{2022} How to clean office chair smell in Just 10 Steps

How to clean office chair smell: Bad smell from the chair is a major problem. If your chair smells, there are many reasons for it. This is also an embarrassment. This smell doesn’t go out easily from the chair. Instead of fixing the problem, most people buy new office chairs.

Some people believe that this problem will never be solved. If you are also one of those people, you are mistaken. The problem can be fixed, and you can even do it at home by following some simple steps.

There are not only cheap chairs that suffer from this problem but also many very expensive chairs. And if this problem is fixable, why do you need to spend money on buying a new chair? Basically, today we will tell you how you can fix this problem easily?

Are you ready to know these tips? If yes then let’s get started and make sure to read the full blog of How to clean office chair smell without skipping.

What are the reasons for the chair smells bad?

There can be many reasons for the bad smell of your chair. And they can be both natural and unnatural reasons. But we will tell you 3 main reason that is responsible if your chair smells bad. These reasons are Fungi, bacteria, or can be because of chemicals. Below we will explain them briefly so you can understand them well.


Fungi is one of the most common causes of bad smells emanating from office chairs. The fungi problem mostly affects fabric and mesh chairs since they aren’t waterproof.

You can get this effect when you accidentally spill water or any other liquid on your mesh or fabric chair. It is for this reason that mesh and fabric chairs should not be cleaned with water. Let’s now get down to business.

fungi grown on office chair

Therefore, when the chair absorbs water, sometimes fungi and molds begin to grow within the chair due to water and moisture. After some time, when they have grown, the chair will start to smell bad, and the smell won’t go away even after it is cleaned with a dry cloth.

So from now make sure not to use water or wet cloth to clean those chairs which are not waterproof.


It is also possible for bacteria to be responsible for the bad smell coming from your chair. You can transfer bacteria from food, liquid, and sweat to a chair when you sit there while sweating or if you drop food or liquid on the chair. Occasionally, the chair absorbs bacteria as well. Which causes a very bad smell from the chair.


In your chair, there are many types of chemicals used. Chemicals such as these have a very unpleasant smell. Usually, leather chairs, faux leather chairs, and PU leather chairs have chemical problems.

Nevertheless, it does not mean it cannot happen in mesh and fabric chairs as well. The same can happen with your fabrics and mesh if you have been using excess chemicals on them.

Many office chairs are labeled as containing dangerous chemicals, and you’ll even find the labels on some of them. When this is the cause of the smell problem, removing the smell can be a challenging task. The task is challenging but not impossible.

It happens so often that the chair will solve the problem without doing anything. If your chair smells when it was delivered to you then use if chemicals are the problem of bad smell.

Check the chair Tag First

Before implementing any of our steps make sure to check the tag which is given befinds the chair. If you cannot find a tag, then you can refer to the instruction manual. Here are instructions on how to care for the chair.

You may damage the chair if you do not read them before you begin. In some chairs, the instructions state not to clean the chair with certain materials, such as water. You may end up damaging the chair if you use water to clean it.

Some chairs come with special instructions that they can only be dry cleaned, so you need to clean them with dry cleaning. When you have a W written on your tag, you can use water for cleaning, and when you have an S, you can use solvents for cleaning, like water, Acetic acid, and Ethanol, etc.

As well as that, there are other tags like X, which means the chair must be cleaned by a professional and you can not clean it by yourself, and lastly, C, which means you must carefully clean the chair as the fabric can easily be damaged. When you have X or C tags on your chair, we suggest not following our steps below. As it can be risky for your chair.

How to clean office chair smell?

Baking Soda

baking soda

Among the things you can use to get rid of a bad odor from your chair is baking soda. Since baking soda can be used for so many different tasks, it is a multi-tasker. Because of this, baking soda is such an amazing substance.

Using it to clean the chair can also eliminate the smell. Essentially, you have to know before you begin that it can only be used in cases where the problem is caused by fungus or bacteria. As long as the problem is caused by chemicals, baking soda will not solve it.

Therefore, if the problem results from bacteria or fungus, follow these steps. Bacteria and fungi are killed by baking powder. It is important to know you will need a powerful vacuum and a lot of baking soda.

You can also use a duster if you don’t have a vacuum, but it will be difficult if you don’t have one. You can provide the following steps if you have both of these things.

  • First, take the baking powder and sprinkle it over the office chair.
  • Make sure to sprinkle it over the chair properly.
  • After you have sprinkled it, rub the chair gently with any cloth.
  • Make sure to use a dry cloth.
  • After you have rubbed the chair, leave the chair for a while.
  • After that, just use a vacuum and clean all the baking powder from the chair.
  • If you don’t have a vacuum then remove the baking powder with the help of a duster or any other thing you have. (it will take much time to clean the baking powder with the distress that is why we have recommended using a vacuum)

After that, you will note that the odor from the office chair is gone. Or if the order has not gone completely then just again follow the steps to remove it completely from the chair. We have also talk about this method in Our, How to clean a gaming chair smell.


Vinegar is acidic in nature and is one of the best things that you can use to remove a bad smell from the chair. The vinegar easily kills the bacteria as it is acidic in nature. But before you are going to use the vinegar you need to know some important things like-

  • Make sure to check the chair whether the chair material is suitable for vinegar or not. If your material fabric or leather dont suit vinegar then you may end up damaging your chair.
  • The second dont just pour the vinegar on your chair. Vinegar is very strong and thus it can damage your chair easily. Always mix the vinegar with the water then only use it. Use vinegar equally you use water.
  • The best way will be to fill water and vinegar into a spray bottle rather and then put it in a bowl. It will make your task easy and fast.
vineger  bottle
  • vineger
  • Simply spray the vinegar on the chair and wipe it clean with a dry or wet cloth. After a few hours, the smell will disappear from the chair. You might be thinking that since vinegar is used to clean the chair, the chair will not smell vinegar?

    So, yes, I would say yes. It will, but don’t be alarmed, as the vinegar smell will subside after a few hours. In addition, the vinegar smell will not be overwhelming, so it will also not make us feel bad.

    This step will surely help you out. If the smell is not gone completely just repeat the steps. But make sure to mix the vinegar properly before using it in the or the chair can tear or wear.

    Just Leave the Chair in the Sun

    If you want to remove the smell from the chair, this is the easiest and cheapest method. The sun is the most abundant source of energy and it is free! All you need to do is place the chair in an area where direct sun rays can reach it.

    The best time to do it is on a sunny day. Of course, it’s a thing that is not needed to say. It’s only a matter of leaving it on the chair for about 5-6 hours.

    Direct sunlight will reduce the smell of the chair when it is exposed to the direct rays of the sun the only chairs made from mesh or vinyl should follow these steps. Fabric or leather chairs can be damaged by the sun or shrink. Sunlight can even cause crakes to grow on leather chairs.

    Just Put the chair in air

    Another natural way to remove the odors from the chair is to keep the chair in the open for few hours or the whole day. The dry, hot, windy weather will reduce or remove the smell from the chair. This thing shows the nature always helps us.

    If you cannot put the chair outside due to bad weather then you can just put the chair near the window where the wind and light can come easily. You can even use the fan in front of the chair. It will also help out.

    Detergent Powder

    Alternatively, you can use detergent to clean the chair. The soap should be mixed with the water, and then the fixture should be placed into the cloth or duster. Once the chair has been cleaned, use a cloth or duster soaked in the detergent mixture to scrub it.

    If necessary, leave the chair out overnight or for a few hours to dry completely. Once you have cleaned the chair, make sure the detergent is gone. You will see that the smell from the chair has gone.

    But like vinegar, you cannot use this method on all office chairs. Make sure to search about the material your chair is made up of or you may end up damaging your chair material.

    Vodka Spray

    Vodka is very similar to alcohol. In Vodka, around 40% of alcohol content is found. Vodka is great for deodorizing both fabric and leather upholstery.

    Vodka can kill easily germs, mold, bacteria, and mildew from the surfaces of different upholstery. It can also remove the Stain from the upholstery easily.

    Just fill Vodka in a spray bottle and fill some water with the vodka too. It is best to spray on the surface rather than drop vodka on the surface. Just spray the vodka on the chair and leave it to dry.

    The vodka will evaporate due to its nature and the smell from the chair will go away too. However, before spraying the Vodka on the whole chair at once, make sure to spray it in a small area to test the effect of the Vodka on the chair. 

    Use Wet Vacuum Method

    Using Wet Vacuum Method can be helpful in both cleaning and removing the smell from both office chair and Gaming Chair.

    To perform this method first you need to clean your office chair with a mixture of soup and water. Make sure to Scrub down all places on the chair that comes with the content of the user’s body while sitting on the chair.

    Now Take your vacuum and switch it on. Then move your vacuum all over the chair. Make sure that the vacuum should be powerful so that it can suck all the dirt and odor from the chair.

    You need to perform this step more than once to remove the dirt and smell properly. You can also put the chair in the sun and air to dry the chair fast.

    Use cleaning sprays 

    In the Market, different Cleaning sprays are available. You can buy cleaning sprays according to your chair upholstery. After buying any of them just spray them on your chair. Then use a towel or paper to wipe the chair.

    Soap and Water Can Help a Lot

    Using Soap and Water is a great idea when you are sure that your chair will not get damaged by Soap and Water. However, this method cannot be used in all types of chairs.

    Take some water in a bucket and put some soap in the water to make soup water. Now just take a towel or piece of cloth and put it in the water.

    After the cloth is soaked in the water then just wipe the whole chair. The upholstery and cushion of the chair will absorb the soap water.

    And when you will press the chair, the water from the upholstery and cushion will come out. All the dirt and odor will come out from the chair this way. After that use a dry towel to absorb all the eater from the chair.

    Then leave the chair to dry out. Some chairs may take a few days to dry out. But after they are dry out, you will not smell from the chair.

    Buy a New Chair

    Nothing work? Still, bad smell coming from the chair? Then the last thing that you can do is to buy a new chair. If your office chair is old and you think that the chair’s comfort and durability as reduced.

    Then it’s the best time to buy a new office chair or gaming chair. The new chair will not smell bad and the comfort and ergonomics of the chair will become new too. 

    How to get rid of stains or spots on an Office chair?

    If your chair is smelling then it can be due to stains or spots on an Office chair. So you need to clean these stains and spots to get rid of the smell. Different ways to clean an office chair strains or spots-

    Use Soap and water

    To perform this step you need to put some soap into the warm water. It depends on you whether you put the water into a bowl or a spray bottle.

    If you have put water into a bowl then dip a cloth into the water and then wipe the area in which strain is present. Or if you are using spray then spray the soap water over the strain area and then use a wipe it. 

    Keep in mind that dont soak the cloth with water too much as while cleaning the water can get into the cushion which can damage it. 

    Rub alcohol or vinegar

    Both alcohol and vinegar are very helpful in removing any strains from the chair upholstery. Just put some water in the alcohol or vinegar and then spray it over the strain.

    The strain will get dissolve in the alcohol or vinegar. Both alcohol and vinegar are very helpful in removing strong strains from the chair upholstery.

    How to prevent your chair from giving Bad Smell?

    Today we will also tell you ways that you can follow if you dont want your chair to smell bad. If you follow these things then you will prevent this problem and you dont have to spend your money and time to get rid of bad odor problems.

    It is another thing if it is because of chemicals. But if it is because of fungi or bacteria then you can follow our steps to prevent your chair from getting a bad smell.

    Keep the chair in Dry place

    Keeping your chair in a humid or wet environment is the best thing that you can do. In a humid environment, fungi and bacteria are more likely to grow on your chair. Humidity provides bacteria and fungi with the best conditions for growth.

    When your chair does not get contaminated with bacteria or fungi, it will no longer smell bad. Your office chair will not only be protected from bad odors but will also be prevented from rusting. As a result, your chair will stay strong for many years. You can dehumidify your home and office using the following methods.

    Maintain hygine

    Maintaining hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent the chair from smelling. When you are sitting in a chair and trying to prevent or eat or drink carefully. This way, the chair will not get contaminated with bacteria from spills or food.

    In addition, before taking a seat on a chair, make sure you clean your sweat. You can also use the FAN or AC when you are using the chair on hot days. Your sweating will be reduced. It is believed that sweat is one of the main causes of the bad smell coming from the chair.

    Also, don’t touch the chair with wet hands and also don’t put any wet cloth on the chair. This point is one of the most effective ways to avoid a bad smell emanating from the chair.

    Clean the office chair regularly

    One way to prevent this problem is to clean your office chair regularly. As long as the chair remains clean, you won’t have any bacteria or fungi growing in it. Before cleaning any chair you need to know that different office chairs required different ways to clean them.

    As the chairs are made up of different materials like leather, mesh, fabric, and faux. So before clearing do some research about these materials and maintains a guide. It will be better for your office chair’s health too.

    How to clean office chair smell

    Why it is important to remove fungi and bacteria from an Office chair?

    Fungi and bacteria not just make using a chair hard because of that bad smell but also can have a bad effect on the health of a user. 

    According to the Study, fungi and bacteria can produce allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins which are harmful to health, especially for people who have allergies to them. They can also cause different types of health problems like-

    To save from these problems, it is very important to remove fungi and bacteria from an Office chair before they grow even more. Just follow the above steps that we have to tell below to remove fungi and bacteria from your chair.

    Conclusion – How to clean office chair smell?

    So if you are facing a bad smell problem and are looking for How to clean office chair smell? If so, then this blog will be of great help to you. It is true that bad odor from the office chair is a big issue, but it can be fixed.

    The chair could be adjusted to fit the problem rather than being replaced. The question of whether to buy a new chair is irrelevant if the problem can be fixed. Cleaning an office chair is as simple as following the above steps. Each step is straightforward.

    In addition, all the things you will need to clean the chair are readily available in the market. Moreover, these things don’t cost much, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. SO if your chair is also giving a bad odor then dont compromise not just fix this issue.

    Hope this blog will be very useful for you if it is then share it with your friend who is also searching How to clean office chair smell? So that he can also get rid of this problem. 

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