Writing Desk vs Computer Desk- Which one is best for You?

Writing Desk vs Computer Desk– Which one is Best? Are you also caught in this debate? Then you are not alone in it.

There are many people who get confused between Writing Desk and Computer Desk, that which one they should buy.

Today we are going to end this Writing Desk vs Computer Desk Debate and will tell you which one you should buy Writing Desk or Computer Desk. Moreover, we will also cover related questions to it like-

  • What is Writing Desk? and its Pros and Cons
  • What is Computer Desk? and its Pros and Cons
  • Difference between Writing Desk vs Computer Desk 

And many other things. To know all this Just read This Blog from Start to end.

What is the writing desk?

An office desk is primarily intended to be used for writing. As a writer, these desks come equipped with the features he or she needs. Drawers, for example, are available to store pens, pencils, books, and other items.

As long as we have a work notebook or any other writing aids, the size of the desk is not too large. On both sides, drawers are installed that have a great deal of space. There are usually four drawers installed in them.

There are no spaces where you can place your moves, keywords, and there are no holes or spaces where wires can move.

But they still offer us plenty of space to store our laptops and use them without any problems. In other words, if you are just looking for a desk to write or study on, the writing desk is what you need.


  • Comes in a low price range.
  • Are durable and long-lasting.
  • Have drawers and shelves to store important stuff.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Space-saving and dont take much space.
  • Best for small works.


  • Dont have much space to place more than 1 monitor.
  • Have low weight capacity.

What is the Computer desk?

In terms of space and durability, a computer desk is very different from a writing desk. There is usually a lot of space on the computer desk, where you can put your monitors. Afterward, we reviewed some best computer desks, some of which could hold up to 4 computers easily.

In addition, a computer desk can also be used as a writing desk, but a writing desk cannot be used as a computer desk since they lack enough spIn addition, a computer desk should keep in mind what a user needs while using computers.

Writing Desk vs Computer Desk- Which one is best for You?

Like a proper space where you can put your mouse and use them.a room to place your computer mouse. Proper space for wire management from where they can pass easily. On many desks, there is a shelf where you can place your monitor and in the downward position, the CPU, and the printer cam.

Due to its large size, some users also find it difficult to place it in an office or room. But these people can be solved by buying a desk that fits your room space.


  • Comes with a stylish and attractive design.
  • 323 monitors can be easily placed.
  • Have proper space for placing stuff like mice, keyboards, and speakers.
  • Most desks also have monitor stands which gives them an ergonomic design.
  • Some have proper space for placing printers and scanners.
  • Are made of high-quality material.
  • Can also be used as writing desks.


  • Are a bit expensive.
  • Not are space friendly.


Difference between Writing Desk vs Computer Desk 


The biggest difference between the two desks is the amount of space. There is less room on writing desks than on computer desks, even if they have drawers for putting important writing items.

On the surface of writing desks, there is not enough space for even one monitor and keyboard. However, a computer desk can accommodate even more than three monitors.

And one proper drawer type thing where proper space is available to place both mouse and keyboards.

Computer desks usually have space for headsets to be placed, but writing desks generally do not have this feature. But some writing desk also has shelves you some middle size stuff, like speakers can be placed.


In terms of the price writing desk is the winner. The writing desk comes way too much cheap than the computer desk. Of course the more features a thing has the more expensive it becomes.


As far as appearance is concerned, computer desks have an advantage. The majority of writing desks are simple and only meant to be used for writing. The computer desk, however, is different in that they offer a beautiful desk, but the price also plays a factor.

A few weeks ago, we reviewed some gaming desks that have an amazing design since they are going to be used by gamers, and most gamers appreciate a stylish design. A few were also equipped with RCB lights.

The same is true for computer desks. Therefore, if you wish to have a stylish desk, choose a computer desk. Their style and design will surely appeal to you.


When I say shape, I mean whether the desk has a Simple or an L shape. Most writing desks have a standard shape.

But you can also find an L-shaped desk where three users can work simultaneously in computer desks.

On a U-shaped desk, you can accommodate more than 6 people using two L shape desks. But it is not available on writing desks.


Both desks are durable in the same way. In addition, you should consider what kind of material the desk is made from and the company selling it. It is generally considered strong to make a desk from oak.

But MDF, Ashwood, Walnut wood, and Cherry wood can be other material desk that can buy. Aside from being durable and easy to clean, oak desks are also lightweight and water-resistant. Thus, oak wood desks are usually water-resistant and won’t deteriorate over time. It is easy to move those desks due to their low weight.

Oak desks, however, have the downside of being expensive due to the fact they are hardwood, which means most people can’t afford them. Similarly, MDF can be a viable option in the case of desks made from other woods, such as ash wood.

When/Why should you buy or not Writing Desk?

  • You should buy a writing desk if you only want a desk where you can put your notebook and can do the writing. You don’t need a desk for other stuff.
  • If you dont have enough space in your room, writing desks are a great option as most of them are small in size and dont take much space.
  • Buying, if you are facing budget issues then you can go with the writing desk as they come in the budget price range.
  • If you just want a simple table and lightweight. Like you don’t want a stylish desk, a writing desk is meant for you.
  • If you know that in the future you will not buy a computer and are going to use the desk for a long time then you can go with this desk as there is no need to spend more money on computer desks for just writing purposes.

When/Why should you buy or not Computer Desk?

  • Choosing a computer desk is the right choice if you don’t have to worry about your budget, as it provides numerous advantages over a writing desk.
  • A computer desk is an excellent option if you need to place a mouse, keyboard, and monitor on a desk with adequate space.
  • Gaming desks are more stylish, so if you’re a fan of stylish furniture, you’ll enjoy them. Most users love their stylish gaming desks.
  • In addition, many desks have a charging port where you can charge your phone, and a hanger where you can place your headphones, so if you need these features, you should choose a Computer Desk.


Last but not least, I will just say that it all depends on your requirements and budget. It is impossible to tell which you should buy based only on your budget and needs. If you read this blog to the end, you will be able to find the best desk for you.

It is sensible to buy a computer desk if you have the money, as a desk can be used for writing as well as a computer. Now you may not need a computer desk, but in the future, you will surely need one. At that point, you don’t have to spend more money.

I hope this Writing Desk vs Computer Desk post will be helpful for you. Just leave a like in the comment box if this Writing Desk vs Computer Desk post is helpful. We’ll see you in the next blog, until then, peace out!


Which is Best Writing desk in 2022?

Ikea IDÅSEN is one of the best writing desks. It has many amazing features like water resistance, easy to clean, adjustable legs, and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5. Plus, it also has a wires management box which is seen in very less writing desks.

These amazing features make it a great option who are looking for the best desk for writing purposes. It also has 10 years of warranty, because of which you dont worry about its build quality.

Which is Best Computer desk in 2022?

Seven Warrior Desk is a great computer desk in today’s market. In one of our previous blogs, we also have reviewed this desk. And it had a top desk in that blog. Its amazing features include its high weight capacity, build quality, proper space for placing headphones, and can hold 3 monitors. Its attractive gaming desk is always loved by gamers.

An office desk with a hutch means what?

Office desk with hutch means those desk which has multiple shelves for placing books, files, etc. The shelves can come on the right side of upside the desk. Greenforest desk is a great example of hutch desks.

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