What does the knob under my chair do? 6 Type of knob

If you have bought an adjustable features chair then you will see many knobs under the seat. The more adjustable your chair is, the more knobs you will find. You may be thinking what does the knob under my chair do? 

There are too many knobs on this knob, so it can be confusing. All of these knobs serve different purposes and are very important. The number of knobs on each office chair varies. It was also when I bought the first office chair that I discovered various types of these knobs.

My confusion had also been caused by them. My experience with these items lets me know what they are made for as well as their uses. This blog will tell you what each type of knob on an office chair has to do with and how they are used.

This will allow you to adjust the chair according to your needs and sit comfortably on your office chair. With the help of these knobs, you can easily adjust your chair’s height, backrest, seat, etc.

Additionally, we will explain their benefits and how they can be used. And also where you will found them. So to know What does the knob under my chair do? Make sure to read this blog from top to end. 

Quick Answer

So What does the knob under my chair do? Knobs under the chair seat are used to do different works like adjustability of the back height, seat height and depth, tilt, and Syno. Below we will discuss it more deeply and how you can use them to make your chair more comfortable by using the properly.

Different Types Of Knobs Under A Chair

Generally, you will find six types of knobs under your chair. The knobs on some of these chairs are basic and you’ll usually find them on an office chair. However, there are also a few knobs that are only available on high-end chairs.

Their adjustable features make them an excellent choice. Also, the location and mechanics of these knobs can be a bit different than we will tell you in this blog as chairs have different designs and shapes. There are usually just 2-3 knobs on most budget and cheap office chairs. There is nothing complicated or difficult about it.  

what does the knob under my chair do? Different types of knob

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Height Adjustment knob

 It is the basic knob you will find on an office chair to adjust the height. You can also find this knob on gaming chairs. Any chair whose height is adjustable comes with this knob. Under the chair, you will find this knob.

It is also known as the Height Adjustment Pneumatic Lever. Most of the time, it has a lever-like shape. Therefore, it is easy to locate. The chair height can be adjusted with this knob. By just pulling the adjustment lever up and down, you can adjust the seat of an office chair.

Most of the time, you can sit on the chair to access the chair. It’s also important to know that you have to stand up to raise the chair. Without standing up, you cannot move the chair up by moving the chair.

Whenever you adjust the seat height you will be able to stand up if the lever is on these chairs. The lever is attached to a gas lift cylinder, which raises the seat when the lever is pressed.   Adjusting the chair seat at right height can reduce leg circulation cutting problem.

What does the knob under my chair do?


Height adjustment makes the chair best for users for whom the chair is short or tall. It’s possible to adjust the chair height based on your preferences. You will feel uncomfortable if your chair is too high since your feet will not touch the floor, so much pressure will fall on your feet.

You can then lower the chair height to make your feet touch the ground. This will allow you to sit comfortably on a chair for a long time.  

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Tilt Tension Knob

You will love knowing about Tilt Tension Knob if you wish to tilt your backrest. Round knobs are found beneath the chair seat and have a round shape. With this knob, you can control the tilting.

Weight and body size have an effect on tilting back. If your weight is low, then you have to rotate the knob clockwise as it will allow the back to tilt back when less pressure is applied to your back.

If you are heavyweight then your knob should be tilted as otherwise, your back will tilt back automatically when you sit on the chair. To make it tight to you, just move it anticlockwise. You will find its features in both cheap and expensive office chairs.

As it has a round shape, you will not have a problem locating it. With pliers or both hands, you can rotate it. Keep it from being pulled too hard, however. It is also important to know the difference between tilting and reclining.  

What does the knob under my chair do?
Tilt Tension Knob


You can easily tilt the backrest and can rest your body after being tired from work. Also do it will give more support and comfort to your back. So you will not feel tired after long work.

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Seat adjustament knob

Just near the seat is the knob for adjusting the seat. Office chairs with this feature are usually quite expensive or on the expensive side. Sitting in your office chair, you can easily reach this knob.

Likewise, if the knob is rotated anticlockwise, then your seat will rise from the front. In addition, if you turn it clockwise, then the seat will rise from the back. As a whole, it’s a very easy feature to use.


The seat adjustment knob helps the user sit in good posture for long hours. By adjusting your seat angle, you can also reduce pressure on your hips and buttocks, especially your hips. So you will feel no pain in your hip areas and blood will flow on your hips properly.

Back Height Adjustment knob

This is another feature that is only available in high-end office chairs. You may even have never seen these features in an office chair. The knob is also available in the form of a lever. Do not be confused if you cannot locate any knobs.

Once the knob is released, you can move the backrest up or down as you like. Don’t forget to tighten the knob after you’ve done it. Move the lever down, adjust your backrest position, and then move the lever back to its original position if you have one. That’s it. You’re done.

What does the knob under my chair do?


The backrest of an office chair is very important. After all, it gave support to the back. In this case, you will not get enough support from the backrest if your back is low or high. When your back cannot be adjusted, you cannot do anything.

If the backrest is adjustable, you can set it to the height that provides the most support for your back. As well as reducing back pain, it will improve your posture. Therefore, it will be possible to sit for long periods of time in the same position.

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Backrest Recline knob

First, we had told you about the tilt tension knob. While the majority of office chairs have tilting backrests, some also feature reclining backrests. In this case, if your chair has this backrest, you will also find a knob under the seat that you can use to recline the backrest.

The knob is mostly shaped like a lever. You can recline the backrest at different angles by pulling the lever. The backrest can be positioned between 90 and 180 degrees.

You can find this feature in both inexpensive and expensive chairs. If your chair has a recline lock, you can even lock the back at different angles to achieve the most comfortable position.

What does the knob under my chair do?


You can get the best comfy position for different works like working, watching, and resting. You can easily tilt the backrest at 180 degrees and relax. It will also help to reduce back pain and give more support to your back.

Synchro Tilt Knob (2-to-1) :

Wondering what is a Synchro-Tilt Knob and what does it do? Don’t worry I will tell you. If your chair has a Synchro-Tilt Knob then you will get a lever just below the seat angle knob.

You just have to pull the lever downward and by doing this your seat will move upwards. After it is moving upward, the seat will be in free mode. Like you can now move the chair right or left easily.

The amazing thing about it is that your backrest will also move with the seat. So you will get support for both your back and seat. You can understand it more by watching this video. This feature is available in just a few office chairs.

Conclusion- What does the knob under my chair do?

So in this article, we answer your question What does the knob under my chair do? So now you know how many knobs and office chairs have and what they are used for. Most chairs do not have all of these knobs unless they are very expensive.

Use these knobs to get the most comfort from your office chair. As you have bought an office chair for comfort. Also if you are going to buy a new office chair, check which knob that chair has as you can take the idea of the features of that chair from the knob easily.

Also, make sure not to miss any part of this blog as you will find amazing information in every paragraph of this post. And if you like this blog then make sure to share it with your friends and help them to gain new and amazing knowledge.

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