Ikea Karlby Desk Setup Ideas + Detailed Review

Ikea Karlby Desk Countertop is another popular product of Ikea. You can make multiple Ikea Karlby Desk Setup for yourself and can use them like a working desk, gaming desk, dining table.

Today we will do Ikea Karlby Desk Countertop Review on behalf of their features like quality material, look, price, warranty, etc.

Moreover, we will also share the 15 Best Ikea Karlby Desk Setup which you can use to make your own setup from IKEA karlby desk. So to all this make sure to read this blog from start to end.

Ikea karlby desk Countertop Review+Setup Ideas

Features of this ikea karlby desk Countertop

In this paragraph, we will tell you more about the Karlby Desk Countertop. This way, you can determine the quality of the desk you may make.

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The Ikea countertop is made from thick walnut veneer and oil-acrylic. To make particleboard, it has been laminated. As a result, the block is solid, durable, and long-lasting.

There is no doubt that’s why the wood becomes so durable and strong. The good thing about this wood is that it’s recyclable, so saving the planet can be accomplished by recycling it.

Size and Price

There are three sizes available for the Karlby desk countertop from Ikea. Your choice of size will depend on your particular needs and requirements. You can also get a different price depending on what size you choose for your Karlby desktop.

Price: 249$

Thickness, veneer1/8 “
Depth25 5/8 “
Thickness1 1/2 “

Price: 189$

Thickness, veneer1/8 “
Depth25 5/8 “
Thickness1 1/2 “

Price: 279$

Length74 Inches
Depth42 inches
Thickness1 1/2 “

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Look and Cleaning

This countertop looks like a block of real wood. Throughout its body, it has rectangular patterns. Resulting in a cool-looking product.

To clean this countertop, we recommend STOCKARYD wood oil. Wood is made more durable by the oil, which not only makes it shiny but also extends its life.

In addition to doing it sanded, you can also treat it that way. You can choose any method you want to use.


Without a doubt, this Ikea Karlby desk countertop is much more durable and strong. As Layer construction has been used In its desk countertop becomes more stable and strong.

It doesn’t bend, split or crack like solid wood. Also, the chair doesn’t get less sensitive to humidity than other types of wood.


Ikea Karlby always provides much more warranties on their products than other companies. This product follows the same rule as well.

Karlby offers a 25-year Limited Warranty on their ikea karlby desk, so you can imagine how confident they are in the quality and durability of their products.

If you encounter any issues or problems with this product, you can easily contact them for assistance. They provide much faster service than their competitors. Check the warranty conditions before purchasing.

Uses Of Ikea desk countertop

The best thing I find about this Karlby desk countertop is that you can use it according to your want. Karlby’s countertop is not actually designed to be used on a desk. Yes, you heard me correctly.

For use in kitchens, it has been designed. But you can also make different things like a gaming desk, working desk, dining desk and much more things you want.

Assembly to make Working/computer desk

Putting it together is quite simple. It can be customized according to your needs. Desk drawers are a great way to store important stuff if you’d like a desk with storage.

It depends on whether to use drawers on both sides or on just one side. Using wooden or steel legs will work if you don’t want to store them on your desk.

You should use leg pads to prevent the desk from leaving damages or scratches on the floor. If you want to use it for gaming then make sure to choose the best size in which you can place monitors, mouse, keyboard, and CPU.

The space below the ikea karlby desk can be used for large devices such as scanners, printers, and buffers. The legs can be wooden or steel if you prefer.

Items needed for assembly

  • Drill machine.
  • Drawers.
  • Karlby desk countertop.
  • Pensil.
  • Glue.
  • The Sliding Bevel.
  • The Tape Measure

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Pros of Ikea Karlby desk countertop

Like everything, this countertop has also some pros and cons. You should have a look at it so that so you can decide whether to buy it or not.

  • Can be used for making different things from it.
  • Stronger and more durable than other woods.
  • Affordably priced compared to others.
  • The assembly is very simple and you will not have any problems.
  • A limited warranty of 25 years is included.
  • Natural wood that’s friendly to the environment.
  • The look is cool and shiny.
  • Customer support is fast and efficient.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Has anti humidity properties.
  • There are many different types of wood colors available.
  • Has a rating of 4.5 stars and 100 Reviews.

Cons of Ikea Karlby desk countertop

If we talk about the pros you will not found any serious cons that can affect your decision of buying them.

15 Best Ikea Karlby Desk Setup Ideas

1. Simple computer desk with 1 Drawers

ikea karlby desk setup

Computer desks that have drawer units in grey or walnut are great options. Each side has 3-3 drawers where important items like pens, files, books, scales, earphones, etc. can be stored. This is best for users who must keep important items close to them.

This is the largest tabletop and is ideal for users who wish to use 3 monitors at the same time. Additionally, you can easily place a CPU or printer on top of it. No doubt there is also enough space under the desk. It’s a great setup for users who want a lot of space.

2. Simple computer desk with 1 Drawers

ikea karlby desk setup

Ikea’s desk is quite easy to put together, but a drill machine will be needed. There are five drawers on each unit of Ikea white drawers. Legs made of steel provide stability and support for the countertop. If you have steel legs, make sure you use leg pads so you don’t damage the floor.

It is easy to place your 3 monitors on it, but you will have to place your CPU under the desk if you want your monitors straight. It will not be difficult for you to place the keyboard and mouse on the desk. Especially good for gamers and video editors. This is definitely something you should check out.

3. Walnut/veneer desktop setup

ikea karlby desk setup

Using just two walnut/veneer finish countertops and 3 drawers, this Ikea Karlby Desk Setup is simple and easy. It is designed to be used by two people. On one side of the room, they could put 2 small monitors or 1 monitor and a large computer.

The same pattern can be used on another side as well. Provides a classic and stylish look. Two medium-size or two large-size countertops can be used for creating the desk. Best for 2 users.

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4. Big Working or computer desk with 1 Drawers

This is the simplest and easy to setup Ikea Karlby desk.1 large size birch finish countertop has been used in it. And for leg 6 nickel plates and michke drawer unit is used. So you can store your stuff on them if you want to.

It is a great option for users who has very large monitors or want to use 3-4 monitors at the same time. This full setup will cost you around 260-300$. As countertop cost $200, the drawers cost 59$ and the legs cost $15 for one piece.

5. Simple working desk with 2 drawers

Our previous desk looked remarkably similar to this one. However, different materials have been used to make it. Which makes it quite easy. There are walnut finish wood drawers, Ikea Alex legs, and Ikea Linnmon legs in it.

Dark brown drawers and brown legs give the desk an attractive appearance. The easy drawers will cost you $79 dollars. If that’s what you need, then it can be used as a gaming desk or a working desk. You can also choose drawers in different colors.

6. L Shape Ikea Desk

On this list, we have the first L-shaped Ikea Karlby Desk Setup . It has a walnut-colored wood countertop. The L-shaped desk can be made by combining two desks and arranging them. And below just use 2-2 I shape legs. This desk is much more stable than another desk has it has I-shape legs. It’s easy to make an Ikea desk

7. Simple and easy setup by Papk23

It’s an easy Ikea desk setup that I found on Reddit. It has been made with just 4 Steel legs and an oak finish countertop. 98×1 1/2 ” size countertop is used. It’s a simple computer setup. It has enough for placing 2-3 monitors and computer accessories on it.

8. L Shape Ikea Desk setup

It is a beautiful L-shape desk setup that is made for 2-3 users. It is enough large so that they can sit and work comfortably. Walnut finish wood gives it a sold wood feel and look. It is one of the easiest set up that you can do.

2 Alex drawers have been used. One is small and the other is large. And have much storage and space where large items can be easily placed. Walnut and white color drawers look really amazing.

9. 2 users Ikea desk With Leg pads

Another Ikea desk was set up for 2 users. By using 2 countertops and L shape legs for stability. All legs have legs pads to make sure the desk dont move from its place and done leaves scratch too.

10. Ikea karlby desk Setup With A Secretlab Chair

ikea karlby desk setup

11. Ikea karlby desk Made With a Large Countertop

ikea karlby desk setup

12. Ikea karlby desk with Monitors

ikea karlby desk setup

13. Ikea karlby desk setup Made for Large Monitor

ikea karlby desk setup

14. Karlby Desk Setup with 2 Ikea Drawers for 3 Monitors

ikea karlby desk setup

15. Karlby Desk Setup with 2 White Ikea Alex Drawers

ikea karlby desk setup


Which length ikea countertop should I buy?

It totally depends on your need. Like if you just want for a small purpose like making a small desk then a small size will be enough for you. But if you won’t want to place 2-4 monitors on it then make sure to go with middle and large-sized users.

Does the Ikea Karlby desk sag?

Yes, Ikea Karly desk sag. The small sizes will not sag but the middle and large sizes will sag a bit. It also depends on the weight you put on your desk. But it’s not an issue.

You can use any metal leg or any other thing in the middle of the desk to provide support to the desk. Overall it is not a big issue and can be solved easily.

How much warranty period on Ikea countertop?

You will receive 25 years of warranty on it.

Can we cut ikea countertop from sides?

Yes, you can. You can cut it according to you. It will create any issue with the countertop.

Are ikea contertops durable?

Ues Ikea countertops are much more string and durable than other wood. They can easily last for many years. You can easily use them for heavy uses. That’s why Ikea gives so much warranty on it as they are sure about their countertop’s durability.

Are ikea contertops made from real wood?

Yes, they are. As it is made by attaching a thin wood sheet with particleboard.Because of which it makes the wood more durable and strong.

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