eyes will be drawn to its unique design. There are five different options available for the desk. The 59-inch desk is an L-shaped desk that can support three monitors at the same time. It can be used by three people simultaneously.

The surface is made from P2 Mdf Board, because of which it becomes easy to clean and gives a shiny look. Additionally, the P2 MDF Board makes the desk highly durable and long-lasting. In addition, the desk is not easily scratched.

As a result of the metal frame, the desk can easily hold heavy monitors and other items like books, keyboard mice, and other things. Besides multitasking, it can also be used as a gaming system and a reading machine.

IRONSTONE L shape 3 monitors Gaming Desk FEATURES

The legs pads are provided to give a stable performance even on uneven ground. The height of the IRONSTONE desk can adjust to 1.18 inches. The 3 monitor computer desk can be assembled in just 1 hour. Plus, proper instructions and installations tools are already provided by the company in the box.

Therefore, no special tools are required. When you want more space, you can easily join 2 desks together. The rating on amazon is 4.7 stars because its features make it pretty good. The frames of the desk are anti steel and don’t get corrosion easily.


  • Gives stable performance.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Have waterproof anti-scratch, and easy to clean.
  • Have a large space.
  • Assembly is very easy.


  • Not have many smooth corners.
  • Some screws don’t tight easily.

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CubiCubi Home desk L shape 3 monitor computer desk

CubiCubi Home desk L shape 3 monitor computer desk
Item Dimensions LxWxH51.1 x 51.1 x 29.5 inches
Adjustable heightNo
MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight 42.6 Lbs

Cubicubi is an Amazon-rated gaming desk that has a 4.5-star rating with over 1.7 thousand reviews. It costs less than 100 dollars, which makes it an affordable option. The metal frame and Particle Board surface make this product extremely durable.

Three monitor computer desks have L-shaped legs that make them highly stable and anticorrosive. You cannot move it when you are working on it. The desk has the same L-shape as our previous one. The desk is 50.8″ Long and wide so you can easily put your computer and laptop over it without worrying about space.

You can use 3 monitors separately too. The monitor stand is provided so that you can position your desktop at the perfect height. The stand can be removed when you are not using it. There is also a drawer included under the desk for filing important documents, envelopes, earphones, and small items.

So from now on, you won’t need to put these products on the desk and waste your space. This 29.5 inches desk has proper space for legs and footer-type bars are provided where you can rest your legs. You won’t have to experience leg fatigue anymore due to this. For its assembly, you don’t need any special skills.


  • Comes in 6 different options.
  • Large and proper stand for monitor.
  • Have an iron hook for placing coat, shirt, etc.
  • Have a strong metal base.
  • Proper footrest for legs.


  • Many users have got defective desks.

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Elephance Large Computer Desk L Shaped Gaming Table

Elephance Large  Computer Desk L Shaped Gaming Table
Item Dimensions LxWxH(59+59)L x 23.6W x 29.5H
Adjustable heightYes
MaterialEngineered Wood, Wood
Weight 56.1 Lbs
Weight Capacity450 Lbs

If you just buy a desk because of its features not look Then u might like this office desk. Now I dont mean that it has an ugly design. It just has a simple design, but still is liked by users. The desk has a lot of space that it can be used by 3 people, so it becomes a great deal if you want a desk for your office.

It has a high build quality and weight capacity. It can lift 450 Lbs of weight which makes it one of highest weight capacity computer desk in our list. On this desk, you will find proper bars where you can place your legs which gives proper support and comfort to the legs.

Adjustable Leg Pads provides makes them stable and prevents them from slipping. So from now on, you will not face slipping problems from this desk and you can easily do your work. Also because of legs pads, you can adjust its table height according to your need.

P2 class partial board increases the desk strength and durability and makes sure that this Elephance 3 monitor computer desk lasts for many years. This 15 mm can be easily clean with a both wet or dry cloth.

On this desk, you get a 1-year warranty so for 1 year you dont need to worry about its quality. If you face any problem with this desk you can easily contact their customer support for solutions.


  • Value for money.
  • Has a High weight capacity of 450 Lbs.
  • Much space to hold 3 monitors.
  • Has waterproof desk surface.


  • Have Poor installation manual.

FRU L Shaped Reversible Gaming Desk with Keyboard AND Computer Desk

Item Dimensions LxWxH46.5 x 18.9 x 29.13 inches
Adjustable heightYes
MaterialP2 wood boards with PVC cover
Weight 44.7 Lbs
Weight Capacity220.5 Lbs

This Gaming Desk is a budget option for those looking for a working desk. The product is divided into 3 pieces, making it easy to move around. A black PVC covering is applied to the P2 wood boards, giving them a stylish appearance.

In addition to giving it an amazing look, the PVC cover prevents it from getting wet and scratched. Due to its 100% material construction, this table also enables you to help preserve the environment by buying it. X legs, which are thin and sturdy, give this table its stability and sturdiness.

An l-shaped desk comes with a pullout keyboard tray that allows you to place a mouse and keyboard without taking up any space over the desk. You can comfortably place your laptop over the desk, as well as a book, and monitors over it.

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Adding two desks to the FRU L Shaped will easily convert it into a U-shaped workstation. Because of its features, it is suitable for both home and office use. On uneven floors, the legs pads prevent the desk from slipping or damaging carpets or floors.

The desk is 50.4‘’+46.5″ which is a bit small but if you have small monitors then the desk is a good option. Assembling the racing style desk is easy, just follow the instructions manual. You will not face any difficulties since it is well-illustrated and easy to understand. The desk is 2-years old with a weight capacity of 220Lbs.


  • Made from eco-friendly material.
  • Strong and stable base.
  • Comes with 2 years warrenty.
  • Worth buying.
  • Has Scratch-resistant and waterproof board.


  • The keyboard tray is too small for our keyboard and mouse together.
  • Some screw holes are not properly drilled.

Stand Steady 55 inches Standing Desk with monitor stand

Stand Steady 55 inches Standing Desk with monitor stand
Item Dimensions LxWxH28 x 60 x 6 inches
Adjustable height6’4” 
Weight 82 Lbs
Weight Capacity70 Lbs

The Stand Steady desk is a high-quality product with premium features. The delivery features on this desk are unique and you won’t find them on any other. Firstly the computer desk has high height adjustment. It’s easily adjustable from 27 to 56 inches in height.

Anyone can use this table. It can be exhausting and cause health problems to sit in the same position for long periods of time. The crank on the side of the desk gives you the ability to adjust the height of the desk when you feel fatigued.


The height adjustment on the desk allows you to stand at the desk while using it. This 3 monitor computer desk is large enough to accommodate monitors, laptops, keyboards, and other accessories at the same time. Adjustable monitor stands have been providing where you can easily place 3 monitors, from where you get a straight view of your screen.

Therefore, you will no longer experience neck pain while using the computer. You won’t get hurt using it since all of the corners are round. Its two legs are equipped with 2-2 leg pads that give it more grip on smooth surfaces and prevent it from slipping. It is built with great quality, so you can expect it to last for many years.

In the box, you find five parts that you need to screw together using the screwdriver provided. As a result, it can be assembled in 25-30 minutes. The company is very much sure about their product quality that’s why they give a refund and free replacement on their products.


  • Has high adjustable features.
  • Gives the best customer support.
  • Smooth and rounded corners.
  • High-quality steel legs.
  • Has many options from which you can choose.


  • Bit expensive.

NeueFlux Racing Style 3 monitor computer desk

NeueFlux Racing Style 3 monitor computer desk
Item Dimensions LxWxH26 x 55.1 x 29.5 inches
Weight 56.9 Lbs
Weight Capacity270 Lbs

NeueFlux is a 55 inches Gaming desk with a racing-style design. The desThese features are unique to this desk and you won’t find them anywhere else. In the future, even splitting water on the table will no longer be a problem.

There is all the equipment that an avid gamer needs when playing games on the desk. A gaming rack allows you to store games and game controllers easily so they are easily accessible when needed.

The desk has 4 USB ports that allow you to charge 4 smartphones, a power bank, an iPad, or earbuds without having to leave your desk while playing video games or working. The PVC cover is removable, so you can clean it whenever desired.

NeueFlux Racing table comes with a cup holder, headphone hook for placing your drinks, and headphones. On the T-shaped legs of this gamer desk are four adjustable leg pads, providing stable and durable stability on uneven surfaces without wobbling.

A desk’s height and width are both important. There is enough space for your keyboard and mouse on this 3 monitor computer desk since it has a 26-inch width. Two cable grommets and a storage tray help to properly manage wires on your desk.


  • Have a nice and attractive look.
  • Sturdy and strong build quality.
  • Fully covered with antislip mousepad.
  • Equipped with cup holder, USB ports, and racks.


  • Not have any serious cons.

Soges Computer gaming Desk with USB Charger

Soges Computer gaming Desk with USB Charger
Item Dimensions LxWxH55.12 x 25.59 x 29.53 inches
Adjustable heightYes
MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight 46.2 Lbs
Weight Capacity330 Lbs

Soges is another 3 monitor computer desk on our list. There are over 400 reviews and a 4.8-star rating for this three monitor computer desk. There are many other similarities between this desk and the NeueFlux Racing desk.As with this 55-inch desk, it is completely covered by a mouse pad. This means that you won’t have to purchase an additional pad while using this desk.

On the desk, you will find a cup holder, USB charger, headphone hook, and USB charger where you will be able to charge any device, including the iPhone, iPad, Powerback, and other electronic devices, without changing position.

Soges Computer gaming Desk Features

A high-quality steel frame is used for the legs, allowing this desk to support 330 lbs of weight. T-shape legs with leg pads make the desk non-slip even when playing intense games. Durable and scratch-resistant, the 18 mm table board is made from wood.

So your desk will not get scratched easily and the look of the desk will be saved. Two holes are provided on the desk surface from which you can easily pass computer cables from the table.

Soges Computer gaming Desk Mouse Pad

The wire does not have to be brought from a long distance, which saves space and keeps the desk from being filled with excess wires. Under the desk is a storage tray where you can place your cable box or other lightweight items. There is enough leg room for your legs to fit under the desk. As a whole, the desk is a good deal for a budget price.


  • Best for both working and gaming.
  • Can easily hold 3 monitors.
  • Great build quality.
  • Has proper storage space.


  • The mouse pads don’t get twist with desk easily.

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Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk

Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk
Item Dimensions LxWxH59.1″ x 47.3″ x 29.5″ inches
MaterialEngineered Wood
Weight 82 Lbs
Weight CapacityMore then 200 Lbs

Now let’s move on to our final 3 monitor computer desk. Cubiker, a leading manufacturer of office products, makes this computer desk. There is a wide variety of styles available for this L-shaped desk. Therefore, you can select the best desk for your needs.

The desk has a stunning appearance thanks to its engineered wood. Durable Particle Board and sturdy metal combine to make a desk that is highly durable. Therefore, 3 monitors can easily be placed on the desk. There are several places where you can place the Moveable Shelf.

One monitor can be placed on the shelf so that the monitor is at the ideal working height. As a result of its design and features, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including dining, office use, gaming, and studying. An assembling guide is included in the box so that you can easily put this desk together.

It is a bit difficult to assemble and requires two people to do it. The desk can be used for storing a bottle, documents, files, etc. The storage bag can be moved between all sides of the desk, as it is removable.

That’s why the desk space saving too. Plus, it also helps us to manage our important stuff easily without any difficulty. Its dimensions are 59.1″ x 47.3″ x 29.5, which gives plenty of space for placing the Printer, scanner over it.


  • Much large and have enough space.
  • Proper space for storing any stuff.
  • Smooth and rounded corners.
  • Can be used for multi propose.


  • Takes much time to assemble.

Buying Guide to buy Best 3 monitor computer desk

When buying a best desk which can hold 3 monitors their are many thing that should be kept in mind. So that you can bya a best product for yourself. And in this paragraph we will talk about all these things –


If you are looking for a 3 monitor computer desk, size is the most important factor to consider. Deks that cannot fit your monitors are of course undesirable. You need to know how big your desk should be based on your monitor size.

For example, if your monitor is 18-20 inches, then your desk should be bigger than 50 inches so that it can easily fit on your desk. Buying a desk below 50 inches will be of no use for use. However, I recommend you buy a desk that measures 55 inches long.

However, the height of a desk is not the only important thing. You should also ensure that the desk has enough width for keyboards, mice, and other devices to be easily placed on it. Please ensure that there is enough space on the desk for your legs to go underneath.

Weight capacity

No doubt, size is the most important factor, but weight capacity is just as important. If your desk has a low weight capacity, then even if it is large in size, it will not be able to support your monitor. It depends on you how much weight your monitors are.

If you also want to place your printer and scanner on your desk then it’s wise to choose a high-weight limit desk. Placing heavyweight on a low weight capacity desk can cause the frame and legs to bend. So simply buy a desk according to your weight requirement.

Material and Build quality

Whether your desk is durable, long-lasting, and strong will depend on the material quality. Desks made from low-quality materials often don’t last very long. The desk is mostly made of metal, wood, PVC, and MDF boards. Most desk in our list is made of MDF boards because they are both strong.

PVC and MDF board desks can easily last for many years without causing problems. As well as being lightweight, they are easy to transport and move. However, hardwood desks are always heavy and expensive. Making them unaffordable. Because of this, we put all desks which are made of MDF boards.


Additionally, storage is a factor that is different for each individual. Storage facilities such as drawers, trays, and side bags are often built into desks. However, they are a bit more expensive than other Desks without storage. Therefore, before buying any desk, make sure that you actually need storage space.

Unless you need storage, you can buy desks without them. You can choose a desk that gives adequate space for storing your books, water bottle, files, documents, and other important items if you are looking for a place to keep your books, water bottles, files, documents, and other important items. Some desks just have side bags but some also have drawers. You can easily choose the best one for you.


On the market, we find 2 shapes of computer desks. The first is the I shape and the second is the L shape. I-shaped desks are common in the market. But now L-shaped desks are becoming popular because of their features.

Firstly they are easy to move as they come in 3 parts. So you can easily move them or place them in any corner of your room. I shape desks have 4 legs but L shapes are different from them as they have six legs and are bigger than I shape desks.

Because of this more people can work at the same time. They can be converted to U space desks just by putting 2 desks at the same time. Which makes them best for office work. But you can easily use 3 monitors on both shapes of desks easily and effectively.

Conclusion – 3 monitor computer desk

There is no doubt that triple monitor computer desks are very helpful. However, it can be difficult to find the right desk for you. Because where one has different size monitors and needs. So it means that it is not necessary that a desk best for someone will also be great for you. As both may have different requirements.

So you can only buy the best product for you by understanding features that you want from a desk and buying a desk that fulfills all of them hope this blog will be useful for you. If it is just leave alike in the comment box, and we will meet you in my next blog till then peace out!!

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