Office Chair Casters keep falling out? 3 Ways to fix them

Casters are an essential part of an office chair as it makes it easy to move the chair. This feature is best for those users who roll their chairs very much in their room. But sometimes, the casters keep falling out when we move the office chair.

So why do Office Chair Casters keep falling out? The loose and damaged socket is the main reason that the casters of the chair keep falling out. This can be fixed either by replacing the socket or by putting rubber or cloth in the socket to tighten it if the socket is loose.

But don’t worry as today we will tell you some reasons for this problem. Also, we will notify you of some easy ways you can fix this at home. And don’t use that chair which is going through this reason without finding the problem as it can even damage your office chair more.

IF you were thinking of throwing your chair just because of these reasons, then you need to change your mind as these methods will surely solve your problem. But make sure to read the blog till the end without missing any part.

Why do office chair wheel keeps falling off?

No doubt that when the wheels of an office chair fall off it creates big problems. If your chair wheels are also falling off then there can be 2 main reasons for it. The first reason for it is Loose Pin.

If you will see your casters you will find out that these casters are attached to the socket through a metal pin.

This metal pin keeps the casters attached to the socket. Sometimes the metal pin gets loose and comes out from the socket.

Once the metal pin is removed from the socket the casters will no longer be stuck to the pin. And your chair casters will come off. The second reason for it can be damaged socket or wheels.

If the socket or wheels are damaged then they will no longer be able to hold the metal pin and casters will keep falling. The damaged socket and casters can also give scratches to the floor and carpets. So make sure to not ignore this problem. You can also Remove the casters of an office chair. But make sure to buy a right Type Office chair casters according to your floor Type.

Things that You will need casters keep falling out problem

  • Glue
  • Duct tape or rubber
  • Plier
  • New socket

Steps to Fix the office chair wheel keeps falling off

Tight The Loose Socket

The first thing that can be responsible for Casters keep falling out problem is a loose socket. This problem can come if your pin is small from the socket hole. If your problem is because of this, you can fix it in just a couple of minutes.

To fix it, first, remove the casters from the socket. Wrap the tape, rubber, or cloth on the side of the pin. It will increase the size of a pin. Please make sure not to wrap the take or rubber too much or fix it on the socket again.

After doing it, just put the casters in the pin and then pin in the socket hole. That is it, and you are done. While removing the casters, make sure not to put too much force on the socket or casters as it can damage it. Also, it’s best to use duct tape. And also, clean the pin before putting the tape or it will not attach to the socket for a long time.

Repair or Replace The Damaged socket

Damaged sockets can be another reason if your casters keep falling out. Sockets can be damaged in a variety of ways, such as when they are struck by something or if you use a low-quality chair.

At that point, the pin will be stuck in the socket or come out of the hole. You can then do two things at that point. Replace the socket or repair it. You can repair a crack or very small damage with strong glue if there is just a crack. If the damage is high, just replace them.

Glue The Caster

Gluing the wheels will be the easiest solution to this problem. Gorilla glue can be used for this. All you have to do is pour the glue on the pins. The pins will become permanently stuck to the socket.

However, its main drawback is that it may cause the wheel to get stuck in place. You will also be unable to remove the wheels from the socket again without damaging it. If all other methods have failed, then this method should only be used.

Tight The Loose screw

Office chair Casters keep falling out also arise if your screw-holding pin is loose. The crew is located on the side of the casters. You won’t want to miss it, so don’t forget about it. Also for it, you will not need to buy anything. You can easily fix it by tightening the screw with pliers.


So today we give the answer to your casters keep falling out the problem. It is not safe to ignore this problem if you are experiencing it. If you do not fix it soon, you will also suffer an increase in damage.

Why not fix the problem since it is quite easy to do? Those methods will take you less than 30 minutes to fix, and they are so simple that you can follow them easily. Also instead of throwing, these chairs use them as your hundreds of money will be saved.

So I hope these casters keep falling out blog will be useful for you if it is, then makes sure to share this blog with your friends.

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