[Review 2022] 8 Best Office chair without wheels

Are you looking for the best office chair without wheels? If so, then this blog will be very helpful to you. There are many things to keep in mind when buying an office chair to make sure that you get the best chair. On the market, there are many office chair without wheels available in 2021.

Simply looking at one thing is not enough to buy a chair. In the end, you may buy a low-quality chair and spend your money in vain. In choosing an office chair, you should consider its build quality, height, and weight, the material used, pros and cons, etc.

Make sure to check all aspects of a chair you plan to buy so you can get the best deal. Today we will do a review of some best office chair that come without wheels. So you can find the best chair for yourself. You know all this you just have to read this full blog and at the end, you will find it yourself.

OFM ESS-9015 Bonded Leather Side Chair Sled Base in Black

Best Overall

OFM ESS-9015 Bonded Leather Side Chair Sled Base in Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH25.5 x 25 x 32.75 inches
ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight‎1 Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

OFM is the first office chair without wheels on our list. The price of this black color chair is just 85$, making it very affordable. Both the backrest and the seat of the chair are padded, so it is very comfortable to sit in. A padded seat and back make for a comfortable sitting experience.

The chair is made out of black leather, which is soft to the touch. The skin is not affected by leather, so there are no marks or scars left behind. Even without wearing anything on your legs, you can sit. Elbows are supported by the padded armrest.

Because they are padded, you get a softer place to rest your elbows and you won’t feel any pain in your arms. Heavyweights can be supported by the steel frame and legs. The chair just weighs 4 Lbs making it very easy to move or transport. Even small kids can move this chair into my problem.

OFM ESS-9015 Bonded Leather Side Chair Sled Base in Black

You can choose a chair in 2 variants- A leg base and a Sheld base. Both are safe but have little difference. In addition to being more stable, the shed base chair is also string. There are four pads on each leg. As a result, it does not scratch the floor and is also stable in its position.

4.6 stars are attributed to its incredible price and quality. The product quality is assured by the company, and they also provide a limited warranty. If you have any issues, you can contact them. Assembly may require 2 people, but ensure the assembly is done according to the instructions.


  • Gives a soft and comfortable sitting.
  • Have soft and much wider seats.
  • The chair is backed by warranty.
  • More stable and strong base.


  • The backrest is not much high.

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Boss Office Mesh Back Chair with in Charcoal Grey

Boss Office Mesh Back Chair with in Charcoal Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH24 x 24 x 39 inches
ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight2‎21 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs

The Boss Office chair is one of the products of the company. Six different colors are available for the chair – blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and green. Mesh chairs have very bright colors, as the material is mesh. People are attracted to this chair because of its design.

Mesh cushions and a mesh backrest are on this chair. Making the chair very breathable ensures that it will remain cool in the summer. This office chair will not make you sweat in summer because it does not get warm. A chair can be used for long periods of time.

The soft cushions in the seats give you a soft feeling as you sit down on this boss chair. You can also choose the chair in wheel variant if you want a wheel chair. As it comes with both wheels and without wheels. Unlike regular armrests, this one has a loop design to provide more support.

Additionally, armrests make it easy to work. For more stability and support, the chair has a U-shaped armrest. Floors of any type will not be scratched by the legs. A C-shaped backrest provides lower back support and prevents back pain. The chair can be assembled in less than ten minutes and takes only a few tools.

So if you don’t love the assembly chair then you will love it. The last thing about this chair is that the legs are Pewter finished which prevents the legs from corrosion. So that chair don’t get damage easily.


  • Has an ergonomic design.
  • Has a breathable back and seats.
  • Has inbuilt lumbar support.
  • Can bear heavyweight.


  • Armrests are not padded.
  • Can be hard to move.

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CangLong Mid Modern Century Chair with Wood Legs, White

CangLong Mid  Modern Century Chair with Wood Legs, White
Item Dimensions LxWxH22.1 x 22.1 x 36.25 inches
ArmrestsNo Armrests
MaterialWhite PP Cushion+Beech Wood Legs
Weight‎9.83 Lbs
Weight capacity265 Lbs

CangLong is a modern look office chair without wheels. A pack of 2 or 4 chairs or one chair can be purchased. The need and requirements will determine what you choose to do. Our highest-rated chair is 4.7 stars, with a rating of 4.7 stars. With its white upholstery and wooden legs, this chair has a modern look.

The seats and backs of the chair are designed so that the spine is supported properly. A chair that is ergonomically designed. There are soft cushions on the seats, so it is comfortable to sit in. After working for many hours on a chair, you can relax your body on the polypropylene backrest.

Besides being a dining chair, the chair can also be an office chair, a gaming chair, and even a dining chair. In addition to being a gaming chair, it’s not for hardcore gamers. The legs are made of strong wood, making the chair both stable and strong.

Weights of up to 265 pounds can be supported by the legs. It is, therefore, suitable for people of all ages to use this CangLong modern chair. Cleanup is simple with the chair. The chair can be assembled easily.

There is no need for additional knowledge. You will not encounter any issues if you follow the instruction manual step by step. Another good thing is that it dont take more than 10 minutes to assemble this whole chair.


  • Light weight and easy to move.
  • Much Strong and durable.
  • The seat cushion is very comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not have armrests.

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SPACE AirGrid Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat with Fixed Arms and Lumbar Support

SPACE AirGrid Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat with Fixed Arms and Lumbar Support
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎25.5 x 24.5 x 37.25 inches
ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight‎37 Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

SPACE AirGrid is the next office chair without wheels on our list. It has an AirGrid backrest, which allows it to be breathable. The chair allows air to pass through easily. In hot weather, this helps the temperature of the chai to remain comfortable and cool.

An 8-10 hour day of sitting in a chair should not be too uncomfortable. There are T-shaped armrests on the office chair. There may appear to be an adjustment on these armrests, but there is not one. Therefore, you cannot adjust them according to your needs.

However, they still provide proper support for the fingers and joints of the hand. Additionally, the chair has lumbar support to provide back support. The seats are padded with thick, soft leather and padded with thick padding, making it very comfortable.

As a result, your sitting experience will be soft. Since the chair is made of eco-friendly leather, if you love nature you will also enjoy this chair. Chairs with Sled bases tend to be more stable because of their weight distribution.

Working while worrying about the stability of the system is possible. In padded chairs, the legs ensure that there is no damage done to the floors. Additionally, the chair is Green Guard certified. Due to its weight of 37 pounds, the chair might be difficult to move. At this price range, the over the chair is a great deal.


  • Comes with sturdy back support.
  • Strong and comfy armrests.
  • Not leaves any damages on floor.


  • Bit heavy weight.

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Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Office Chair without Casters

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Office Chair without Casters
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.25 x 16.25 x 30 inches
ArmrestsNo Armrests
Weight‎14 Lbs
Weight capacity300 Lbs

The Flash Furniture chair is a comfortable office chair without wheels. The chairs have slatted seats and backs, which allows air to easily pass through them. Therefore, sitting on a chair for an extended period of time does not lead to the chair becoming warm.

Although the chair is made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about its durability. They are designed in such a way that they do not cause pain or pressure to the butts. Your sitting experience will be enhanced when you use the chair. A stylish design and look can be found in the chair.

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Office Chair without Casters

It is sure to please you. It is the first chair on our list that can be adjusted in height. The height of some chairs cannot be adjusted because they are fixed. According to your desk size, the office chair without wheels height can be adjusted from 16.25”H to 18.5”H.

A floor cap is attached to each leg of the chair, so it does not slip even on a smooth surface. Also makes the chair stable on uneven floors. With just 14 lbs, this Flash Furniture chair is light and easy to move. Its strong body allows it to bear 300 Lbs of weight easily. You can use it for both home and office use.


  • Comes at a very affordable price tag.
  • Promotes easy air circulation.
  • Dont makes a noise while moving the chair.
  • Simple to assemble.


  • Height is adjustable but not much.
  • Not have seat cushions.

DHP C013701 Black Mid Modern Chair with Molded Arms, Black

DHP C013701 Black Mid Modern Chair with Molded Arms, Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎23 x 24.5 x 31.5 inches
ArmrestsMolded Arms
Weight‎12.3  Lbs
Weight capacity200 Lbs

Let’s move on to the DHP C013701 Office chair without wheels. As shown in our list, this chair bit has a similar design to the CangLong chair. There are four bright colors available for this DHP chair. Therefore, you can choose your favorite color chair. The chair we use is comfortable to sit in.

The chair has a plastic back and seats where you can sit for many hours. Since it supports the whole body, you won’t feel tired when you’re using it. There appears to be plastic in the backrest and the seats. It is very easy to clean the chair. Both dry and wet cloths can be used to clean it.

Furthermore, the chair is not easily dirty. It does not have adjustable or padded armrests. The arms, however, are molded. The armrest makes working at a desk easier. While placing your arms over your elbows, you won’t feel any pain. You won’t get scratches on the edges of the chair because they are rounded.

It is an extremely affordable chair. The chair is therefore easily affordable for everyone. Solid and durable wood makes up the legs of the chair. 200 lbs can be carried on it. The chair’s lightweight design makes it easy to move.

The chair will be very useful for you if you have to move it around frequently in your room. Once the legs are attached to their upper body, you can assemble the figure. The chair also has some cons but still how much can be expected from 50$ chairs?


  • Very simple and easy to assemble.
  • The chair is backed by warrenty.
  • More stable and strong base.
  • Very affordable.


  • Can be uncomfy for back pain users.
  • Not have seat cushions.

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Devoko Executive Leather Office Chair with Armrest Ergonomic Lumber Support Chair (Black)

Devoko Executive Leather Office Chair with Armrest Ergonomic Lumber Support Chair (Black)
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎21 x 20.5 x 32.5 inches
ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Weight‎32  Lbs
Weight capacity250 Lbs

The Devoko chair is a comfortable office chair without wheels. 2 chairs are included in the package. The ergonomic design of the office chair without wheels makes it comfortable for the back. The ergonomic back will prevent you from experiencing lower back pain.

Resulting in comfortable seating. Seats are padded with soft leather, while the back is cushioned with a thick cushion. Comfortable seating is provided by the chair. While you work at your desk, you can sit on a chair comfortably for 8-10 hours.

Devoko Executive Leather Office Chair Features

Waterproof and durable, the chair lasts a long time. No matter how much it is used, it doesn’t tear easily. The chair has a sturdy metal frame that adds to its stability and strength. Steel pipe was used for the armrests, which provided arms with support and is very sturdy.

Since the armrests are not padded, you may feel a harness on your arms when you put them on the armrests. The Devoko chair will last a long time because of its strong body. There is a 17-inch height difference between the seat and the floor. Despite having rubber feet on all four legs, the chair is easy to move.

Additionally, the chair doesn’t scratch the wooden floor. Reviews on Amazon have been very positive for this chair. There are 400 reviews and 4.6 stars for this product. It has been reported that it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes by users.


  • Comes along instructions mannual.
  • Made up of high-quality PU leather.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Strong and High durability.


  • Armrests are not padded.

Bseack Swivel Chair with Adjustable Armrest and ergonomic Backrest (Color Brown)

Bseack Swivel  Chair with Adjustable Armrest and ergonomic Backrest (Color Brown)
Item Dimensions LxWxH56 x 46 x 93cm
ArmrestsMolded Arms
Weight‎26.5  Lbs
Weight capacity200 Lbs

If you are looking for an office chair without wheels that can bear heavyweight. Then this chair is made for you. This chair’s body and frame are strong enough to support 440 pounds of weight. It is the chair with the highest weight capacity on our list.

The chair comes in 7 different color options from which you can choose your favorite. To provide a premium sitting experience, it has a mesh back and sponges soft cushion. The mesh back of the chair allows air to circulate properly. The mesh back is very easy to clean, elastic than other materials.

Bseack office chair Breathable Mesh

The soft sponge seats are comfortable and reduce pressure by distributing pressure over the seats. It will not cause pain in your buttocks or hips. With the chair, there is an armrest. You can place your elbows here for support. An armrest on a chair makes it easier for you to work at a desk.

They can be folded under the desk by simply moving the armrests up 90 degrees. The mesh on the seats of this chair allows it to breathe, which is why it’s so comfortable. As a result of its breathability, it becomes comfortable even on summer days. We have 19-inch wide seats to make sitting more comfortable.

If you have a defective chair or don’t like the chair, you can contact them within 30 days of purchase. Gaming chairs are also suitable for use as chairs. But the chair cost a bit higher than another chair on our list. But the features it delivers are also premium. Because of its high price and no rating we put it in the last of our list.


  • Has waterfall line design seats.
  • Much breathable and doesn’t cause a sweating problem.
  • Has flip-up armrests.
  • Cool and modern look.
  • Has LegPads to prevent slipping.


  • Much Overpriced.

What are the benifits of office chair without wheels?


Having a chair with no wheels has a number of advantages, including being cheaper. You’re right, that’s right. Chairs without wheels are less expensive than those with wheels. So if you just want a comfortable office chair at a budget price then you should always go with chairs that don’t have wheels. As you can get the best deal for your price.

If dont want scratches

Having wheels on an office chair can leave scratches, marks, and even damage the floor. This is especially true on wooden floors. Not all wheels scratch, but you might get scratches if you buy a cheap chair or if they have low-quality casters. Those chairs have major advantages over chairs with casters since they do not suffer from scratches. But make sure that the office chair has leg pads on it.


The office chairs that dont have wheels are generally easy to assemble. As you just have to joint their legs with the upper body of the chair. But casters chairs are but hard to assemble and takes much more time in assembly. As joining wheels and then lower part with the upper body is hard in casters chairs. So if you dont like assembly then you will surely like these chairs.


Office chairs without wheels are much more stable than chairs with casters. Sometimes caster’s chairs move from their casters and create a problem for users sitting on them. But other chairs dont moves from their place easily so you can do your work properly. If you want to buy a casters chair then make sure the chair has rubber or leather casters or has locked in the wheels.

What are the benifits of office chair without wheels?


The casters chairs are very to move as they have casters in them. So you will not find it difficult in moving the chair within your room or office. Moreover, if you use more than 1 monitor at the same time then it will really benefit you. So if you think you have to move your chair frequently then always go to the caster’s chair.

Adjustable height

The chairs that don’t have casters also don’t have an adjustable height. There is also one adjustable height chair on our list. So you will not be able to adjust your chair height according to your desk size. And may find a problem while working on your desk due to the lower or higher height of the desk from your office chair. But the problem is not with the casters chair so it allows you to adjust the height according to your need.


Like adjustable height, it same applies with swivel. Without wheels chairs generally don’t have swivel chairs. But caster’s chairs have mostly swivel. So you can rotate the chair 360 degrees and enable dynamic movement in the chair. It is really helpful for office users to have 360 degrees swivel.


So today we try to review the best office chair without wheels. Make sure that you know if you want one with or without casters before buying. In addition, which chair you should watch depends on your needs and your budget. It is important to read the entire blog so that you can choose the best chair for yourself.

This is by far the best chair on our list, the OFM ESS-9015. The chair is extremely comfortable and has a budget price tag. If you don’t have much money to spend, you could buy that chair. Please leave a like in the comment box if this blog has been helpful to you. We will meet you in the next blog till then take care.

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