Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair | Best chair for Batman Lover?

Are you a batman series lover And want your gaming chair in batman theme? Then this blog is for you. Batman is a famous fictional character who has appeared in many moves, shows, Comics. Because of this, it has become so much popular.

So today we will review Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair that a batman lover will surely love. We will do a detailed review and will tell you all their features, build quality, pros and cons so you can choose the best chair for yourself.

Choosiong the best Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair becomes more important when you are going to use a chair for many years. So to know all about it make sure to read the full blog till the end and you will surely found the best choice for yourself.

Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair

BM 1.1

Batman Chair

  • Has high durability and build quality.
  • Gives a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Has high weight capacity.
  • Has ergonomic back and comfy seats.

Cybeart company overview

Cyberart has launched the DC comics gaming chairs series which has DC character theme-based chairs. One of those chairs is this Batman gaming chair. 4.9 out of 5 stars and more than one hundred reviews back up the chair. The chair reviews positive feedback from buyers, which is enough to demonstrate it is useful.

Because of its low price and features, it receives high ratings. This lovely chair is decorated with a batman design on the back which gives it a stunning appearance. On the back, the batman design appears to be quite detailed. The Batman logo is printed on the backrest’s upside.

You will also find The dark knight written on the seats, which is the name of Batman. Basically, all of this was done to make it look like a Batman chair. That’s why the chair is so beloved by Batman fans. Its attractive design is not the only feature that will win you overall its features will make you feel right at home.

Adjustable armrests can move and adjust in any direction so that the arms are supported and comfortable. The chair is easily cleaned and breathable due to its Pu leather. Summer days are perfect for using it since it is so comfortable.

Having leather that doesn’t readily get dirty means that you won’t have to clean your chairs often. A comfortable seat and backrest ensure your back and butts are properly supported. The chair can be used for intense gaming sessions for many hours on end.

Its smooth wheels and five-star base make it easy to move the chair. It won’t take much effort to move the chair around your room. The combination of all these features makes this one of the best batman gaming chairs in 2021.

Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair: Specifications and Dimantions

Here are some Specifications and Dimensions of the Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair .

Seat Depth48.5 cm
Overall Height131 cm
Armrests4D Armrests
Recline168 Degrees
Weight Capacity297 Lbs
Specifications and Dimentions
Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair specifications
Specifications and Dimentions

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Features of this Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair


First, let’s talk about the comfort of this chair. Buying a gaming chair is mainly motivated by comfort. If the gamer does not want a comfortable chair for sitting, he need not spend so much money on a gaming chair. Definitely a very comfortable chair with a very modern design.

The chair is made from Pu leather for a smooth feeling against the skin. You won’t feel your butts touching the frame because the seats are much denser and do not easily deflate. The chair can be reclined so that you can take a rest after playing all day.

In addition, the backrest can be adjusted to provide a more comfortable position for sitting and working. Supporting the back and preventing back pain is the purpose of the lumbar region.

Having casters on a chair makes it easy to roll it, so you don’t have to put much effort into moving it. This chair has many outstanding features, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to sit in a comfortable chair.


This cybert chair has very high adjustable features. Because of which the chair becomes comfortable for most size and weight users.


Armrests on the chair can be adjusted. Gaming chairs have armrests which are often overlooked but are vital parts of the chair. Because it supports the arms properly. The chair comes with a 4D armrest which is currently the height-adjustable armrest.

In addition to moving upward and downward, it also moves left, right, forward and backward as well as retracted or released. The armrests can be adjusted according to your needs. When your desk is tall or short than normal, the armrest can be adjusted accordingly.

In order to ensure that your hand is not pressured when pulling, the armrests have been padded with pu. Pu padded armrests give elbows adequate support and enhance the luxury feel of the chair. Playing games on the PC also made it easy to get started.

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Recline Area

There is a reclining backrest on this chair. The chair is a little different from others. As with most gaming chairs, this one includes a tilt tension mechanism as well as a reclining backrest. Similarly, you can recline the backrest of the chair by 165 degrees.

Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair recline area

Furthermore, because of the multi-tilt mechanism, you can lock the back at different angles and find the most comfortable position. The recline chairs allow you to recline and take a nap after a long day spent gaming. It is also possible to tilt 30 degrees backward, which is known as Rocking tension.

The chair is equipped with a tilt knob on the backside that can be used to adjust the rocking tension. The tilt tension and recline make it a good choice for hardcore or serious gamers.


Adjustable height allows the chair to be used as needed. It features a smooth height adjustment because the chair is powered by a gas lift cylinder. The cylinder used for height adjustment is a class 4 gas lift that can easily lift even heavyweight.

Its height can be adjusted up to 8 cm, which is a lot more than normal gaming chairs. Small and large users will find it comfortable thanks to the height adjustment. The cylinders are BIFMA-certified, so you don’t have to worry about their quality, strength, or safety. They are the reason they are so strong and last for so long.

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Headrest and Lumbar support

A headrest and lumbar support are included in this batman gaming chair. A removable and adjustable headrest is provided. They are filled with a very soft memory foam which makes them very comfortable. You won’t feel harness on your head while placing it on the headrest.

It is possible to adjust the position of the headrest to provide proper support for the neck and head. In the chair, the Lumbar support is inbuilt, but can still be adjusted. On the side of the back, there’s a button that you can use to adjust its position.

The lumbar support provides proper support to the spine and makes sure your body remains in a straight position. That’s why users won’t feel any type of lower back pain.


The seats of this racing-style gaming chair are made of Pu leather and have COLD-CURED FOAM filled inside. Because of this, the chairs don’t defile easily over a period of time.

Moreover, you won’t feel pressure on your hips, but lock while sitting on this gaming chair. So you can sit on a chair for long hours straight while playing gamers. As the seat gives a comfy sitting experience.

Base and casters

This batman gaming chair has a 5-star strong base. High-quality aluminum is used in making the base which makes it string and allows you to bear heavy weight easily. The casters are made of Pu material and are XL 75mm which increases their durability.

Moreover, they roll more smoothly and silently than other types of casters. Moreover, they also don’t leave marks or damages on the floors. Because of casters, it becomes very easy to move chairs within the gaming room area.

Height and weight capacity

This batman gaming chair is made for middle and high-sized users. The chair has around 300 Lbs of weight capacity which is a high capacity. The height recommendation for the chair is 5.8 inches to 6.8 inches. 

So make sure to check the recommendation height and weight before buying this chair or you may end buy buying way too high a chair for yourself. The chairs are made for a certain height and weight users. But too low or high weight capacity chairs dont provide my support to users. That’s why it becomes so important.

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Assembly and Warrenty

The company is sure about their product build quality because of that they give high warranty on the chair. You can relax or return the chair if you receive a defective gaming chair. Moreover, the chair also has 5 warranties on limited warranty on parts.

So if your chair any part gets damaged you can replace the part easily. Moreover, the assembly of this Cybeart gaming chair is quite easy. And its assembly can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Proper installation instructions are given in the box so you don’t face any problems while doing its assembly. Moreover, you dont need any extra skills for its assembly.

What we like about this Cybeart Gaming Chair?

  • The first thing we like about this chair is its beautiful design and color patterns. Because of its amazing design, the chair has become a favorite choice of gamers.
  • The chair comes with 4D armrests which provide support to arms.
  • The batman gaming chair has a high build quality. Like high-quality PU material, casters, BIFMA-CERTIFIED cylinder, etc.
  • Comes with a high warranty on all parts.
  • Has smooth PU casters for easy movement.
  • Comes with an ergonomic design back.
  • Has high adjustability features.

What we dont like about this Cybeart Gaming Chair?

  • The first thing we dislike about this Cybeart batman gaming chair is its high price. The chair is much expensive you many users may not be able to afford this chair.
  • The lumbar support in this chair is inbuild which is a disadvantage of this chair.
  • The batman chair dont have any footrest so you may begin to feel pain in your legs after some time.


Let’s move on to the final part of this blog. This batman chair is a premium gaming chair. And has features that a pro gamer wants in his gaming chair. Moreover, you can choose DC movies other characters’ theme chairs too. They also have the same features as this gaming chair.

At last, I will say if you are serious about your gaming and want a chair in which you can sit for all chairs and dont feel uncomfy then this chair is a good option for you. No doubt the chair is a bit expensive but you should try to spend more money on the chair you are going to use for many years.

So I hope this blog will be useful for you. If it is don’t forget to share it with your friends and help them to choose the best chair for themself. So I will meet you in the next blog till then peace out.

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