[ 3 Best ] Ikea poang chair that is worth For Buying

Chairs are commonly found in most homes and have been used for a long time. Old armchairs have a simple design and are not very comfortable. In addition, they also enhance the look of our study, office, and room.

But because old armchairs don’t have a design and look very simple, they are often unable to do so. Modern armchairs, however, are not like them. Each of these chairs is extremely comfortable for sitting, and both have amazing designs.

This chair is available from a number of manufacturers on the market. A good example is Ikea poang chair. Ikea has a poang series in which they have many Ikea poang armchairs. These armrests have the most features that you will be looking for.

Moreover, they are backed with 12 year warranty. So in this blog, we will review their some best Ikea poang chair and at last, you will be able to find the best choice for yourself.

Best features of Ikea poang chair –


The Ikea poang series chair has an ergonomic design. The backrest of their chair provides proper support to the back and gives a comfortable sitting experience. Most of the armchairs have a simple design but the Ikea poang chairs do not have. Because of this, users don’t feel tired after some time of sitting.

Headrest, armrest and Lumbar

Most Ikea poang chairs have a Headrest, armrest, and lumbar support. Which is very rare in armchairs. This Headrest, armrest, and Lumbar may be inbuild or attached but still provides support to the neck, back, and elbows which is a very good thing. So while sitting you will not face pain in your lower back or neck area.

Maintain and clean

The chairs are very easy to maintain and clean. They can also be cleaned by vacuum. The most amazing part is that you can easily clean them in your washing machine. Plus, as lost chairs are made of polypropylene fabric they dont absorb much water and dont get dirty easily.


Another great thing about the Ikea poang series is their price. All chairs are very affordable and don’t cost much. Because of this, you will not break your wallet for just buying a chair. So if you are having a budget issue then you can go with these chairs.

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POÄNG Armchair, birch veneer/Glose off-white [ Best Overall ]

ikea poang chair

In this case, we start with the Birch Veneer Chair from Ikea. White and brown are the two colors available for the chair. I love the headrest on this chair because it provides support to the neck area.

You won’t begin to feel pain while sitting in this chair. Armchairs aren’t usually equipped with headrests, but this one does. The ergonomic design of this Ikea poang chair gives proper support to some areas and reduces tiredness in our bodies.

So you don’t feel uncomfortable after a long period of sitting. We made the seats 50 cm wide so that you don’t feel crowded and have a lot of room to sit comfortably. In addition, the chair is 100 percent polypropylene, which allows it to be easily cleaned and requires minimal maintenance.

Seats and backrests are filled with polypropylene foam to provide a comfortable sitting experience. With the wood frame, it doesn’t get damaged easily, and the armrests provide support for the arms and elbows. The high-quality wood makes it very strong and sturdy and it can last for many years. The shinny look and black stitching over the edges give it an attractive look.


  • Comes with wider backrest and seats.
  • Comes with 10 years warrenty.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Light weight and Easy to carry.
  • Has a affordable price tag.

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Armchair, birch veneer/Knisa light beige

Armchair, birch veneer/Knisa light beige

There are many color options to choose from when purchasing a Birch veneer armrest chair. The chair also has a different attractive design which gives it a fancy look. The design of this chair gives proper support to the back and reduces pressure on our lower back.

So you can sit in a chair for long hours. The chair only weighs 21 pounds, so you can move it around your house easily. Bentwood layers are glued together to make the chair durable and capable of lifting heavyweights.

You will not feel the back or buttocks of the chair because it is padded with polyurethane foam. Further, the chair’s cover can be easily removed, making it easy to clean. It is possible to clean the chair with both a dry and wet cloth since the outer cover does not absorb water.

As it can be done very quickly, vacuuming is the best way to clean it. The chair is quite easy to assemble. As most chairs are preassembled, the assembly takes very little time. Because of its amazing features and design, it has got a 4.5 Star rating.


  • Best for middle and tall users.
  • Value for money.
  • Has many color optins to choose from.
  • Has strong wodden frame.

Kid’s armchair, birch veneer/Medskog dinosaur pattern

Kid's armchair, birch veneer/Medskog dinosaur pattern

If you are looking for the best Ikea poang chair for kids, don’t forget to check this chair. Kid’s armchairs are made with children in mind. Children mostly like the seats and backrest as they feature colorful dinosaur patterns.

Having your children sit on it will be great since they love the design. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily moved by small children. Its C-shaped legs keep the legs firmly in place during use. Furthermore, both legs are fitted with neon legs hooks so they cannot move forward.

Due to its 35% cotton content, the cushion is also breathable and comfortable during the summer months. The steel frame is coated with polyester powder to prevent rust and corrosion-induced weakness.

This Ikea poang chair just comes in at 40$, because of which it becomes affordable for people/ So you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on a single chair.


  • Has a attractive design.
  • Has 10 years ikea warrenty.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Much stable and strong base.
  • Headrest provides support to head.


Ikea POÄNG has a large variety of armchairs. But in this blog, we reviewed the top Ikea poang chair that you can buy. They all have a high build quality and are very affordable. Before buying a chair, make sure to check its weight capacity and choose one that fits your needs.

As a result, you won’t encounter any problems when you buy them. In summary, the chair is worth buying and its amazing design will enhance the look of your room. In conclusion, I will end this blog here and return to you in the next post. Until then, peace out.

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