How to remove star base from office chair? [ Easy Guide ]

An office chair often develops a new problem. An overused or low-quality chair can cause this. However, I won’t be recommending any office chairs today. There are many types of these problems in an office chair’s base.

A replacement office chair base may be required if this happens in the base of your office chair. So at that time, you should know how to remove star base from office chair?. It is impossible to solve this base problem if you don’t know this thing at that time.

Don’t worry though, as today in this blog I will tell you how to easily remove the star base from the office chair. Step by step, we’ll guide you through all the steps. You will then be able to understand it more easily. So to know all this make sure to read the blog from start to end.

What you will need –

This is a list of the things you’ll need when you remove your chair’s casters. Prior to moving forward, ensure that they are all collected.

  • Hammer.
  • Screw Driver.
  • Greese.
  • Another person for help.

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How to remove star base from office chair? Steps by Step

Therefore, when you have collected all the tools for the job, you are ready to proceed. So here are the steps for removing the base from the chair.

Step-1 Get some Plastic Mat or Newspaper

Make sure you place a plastic mat or newspaper on the floor or desk where you’re going to place your office chair before disassembling the base. In the base and cylinder, there can be grease or oil, which puts strain on the floor or desk. It will be best if you put plastic mats as the grease will not go through the plastic mat.

trasnparent plastic mat

Step-2 Turn the chair

Once you have followed the first step, turn the chair from top to bottom. After turning the chair, you can place it on the ground or on a desk. So you can easily base on the chair, the base should be upside down. Holding the chair upside down can be done with the help of someone else.

Step-3 Remove the casters

Now before we remove the chair base make sure to remove all the 5 casters from the base. You can take the help of a screwdriver to remove all screws of the casters if your chair casters are attached with a screw. If they are not then just remove the wheels. Also, make sure to remove casters carefully.

Remove the casters with screw driver

Step-4 Remove the Clip

After you have removed all the casters now it’s time to remove the base. The base will be attached to the gas lift cylinder. And the cylinder will be attached to the base with Holding Clip. So first locate the Holding Clip and remove it. You can remove it with the help of a player or screwdriver.

Step-5 Remove the washer

After removing the holding clip now its turn to remove the washer. You will see the piston on the top of the base. After you have located the washer now just remove it. It is very easy to remove the washer as it will be just attached to the cylinder. Just pull it and it will come out.

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How to replace Old star base with new one?

If you also want to replace the base with the new one then this part will help you. For this part, you will need a new base and screw driver.

Step 1 – Cleaning

In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the gas lift cylinder and the base, we will first clean them. And after you have seen them you can also apply old or grease on them if you want. This decision totally depends on you.

Step 2 – Remove Old base

Now you have to remove the old base from the chair. Turn down the chair and then first remove the casters from the base.

After you have removed the casters, locate the holding pin that will be holding the cylinder with the base. After you locate it now remove it with the help of a plyer. After removing it, hold the chair in the air with the help of another person.

Now knock on the cylinder hard. But not knock too hard as it can damage your cylinder too. After just 2-3 knocks the cylinder will come out of the base.

Step 3 – Attach casters with new base

Before we attach the base to the chair make sure to attach all the layers with the chair base. As after attaching the base out becomes a bit hard to attach the casters. So easy is to attach the casters with the base before attaching the base with the cylinder. You can also replace the casters with a new one if you want to.

Or you can just use the old casters. The decision depends on you. And before Attaching the casters you can also put some grease in the base socket to make it easier to insert casters in the socket hole. And attach the wheels with the socket with the help of a screwdriver. Do this step carefully.

Step 4 – Attach base with cylinder

If you have done the previous step then now we will attach the new base with the gas lift cylinder. To attach the base first put the cylinder in the base and then knock on the cylinder to put it into the base hole.

Attach base with cylinder

And after that now also attach the Holding Clip to the cylinder. So that the cylinder remains in its position. After attaching the base make sure to check the stability of the chair by sitting on it. If it is even a bit unstable then first fix it or it can create more problems in the chair. Or even damage the chair.

How to remove the base from the gaming chair?

The steps to remove the Gaming chair’s base is similar to the steps of removing the base of an office chair.

Here are short steps by which you can remove the base from a gaming chair. As I will not again explain in detail.

  1. First Turn the gaming chair from down to up.
  2. Now remove the casters from the base by using the screwdriver.
  3. After that remove the gaming chair base pin that is on the base and then the washer which is located under the seat.

Now the base of the gaming chair can be replaced by what you want to do. After that reverse the above steps to attach the base to the chair again.

Make sure to do proper cleaning of the base, casters, and cylinder. Steps are easy but do them carefully.


So today we tell you how to remove star base from office chair? You should know it as you can face problems related to base sometime. We have to tell you the steps in an easy way so that you can easily understand the steps and implement them.

The steps may be a bit hard for users who dont have experience with this work. But still, it dont is work that you will have to call professional. So from now if you face any issue related to the base, dont throw your chair.

Rather than just repair it as it will save your money. So if the blog was helpful for you then make sure to share it with your friends on social media. And help them to gain some knowledge.

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