Joe Rogan Chair: What Office Chair Does He Use?

If you are a Joe Rogan fan and have watched his podcast regularly, have you ever wondered what chair he uses? In fact, Joe Rogan has also told about his Joe Rogan Chair many times in his podcast. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen that podcast.

In today’s blog, we will tell you about the chair he uses. He has also praised the chair in many types because of the chair’s high features. If you already know about Joe Rogan Chair and want to know more about his chairs like features and price.

You will find this blog very informative. Also in the blog, you will learn whether you should purchase that chair or not. To find out all of this, just read the blog from start to finish without skipping anything.

What Gaming Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?

Joe Rogan uses The HAG Capisco office Chair. In his shows and broadcasts, he has mentioned this chair several times. In addition to maintaining, he has also praised this chair. As far as his back pain problem is concerned, he says that his chair has helped. To date, he is using this HAG Capisco. And the color of the chair he has picked is black.

What Gaming Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?

Quick overview of Joe Rogan Chair

Before moving to the main review of this chair here is a quick review of this chair. Just see this if you don’t have time to read the chair full review.

Brand HAG
ArmrestsNo Armrests
Color9 colors
Weight30 Lbs
Weight capacity250
Warranty10 Years
Material Polyester
Joe Rogan Chair features

Who is Joe Rogan?

Although many of his fans know a lot about him, you probably don’t know everything. Let me give you a short background on him. Joseph James Rogan is his full name, but most people call him Joe Rogan. He was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

He is a popular podcast host, UFC color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television personality. In August 1988, he began his career as a comedian. Disney signed him to an exclusive development deal in 1994.

After that, he appeared on many different television shows, including Hardball and NewsRadio. Additionally, he has worked as an interviewer and color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Rogan launched his first podcast in 2009 that was shot with his 2 friends. Which gives him grand success. After just the release of 1 year, the podcast entered the list of top 100 podcasts on iTunes. That podcast was later named The Joe Rogan Experience.

In 2011 it was also picked by SiriusXM Satellite Radio. ALert in 2015 the podcast had complete 11 million downloads. The podcast is one of the most popular and downloaded free podcasts.

In addition, he signed a multi-year licensing deal worth 100 million dollars with Spotify on May 19, 2020. His podcast Joe Rogan Experience was also available on Spotify on September 1, 2020, and from January 2021.

With this platform, it is now also possible to watch the shows. In recent years, Joe Rogan has been awarded numerous awards, including Best Television Announcer in 2010, 2011, and MMA Personality of the Year from 2011 to 2019.

Who is Joe Rogan?
Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan Chair Overview

If you wanted to know why so much popular podcaster Joe Rogan uses this chair for himself. So the answer is because of its features. SO I will tell you its ergonomic features in brief as I know most people want to know the features of the chair. So let me tell you.

Ergonomic design Backrest

HAG Capisco has an ergonomic T shape design backrest. Backrest design has been made in such a way that you get support for your back and shoulders properly.

The chair provides such good relief from back pain because of this. Which is why it is one of best chair for people who faces back pain problem. That is why Joe Rogan uses it.

It is also possible to point your chest towards the back of the chair while sitting there. By doing this support will be given to the chest and shoulders. You can sit in any of these positions you want. You will not have any issues.

Wider Comfortable seats

In the chair, you get a much wider and saddle-type seat. The benefit of the saddle type of seat is that you will not get pressure on your butts and hips while sitting in the chair. Because of this blood flow within that area will be good while it will also encourage good health.

The seat of the HAG Capisco chair is also adjustable. I mean you can adjust the chair height. seat height can be easily adjusted between 22.5″ – 33″ just with the help of an adjustable lever. Its height adjustability is way too much than another chair. You can adjust the seat to any height which is comfortable for you.


The HAG Capisco chair is environmentally friendly. I am saying that because 50% of the materials used to make this chair are recycled. In addition, 90% of the material used in chairs is recyclable.

In other words, buy this chair and you’ll help the environment too. Capisco is not the first chair created by HAG that is eco-friendly. In fact, they focus more on making such types of chairs.

Headrest and armrests

This chair does not come with both headrests and armrests. Even so, you get the option of adding a headrest to your chair. The chair can, therefore, be equipped with a headrest, if you need one. However, it will also affect the price of the chair.

The headrest is also part of the ergonomics of the chair, so I would recommend purchasing it with the chair. As you will be able to adjust its position according to your needs.

The chair may not have an armrest but its T shape body will give support to your soldiers. Also, it will make the chair easy to store in the room. The feature is best for those who have a small space room.

Strong Base and casters

The Joe Rogan Chair comes with a 5-star base and smooth casters. This chair will be stable at both the base and the wheels, so you won’t have to worry about it moving when you work. Both the base and casters are much stronger and will not break easily.

Casters roll smoothly and easily on both hardwood and carpet. Also, no scratches and damages will be given to the floor because of the casters. So you can move chairs in your room without worrying about damages and scratches.

Color choices

In the chair, you can choose from a wide range of colors. You can get the chair in 12 different colors like red, blue, black, green-brown, etc. Additionally, you can select the color of your chair base.

You can choose from three different colors in the base, such as white, brown, and silver. You should also keep in mind that the chair price is the same no matter what color you choose. Buy this chair now in your favorite color or choose a color that matches the decor of your room.

Assembly and warranty

Simple and easy assembly is required for the Joe Rogan Chair. With the chair, you will receive three parts – the seat, the base, and the pneumatic lift. Putting them together is all that’s left. A set of assembly instructions will also be included in the box.

You will be able to assemble the chair in no time if you follow the instructions. The assembly instructions are very simple and straightforward. We will now discuss the warranty.

Warranties are provided separately for each part. The upholstery has a three-year warranty, the pneumatic lift has a ten-year warranty, and the back liners, casters, and arm caps have a five-year warranty.

Types of Upholstery

On the chair you will get 3 types of Upholstery like Vinyl, Polyester and Leather. You can get any type of Upholstery you want. All the Upholstery have different pros and cos.

So before selecting any of them make sure to know all about them. Like leather Upholstery is durable and dont tear of wear. But it nor breathable like vinyl and polyester. However both these Upholstery are less durable then the leather.

HAG Capisco chair Types of Upholstery

Is HAG a Good Brand?

HÅG is not much popular company like Steelcase, Herman Miller. HAG has not made many chairs, and that is the primary reason why I think this is the case. You will only see few chairs on their website too. Also, they don’t have any type of gaming chair.

But it doesn’t mean that their products are of low quality. Most of their chairs are designed ergonomically so that users can sit for a long time without experiencing back pain. One of the best examples is the HAG Capisco chair, which has an ergonomic back.

Many famous people use these chairs for this reason. Their chairs are the best for users who suffer from back pain. They also have very much experience in this field. For more than 60 years, they have been working on office chairs.

In 1960-1961, the company was established. To design their chairs, they hired popular designers with experience in the field. Several well-known chair designers include Peter Opsvik. And one last thing if a company is giving us high-quality products, then yes we can say they are a good brand.

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How much does the Joe Rogan’s Chair cost?

It is likely that you would be interested in knowing the price of the HAG Capisco chair if you liked the chair and wanted to buy it. If you are thinking that Joe Rogan Chair world is too much expensive then no you are wrong. It will probably cost you around 850 dollars.

This means it’s not too expensive nor too cheap. The chair is available in a wide range of colors, but the color will not affect the price. Pick the color of your choice without worrying about the cost. You can find the chair even more expensive on some websites.

Many people will not be able to afford the chair, but if you care about your health, then save some money and invest in this chair. But if you can afford the chair then it is great. As you will get a value for money product.

Also, one more thing is that the chair has free shipping and delivery so you won’t have to spend more on delivery and shipping charges.

Should You Buy Joe Rogan Chair or not?

It’s a common question that will be coming to your mind whether you should buy Joe Rogan Chair or not? 850$ is the price of a HAG Capisco chair, which is quite expensive. Despite its price, the chair is well worth it due to its many features.

The chair has been designed to make the chair comfortable for sitting without having back and butts pain problems. A user who is pacing this problem should surely invest in this chair as the chair will not only decrease your back problem but also will make sure that your problem is not increased.

Also, the chair has many other features like armrests, high build quality, a soft and comfy seat, and a back that will increase your sitting experience. Your working capacity will also be increased as you will be able to concentrate on your work because you will be sitting comfortably.

Overall the chair is best for users who have back problems or have to sit for a long time. As such, I would suggest you purchase this HAG Capisco chair if you are able to afford it. You will benefit from the chair for a very long time.

If you have a budget of fewer than 800 dollars, the question is different. If you choose a cheap chair, keep in mind that you will not get much comfort and support from it.

Users should therefore buy a quality chair since the chair they are going to buy will be used by them for a long time. So why not spend money on an expensive chair once rather than spending it on a cheap chair twice.

Best Alternatives of Joe Rogan Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair is the first alternative to HAG Capisco. This chair has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon which is enough to show the quality of this chair. More than ten colors are available for the chair. This chair has a cool design and the color gives it a shiny look.

Steelcase Gesture is one of the best ergonomic design chairs. As a result of the chair’s soft and fluffy back and seat, you will feel very comfortable while sitting on it. There will be no hard feelings on the user’s lower back and butts.

You can use this chair easily for a long time sitting. Its ergonomic design backrest provides full back support and ensures a straight posture while you sit. As a result, your sitting posture will be improved. A bit expensive, but the chair can easily last many years without giving any problem. Below are some of the major features of the chair:

  • The armrests can be adjusted 360 degrees.
  • High adjustable seat.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Smooth-rolling casters.
716ay2pwcLL. AC SL1500

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

The SIDIZ T50 will be an excellent choice for you if you want a highly adjustable office chair. There have been more than 800 reviews for this SIDIZ T50. Three different colors are available for the chair- grey, black, and blue.

The back of the chair is curved in an S-fashion so that it will support your back properly. Not only this you will also get an adjustable lumbar pillow. With the lumbar support, you can adjust the support for the proper back support.

You will be able to sit at a 90-degree angle and reduce pressure on your back. Health will improve as a result. You will also get an adjustable headrest and armrests in the chair. The chair is very breathable as it has a mesh back and seats.

That is the reason the chair will remain cool on summer days. Also, you will not have a sweating problem with your face with another chair. The material used for the chair is high quality and durable, so it won’t get damaged easily for a long time. The chair also has many other features too, which I will tell you below.

  • Has a high tilting backrest that you can lock at 5 angles.
  • Comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.
  • Has a strong and durable body.
  • Has a highly adjustable seat.
  • Soft and adjustable seat.

Herman Miller Aeron office chair

Our final chair on the list is a Herman Miller Aeron. The chair has been discussed in various blog posts we have written in the past. The list of high-quality chairs cannot be complete without mentioning Herman Miller Aeron. This chair is on the top 10 list of office chairs.

Because of its premium features, it is popular. A chair like this is very breathable, as mentioned earlier. Both the seat and back of the chair are made of breathable material. Which helps the chair to remain cool by allowing the chair to pass through the chair easily.

The chair is available in different sizes so users can buy a chair according to their size. That is why no matter what body size you have, you can go with this chair. The chair comes in 3 different colors like grey, black and white.

Both the backrest and seat are ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on your lower back and hips. This chair won’t cause you any pain in that area when you’re using it. The chair’s comfort allows users to sit comfortably for up to 10-12 hours.

The high price of this chair is one of its drawbacks. Even though the chair is worth its price, many people will not be able to afford it. That is the reason we have put the chai in last.

If you want to know what Herman Miller chairs are so expensive then you can read this blog in which we have feel, why are Herman Miller chairs so expensive? This chair also has many other features that I have written below-

  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Reclining and tilting backrests.
  • Very high adjustable armrests.
  • Has waterfall design seats.
  • Smooth-rolling casters.
  • More than 10 years of warranty.
71VVk7m8aIL. AC SL1500 1


Joe Rogan has maintained about his Joe Rogan Chair much time in his videos and interviews. It seems that so many people were curious about Joe Rogan’s chair. That is why he loves his chair so much and what are the chair’s features. And should then also buy that chair or not.

That is why first we tell you about what chair Joe Rogan uses. and after that a review of done of that chair. For those who suffer from back pain or sit in the same position for a long time, I recommend this chair. I am sure you will find it helpful in solving your problem if you use the chair.

You should read the blog to better understand if you should invest in the chair or not. Or you have ended up buying the wrong chair. SO I hope all your questions were answered in the blog and if this blog was helpful for you then make sure to share it with your friends.

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