How To Remove Caster Wheels Of Office chair | Quick Guide

The casters of an office chair are very important. Although they may not provide you with comforts like a headrest or lumbar pillow.

But they provide mobility to an office chair. However many office chairs have low-quality casters that give scratches to the floor. Also sometimes they also get broke. At that time you need to replace them with new ones.

Today in this Blog we are going to teach you how to How To Remove Caster Wheels? And you can replace your wheel and make your chair move again.

black color dual casters

Tools that you will need for this work

Before we get started, let me give you a list of things that you will need. I suggest that you gather them before proceeding. Here is a list of things that you will need:

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How To Remove Caster Wheels – Quick Answer

  1. Turn the Chair upside down.
  2. Then Remove the casters.
  3. Use Screw Driver If they Are Stuck
  4. Measure Stem
  5. Buy New casters
  6. Remove Old casters
  7. Install new casters

How To Remove Caster Wheels – Step by Step

So here are the steps to remove casters from office chair. Make sure to follow the steps properly.

Step 1 – Turn the Chair upside down

So first we will turn the table upside down. For this, you will need to hold the chair in the air with the help of a second person. If a second person is not available then you can also lay the chair down.

Step 2 – Remove the casters

You need to remove your Casters from the chair. Removing Casters from the socket is very easy. Now, if the casters are fitted into a socket with the aid of bolts, you can remove them with a screwdriver.

Alternatively, you can pull them forward and they will get detached from the socket. If their is Oil or grease on the wheel then use towel or piece of cloth to get better grip to hold the Casters and then pull them. They will easily come out.

Step 3 – What if they are stuck

If your chair wheels are stuck in the socket and not coming out then just pull them out with the help of screw driver. Put the screw driver on the socket. Its common that a caster can be stuck in the socket.

While pulling them out make sure to pull them carefully or you can also damage them.

How To Remove Caster Wheels - Step by Step

Step 4 – Reinstall the casters

After your work is done just reinstall them. Or that just reverse the 2 steps that we have told you above.

How To Replace Caster Wheels –

If you want to replace the old casters with the new one then you can read the below steps too.

Step 5 – Measure Stem

Before buying a caster first measure the stem of your casters so that you can buy another caster of the same size as your previous caster. You can easily measure your caster stem with the help of a ruler. Their are many type of stem designs like –

  • Grip ring stem ( Most Common )
  • Grip neck Stem
  • Threaded Stem Casters
  • Stemless Casters
grip neck stem
Caster stem

Step 6 – Buy New casters

Search for casters with the same stem size online or at the office after you have measured your wheel’s stem size. Keep in mind to buy current size casters that can fit in your socket. Or you have to return that wheel.

You can buy any type of casters you want like soft casters, hard casters, or rolling casters. The caster that you are going to buy should be of high Quality.

Make sure to choose a right caster for your floor type as wrong caster can damage your floor. Also read Do Office Chairs Ruin Laminate floors? To get more Information.

If you have a hardwood floor then go with hardwood casters whereas if choose carpet caster if you have carpet flooring. Rollerblade office chair wheels is best caster for hardwood floors.

Step 7 – Remove Old casters

If you have still not removed your old casters from the base, then remove them now. Of course, it is a common thing. How can you put new casters without removing the old ones? Just follow the previous steps that we have tell you above. Its easy and simple.

Step 8 – Install new casters

Now it’s time to install the new casters that you have bought. If you have bought the exact size casters then they easily get a fix in the socket.

But if they are even a bit big or small then they will not fit properly. Also, don’t use loose casters in the chair as they can damage your base or socket. If they are not getting fix then buy a new one.

Before installing the casters you can also put some grease or oil in the socket too. As it will prevent them from getting rust etc. And they will also not get stuck in the socket.

  1. First clean the New caster stem
  2. Now Put it inside the caster. For some chairs you may have to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise to insert then in the socket.
  3. Done!!
How To Remove Caster Wheels Of Office chair
Caster stem

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Types of Casters – Which one you should buy?

Their are basically 3 types of casters- 1. Soft casters 2. Hard casters and 3. Rolling casters. All of these casters are made for different floor types. If you are going to buy new casters then buy them according to your floor type as wrong casters can damage your floor or carpets.

Soft & Hard Casters

1. Soft casters

The first one on our list is soft casters. Soft casters are best for the carpet floor. As they roll easily on carpets without damaging them. So if your floor has carpet on them then soft casters will be best for you. They are much small in size and in most chairs, you will see them.

2. Hard casters

The next one is hard casters. If your floor is made up of hardwood then these carpets will be a great option for you. And don’t use this carpet if your chair has carpets over them as hard casters can damage your carpets easily. Hard casters are usually much larger in size than soft casters.

3. Rolling casters

Rolling casters mostly come with in expensive office chairs or gaming chairs. These types of wheels can roll easily on both carpet and hard floor without damaging them. They will cost you much more than the hard or soft casters. It’s best to buy rolling casters.

Which office chairs are best With or without casters?

Office chairs with casters are best. And you should always buy them. Office chairs can be heavy and can be hard to move from one place to another.

You have to put much effort into moving your office chair. It is a very hard and time-consuming task. Casters make this thing easy.

You can easily move the chair from one place to another. We often have to move our office chairs. And if your chair has casters then can do this task easily.

When an office chair has casters then no matter how heavyweight your chair is, this work is going to be easy.

And make sure to buy casters according to your floor type as if they are the wrong type then they will not roll easily. You won’t have to get up from your office chair to move it if your chair has good casters.

Do casters damage the floor or carpet?

Generally, they dont. Users who are facing this issue often are using the wrong casters types according to the floor they have.

We have above told you two types of casters and floor. Hardwood casters dont roll on carpets easily and also they can damage them too.

If you roll them over your carpet your carpet may tear up. This thing also applies if your use carpet casters for hardwood floors.

Low-quality floor wood and casters can also be the reason that your casters are damaging your floor.

If your floor is of low quality then rolling the chair over them will also damage them. But in this, there is no fault of casters.

To correct this issue just replace your floor wood or carpet. Also sometimes when we roll too heavy office chairs over the floor or carpet, this thing sometimes damages the floor or carpet too.

You can get rid of this problem by not using too heavy chairs. Or by using a good quality wood floor and carpet.

Conclusion – How To Remove Caster Wheels?

SO today we tell you ways by which you can remove casters from office chair. You should know How To Remove Caster Wheels as you may need to remove your caster’s wheel if they get damaged.

We explain to you step by step so that you can easily understand these steps. The steps are very simple and easy to understand so you will have no problem moving the chair. So from now if your casters wheels give some problems, you want to have to take someone’s help.

So I hope this blog will be useful for you if this blog helps you a little bit then you can share the blog with your friends. So that they can know the procedure to remove casters from office chair.

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