All33 Backstrong chair review – Can It cure your Back Pain?

All33 Backstrong chair backrests
Spine at Stright posture

Back support is very important while sitting on an Office chair. Many office chairs are failed to provide this support.

But All33 Backstrong chair is an office chair that has a feature that is made to give better support to users back than any other office chair. Today We are going to do the All33 Backstrong chair review and will tell you it-

  • Features
  • Pros and Cons etc.

And why it is the Best Chair for Back pain people. And also Why the all33 chair has got a 4.7 Star rating. So to know all this Make sure to Read This all33 chair review Blog from Start to end.

All33 Backstrong C1 Ergonomic Chair

C1 Tan

All33 backstrong chair review

  • Ergonomic back.
  • Cool look and design.
  • 60 Days Free replacement.
  • Easy to store.

Rating – 4.7/5

All33 backstrong chair Review- Specifications and Dimensions

These are the specifications and dimensions of this All33 Backstrong chair. It is easy to understand the features of this chair by looking at this table. This will save you time. However, if you had even 10 minutes to spare then I would suggest reading the full review of the All33 backstrong chair.

Item Dimensions LxWxH31 x 26 x 22 inches
MaterialFaux Leather
Seat height from ground18 inches to 21 inches
Weight 35 Lbs
Weight Capacity275 Lbs
Recline AreaThe seat can recline only
All33 backstrong chair - Specifications and Dimentions 

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The chair is unbeatable when it comes to comfort. It has several features that make it a highly comfortable chair. This chair has an ergonomic back that reduces pressure on the shoulders and back, so you won’t have back pain.

You will also have armrests that provide support for your arms. All of these features will reduce tiredness in your body. You can also lay back on the chair after doing work to rest your body. Your body will feel soft and comfortable in the chair because it is made of soft faux leather.

All33 Backstrong chair comfortability

Thanks to its soft body and adjustability, you will get full-body comfort. Because of this, I said that this chair is an extremely comfortable office chair. The chair has been specially made for users who do intense work while sitting on the chair.

Both pain and tiredness will be removed from the chair because of the chair ergonomic design. The chair can also be adjusted for greater comfort, which will also enhance your sitting experience.


A medium level of adjustment is available on the chair. As with other chairs, the chair does not have a reclining back, so you cannot recline it in the chair. In the chair, you can flip up the armrests, adjust the seat, and turn 360 degrees.

The chair can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable experience possible. You can adjust it according to your needs and body size. Your chair seat height can be adjusted as well. With the adjustable chair, you will have the best experience while sitting down.

Height and Swivel

First, let’s talk about the chair’s adjustable height. Thanks to a pneumatic seat height adjustment, it is possible to adjust the seat height on this chair. This chair has a seat height that ranges from 18-22 inches.

The user can adjust the seat height according to the size of his body thanks to the height-adjustable feature. The person can adjust the chair height if it is too low for him or too high if the chair is too high for him.

All33 Backstrong chair review: Height and Swinvel

This will make the chair comfortable for users who are a bit smaller or taller than the chair. If the chair height is a bit low or high then the user can feel pain in his butts, hips, and toes. So always adjust the height of the chair which suits you.

You will see a seat-height lever below the chair. By pulling it you can adjust the chair height. So that you can sit comfortably for a long time. Now let’s move to swivel. You can write the chair 360 degrees without even moving the chair. The 360 degrees swivel allows dynamic movement in the chair.

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Headrest and Armrests

So in the chair, there is no headrest. The fact that an 800-dollar chair doesn’t have a headrest seems weird. In my opinion, it is one of this chair’s biggest drawbacks. Every chair has some cons and it is of this chair. Flip-up armrests can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle on the chair.

All33 Backstrong chair review : headrest and armrests

One of the main advantages of flip-up armrests is that the chair can be stored easily. Simply flip the arms back and store the chair under the desk. It will help you very much if your room is small or you dont have space to store big things. Another good thing is that these armrests have PU padding.

So they will not tear for a long time. Also, they will give a smooth feel to your elbows while you place them on the armrest. It will make working at a desk comfier as you can just place your arms while doing work. Because of them, you will not have pain in your joints of arms like elbows, etc.

Backrest and seat

The back of this chair has an ergonomic design. The seat and back are separate in this chair. The seat can be moved back and forth freely. This is the major advantage of this chair. The chair seat and back have been designed in such a way that you can lean back easily.

You will get proper support to your spine and your back will remain in a straight posture. As your back will get proper support you will not have pain in your lower back. The ergonomic design backrest will surely solve your back problem because of its ergonomic design.

All33 Backstrong chair review back and seat

Even if it is not completely solved your back pain will not worsen. When you sit on the all33 back strong chair, you can get support for your back, neck, and shoulders. On the back and seat, you will see molded foam which makes the back and seat highly comfortable.

You will get soft fell to your butts and back. Because of the comfortable back and seat, the chair is so great for long hours sitting.

Smooth casters

To make the movement of the chair easy and fast you will see smooth-rolling casters in the chair. You can easily roll or move the chair because of them. If you have to move the chair in your room while doing work frequently then casters will make it easy. The casters used in the chair are very smooth and durable.

They will not break even if heavy-weight users sit on the chair. Additionally, they do not leave scratches on the floor when moved. Taking care not to scratch the floor when moving the chair is crucial. The chair does not have a broken system, so you can’t lock it to prevent it from moving while you’re working.


The chair assembly is simple and straightforward. You will receive all parts of the chair in 1 box. After removing them from the box just follow the instruction mannual that you will also receive in the box. The steps are very simple.

Setting up the chair usually takes no longer than ten minutes. A majority of the parts will be contained in a separate small box which will be included in the same box. A complete set of tools that you will need for the assembly process will be inside the box as well.

All33 Backstrong chair assembly vedio

Just attach the casters to the base and then base with gas lift cylinder and the cylinder with chair. After that, you are ready to use the chair. The procedure is so simple that you will not face any problems. Make sure to screw the bolts properly as loose bolts can damage the chair if you use the chair without tightening them.

Instruction mannual

Color Options And Look

There are 3 colors available for the chair- red, tan, and black. Each of these colors gives it a stunning appearance. Since the chair is made of leather, the colors become more vibrant. The colors will surely catch your attention. The design of the chair is also amazing. The color and design combination makes the chair a great choice for users who love cool-looking chairs. The frame color will always be black.


All parts of the chair, except the seat cushion, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. You will receive a 1-year warranty on the in-seat cushion. During the warranty period, you can contact them for assistance. Your issue will be resolved at no charge. Also, you will see a 2-month free refund.

This means you can return the chair if you do not like it for any reason. It should be noted, however, that the warranty will not cover the chair if the defect was caused by misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, shipping, storage, accidents, floods, or acts of God. You can read their warranty information to find out more, so be sure to do so.

Height And weight

When buying a chair, it’s important to know about the chair’s height and weight recommendations. You will not get the best experience from the chair if your height or weight is higher or lower than the chairs.

Moreover, using a lower weight capacity than your weight can also damage your office chair. So always buy chairs that suit your body size. This backstrong chair can bear a weight of 275 Lbs. The height recommendation for this chair is 4′ 11 inches to 6′ 1 inches.

So I can say that the chair is best for most size and weight users. Even if your weight is a bit less or high still you will find the chair comfortable. Mark my words ‘ Bit less or High”. Otherwise don’t buy the chair.

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Thing That we like About this Office Chair

  • The chair is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Has an stunning and attractive look and design.
  • Has ergonomic design backrests.
  • Reduces back and neck pain.
  • Can easily bear weight of 275 lbs.
  • Best for most sized user.
  • Very easy to store and move.
  • Not hard to assemble.

Thing That we dislike About this Office Chair

  • Not have 3D or 4D armrests which is major disadvantage of this chair
  • Not have headrests.
  • Can move noise while moving seat.

ConclusionAll33 Backstrong chair review

Let’s move on to the final part of this blog post. Overall the chair is a great chair for users suffering from back and neck pain. Although it won’t cure their pain entirely, this chair won’t allow it to get worse either. If you care about your health, then investing in this chair is not a bad thing.

There is no doubt that the chair is very expensive. A price tag of 800$ is not small. The chair’s main disadvantage is that it has fewer adjustable features, like armrests, backrests, etc. As a result, the chair will not be the best option if you are among those users who require a lot of adjustable features.

All33 backstrong chair review

In this price range, you can find chairs with a lot of adjustable features. But in those chairs, you have to compromise some features. So I will advise you to read this All33 backstrong chair review and then decide whether the chair has all the features that you want in your office chair or not.

If it has then just gone with this chair. On Amazon, the chair has a low rating but on its official website, it has a positive rating. I do not know why it is rated so poorly on Amazon. Buyers have given it very positive reviews.

Therefore, whether you purchase it or not will be up to you. But make sure not to skip any part of this All33 backstrong chair review blog. or you can miss many things. If you like this all33 chair review blog then make sure to share it with your friends as they may also be looking for the best office chair.

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