What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use? ( 2022 Updated )

Jacksepticeye is one of the most popular YouTubers on YouTube. Since his YouTube channel has 14.4 billion views, you probably know who he is. YouTube is becoming a popular platform for him thanks to his entertaining videos.

Sitting on a chair, you would have seen him streaming videos. Have you ever think what chairs What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use? If you have ever thought What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use? then you would have to search for it on the internet.

If you do not find it, don’t be said has in this blog we will tell you about the Jacksepticeye chair. You will also learn why and when he uses this chair. Moreover, we will tell you which YouTubers and gamers have used this chair in the past.

And do you should buy this chair or not. So to know all this you just have to read the blog from start to end without skipping any paragraph.

What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use?

So let me tell you about the Jacksepticeye chair. At present Herman Miller Embody is the chair he is using. We also tell you Herman Miller Embody in the blog of What chair does sodapoppin use?

As for why he uses this chair. Popular YouTubers and streamers favor this chair because it is ergonomically designed and has premium features. He has recently updated to this chair. Before, he had been using the DXRacer OH/SJ08 chair.

Which is another popular gaming chair. After using this chair for so long, he decided to shift to a new chair. We will do a review of both chairs so you can buy any of them. SO make to read both reviews.

What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use?
What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use?

Quick overview of Herman Miller Embody

Before moving to the main review of this chair here is a quick review of this chair. Just see this if you dont have time to read the chair full review.

Brand Herman Miller
Armrests3D Armrests
Lumbar pillowAdjustable
Color12 different color options
Weight51 Lbs
Warranty12 Years

Who is Jacksepticeye?

Who is Jacksepticeye? There will be a lot of thoughts in your head about what type of question this is. But trust me you would not much know about the background of Jacksepticeye. This is why I will tell you since Jacksepticeye fans have been asking this question for a long time.

Jackson SepticEye’s real name is Seán William McLoughlin. Only a few people only know him by this name. The day he was born was 7 February 1990, which means he is 31 now. He was born in Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland. Since 2012, he has been making YouTube videos.

He has also grown his YouTube channel very rapidly in these years. In the end, he has more than 27 million subscribers and 14 billion views on YouTube. Jacksepticeye has 2.7 million followers on Twitch, 7 million followers on Twitter, and 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

Just by this, you can imagine his popularity. His YouTube channel features Let’s Play gaming videos, comedy videos, and vlogs. The way he makes the videos is often liked by presides TV shows and web series. Jacksepticeye has appeared in many other films15 Months and Free Guy are two of his most famous films.

Jacksepticeye with Pewdiepie
Jacksepticeye with Pewdiepie

15 Months and Free Guy. Not only this he has also featured with the biggest individual PewDiePie in the: PewDiePie Legend of the Brofist and another YouTuber Markiplier. So it was a brief Jacksepticeye bio.

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How much does the Herman Miller Embody chair cost?

There is no doubt that Herman Miller Embody isn’t cheap. Herman Miller Embody is one of the most expensive office chairs. It currently costs around 1600 dollars. Yes, you heard me Right: 1600 dollars. This is the major drawback of this chair.

Due to its features, quality of material, and ergonomic design, the chairs are expensive. Many users are unable to buy this chair because of its high price. Depending on the type of casters you want in a chair, the price will increase more.

Different types of casters are available for the chair, for example. Floor and carpet casters will add 40 dollars to the chair, while translucent wheels will cost 80 dollars. But the good thing is that like other Herman chairs you will not have to pay more for the type of upholstery and chair color.

If you are unable to afford this chair, you do not have to be sad as there are many alternatives to this chair. In addition, we will also offer some alternatives to the Herman Miller Embody. Or you can buy this chair for sale for a cheaper price.

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Herman Miller Embody chair

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Herman Miller Embody Overview

Herman Miller Embody is an amazing office chair that comes from Herman Miller. Bill Stumpf And Jeff Weber have designed this chair in a way that it can give proper support to the user sitting on this.

It is designed with an S-shaped backrest that offers proper support to the user’s back, allowing him to sit comfortably. You will receive proper support for your lower back and thighs. Additionally, the chair has high adjustable armrests.


They can be moved upwards, downwards, or right to left. You will not experience back pain because of the armrests because they provide support for your arms and elbows. Rhythm Fabric has been used to make the back and seat soft.

Fabrics made of Rhythm are softer and more durable than other kinds of fabrics. This is the reason the chair becomes so breathable as air through the back and seat. Helping the chair to remain cool on hot days. Since the seats are multilayered, the pressure is distributed evenly across them.

Therefore, the chair seat will not deflate easily. The chair will also prevent you from suffering from hip and butt pains. There are two types of casters included with the chair: Hard Floor Casters and Carpet Casters. You can choose casters based on the type of floor you have.

The chair can be moved more easily and quickly thanks to the casters. Both the casters and base are much stronger and more durable. This Herman Miller Embody chair is made of high-quality materials so it can easily last for 10-15 years.

Herman Miller is very much sure about the quality and products of their chairs. Therefore, you will see a much longer warranty period than with other chairs. With the chair, you get 12 years of warranty. Herman Miller’s customer service is very fast, so your problem will be resolved quickly.

Another reason why I like Herman Miller is that they use recycled waste to manufacture their furniture. So you are also helping to save the environment when you buy the chair. But it will not affect the quality of the chair so do t worry if you were thinking about chair quality.


  • Has high adjustability features.
  • Made up of strong durable material.
  • Easy to move because of casters.
  • Comes in many different colors.
  • Has a 12-year warranty.
  • Extra comfy seat and back.


  • Hard to assemble.
  • Very expensive.

Is Herman Miller a Good Brand?

It is understandable that before investing so much money in a chair, you would want to research the company and whether it is a good company. Herman Miller is a leading company in chair manufacturing and furniture design, so you do not have to be concerned.

Herman Miller has been in continuous operation for around 115 years. They have been in existence since 1905. You will also notice that they have several chairs on the top five list of office chairs. Herman Miller invests a lot of money in new technology to make chairs better than the original.

Currently, more than 8000 employers work for them. Their chairs are ergonomically designed and feature advanced features. That’s why you’ll notice many big YouTubers and others using their chairs. Their only drawback is that they are usually too expensive.

Like their chairs, the starting price is more than 700$. But because of their high-quality quality, people still buy their chairs. Overall I will say Herman Miller is a Good Brand as they are giving premium quality chairs to buyers.

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Should You Buy Jacksepticeye’s Chair or not?

Answering this question depends on you. If you have the money to afford the chair, then you should definitely buy it. The chair is overall amazing and the best chair you can get. In addition to its health benefits, the chair is very comfortable.

Gamers and users who use their chairs for long periods of time may find the chair more important. With many ergonomic features, this chair is well suited for any workplace. The chair was designed by Bill Stumpf, Jeff Weber, and a team of 30 physicians.

This is why you will see that the back and seat have an ergonomic design. So while using the chair you will not feel pain in your back and butts. Therefore, it is the best chair for users who take their health seriously.

You will be able to sit in a straight posture with the S-shaped backrest. Your health will greatly benefit from sitting in a straight position. There are many features in this chair that are not found in an office chair like pixelated support.

I know it is hard to The chair is not cheap, but you can buy it in the sale or use a Copans code to get it cheap. The chair can be purchased later with the money you save. Chairs like this are worth their prices. And will last for many years. And you will also use the chair for a very long time.

Then, don’t you should just save the money and buy this chair. In other words, you will benefit from sitting on the chair for longer than 10-15 years. After all this chair is used by Jacksepticeye, shroud itself. And they are using this chair as their gaming chair because of most reasons. But last I will again say that the design depends on you.

Alternatives of Jacksepticeye Chair

In my opinion, the Embody Chair is the best chair. But its price is the thing I dont like. Spending 1600$ isn’t a small amount of money. There are also many other people who can buy it.

Their priority is to get a comfortable chair that is within their budget range, such as this one. Because of this, I have brought an alternative to Embody Chair. Additionally, these chairs provide a comfortable sitting experience. They are also available for you to try.

DXRacer OH/SJ08 chair

First is DXRacer’s OH/SJ08 chair as an alternative to Embody’s chair. This chair is also the previous Jacksepticeye gaming chair. You can choose from five different colors for this chair.

Due to the chair being made of Pu leather, the color appears even more vibrant. The rating on Amazon is 4.2 stars. As well as its design, DXRacer has given it special attention. This chair has a cool look with its black and orange color combination.

You can get this chair for just 480$, which saves you 1100$. If you are looking for a gaming chair at an affordable price, this may be a good option for you. The main features of the chair are given below.

  • Made up of Faux leather.
  • Waterproof body.
  • Has both headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • Attractive and cool design.
  •  Strong 3″ casters and aluminum base.
  • 3D armrests.
 DXRacer OH/SJ08 chair

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair, Black

Another alternative that you can buy is the AKRacing Core Series EX. You can buy the chair for between 230$ and 350$ depending on the color. There are 6 different colors available for this chair. Heavy-weight users will benefit from this chair. Because of its large size backrest and 300 lb weight capacity.

Additionally, the chair has an adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, armrests, and backrest. Which can be adjusted for different positions according to the body type and size of the user.

There are 1k reviews and a 4.6-star rating for this chair. The chair seems to have been well received by the buyer. The chair has the following features:

  • Comes with Class-4 gas lift.
  • Has 300 Lbs of weight capacity.
  • Has high quality anti-corrosive frame.
  • Has 5 years of warranty.
  • Has high-density cold-cured foam padding.
  • Ergonomic design backrest.
AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair, Black

Steelcase Leap Chair

The Steelcase Leap Chair is a top-of-the-line chair. Steelcase’s leap chair is very cool. There are 17 different colors available for this chair. Be sure to choose a chair in your favorite color. The ergonomic design of the chair back provides proper back support.

Because of this, you will be able to sit in your chair for a long time. The seat and back of the chair are smooth and soft. So you get a soft feeling on both your back and seat.

As well as being skin-friendly, the chair’s fabric is durable. The chair has many other premium features too. That we will tell you.

  • Has adjustability 4d armrests.
  • Easy height adjustament.
  • Cool and amazing look.
  • Has ergonomic design back and seat.
  • Comes with 5 star base.
  • Has 12 years warranty.
Steelcase Leap Chair


Today I answer the question What Gaming Chair Does Jacksepticeye Use?. My answer to this question is because I know many Jacksepticeye fans wanted to know.

Herman Miller Embody Chair is without a doubt a good chair. It is an excellent choice for users who pay attention to their health or are hardcore gamers.

This ergonomically designed Herman miller Embody is highly adjustable and durable. If you cant afford this chair then you can go with the alternative of Embody or you can buy DXRacer OH/SJ08 chair which is a previous Jacksepticeye gaming chair. So if this blog even helps you a little bit then make sure to share it with your friends.

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