Ewin gaming chair Review (2022) – Indepth Review by Experts

As esports becomes more popular, gaming chairs become more popular as well. Furthermore, the number of companies manufacturing gaming chairs has increased. Ewin company is one of them.

A large selection of Ewin products is available, such as gaming chairs, desks, gaming tools, etc. They have many gaming chair series in their gaming chairs. EWin Champion Series is one of their series.

In this article, we will review the Ewin gaming chair and tell you all about its features, ergonomics, pros, and cons. To enable you to determine whether that chair is right for you. It will be revealed at the end of the blog, so make sure you read it to the very end.

Ewin company overview

We’ll tell you a little about their company before moving on to their stunning chairs. The company Ewin was founded in 2016 and specializes in racing chairs. Don’t think for a moment that it’s a new company in this field with not much experience.

You will prove yourself wrong. Due to its amazing features and design, the Ewin chair has been a leader in OEM office chairs. That’s why they ended up in the gaming industry as well.

As a result, they are making the best gaming chairs, as they have experience in these areas. Gaming chairs from this brand have most of the features gamers are looking for. A major focus of their chairs is ergonomic design and features.

Ewin Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair 4D Armrests with Lumbar Support 

HEALGEN Ergonomic Chair

Ewin Gaming chair

  • Has ergonomic backrests.
  • 4D armrests.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Can support high weight of 400 Lbs.

Ewin Gaming chair Overview

EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs are attractive and feature a cool color scheme. The black and blue script over the chair increasing the look of the chair. This ewin gaming chair is available in 2 different color options – Red and Blue.

So you can choose your favorite color chair. This e-win gaming chair has got a 4.8-star rating out of 5 because of its amazing features. The ergonomic design back provides a proper curve to the back and makes it easy to set straight. Which is good for health and is one of the main motives of ewin.

The chair is made of PU leather that makes the chair easy to clean and maintain. The chair doesn’t tear or wear from edges like real leather. So the chair can last for many years even after high use. The seats have a soft foam inside that is much denser than a normal chair. Because of which the east don’t deflate easily and maintains their posture.

Specifications and Dimentions

Here are some Specifications and Dimensions of the EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair.

Seat Depth16.1 Inches
Overall Height50-57 Inches
Armrests4D Armrests
Recline85-155 Degrees
MaterialPU Leather
Weight 55 Lbs
Weight Capacity400 Lbs
EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs Specifications and Dimentions

Features of EWin Champion Series


The first feature of ewin that we will talk about is its comfortability. There is no doubt that this EWin Champion chair haves with highly comfortability. The Soft foam inside the seats gives a comfortable experience. Moreover, because of its high density, you won’t feel pressure on your butts while sitting.

The soft headrest and lumbar support provide proper support to the back and neck and reduces tiredness on them. They also make sure you can sit in a straight position for a long time. Moreover, the backrest can easily recline and you can lay back to rest wherever you are tired after long hours of gaming.

Adjusatble height and Backrest

Class 4 hydraulics has been installed under the seats that give smooth height adjustment. With a simple pull of the lever, the height can be easily adjusted. The height of the ewin racing chair can be adjusted between 14 and 18 inches. Because of its height adjustment, you can adjust its height according to your body size.

EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs Adjustable height and backrest

By pulling the handle that is located on the left side of the seats, the backrest can recline 85-155 degrees. The Multi-tilt Mechanism allows the backrest to be locked at any angle that is most convenient for you. Enjoy a comfortable position while playing games, watching movies, or resisting.

Headrest and Lumbar support

Sitting in the same position can cause pain in the neck and back because of pressure on them. At that time headrest and lumbar support are very helpful as they not only provide support to the neck and back but also reduces pressure on them.

This ewin gaming chair has adjustable and removable headrests and lumbar so you can adjust them to position according to your body. Both of them are filled with soft foam because of which they are very fluffy and soft and dont began to feel harness while sitting on the chair. Moreover, they also make sure that your body remains in a good sitting position and regulates blood flow within the back area. You can also remove them if you want.

4D armrests

The adjustable armrests of the ewin gaming chair are another great feature. It is common to only find 2D or 3D armrests at this price range, but not on this chair. Besides that, the chair armrests can be adjusted to any position, including up and down, right and left, and in and out.

EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs Armrests

Therefore, they can be adjusted so that your arms are supported more effectively. There are no padded armrests, but they are extremely comfortable. Their height can be adjusted to suit your desk so you can work comfortably.

Design and Color options

You will love its design if you are a fan of racing-style designs. Red and blue colors are available for the chair. The chair has an impressive appearance thanks to the black and red patterns covering it.

Additionally, the headrest and lumbar support feature interesting patterns. They are also adorned with the Ewin logo. A chair’s rolling casters also match its color, which gives it an enhanced appearance.

PU Leather and Seats

This ergonomic chair is made from PU leather of excellent quality. E win gaming chair is easy to clean and stain-resistant thanks to the PU leather. Moreover, this 2.0 leather is hydrolysis- and UV-resistant, as well as more durable than other leathers.

You can clean the chair easily with a wet cloth since the leather is waterproof. Moreover, if you are a vegan then you will love this chair as the leather is 100% vegan. Now let’s talk about the seats. Alternatively, the seats have E-WIN Cold-Cure Foam inside but are also made of leather. There is more elasticity, durability, and density in this foam.

As a result, the seats remain in their positions for many years, even when heavyweight users sit on them. user for sitting. That way you get a premium experience while sitting and dont pain in your butts locks while sitting on this chair for long hours gaming.

Casters ( rolling wheels )

Compared to other gaming chairs, this chair has totally different casters. Wheels without hubs are extremely rare and this piece has a very appealing appearance. Since the wheels are made of high-quality material, they are very durable and roll easily on the ground without damaging them.

These casters come in matching colors. The wheels can bear high weight and can last for many years. Only pros of these casters are that they can be bit hard to remove but dont worry as you can check out casters removing guide to know how to remove them.

EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs Casters

Build quality

There is no doubt that this ewin racing chair has high build quality because of being made of high-quality materials. This chair’s cover and casters are made from a durable Pu material, which is stronger and more durable.

As a result of its high quality, its metal base can support a weight of 400 pounds. It is the same with other parts too like a cylinder, handles, armrests, and others. That’s why the company gives high years on the warranty of its parts because they are sure about their product quality.

Assembly and warranty

This assembly can be done in less than 20 minutes and is very easy. Fortunately, the mannual has detailed instructions so that you won’t have to face any issues as you go step by step. Moreover, you dont need any professional skills for its assembly.

This ewin gaming chair has 10 years’ warranty on it but it also depends on parts. If you receive a defective chair, it can be exchanged or returned within two years of purchase. In addition, all parts have their own warranty periods but are covered by the assembly.

In PU leather, the Metal Structure Frame is covered for 10 years, the Seat Mechanism for 2 years, the Arm Rest for 2 years, the Wheels for 2 years, the Headrest and Lumbar Support Pillows for 2 years, and the Gas Lift for 2 years.

EWin’s Champion Series gaming chairs Features

Height and weight

As this ewin racing chair is 50-55 inches tall it becomes a comfortable chair for both middle and high-sized users. Now, that does not mean it is not comfortable for small users. Due to its height adjustment capability, it is also comfortable for small users but can cause some problems.

Thanks to its strong steel and 5-star base, ewin racing chair can support a high weight of 400lbs. Which is much more than other gaming chairs. Also, check out this chair if you’re looking for a high-weight chair in a budget price range.

What we like about this EWin Champion Series?

  • The first thing I love about this chair is its very attractive racing design. As the chair has a PU cover thas thy the color looks ever more bright.
  • The back and seats high our body legs and back in a proper way and provide that proper support and a comfy experience.
  • The armrest can move in any direction that why you can adjust them according to your needs.
  • The PU Hub-Less Casters roll smoothly on any surface without making any noise and causing any marks on the floor.
  • The ergonomic design of the backrest helps to remain to sit in a good posture that is very good for health and doesn’t cause pain after some time of sitting.
  • Few chairs offer 10 years warranty like this chair so you dont have to worry about the chair for many years.
  • The steel body and base make sure the build quality of the chair that’s why we don’t have to change the chair after some time.
  • Because of its high height adjustability, it becomes best for most sized users.

What we Dont like about this EWin Champion Series?

  • The chair is available in just 2 colors and that is how we dont have many options to choose from.
  • The chair leather may be much soft but is not much breathable. So you can have sweating problems on hot days as the chair gets wars easily after 1-2 hours of use.
  • The recline is a bit low as compared to its price.

What customers have said?

Most customers has liked this ewin racing chair no doubt it has a 4.8-star rating. The user has said it is a highly comfortable sitting chair and easy to assembly chair. Several users have mentioned that the chair is a bit expensive, but that the quality is much better than other chairs.

It is for this reason that someone would buy a gaming chair. According to one user, he is using the product for 2 years without encountering any issues. This indicates that users are satisfied with the chair.

4.8 out of 5 Stars


In this blog, I hope you will be able to find out about every aspect of this gaming chair, which is why it is the purpose of this blog. We see that it’s a bit expensive but it also offers a lot of benefits, such as high adjustability, great compatibility, ergonomic design.

The company may be new in this field, but they have experience in many ergonomic offices chair if yes, you can choose this chair if you have read the whole blog and are sure that it meets your needs. Yes, then you can go with this chair.

Spend your money on the best chairs instead of buying a cheap chair that may be cheaper than this chair, but is not as comfortable. So you won’t regret your decision to save some money.

If you are a full-time gamer then it becomes more important for you to buy a high-quality chair. So I am ending this blog right here and hope this blog will be helpful for you if it is just leave a like in the comment box.


Can we use EWin Champion Series for office use too?

The simple answer is yes. Because of its features, the chair is equally useful for both gaming and office uses. So you can buy it for any use according to you.

What is the warrenty of this ewin gaming chair?

Ewin gaming chair is backed by 10 years of warranty on frame and all parts have different time warranty.

Can we use wet cloth to clean this chair?

Yes, you can because of its Pu cover. The chair dont absorb water so it dont gets damages from water.

What is the weight capacity of this chair?

The chair can easily bear a weight of 400Lbs.

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