How to make office chair higher – 5 easy Hacks

In this post, we will tell you about how to make office chair higher. Adjustable height is a key feature of any office chair. A chair with adjustable height features makes the chair comfortable for both small and tall users.

The old office chair also has a height-adjustable feature. But in that chair, it was not easy as large screws, and you just have to move them anti-clockwise to adjust your chair height. But now the height-adjustable, it has become very simple and easy.

You simply have to pull the level, that is under an office chair and can adjust its height. Height adjustment is also important for ergonomic features. It helps to sit and work on a chair for long hours.

But as everything has its limit, all chairs also have a limit in height adjustment. You can increase a chair’s height to a certain limit. And if you want a much higher height then you have to buy a chair.

But dont worry you can still increase or raise office chair height without buying a new chair through an office chair height extender. There are many office chair height extenders available in the market and we have picked some best of them So to know about how to make office chairs higher than just read this blog till the end.

Before doing any changes to your office chair, make sure to check the positions of all parts of the chair. Like the position of the lever, which bolts are for which thing, and other important parts.

So that In case you are not able to raise office chair then you can simply assembly it has it was before. OR you may be ending up increasing your problem. You can also click photos of those parts too.

1.By Using extra cushion

One of the easiest ways to increase your chair height is to use an extra cushion with your chair. It is one of the good office chair height extenders. You can simply put a seat cushion in your seat. Which will lend your more height.

Not just this you can use these seat cushions if your chair seat is too rough or hard. This soft and comfy cushion will allow you to sit on a chair even for long hours. Not only these seat cushions are also good for health.

There are many seat cushions available on amazon you can simply buy any of them and use it. The good thing about a seat cushion is that you can easily carry it whereas you want. This will surely help to raise your office chair height.

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2.Use the height adjustment lever

Most office chairs arrive with height adjustment levels. Plus for that, you dont need to buy any office chair height extender. To adjust office height simply pull the height adjustment lever, present under the chair.

By this, you can adjust chair height to your desired place that gives you a more comfy experience.IF you don’t know does your chair has a height feature or not then simply check whether your chair comes with a cylinder if yes, then you can easily extend your chair height. Hope it will answer your question about how to raise chair height.

3. Use high gas lift cylinder 

Using a high lift cylinder is another great way to increase your chair height. The height adjustment of a chair mainly depends on the lift cylinder used in that office chair.

So, in case you want to extend your chair height to another level, simply buy a new lift cylinder and replace it with your old lift cylinder. After that, you will be able to increase your height very much.

But before that make sure that does your chair support that cylinder or not that you are going to buy. Using the best cylinder not only just raise office chair height but also increases its weight capacity. So make sure to buy the best lift cylinder.

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4. Use Large casters wheels

Using a bigger wheel is an office chair height extender tool that will increase your office chair height. Another good thing about them is they are easily available on Amazon and offline to buy.

But make sure to buy high durable and high-quality rolling wheels. As low-quality wheels will not roll smoothly and can leave marks and scratches on the floor.Which you will not. You can check these rolling wheels for your chair.

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5. Use Height Extension Kit

Using a height extension kit can be another great option to raise an office chair. Just search for the best height extension kit on amazon or any hardware shop. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a specialist to install this kit.

Simply follow the instruction that comes with that extension kit. It is very easy and doesn’t take much time to install. To make it quick just use a screwdriver, drill machine, and wrench. If having a problem you can ask customer support or just watch the below video. It will surely help you out. You can check this best Height Extension Kit.


After reading this blog you will be able to know about how to make office chairs higher. But If you don’t want to use these methods to raise your office chair then it’s wise to get a higher office chair.

As I said before you can increase your height to a certain level. But if your chair height is a bit small than your need then You can easily increase it through these office chair height extender tips easily.

Try to use all these tips and find the best thing that suits you and helps to raise office chair height. Plus, make sure not to ignore the height adjustment problem as sitting on low height chair will be not good for your health.

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