How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? Are you also searching for this on the internet? If yes then no doubt your armrests are also broken.

Armrests are the main part of chairs ergonomic. It gives support to arms and elbows and makes it easy to work on desks. But most of the time they are not much strong as they are made up of plastic.

The situation can be worse if your chair is of low quality. They can break easily if you put your elbows on them for a long time.

That is why today I will tell you how you can fix your armrests easily if they are broken. So make sure to read the Blog till the end.

Things you will need to Fix Broken Office Chair Arms by First way

You will need the below things for the first method that we will tell you. The best thing about this is that you will not have a problem finding these things. You can buy them both offline and online store. List of these things are-

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms?

Step 1-Disassembling

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways

The first thing we will do is Disassembling the armrest which is broken and needs to fix. So for Disassembling you will need a screwdriver. Choose the screwdriver according to your bolts.

As I previously said there are 2 types of armrests- Rectangular and T shape. So Rectangular will be attached to the seat only but T shape armrests can attach to both the seat and backrest.

So you just have to locate the bolts and then remove them with the help of a screwdriver. Make sure to remove them carefully. SO that you don’t give more damage to the armrests.

Also, make sure no piece from the armrests is broken as it will create difficulty for repairing the armrests. After removing the bolts from the armrest put the bolts in a place and make sure no bolts are lost.

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Step 2-Cleaning

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways

After you have detached the armrest from the chair the second step you have to do is cleaning if armrests. So that no dust is left on the armrests as if the dust or grease is left on the arms it then the glue will not attach armrests properly and the armrests will break again.

You can use both dry and wet cloth for cleaning if chair. But clean the chair carefully so that no more damage is given to the armrest.

Step 3-Gluing

So in the 3rd step, we will fix the armrests with the help of glue. Before following these steps make sure the armrest is dry and clean. Read the 2nd step for more information. Now first put the Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy equally in a Cup.

Then mix them properly and make sure to use them equally. After you mix them for a while it will become a bit hard. After it becomes hard apply the mixture with the help of a wooden stick or earbuds on the crack and broken part properly.

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways
Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy mixing

After that press that part properly for some time so that it sticks together properly. Now you can press the armrests with your hand or tie them with the help of rope. Leave it for at least for 30 minutes.

After that remove the excess mixture from the crack part before it is dried fully as it will make the armrest look bad.

Leave the armrests for a full day like that. And don’t move the armrests as they can break or move from their place easily. After it is dried fully then follow the 4th step.

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Step 4-Assemble

After you have done the 3rd step then we will proceed to the 4th step, assemble. In this step, we will attach the armrests to the chair. Before doing this step make sure that the armrests are attached properly.

And while doing this step doesn’t put much pressure on the armrests. Then you just have to reverse the 1st step we tell you. Like attach the armrests with the chair and screw all the bolts properly.

Make sure you have aligned the area of the bolt with bolts properly. Dont leave any bolts as it can unstable the armrests. Also, it can cause damage to the armrests. So do this step carefully. After that, you are ready to go.

Things you will need to fix the armrests by 2nd way

You can so fix the chair armrest with this 2nd method. It is a bit the same as the first way but a bit different. So things you will need for this method are-

  • Screwdrivers
  • Metal Coat Hanger or Aluminium wire.
  • Drill machine.
  • Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy or Glue
  • Pliers

Step 1-Disassembling

Just Disassembling the armrests like we had done previously in 1st part. After doing it just follow another step.

Step 2-Make staples

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways
2 piece of staples

After that, we will first create staples. To make staples take an old hanger or steel wire and bend them with the help of Pliers and make 2 staples by them. The staple’s length should between 25-30 cm.

And then cut them of proper length with the help of pliers. Make sure not to leave any excess part of the staples as it can hurt you. And then apply epoxy over them to join them with each other properly. 

Step 3-Drill Holes

Now drill 4 holes on both sides of the crack and broker armrests with the help of a drill machine. The holes should not be wider than staples diameter. Or the staples will get loose with will create problems.

Step 4-Put Epoxy on armrest

Now put some epoxy on the broken part as we do it in 3rd step. So that broken armrests part can attach together. Apply this epoxy over the staples and the broken part of that the staples can get join properly with the armrests.

It will also make the staples more strong. And your staples wont move from its place due to it.

Step 5-Put staples on holes

How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? 2 Simple ways

Now put both staples on the all holes of both pieces of armrests. Also, put epoxy about both staples. This will attach the armrests even stronger. And the armrests will not break for a long time.

You can even take the help of a rope to tight the armrest. And leave it for at least 12 hours. Dont move it in this time period as because of the movement the cracks on appear on the arms or the staples can also move from their place.

Step 6-Cleaning

Now clean the excess epoxy from the armrests before it is dried fully and becomes strong. Also, cut the excess wire with the help of Plyier. As it can hurt your elbows when you will be placing them on it.

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Step 7-Assemble

To assemble just reverse the Disassembling part as we do it in the first part. The armrests will become even much stronger than before and you can also repeat this step if it is broken again. And you won’t have to spend money on buying a new chair.

Why It is important to fix a broken Armrest?

Armrests are an important part of a chair. The armrests do not just keep the user’s arm supported throughout the sitting but it also promotes ergonomics.

When doing work on the desk, a user needs a place to put his elbows for support. And the armrests act as that support. You can place your arms over the armrests and it will keep them supported throughout the sitting.

They also reduce the falling pressure from the elbows and shoulders, which is why they are an important part of chair ergonomic features. Moreover sitting on a chair that has broken armrests is also not safe for the user as it can also hurt the user’s back and arms.

Broken armrests can also damage the upholstery of an office chair. Due to this, you have to replace your office chair.

How much does it cost to buy the office chair armrest?

Replacing the office chair armrests don’t cost expensive, as it just takes between 20-50 dollars to replace armrests. It is the same amount that cost to replace office chair casters.

The new armrests can be easily bought from amazon or any other store. However, some expensive brands of chairs’ armrests cost more if the armrests are well padded with expensive cushions.

But keep in mind to buy the right size and type armrests according to the chair that you have.


So today we tell you the way for How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? These are the best ways to fix office chairs’ armrests. You can also fix gaming chairs’ armrests this way. So from now fix the armrest rather than throwing your chair just because of a small problem.

It will save you hundreds of dollars. But make sure to follow the steps carefully as you may end up giving more damage than before. And while using Epoxy, and other tools be careful as you can hurt yourself from them And if you are children then ask your parent to do it rather than doing it yourself.

It will be best for you. So hope this How To Fix Broken Office Chair Arms? blog will be useful for you if it is even a bit sure full for you then make sure to share it with your friends and help them to solve their problems too.

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