What chair does sodapoppin use? ( 2022 Updated )

Poppin is one of the best-known gamers in today’s age. Three million followers are following him on Twitch and one million are following him on YouTube.

He does have a huge fan following among people, especially gamers. While watching his gaming have you ever wondered, What chair does sodapoppin use?

If Yes, then you would have surely wanted to know about sodapoppin gaming chair. Today we are not just going to tell What chair does sodapoppin use? but also will do his gaming chair review and will cover related questions to it like-

  • Should You buy sodapoppin gaming chair?
  • And Best alternatives to sodapoppin chair.

So read this blog further to know all this.

Quick overview of Herman Miller Embody

Brand Herman Miller
Armrests3D Armrests
Lumbar pillowAdjustable
Color12 different color options
Weight51 Lbs
Warranty12 Years

What chair does sodapoppin use?

So now let me tell you the name of sodapoppin chair but mark my words you will get shocked after knowing the chair name. Sodapoppin uses the Herman Miller Embody Chair while doing live streams etc. Embody is an expensive chair that has ergonomic features, high comfort and durability.

Those who have knowledge of this chair will realize that it is an office chair and not a gaming chair. It’s because of that that I said you’ll get shocked after learning about the chair. There is a high-end feature, comfort, adjustability, etc., that makes this office chair desirable.

What chair does sodapoppin use?
What chair does sodapoppin use?

Sodapoppin is using this chair since 2016 and from that time, he is using this chair. The unboxing video is also available on his YouTube channel. You should definitely watch the video. It is just reasonable to expect that chair to have the features that keep him sitting in it for such a long time.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair

What is the price of Herman Miller Embody Chair?

When you learn how much this chair is going to cost, you’ll be shocked again. In 2021, the chair cost 2135 dollars, making it one of the most expensive office chairs on the market. Because of the product’s features, materials, and ergonomics, the price is high.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Despite its expensive price, users continue to purchase the chair for that reason. Knowing its features will help you understand why it has a high price tag. You can go with its alternatives if you cannot afford this office chair.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

We will be thinking why does sodapoppin use this Embody office Chair instead of other chairs. So it is simply because of its ergonomic features.

This chair will always be listed among the top 10 office chairs. So we will explain its features in some points so that you can easily understand them.


Herman Miller Embody has an innovative ergonomic design. This chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, along with 30 other physicians and PhDs in biomechanics, vision, and physical therapy.

The design of the chair ensures that it can support and comfort people of all sizes and weights. Sitting on this chair will not have a bad effect on your health. You will experience an improved flow of blood, oxygen, and a lower heart rate when sitting in this chair.

Ergonomic design backrest

Herman Miller Embody has an ergonomic design backrest. Because of this, the spine of your body will be properly supported.

It will also enable you to maintain a straight posture for a long period of time. As a result, sitting on it will not cause you to experience back pain.

The pressure on your back will be equally distributed throughout your back. In addition, the backrest is made of Rhythm Fabric, which is why it is very soft and breathable.

Due to their softness, you will not feel a hard feeling in your back. Also, the backrest will not tear easily from the edges.

Comfortable seats

In making this chair seat, multiple layers are incorporated. This chair provides a more comfortable place than a normal chair because of its multi-layered seating.

As a result of the waterfall design, your butts and hips will be less pressured. After long hours of sitting, you will not feel pain in your buttocks.

The multilayers of the seat will also allow air to circulate easily between them, which will keep the seat cool on hot days.

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Pixelated Support

Pixelated Mechanism has been used in the Herman Miller Embody to give the best support to the user.

Because of this Pixelated Support, both back and seat will automatically conform according to the movement of the user So that the weight is distributed on the chair.

This will also help to give a good sitting experience to every type of posture, size, spinal curve, and weight of people. So that you don’t have to adjust the chair again and again.


A 3D armrest is included with the Herman Miller Embody. Therefore, they can easily move left-right and up-down.

As a result, you are able to adjust their position as you see fit. Also, the armrests are padded soft foam so you will not have a hard feel to your elbows while putting them over them for support.

It is possible to adjust their height from 6 inches to 11 inches, as well as their right and left positions from 16 inches to 21 inches.

Carpet carpets

This office chair comes with carpet casters. This means they can roll smoothly on the carpet. As well, they will leave no damage on the carpet.

Now it doesn’t mean that they can just roll on carpets only. If you are also thinking it then you are wrong. It can even roll smoothly on the floor and wood floor.

These casters make the movement of the chair easy and fast. You will not face any issues while moving the chair in your room space.


It comes with an extremely long warranty. Which warranty period do you think it is? You can try to guess whether you are right or wrong.

This chair comes with a 12-year warranty. You’re going to be shocked, I know. It is not you who is at fault, as you have never seen a chair with a 12-year warranty.

Their products are always covered by long warranties from Herman Miller. This is enough to show how much sure they are about their product quality and durability. If you want to know, Is Herman Miller’s warranty transferable? then just read this Blog.

Is Herman Miller a gaming Brand?

When you learn that Herman Miller is not a gaming company, you’re going to be shocked. The company specializes in making office chairs and furniture for the home. Therefore, you will only find Herman Miller office chairs.

Their primary focus is ergonomically designed office chairs. That can provide users with a comfortable and healthy sitting experience. In most chairs, you will find an S-shaped backrest, which provides more back support.

Because of their ergonomic features, they become best for both working and gaming use. You can easily sit on a chair for 10-12 hours of the day without getting uncomfortable. For this reason, their chairs are ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting on a chair doing their work.

Herman Miller brand

You will not face health issues in the future because of sitting for a long time because of its ergonomic design. Streamers and YouTubers use the chair due to its high adjustability, customizability, ergonomic design, comfortability, and durability.

Herman Miller has not just made this office chair infact you will see many Herman Miller chairs in the top chairs of the world. Herman Miller is a famous brand for producing high-quality chairs, so you can naturally expect how good they are.

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Should you invest on so expensive chair?

There is no doubt that Herman Miller Embody’s price is too high. After all 2135$ is not a small amount of money. As a result, many users cannot afford the chair. It will also make you wonder if you should really buy so many expensive chairs?

Its answer will depend on you. If you can’t afford it and are not a serious gamer or use the chair too much then you don’t need to buy this chair. You can go with cheap alternatives to this chair or buy Herman Miller’s other chairs.

They are much comfortable than this chair and will come much cheaper than this one. This chair is one of the most expensive chairs of Herman Miller. But if you are a serious gamer then you should surely buy the chair. It is like a type of investment.

You will receive a super comfortable, adjustable, strong chair in return. You won’t need to buy another chair for at least 10-15 years. A chair like this can easily last for more than 15 years without losing its comfort. Its features are also reason why this herman miller chairs are so expensive.

Additionally, this Herman Miller chair is ergonomically designed to give you good health. At last, it depends on you after all. But kept in kind low-quality chairs will also affect your gaming performance and your health for sure.

Alternatives of Sodapoppin’s Gaming Chair

Sodapoppin’s Gaming Chair is obviously too pricey for many gamers to afford, but if you are one of them don’t worry since today we will show you some alternatives. Those are also options you may consider. Here are some alternatives to the Embody from Herman Miller:

Aeron Remastered Task Chair

Aeron Remastered will be the best chair for you if you are looking for an alternative to that chair that is cheap. This chair comes 600$ cheaper than Miller Embody. It cost 1441 dollars.

Therefore, you will save a lot of money on this chair. The chair can be customized to meet your needs through its very customizability. The chair is also an improved version of its previous model. There are many amazing features to this chair, which I will describe below:

  • Comes in many different sizes like A, B, and C.
  • Waterfall design seats.
  • High adjustable padded armrests.
  • Strong graphite body.
  • 65mm smooth durable Casters.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
Aeron Remastered Task Chair

Hero black Chair

Alternatively to Miller Embody chairs, Hero black might be a suitable replacement. The chair costs 504 dollars. With the chair, you get many amazing features and a high degree of customization.

Depending on your preference, you can choose the material type and color type. This chair has the following best features:

  • Has steel frame and body.
  • 4D and wider armrests.
  • Strong 60mm Nylon casters with polyurethane coated.
  • Tilting back with locking system.
  • Soft headrest and backrest.
Hero black Chair

DXRacer gaming chair

DXRacer Tank Series is are an amazing gaming chair. Middle-sized and large users will benefit most from this chair. A large number of YouTubers and Twitch streamers use this chair as well.

The chair costs 680 dollars and is available in 3 colors- blue, red, and black. The chair has a rating of 5 stars out of 5. Like the Miller Embody chair, it also has many ergonomic features. So you can also try out this chair if you have a low budget. The main features of this chair are-

  • Has 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Has SGS 4 cylinder.
  • 120 degrees recline backrest.
  • 2-year warrenty.
  • 400 Lbs of weight capacity.
DXRacer gaming chair

Famous youtubers Who uses Herman Miller Embody


Sodapoppin is not a single gamer who uses this chair. This chair is also used by many YouTubers and TWITCH streamers. The chair has a lot of amazing features that make it a great gaming chair.

As they know how much an impact the best gaming chair has on performance. Today we will tell you about 2 famous YouTubers and Twitch players you might also be familiar with.


Pokimane is a 26-year-old gamer who streams his gameplay both on Twitch and YouTube. Since 2013, she has been playing games. Today, she has more than 8.2 million followers on Twitch and 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Herman Miller Embody replaced DXRacer, a product she previously used for many years. The chair has been used by her since that time. Even after many years, she has not replaced this Herman Miller Embody as she is getting very good experience from the chair.

Pokimane gaming chair
Pokimane gaming chair


One of the most popular and pro-gamers is Shroud. In your life, you will definitely come across Shroud or you will become a Shroud fan because of his amazing shill gameplay. On his YouTube channel, he uploaded PUBG and Minecraft gameplay.

The current number of subscribers to his YouTube channel is more than 6.82 million and his Twitch followers are more than 9.6 million. Perhaps you are wondering which chair Shroud uses? As a result, the answer is Herman Miller Embody.

shroud gaminh chair

He has been using this chair for a very long time. The chair performs well, and he seems satisfied with its performance. The majority of his day is spent in chairs playing games. It is because of its features that so big gamers use this chair over so many chairs.


So today we answer your question about what chair does sodapoppin use? There will also be other questions that will come to your mind. It is without a doubt one of the best office chairs on the market. Aside from its price, it has no disadvantages.

However, if you can afford this chair then you should definitely purchase it. The decision you make won’t be regretted. You will get chairs that are worth the money, as they will easily last a decade. It’s not surprising that so many YouTube stars can also be found using this chair.

To determine if you should invest in this chair or not, make sure you read the blog before buying it. So at last we will just say if you like this blog then make sure to share it without your friends so that they can also know what chair does sodapoppin use? As they might be also trying to find out about sodapoppin gaming chairs.

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