Devoko Gaming Chair Review [2021] – Top 3 Picks for You

There are many gaming brands in the market. These brands make high-quality gaming chairs. Some chairs are known for expensive gaming chairs and some are known for budget gaming chairs. One of those brands is devoko which makes budget gaming chairs.

Today in this blog we will do Devoko Gaming Chair Review. We will tell you each and every feature, price, pros, and cons of these chairs. Which will help you decide which chair you should buy from our Devoko Gaming Chair Review List. So make sure to read the blog from start to end to know every detail about these chairs.

Devoko Gaming Chair Review : 3 Best Chairs


Build Quality

Any gaming chair you want to buy should have high build quality. High build quality chairs last for many years. That is why you won’t have to spend money on buying a new chair for years when using a high-quality chair.

If the chair is made up of high-quality material then that chair is of high build quality. Check the build quality of upholstery of the chair like mesh and leather. Also check the Soft foam, casters, frame, and base material. You may also see some chairs with high features at a low price but it is likely that those chairs have low build quality.


The next thing you need to check is the comfort of that chair. Check whether that chair is comfortable for sitting or not. If you sit on a chair for a long time then you need to buy a chair that is more comfortable. Of course, you can sit on an uncomfy chair for a long time.

The padded seat and back chair with headrest, lumbar pillow are much more comfortable chairs. Padded seats and back chairs won’t make you hard feel to your butts and hips, which will allow you to sit for a longer time. In our Devoko Gaming Chair Review Blog all chairs are made up for long hours sitting.


You will find some chairs that are easy to assemble and some that are hard to assemble. If you dont have much experience in assembling a chair then go with that chair that is easy to assemble or comes with an assembly mannual. You won’t have to pity many efforts I assembling these chairs. These Devoko Gaming Chairs on our list are not hard to assemble.


Every person has a different weight so there are also need different chairs for different weight people. But you need to always buy a gaming chair that can bear your weight. It is also a common thing as you will of course not buy a chair that event cant bear your chair. Buy that chair that has high weight capacity than your weight. If you weigh 300 lbs then your chair should have 330-350 lbs of weight capacity.


You need to buy a gaming chair that can fit your room size. Some chairs are very bulky in size. So if you dont have much space in your room then you will have a problem putting your chair in your room.

So first measure the size of your room then only buy a gaming chair that you can easily fit your room size. Otherwise, you will have to face many issues in strong your chair in the your room.

Devoko DV17RRD Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair ( Best Chair Overall )

Devoko DV17RRD Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair ( Best Chair Overall )
Item Dimensions LxWxH19.8″x20.5″x46.6-50.5″
Recline Area180 Degrees
MaterialFaux Leather
Weight45 Lbs
Weight Capacity300 Lbs

DV17RRD from Devoko is the best and most popular Gaming chair on the market. It has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars and has received 6K reviews. The impressive price and ergonomic features have helped this product receive so many positive reviews.

Because it’s made of faux leather, it’s very breathable. The air cannot easily pass through the chair making the chair bit uncomfy on summer days but if you use a fan or A.C in your room then it won’t be a big deal.

Devoko DV17RRD Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair  Product Details

Additionally, the ergonomically designed bucket-style backrest provides proper back support and provides proper spinal support. Soft sponge filling is included within the adjustable headrest and backrest, which provides comfort to the neck and back area.

Depending on your body size, you can easily adjust your position. With its high reclining backrest, it can straighten the backrest when you are working or may be able to recline fully and take a rest or nap when you have been gaming, relaxing, and working all day.

Because of the tilt lock feature, you can lock the backrest at different positions too. Gas spring makes smooth height adjustment of this ergonomic chair from 16 to 20 Inches. Therefore, it is best suited to users of most sizes.

With a sturdy duty base, the Devoko Gaming Chair increases the sturdiness of the chair. Lifting 300 lbs is no problem for the chair. The wheels are also much strong and don’t make noise while rolling.

Because of having PU cutting on wheels they even don’t leave any scratch on both wooden and normal floors. Overall the chair provides many features like a premium chair for just $100.


  • Comes with high adjustability features.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Has a very affordable price tag.
  • Comes with an ergonomic design.
  • Has many color options to choose from.


  • Not have adjustable armrests.
  • The seats are a bit narrow, which can cause a problem for high-sized users.

Devoko ‎DV17YWT Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair with Adjustable Armrests

Devoko ‎DV17YWT Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair with Adjustable Armrests
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎33 x 26 x 13 inches
Recline Area160 Degrees
Weight46 Lbs
Weight Capacity330 Lbs

Do you like gaming chairs with racing-style designs? Then this Devoko Gaming Chair will become your favorite. The DV17YWT from Devoko is available in 3 different colors and has an attractive racing-style design.

The Devoko Gaming Chair is designed with a 3D spine support system that ensures that you sit in the proper posture. Bad posture can lead to many health problems, and it becomes worse when we sit for 8-10 hours a day. Fortunately, this chair will alleviate your worries.

Using diamond-shaped cushions for the backrest and seats makes them durable and helps reduce pressure on them. The seats and backrest are much soft that you will not feel pressure on your buttocks and back.

The 2D armrests provide proper support and comfort to elbows and arms and make sure you can do work easily and effectively. 360-degree swivel allows the chair to rotate freely and choose the best position. Since they are made of PU, they are much stronger and more durable than regular wheels.

Devoko ‎DV17YWT Gaming Chair High Back Computer Chair with Adjustable Armrests

So you do not feel pressure on your neck, the headrest has a curve shape that provides support. If you don’t intend to use the lumbar or headrest, remove them when you are not using them.

The adjustable backrest can recline and be locked into various positions between 90 and 160 degrees to accommodate individual preferences. It is easy to control the reclining area when seated by rotating the chair angle controller. Therefore, you don’t have to stand or anything like that.

You do not need to be a professional to assemble this Devoko Gaming Chair. Just read the instruction manual and use the tools given in the box. Yes, you heard, all tools needed are already given by Devoko. So you don’t have to search for them.


  • Has a high weight capacity of 330 Lbs.
  • Gives a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Has 30 days free replacement or refund.
  • Has silent rolling wheels.


  • Not Have any serious cons.

Devoko Gaming Chair Chair PU Leather Home Theater Seating Single Modern Living Room Sofa Recliners 

Devoko  Gaming Chair Chair PU Leather Home Theater Seating Single Modern Living Room Sofa Recliners 
Item Dimensions LxWxH26 x 30 x 40 inches
Recline Area160 Degrees
MaterialFaux Leather, Alloy Steel
Weight50 Lbs
Weight Capacity280 Lbs

The next Chair on our list is Devoko Massage Gaming. Most of the massage chairs have an expensive price tag. But this chair is not from them. That chair is made for users who are suffering from back pain problems and cannot sit on a normal chair.

The chair has a black and white color combination which gives it a stunning look. The backrest and seats are 26 inches in width which is large enough to hold large-sized users. The backrest can recline 160 degrees which gives a comfortable position for watching movies, resting, or taking a nap.

Devoko  Gaming Chair Chair Backrest

If you get extremely tired after your office work then the massager, installed on the backrest will provide massage to your back by vibrating. The massager can be easily controlled by remote given with the chair.

The think seat foam gives a comfortable experience and makes sure you don’t get pressure on your butts while sitting in this massage chair. This massage chair is easy to clean and waterproof. So you don’t need to worry if you accidentally split water on the chair.

You can just clean the Devoko Gaming Chair with a wet or dry cloth. The inbuilt headrest and lumbar pillow provide proper support to the neck and back and make sure you sit at a 90-degree angle. Because of its ergonomic features the user can sit on the chair for long hours of working or gaming without feeling tired.

The assembly of the chair is easy and can be done in 10 minutes. Moreover, most of the chair comes preassembled. The chair is very strong can last for many years even after intense use as high-quality material has been used in making.


  • Sturdy and strong body.
  • Gives a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Comes with a 1-year warrenty.
  • Has to store and dont take much space.
  • High weight capacity.


  • The chair is hard to recline when used by large-sized users.

Main feature Of Devoko Ergonomic Chair

Headrest and Lumbar Support

With the Devoko Gaming Chair, the headrest and back pillow can both be adjusted independently. The headrest has a C-shaped design, which makes the neck properly supported. Additionally, both of them are filled with soft foam, which makes them very soft and fluffy, so you won’t feel any hardness when placing your head on them.

Another thing I like about them is that they are removable. As a result, you can now remove them wherever you want to sit on a chair without them. A good ergonomic body position is also beneficial to the user’s health since it makes them more comfortable.


All Devoko Gaming chairs have an ergonomic design. The chair provides proper support to the spine and backrest and makes sure that they maintain good posture.No no doubt that sitting on bad posture causes many health issues in the long turn that why its ergonomic design is so useful.

The headrest and lumbar helps in maintaining the posture. The ergonomic design also helps to regulate good blood flow within the back and butts area that why we dont feel tired even after long sitting.


The chair comes has high adjustability features. Like the backrest can have recline area between 160 to 180 degrees. Plus, DV17YWT has a 2D adjustable armrest that can move up and down to provide support to arms.

Plus, the chairs have smooth height adjustability and 360 Degrees swivel which gives freedom to adjust them according to body weight and size. Apart from that, the lumbar pillow and headrest can be easily adjusted to a different position that meets your need.

Strong base and Frame

All Devoko chairs have a strong frame and 5-star base that makes the chair even more strong and durable. Because of this strong body, the frame dont bend even after is used by high-weight users.

PU smooth caster is installed on base that provides chair easy movement on any type of floor without leaving marks or damages. More ever the wheels are anti-noise so you will get silent moving, Rolling wheels are very helpful if you use 2 computers at a time and have to move the chair around your room.

Assembly and Warrenty

All Devoko chairs are very easy to assembly. You dont need any degree in or any pro skills to assembly. Moreover, all special tools that are needed for assembly come in a box with an installation manual. Proper step to step instructions is given so you dont face any problems. All chairs on our list have 60 days and 1 years warranty. The customer support of the Devoko is very fast and friendly and responds very fast.

Things you need to check in You Gaming Chair


In general, these chairs are excellent options since they are affordable and offer a lot of great features. The Budget gaming chairs are the perfect alternative for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one.

In addition to many features that a user would look for in a gaming chair, the chair has good build quality, lumbar support, smooth wheels, and other features. As an experienced manufacturer in this industry, you are sure to get a great deal from Devoko.

You can buy any chair that is given below according to your requirements. So if this Devoko Gaming Chair Review post will be useful for you then just leave like in the comment box. And we will meet you in the next blog till then peace out.

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