5 Best Folding Office Chair Review + Buying Guide

Office chairs are known to have bulky look. Which makes them hard to store as they are quite big. If you have a small room then you are going to face this problem even more.

Folding office chair or also called Folding desk chair are a great solution for this. As they are easy to store because you can just fold them and can place them anywhere in your room.

So in this blog, we will share some Best Folding Office Chair that are best on the internet in terms of features, price, comfort. So make sure to read This Folding desk chair to know about these chairs.

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IPKIG Home Office Chair with Wheels and Flip-Up Arms (White)

IPKIG Home Office Chair with Wheels and Flip-Up Arms (White)
Item Dimensions LxWxH18 x 19 x 35 inches
ArmrestsFlip-up armrests
Recline Area120 Degrees
Weight‎25 Lbs
Weight capacity300 Lbs

Among our list of folding office chairs, IPKIG is the first. The chair only costs 80 dollars, so it is very affordable. Back support is provided by a curved backrest and adjustable lumbar support. Supporting the back properly reduces back pain.

Lumbar pillows are adjustable, so they can be adjusted based on your preferences. Flip-up armrests are designed in such a way that they provide elbow support. In order to make the chair easy to store, the backrest can be folded at a 24 to 90-degree angle.

In the event that you don’t want to use the chair, it can be stored under the desk. That saves much space in the room. BIFMA certification of SGS promotes smooth height adjustment. Its height can be adjusted to 3.2 inches according to body size to find a comfortable position.

The backrest can tilt back and can be locked at different angles. IPKIG chair has 360 degrees swivel and rotating wheels. Despite their durability and ability to roll silently on most surfaces, caterers are wrapped in PU that makes them durable. The chair is easy to move around the room due to its smooth-rolling wheels.

A five-claw design, strong base, and frame allow the chair to bear a heavyweight of 300 Lbs. Because of that, it can be used by heavy users too. Easy assembly is required for this chair. A proper installation manual is included with the chair. As a result, you won’t experience any problems during assembly.


  • High build quality.
  • Provides premium sitting experience.
  • Good customer support.
  • Has a High weight capacity.


  • Not many comfy high-sized users.

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5 Minutes Easy Installation Ergonomic Office Folding Swivel (Black)

5 Minutes Easy Installation Ergonomic Office Folding Swivel (Black)
Item Dimensions LxWxH 27″ L x 26″D x 44″ H
Recline AreaTilt tension
Weight‎13 Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

Our next ergonomic folding office chair is the next item on our list. Office chairs are usually only available in black, but this chair is different. 15 different color options are available for the chair, so you can choose your favorite.

Backrests can also be adjusted up or down in addition to being ergonomic. This makes it easy to place under a working desk. High-density foam is incorporated into the seats of this ergonomic chair, providing comfortable sitting.

The Waterfall design seats prevent pressure from being applied to your hips and buttocks. So can sit on a chair for many hours straight. Plus, the mesh backrest keeps the chair cool through a continuous flow of air from the back, preventing it from setting on summer days.

A tilt lock feature allows the backrest to be tilted back and locked at a specific position. With or without a headrest, you can choose a chair. As a result, the headrest and lumbar provide adequate support for the body, just like a premium chair. The wheels and strong base of the chair ensure easy mobility.

The assembly of a chair is quite simple and can be completed in four steps. As the chair comes mostly assembled in the box, so you won’t need any tools for its assembly. Moreover, this folding desk chair is backed by 10 years warranty so you won’t have to worry about its quality.


  • Assembly is very easy and simple.
  • Has a high-density seat cushion.
  • Has smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Comes with both a headrest and lumbar.


  • Not have adjustable armrests.
  • No cushion is provided on the armrest and lumbar.

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Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Curved Triple Braced Metal Folding Chair

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Curved Triple Braced Metal Folding Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH18.5″W x 19″D x 29″H 
ArmrestsNo armrests
Recline AreaFixed
Weight‎22 Lbs
Weight capacity300 Lbs

Hercules is a budget-friendly folding chair. The chair may look different from an office chair, but it can still be used in a small office that has a problem with the availability of space. If you spend 85 dollars, you will receive a set of chairs.

According to your needs, you can also select a single chair from a pack of 4 chairs. This folding office chair has a 4.6-star rating and over 2.1K ratings on Amazon, which shows its popularity. Gray color patterns are upholstered on both the back and seats which gives it a cool look.

A user sitting on the seats will experience comfortable sitting due to the 2.5″ thick foam padding. The foam doesn’t deflate over time so even after some time of use, you will not see its seats deflating like other chairs. The backrest also has padded foam so you don’t feel hard on your back.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Curved Triple Braced Metal Folding Chair

Because of the comfortable seats and back, you can sit on the chair for a long time. Double-hinges are provided on both sides of the chair to prevent it from closing the chair accidentally and promote stability.

A high-quality metal frame and powder coating prevent the chair’s frame from rusting. The chair has foldable features so you can store it under the chair or take it on the go. Leg pads prevent the chair from slipping and scratching your floor.

To ensure the chair will not catch fire easily, CAL 117 flame retardant was used in it. The chair is designed with support bars installed as a footrest so you don’t start feeling uncomfortable after sitting for a long time.


  • Best for both office and traveling use.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Has an affordable price tag.
  • Has strong body frame.


  • Not meant for heavy use.

VigorPow Mesh folding desk chair with Flip Up Arms

VigorPow Mesh Office Chair Foldable Black Desk with Flip Up Arms
Item Dimensions LxWxH24.8 x 24.8 x 36.6 inches
ArmrestsFlip-Up armrests
Recline AreaTilt tension
Weight‎26.2 Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

The VigorPow folding office chair is mesh and adjustable. With the ergonomic design back, the chair provides a proper curve for the user’s back and ensures that they sit in a positive position on the chair. A bad posture while sitting is detrimental to health over the long term and causes many health issues.

Easily adjustable to 5 cm, the lumbar support is adjustable. During hot days, the mesh fabric on the back and seat helps keep the chair cool. Further, the chair will pass through it easily, so you will not sweat on hot days. The seats have soft inside them to promote comfy sitting.

Whenever you are not using the chair, it can be folded easily, saving space in your home. Flip-up arms are able to move 90 degrees, providing comfort to the arms. SGS has certified the gas lift cylinder used in the chair as being strong and durable.

The cylinder makes it possible to adjust the chair’s height smoothly to 4 inches, which is significantly more than other chairs at the same price point. 360 degrees of rotation allow the chair to move dynamically.

Through a tilt tension knob, the rocking back can be adjusted to your desired reading and working position. This folding office chair may have some pros too but it is a great deal according to its price.


  • Not take much time to assemble.
  • Easy to afford.
  • Don’t cause sweating problems.
  • Smooth-rolling casters.


  • Poor customer support.

COSCO Vinyl folding office chair 4 Pack

COSCO Vinyl folding office chair 4 Pack
Item Dimensions LxWxH19.88 x 18.3 x 30.11 inches
ArmrestsNo armrests
Recline AreaFixed
Weight‎9 Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

This is the last chair of the COSCO Vinyl series. Like the HERCULES Series, the chair is similar in design. On Amazon, the chair has a 4.7-star rating. There are two types of chairs to choose from- fabric and vinyl. Choosing the right option is up to you.

Due to its foldable features, the chair is the ideal option for individuals who are looking for a small-sized chair. Space can be saved by placing it under a desk or bed. As it is made of vinyl, it has a shiny appearance and is easily cleaned.

COSCO Vinyl folding office chair

Both dry and wet cloths can be used to clean the chair. Comfortable seating is provided by the soft cushions that cover the seats. The pain in your back and butts can result from sitting in a chair for long hours. Steel is used to make the frame of this chair, which guarantees its strength.

The frame is reinforced with cross braces and tube-in-tube for strength and stability. All legs have anti-slipping pads to prevent them from slipping while working. Weighing in at just 9 pounds, it is a light chair.

Because of that, moving this folding office chair won’t be difficult. There is a weight capacity of 250 lbs for this folding chair. A fabric variant is also an option in this folding desk chair if you don’t like sweating on hot summer days.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Can bear heavy heavyweights.
  • No assembly is needed.


  • Have very thin seats.

What things you should check in a folding desk chair?

Armrest and Lumbar Support

The first thing to look at in a folding office chair is armrests. Fixed armrest chairs can be hard to store and fold. Ensure that the chair you choose doesn’t have armrests so that it can be folded and stored under the desk without creating problems.

It is important for ergonomics to provide lower back support, such as lumbar support. Sitting in a small e position is not easy as the user begins to feel pain in the back. During that time, lumbar support can be of great assistance. Back pain is reduced when it provides comfort to the back. A lumbar adjustment on the chair is great. Your body size will be able to be adjusted.


Ensure that the chair is made of quality material. Like in cover, frame, and base. Most office chairs made of low-quality materials do not last for many years and get damaged easily. The mesh fabric found on most office chairs is what makes them so breathable.

Steel and aluminum can be used for the frame. Aluminum-made chairs are lighter, but they are also heavier than chairs with steel frames and bases. Therefore, you can choose according to your preferences.


It is important to have casters so that you can move chairs easily. With a chair that doesn’t have casters, you have to put a lot of effort into it. Moreover, chairs whose casters are made of nylon or PU leather are much more durable and silent than chairs with normal casters, which leave noticeable marks on the floor. Rolling a chair much becomes essential if you have to do it frequently.

Height and Weight capacity

Chairs are designed for specific types of users depending on their height and weight. All chairs differ in this respect. The lumbar support and armrests of chairs with low or high weight and height capacities will not provide the correct support.

Furthermore, if you use a chair with a low weight capacity, the frame of the chair or the casters may break easily. The chair is checked first for its Height and Weight capacity before being purchased if you find it meets your requirements.


Warranty is a thing that most users don’t see while buying a folding office chair. But it is one of the important things that you need to consider. If you buy an office chair and you receive a defective office chair or you don’t like that chair then if your chair has a warranty period then you can return that chair or ask them for a refund.

1 year warrenty

But if your chair has not then you will have to use that chair which I know you will not like. Some company gives warranty on a full chair and some just on parts so you need to look it too. You can just read the description to know that. Even if your chair has just a 1-month warranty don’t worry you can still go with that you will not be disappointed.


If you don’t love assembling the chair then you should always go with a chair that doesn’t need assembly or its assembly is easy. Some chairs are very hard to assemble the especially folding chairs. So I that chair always check whether any chair you are a thing to buy has easy assembly and instruction manual on them.

Some company also gives all tools in the box which are required to assemble a chair easily. Even if your chair doesn’t come with tools, it is not a big deal. But make sure it alert has an instruction manual. Or you can search the assembly video of that chair on the internet.


No matter any type of chair you want to buy that chair should be comfortable. The chair should have soft seats and a back in which you can lay down for a long time. Doing your work comfortably. There is no use in buying an uncomfy chair as it will only hurt your body and will create uncomfortability.

A chair with padded seats, armrests, and back will call a comfortable chair. So you need to check this in a chair. Also, the seat cushion in your chair be wider and fluffy as due to this the seats becomes very soft and comfy and dont allow to have pain in butts.

Conclusion- Best Folding Office Chairs

Folding desk chair are surely amazing. They are very easy to store which makes they great choise for people who dont have large space in their room. That is why we do review of some best chairs. And from all of them IPKIG Ergonomic Office Chair is best.

The chair best thing is that the chair comes in budget price. You not need to spend too much money on a chair. So you can go with this chair. And if you not like this chair because of any reasons go with other best chairs in our list. They are also a great deal. Hope you find this Best Folding Office Chair blog useful.

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