[Easy Guide] How to fix an office chair leaning to one side?

Does your office chair leaning to one side only? As someone who has also experienced this issue, I realize how annoying it will be. Having this problem with an office chair is one of the most annoying things that can happen. Often people will buy a new chair rather than fix the problem.

Repairing this kind of chair is viewed as a difficult task. However, this is incorrect. As an easy task and a way to save hundreds of dollars, you should always fix office chairs that lean to one side. By using only the chair without fixing it, you compromise your comfort, and this should never be done.

Fixing that chair that is having this issue is an easy task that can be done at home. Also, all of the tools required to solve this problem are typically found in your home so this does not require special equipment.

In case you don’t have these tools you still have not to worry as these tools are easily available in both market and Online. You can also buy them from Amazon by clicking on this link. These types of defective chairs also cause pain in the back and legs as you don’t have the option to adjust your back too.

But you don’t need to worry as today we will tell you easy ways to fix an office chair leaning to one side of the home. You just have to follow our instructions step by step.

Things that you will need to Fix this problem-

In order to fix this problem, you will have to do many things. It’s easy to find all of these things on the market. The following items are listed below:

Tools needed to fix office chair leaning to one side problem

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Check the Casters

The first thing that causes this problem is uneven or defective casters. As most chairs with plastic casters have low quality, this problem often occurs. Therefore, they are prone to damage and bending. Casters are the most common cause of caster-related problems, so they’re easy to fix.

You should check whether the casters are even or not on some low-quality chairs before replacing them. If they are not even, then you need to replace them with the needed ones. As well, if your casters are damaged, you must replace them.

Replace casters of a office chair

However, you should make sure that the caster fits into the caster space you have. Otherwise, you will have to return them. Most of the time if your casters are broken then it means whether they are of low quality or you are putting too much weight on the chair so make sure not to repeat the mistake and use the chair according to the weight light of chairs as they are made to tolerate a certain weight.

How to take out the casters?

Now, this thing depends on your casters. It is possible to remove the casters with your hands and to remove a screen using a screen driver if your casters are screwed. It will then be easy for you to remove the caster. In order to loosen stuck casters, you can use oil, WD-40, or even green on the socket. It is very easy to remove the casters from the sockets and place them back in the sockets.

Check the Seat Plate

Seat Plate is another thing that can be responsible for your office chair leaning to one side. A seat plate is located just below the seats, so turning over the chair is the first step in replacing or repairing it. Below we will tell you what you need to do when your seat plate breaks.

Repair the seat plate

You can repair the seat plate if you found that it is broken or has big crakes. But I will not recommend you to repair the seat plate reason is that it is not easy to repair it and requires skill in welding.

Yes you heard right you have to do welding to repair it as the seat place is made of steel so you cannot just join it through any time of the gun as it will just break after some time again. Moreover, you will have to buy a welting machine or has to take it outside to that person who does welting.

It’s a hard and time-consuming task. Even after you repair it we can say fro how to look will it work or will it work problem. So the best thing we will suggest you follow our second option.

Replace the seat plate with new one

This is the easiest way to repair an office chair if its seat plate is broken is by replacing the old seat place with the new one. You can buy a new seat plate from both online or office stores. To replace the plate you just have to follow the below steps.

  • First, make sure you have a hammer and screwdriver as you will need both of them. If you have then you can proceed with the below steps.
  • First, you have to open all screws of the seat plate with the use of a screwdriver.
  • After you remove the screw the plate will easily come out from the seat side. But you also have to remove the base from the seat plate as it will also be attached to the plate.
  • You can remove the base from the plate by hand or if your base is struck then you can also use a hammer to remove it.
  • Also, make sure that no screw is lost or you will have to find the new screw.
  • After removing the old plate you can just put the new plate.
  • Now just reverse the above-given steps like attaching the new seat plate will the seats and also the base with the plate.
  • If any screw is lost then make sure not to leave the screw. Just get another screw and attach it. As it can cause different problems.
  • Also, you can put grease or oil on the joints of the base and plate as it will also save the chair from rusting.
  • Then put the chair again straight and check the chair performance. These steps will surely solve the problem of the office chair leaning to one side.
  • Also make sure that you have attached the cylinder, adjustable lever, and tilt knob properly and do these steps carefully or you have ended you causing more problems to the chair.


There is no doubt that an office chair leaning to one side is a very big problem. But the good thing is that it can be corrected at home too. So you don’t need to go to someone to repair your chair.

It is better to stay with these kinds of problems rather than just leaving the office chair, as it will save you money in the long run. It makes no sense to not repair something if it can be fixed. In today’s article, we will tell you how to fix the office chair leaning to one side.

Hopefully, this blog will assist you in repairing your chair without any issues as well. If you find this blog useful, please share it with your friends and help them to solve their problems as well.

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