How long do mesh chairs last? Pros & Cons

The number of mesh office chairs is increasing at great speed. Mesh chairs aren’t very old, but they are now capturing the office chair market. The majority of mesh office chairs you will see today are not leather ones. In fact, now the number of mesh gaming chairs is also increasing.

Just a few years back their new very less mesh gaming chairs. But now from every 10 gaming chairs, you will see that every 3-4 gaming chairs are made of mesh. It is due to many reasons. Also if you are new users who are thinking of buying a mesh chair the question would have come to your mind how long do mesh chairs last?

This question is options as mesh chairs comes much cheaper than leather chairs so you also would want to know are they strong like a leather chair or not. And why are they so cheap. Also want are their pros and cons.

In this blog, we will not only answer your question about how long mesh chairs last? However, I will also provide the answer to all of these questions. Read the entire blog from beginning to end to learn more about all of this. As I will give the answer to all these questions.

How long do mesh chairs last?

First, let me answer this question. Your mesh chair’s quality will determine how long it will last. It means which quality mesh is being used. The mesh will only last a few years if the mesh is of low quality.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair
Aeron Chair

As long as you maintain your mesh chair properly, it should last you about 5 years. In simple words, the mesh chair just lasts a bit less than the leather chair. If the leather chair can last for 6 years then the mesh will last for 5 years. If your chair high-quality and expensive mesh office chair then the mesh of that chair can even last for a decade.

That is why those companies offer such a long warranty on their chairs. By maintaining it regularly or using the mesh chair carefully, you can prolong its life. Additionally, the life of your mesh will be determined by how much you use your chair.

Pros of Mesh Office chairs


The first pros of mesh chairs are that they are much cheaper than leather or fabric chairs. There are many reason is that mesh comes much cheaper. This is why you can get a good quality office chair for much cheaper than a leather chair with the same features. For less than 50$, you can get the same features as leather chairs. That is why a mesh chair is a good option for those users who want an ergonomic comfortable chair in the budget price range.

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Chairs made of mesh are very breathable because the air can easily pass through them. A leather chair, on the other hand, is not breathable. Air can circulate freely between the mesh chairs, so they remain cool during summer days as well. Mesh chairs are therefore better suited to places where it is hot. During hot days, they prevent excessive sweating. They will remove cool and will allow you to sit comfortably on them for long hours.

mesh Breathable

Light weight

Leather is very much heavier than mesh. Mesh is a very lightweight material. So the chairs which are made up of leather are much heavier than the mesh office chair or mesh gaming chairs. So you will not have difficulty lifting the mesh chair. So it is another pro of any mesh chair. But kept in mind other factors also affect the weight of an office or gaming chair. Like the frame, base material type. So before buying also see the weight of that chair.


Mesh is an extremely durable and strong material. They are not prone to tearing or wearing from the edges as leather or fabric chairs are. As a result, your mesh chair is not going to tear. But the durability of the mesh also depends on the cost and quality of your office chair.

If your office chair costs less than 200$ then the mesh could be of low quality but if you buy an expensive office chair then that mesh will be of very high quality. And the mesh will not tear after intense use too. It will also apply to mesh gaming chairs.


In comparison to leather, mesh is a very flexible material, while leather is not a bit flexible. So you will be able to sit comfortably on your chair for a long time. As it is flexible that is why it will be much softer and comfortable. Because of being flexible it won’t tear or will not get damaged easily.

Cons of Mesh Office chairs

Like everything the mesh chairs also have some pros and cons. We have told you the cons below now it’s our turn to tell you some cons of mesh chairs.

Hard to clean

Gaming chairs and office chairs made of mesh are difficult to clean. Because they are not waterproof, that is the primary reason. As a result, if you spill your drink or food on the mesh chair, the mesh will absorb it. Additionally, it can leave stains on mesh chairs easily.

Which will be hard to clean as you can clean mesh chairs with water like you can do leather chairs. That is why I said that mesh chairs are very hard to clean. You should keep away the edible items or liquid from the mesh chairs. Or hold them carefully while you are near your mesh chair.

mesh office chair dry cleaning

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Design and color

There aren’t many color options and designs to choose from. Generally, mesh office chairs or gaming chairs come in black and have simple designs. If you love cool-looking office chairs then you should not choose mesh chairs. Although there are some mesh chairs that come in many different colors, the cost of these chairs is much higher than leather or fabric chairs. It is one of the biggest reasons that people do not go with mesh chairs.

Rought to skin and clothing

Mesh chairs can be brought to skin or cloth as compared to leather or fabric chairs. You can get rashes from mesh chairs, or the mesh can stick to your cloth threads when you sit on them. But it will only occur if your mesh is of low quality.

High-quality mesh is not brought to the skin, in fact, it is skin friendly. You should be careful when buying a low-quality mesh chair since it can harm your health. Low-quality mesh chairs can also increase skin allergies and high-quality chairs can decrease your allergies problem.

No seat cushions

The majority of mesh office chairs do not have any type of seat or back cushion. They just have mesh seats. While sitting on the chair, you can feel pain in your butts. If your chair is without a seat cushion, your butt will also touch the seat frame, resulting in pain in both hips and butts.

However, this also depends on the type of chair you buy. In addition, there are mesh chairs with mesh seat cushions that are both soft, comfortable, and breathable. Purchase a mesh chair that has a cushioned seat if you don’t like butt pain. The seat cushions can be purchased separately as well. The decision depends on you.

List of Best Mesh Office chair

Gabrylly office chairBest Chair with headrest
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back ChairHighest warrenty chair
Steelcase Amia Task ChairHighest color Options
Tempur-Pedic TP9000 ChairBest Budget Mesh chair
Herman Miller Aeron chairBest Mesh Chair

Leather Vs Mesh Chair


  • They are very breathable chairs as air passes through them easily.
  • They are best used in hot places rather than used in cold places.
  • They are very cheaper in cost.
  • Comes in fewer colors and designs.
  • Comfortable and soft but less than leather.
  • Not easy to clean or maintain.
  • Less use of harmful chemicals.


  • They are not breathable and get hot on summer days.
  • They are best used in cold places.
  • They are much expensive.
  • Comes in different colors and designs.
  • Very comfortable and soft.
  • Cleaning is not an issue with them.
  • Much use of chemicals etc.

Conclusion – How long do mesh chairs last?

Many people are considering buying mesh chairs as they become more popular. But they have a lot of questions regarding mesh chairs like How long do mesh chairs last? As well as their features.

In this blog, I answer all questions regarding mesh office chairs and gaming chairs. I hope that this blog also answered your question. Now that you have read the blog, I am sure that you have decided whether or not to choose mesh chairs.

IF you don’t like mesh chairs then you can go with leather or fabric chairs too. Previous to this blog, we reviewed some of the best leather or fabric office chairs. So you can also check them out. If you like this blog then make sure to share it with your friends.


Are mesh chairs comfortable?

Definitely, they are. Due to their comfy and softness, they are highly comfortable for users. Users can sit on the chair without having a hard feel.

There are many mesh chairs in the market that are known for their high Comfort like Gabrylly office chairs, NOUHAUS Ergo3D chairs are great examples of them. A Comfort of a gaming or office chair also depends on other factors of a chair like design, material, cushion, ergonomics, etc.

Are mesh chairs good for gaming?

Mesh chairs are good for both gaming and office works. In one of our best mesh gaming chairs, we have reviewed some best mesh gaming chairs that are made up for gamers. In that blog, we review the 10 best mesh gaming chairs and tell you their pros and cons too. So if you are thinking to buy a mesh gaming chair then you can read that blog.

Do mesh chairs come cheaper than Leather chairs?

Yes they do. You will see all mesh chairs no matter they are mesh office chairs or mesh gaming chairs they all come cheaper the leather chairs. But you will see features of those chairs quite similar to each other.

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