Ikea millberget chair Review 2022 – Best Affordable Office Chair?

If you sit on an office chair for a long time, then you will need a comfortable office chair for sitting. The normal or uncomfy office chair will not allow you to sit comfortably in the same position for long periods of time. A good office chair can cost you between 100$ and 1,000$ depending on your needs.

However, not everyone is able to afford these costly office chairs. If you are one of those people, then this blog will be helpful for you. Today I will do Ikea millberget chair Review that just cost 70 dollars. Yep, you heard me correctly.

IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair

IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair

Ikea Millberget Chair Review

  • Cool look and design.
  • Smooth-rolling casters.
  • In-build lumbar support.
  • 10 Days Free replacement.

Even though the chair is low-cost, you get the features and comfort of a chair that costs 200 dollars. However, you have to give up some things. This Ikea millberget chair comes from ikea that I will review today. The chair has a very positive rating.

It has a rating of 4.7 stars which is a very amazing rating. Make sure to read the blog from beginning to end if you want to know every feature of the chair. We will also tell you the pros and cons. But see this Ikea millberget chair Review while keeping the chair price in mind.

Rating – 4.7/5

Ikea Millberget Chair Review – Specifications and Dimentions 

These are the specifications and dimensions of the Ikea millberget office chairs. By reading it, you will learn about the chair’s features even if you do not have much time to read the entire blog. If you have time, please read this Ikea millberget chair Review blog as you will be able to better understand the features of the chair.

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎48.38 x 25.63 x 20.5 inches
MaterialPolypropylene, Alloy Steel
Seat height from ground45 cm to 58cm
Overall Chair Height123 cm
Weight 35 Lbs
Weight Capacity242 Lbs
Recline AreaTilt Only
IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair Specifications and Dimensions

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Let’s talk about comfort first. Of course, it is why we buy an office chair so that we can sit comfortably. If the chair is not comfy then what is the benefit of buying an office chair? We can use a normal chair instead.

Despite being only 70 dollars, the chair is comfortable and allows you to sit comfortably. You can sit in it for up to eight or ten hours a day. There will be no discomfort in your buttocks or back. The chair has been praised by buyers for being comfortable.

The seat and back are softer and more comfortable. The back has a bit of an ergonomic design so your back will remain in a straight posture while you are sitting on the chair. Overall I will say that the chair is very comfy and you wont have to compromise on your comfort. That is why Youtuber like RiceGum is using this Ikea chair.


At adjustability, you have to compromise a bit. Like other chairs, you will not recline back, adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, etc. But it’s not a big deal as at this price range no chair has so much adjustability. However, the chair still has a lot of adjustable features.

As with the chair, it has an adjustable height, backrest, and swivel. They can be adjusted according to your needs and provide the best support and comfort.


It will be possible to adjust the height of the chair in the chair. The ability to adjust the height of an office chair is very useful. You can adjust the chair to make it more comfortable for you.

As an example, if your height is a bit too high, your toes will not touch the ground and your legs will remain in the air, causing direct pressure to be applied to your legs and hips. As a result, you will begin to feel pain in your hips and legs.

IKEA Millberget Chair height

If your legs cannot touch the ground, you can lower the chair’s height. In addition, if your leg is much larger than the chair, then your toes will be too close to the ground, which will also cause you pain in your toes.

Which will be also uncomfy for you. So at that time, you can increase the chair height according to your requirement. You can adjust the height of the chair between 45 cm to 58 cm by just pulling the lever below.

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Armrests and Lumbar Support

In the Ikea millberget chair you will see fixed armrests and built-in lumbar support. Most chairs in this range do not feature lumbar support. As for the armrests, you will not be able to adjust them, but you will see that they are quite padded.

With the padded armrests, your shoulders will not feel any pain when you place your arm over them. You will get support for your bellows joint with these armrests. You will no longer feel pain in your arms while working.

IKEA Millberget offcie Chair Armrests and Lumbar Support

Your back will be supported by the inbuilt lumbar support in the chair so that there is not much pressure applied to your spine. Additionally, it will allow you to sit for long periods in a 90-degree position. The armrest has been made up of Polyurethane foam so they are abrasion resistant and not tear easily.


In this chair, you will only get a tilting backrest rather than a reclining backrest. For activating tilting just pull the lever towards yourself. There is only one lever for height and tilting. When you pull down, the height is adjustable, and by putting them back on your own, it can be tilted.

A tension knob, located close to the adjustable lever, may also be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to control tilting. You can tilt the back and rest your body while doing work while sitting on the chair.

It will give support to your back and will also allow you to sit comfortably without having pain in your back. Both the back and seat will move backward while you will be tilting the back.

Safety casters

There are safety casters on the chair. This type of caster is not much even seen in premium chairs. This is a very amazing feature of this Ikea millberget chair. In the casters, you will see a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism. When you are not sitting on the chair, it will lock the casters in place.

IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair casters

And because of this, your chair will not move from its place when you will not be sitting on the chair. It will help you to do your work properly. The brake will automatically release when you are sitting on the chair. After that, you can move your chair. Because the casters in the chair are smooth, you will be able to move them easily.


The millberget chair doesn’t come assembled so you have to assemble it when it arrives at your home. Don’t worry, its assembly isn’t too difficult. You won’t need more than 30 minutes to assemble the chair.

The box also includes a manual for installing the chair. In the manual, they have explained the steps with pictures. That way, there will be no issues while putting the chair together. A box containing all the tools you will need to assemble the chair is also included.

So you don’t have to search for them in the market. In terms of assembly, users have rated this product with 5 stars. If you encounter any issue, you can contact Ikea’s very fast customer service team and they will right the issue as soon as possible.

Instruction manual

Durability and Build Quality

Ikea millberget chair is a much durable and strong chair. Due to the chair base’s strong steel construction, the base will not bend or break. Also, a polyester powder coating will prevent the base from rusting. So your base will not get weak because of getting rust over time.

The casters of the chair are made polypropylene is used to make the casters of the chair which makes them very durable and strong. Polypropylene fabric is a very strong fabric and doesn’t tear or wear easily. Moreover, it is waterproof and its color doesn’t fade away.

When high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the chair, it will be a lot more durable and strong. The chair can easily last for 3-4 years if you also take proper care of the chair.

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Thing That we like About this Office Chair

  • This millberget chair is waterproof and easy to clean. The eater will not damage the chair easily.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Sot and comfy backrest and seat.
  • Has 360 degrees rotation.
  • Soft and padded comfy armrests.
  • Comes in an affordable price range.
  • Comes along with all tools.
  • Value for money.

Thing That we dislike About this Office Chair

  • Not have adjustable armrests.
  • No information was given about the warranty.

Is Ikea Millberget Chair Really Worth For Buying?

Yes, the chair is worth buying. But there is one condition. If you dont have the budget for investing in an expensive office chair then you can go with this chair. If you dont sit on the chair for a long time then this chair will be great for you.

But using this chair for a long time sitting will not be good and you will have uncomfy if you sit on the chair for a long time as this chair is not made up for long hours sitting. If you love ergonomics chairs then also buying this chair will not be a great option for you as the chair has very little ergonomics.

You won’t see an ergonomic back, headrest, and adjustable lumbar pillow in the chair that promotes ergonomics. But still in terms of comfort and build quality that chair is good. The chair can last for a few years. The chair upholstery, the color will not fade away or will not tear up.


We do a detail Ikea Millberget Chair Review. The chair comes in at a very low price but has the features of a good office chair. If you are looking for a low-cost office chair that is comfortable, the chair is best for you. It can easily last for many years.

Ikea always gives value for money products and it is there another amazing office chair. The chair has the most features that you will get for 100$ to 200$. The only downside is that it has limited adjustment options. For the price, we shouldn’t have expected more.

IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair

In summary, the chair is well worth your money and one you should definitely consider if you don’t have the money to invest in a premium office chair. If you have 100$ or more then you can also check out some of our best office chairs that we have reviewed.

Previously, we posted a blog where we listed some of the best office chairs under 150 dollars. So you can also check that out. You can build an office chair for less than 100$ by seeing one of our blogs.

So it depends on what you want to do. If you like this blog then make sure to share the Ikea Millberget Chair Review blog with your friends so that they can also check out this chair.


Does this chair come Preassembled?

Not it dont. You have to assembly it on your own. All parts will come inside the box just assemble them according to the mannual. It won’t talk much time to assemble this chair. Once it is assembled the chair will be ready to use.

How much warranty comes on this chair?

This chair is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. But it is only if the problem is due to a manufacturer defect. On tearing, facing there is a 1-year warranty.

Does Ikea Millberget Chair have adjustable armrests?

No, they are not. Still, they are padded so with Pu your arms will get support.

Which is the best alternative to this Ikea Millberget Chair?

At this price range, the OFM ESS office chair is the best chair that you can get. The chair has quite a positive rating and reviews. On our best ergonomic office chair under the 100$ list, we have reviewed this chair. You can check that blog for more info.

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