What gaming chair does Pewdiepie use? [ 2022 Edition ]

Whether you watch Pewdiepie YouTube videos or not doesn’t matter? However, it is highly unlikely that you don’t know him. It’s no surprise that he’s the second most subscribed YouTube channel. The question that must have come to your mind if you are a Pewdiepie fan is, what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use?

This blog post would be a great fit for you. As of today, we will tell you the name of the gaming chair that he uses. And if you are thinking of buying this chair but before it, you want to know about the features of that chair then make sure to read the blog fully.

As we will review pewdiepie gaming chair and will tell you each and every feature of his gaming chair. Also in the end we will also give some best alternatives to pewdiepie gaming chair that you can also buy if you don’t like this chair for any reason. So make sure to read the blog from start to end.

What Gaming Chair Does pewdiepie Use?

pewdiepie gaming chair

Pewdiepie is using Clutch Chairz ‘PewDiePie Edition’ Throttle Series chair and this has been designed and customized by pewdiepie himself.

Pewdiepie is using this chair for many years. This gaming chair comes with many amazing features and a high build quality that will enhance your gaming experience. It has four-dimensional armrests, an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, a strong body, etc. Pewdiepie updated this chair’s design from time to time as well. Below we have explained its features briefly so make sure to read that too.

Who is Pewdiepie ? Small intro

You would have heard of Pewdiepie if you didn’t know about it. If you don’t know, you don’t need to worry since we will explain the background of Pewdiepie. Okay, here we go. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is more commonly known as Pewdiepie.

He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 24 October 1989. He will be 31 years old in 2021. His YouTube channel ” Pewdiepie ” was launched in 2010. When he started his channel he had mainly posted videos of horror and action video games.

But after be also began to post vlogs, comedy shorts, formatted shows, and music videos. As of 2012, his channel was among the fastest growing on the site. A few months later, his YouTube channel became the most subscribed one of 2013.

During the year 2019, he competed in a public competition with Indian record label company T-Series. T series had surpassed Pewdiepie in most subscribers on Youtube. T series holds this title to this day.

Due to this public competition, his YouTube channel subscribers had also grown at a rapid speed. Currently, he has 110 Million subscribers and 28 Billion views on his main channel. Currently, he is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube. According to Forbes Kjellberg was the sixth highest-paid YouTuber in 2014 with $12 million.

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Quick overview of Pewdiepie Gaming chair – Clutch Chairz Throttle Series

Here is a quick overview of Throttle Series chair. By looking at this table, you can easily see how this Throttle Series gaming chair functions. If you don’t have much time, you can just read it. In addition, you can find out from here whether the chair will be suitable for you or not. Here is a brief overview of the Pewdiepie chair.

BrandClutch Chairz
Chair nameClutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair
Armrests4D Armrests
Weight capacity400 Lbs
Recline90 – 125 Degrees
Material PU Leather

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PewDiePie gaming chair Features

If you plan on buying this PewDiePie edition chair, then you will surely want to know about its features. Of course, it’s a common thing that every buyer does before buying any chair. So, below we will tell you about the features of these PewDiePie chairs. By reading them, you will learn how they work.

Fluffy Headrest and Lumbar pillow

There are both lumbar and headrest pillows in the chair. Both the headrest and lumbar pillow are made of soft foam, making them very comfortable. Thus, you will not have hard feelings about your neck and back as a result of them. As they are filled with high-quality foam, your headrest and lumbar pillow will not deflate after use.

They are also adjustable and removable. So you get an option to adjust their position and angle as you want. If you don’t want them in your chair then just remove them. Lumbar support will support your back and will make your chair more comfortable for sitting.

Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair headrest

4D adjustable Armrests

At this price range, you will mostly find gaming chairs with 2D or 3D armrests. However, this Pewdiepie gaming chair is unique. This gaming chair has 4D armrests, which is an incredible feature. Due to the armrests of the chair moving in most directions, it can be adjusted to any angle or position.

Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair 4d armrests

Example: They can move up-down, right-left, forward-backward, or rotate by 10 degrees. You can get joint support for your arms with these adjustable armrests. Now you don’t have to worry about arm pain while working. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the armrest according to the height of our desk in case the desk height is low or high the desk.

Cool Look and Design

This chair is unbeatable in terms of design and look. It is easy to understand why I am saying this when you see the design. The design has been made by PewDiePie so you will see PewDiePie theme-based design. The black and red color combination and patterns on the chair are loved by users.

On the back of the chair, you can see a Punch design, and on the headrest and lumbar pillow, you can see a Clutch logo. On the headrest and lumbar pillow, there are patterns as well. Overall if you love the racing style look then you will surely love the chair.

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High Adjustability

Clutch Chairz offers a variety of features that make it very versatile. You can adjust the headrest and lumbar pillow, among others. Also, the backrest of the chair is adjustable. PewDiePie chair has a reclining back that can recline up to 125 degrees. Moreover, the chair armrests and height are also adjustable. So you can adjust all these features according to your need and choice. By adding all of them properly you can get the best comfort and sitting experience from the chair.

Class 4 Gas Cylinder And Swinvel

It is possible to adjust the seat height of the chair. Therefore, the seat height can be adjusted. Simply pull the lever downwards to adjust the height. The lever is found just below the seat. Chair height can be adjusted very safely, quickly, and steadily.

So your height adjustment will be very stable. It has been made possible due to the Gass lift cylinder in the chair. The cylinder in the chair is SGS verified. That is why the cylinder is so much stable and durable than other normal cylinders.

Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair gas lift cylinder

As a result of the cylinder, the chair can be used by different sizes of people easily. Just adjust the seat height according to your height to get a comfortable sitting position. The chair seat height can also rotate 360 degrees. It will make your work easier. You won’t have to move the chair if you writing on 2 desks from now.

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Aluminium Base and Casters

Aluminum has been used for the chair base. This is why the base is strong and lightweight. There are also color patterns on the base, which have been done to enhance the look. This chair has a 70 cm diameter base. This makes the chair more stable and sturdy.

It is a heavy-duty base that has been tasked with lifting very heavy weight. Up to 2000 lb can be handled by this base. So you can just say that the base is not going to broke even after very heavy-weight users sit on the chair. Now let’s move to casters.

Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair aluminium base

Casters are a very much important part of gaming chairs. Ad they make moving a chair easy. If you roll your chair in your room often then you will love the chair casters. The chair casters have a polyurethane (PU) coating on them, which is why they don’t leave any damage or scratches on the floor.

So from now you dont need to worry about damaging your floor while rolling your chair. Another benefit of Pu casters is that they roll silently and smoothly on the floor.

Upholdary and Color choices

PewDiePie Edition chairs are only available in one Upholdary option. Leather Pu is the exclusive option. So you dot have any choice in which you can buy the chair. But in one an issue as most of the gaming chairs only have 1 Upholdary option. So this chair is too.

As I said the chair is made up of PU leather so the chair will not have a tear or wear issues as we can have with a fabric chair. This chair is much stronger than fabric chairs. Another best thing about Upholdary is that it makes the chair waterproof and easy and easy to clean. You can clean the chair much easier than the mesh and fabric chair.

As well, dust will not easily attach to the chair, so the chair won’t get dirty easily. Besides the PewDiePie Edition color, the chair is available in eight other colors. This chair is made of PU leather, which makes the colors especially brilliant. These colors will also not fade up after heavy use. So your look of the chair will remain for many time.


Do you still have concerns about the quality of the chair? So now stop worrying about the chair quality as this chair will not let you down. On the chair, you will get a limited lifetime warranty. That’s right, lifetime warranty. It’s not like other chairs that come with only a 1-2 year warranty.

Having this knowledge alone is enough to know that they are confident about the chair’s quality. This chair is likely to last you for more than eight to ten years. Please note, however, that lifetime warranties do not apply to full chairs. Instead, it is on the steel frame. Additionally, there is a 3-year warranty on upholstery and parts. Which is not bad. For more information make sure to read all their warranty conditions.

Easy Assembly

How much does the PewDiePie Gaming Chair cost?

After you have got the answer to this question ” what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use?” Now the next question that comes to your mind would be who much does this chair actually cost. Of course, you wanted to know the price so that you could know whether you can afford the chair or not?

If this Pewdiepie chair will cost you $400. It will cost you this price if you buy the Pewdiepie edition chair. Alternatively, if you buy the regular Throttle Series, the chair will cost just $279. There will be no difference in the features of the chair if you buy a normal variety or a special edition.

Because the chair’s price is low, you won’t have to bust your wallet to purchase it. If you do not have much money to invest in the special edition of the chair then you can just go with the normal edition of the chair. This decision totally depends on you.

In our previous blog, we have done many YouTubers and streams gaming and office chairs reviews like Summit1g and Linus tech tips, etc but this one is the most affordable chair for them. This chair really gives so many premium features at such a reasonable price tag. That is the reason most of the gamers will be able to afford the chair.

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Reasons Why You should invest on Pewdiepie gaming chair?

There are many reasons that you should buy these PewDiePie edition gaming chairs. Below we have given the top 6 reasons for buying Pewdiepie chair.

  • The chair comes in a very affordable price tag compared to other chairs. So if you want the best chair at a low price then investing in the chair will be a good choice. 
  • If you want a cool-looking gaming chair, you can go with this chair. The cool look and design of this chair will increase the appearance of your gaming room.
  • If you want a chair that can give proper support to your back then you will like the chair as it has an ergonomic back and a Lumbar pillow.
  • Looking for a highly durable chair that can last for many years? Then you can buy this chair as after buying this chair you won’t have to buy another chair for a long time.
  • If you love PewDiePie and wanted a chair like your favorite YouTuber, then you can go with this PewDiePie edition chair.
  • If you are a hadrcpore gamer and want a comfy chair for yourself then investing on this chair will be a great option for you.

Best Alternatives of Pewdiepie gaming chair

CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair

CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair

CORSAIR WW T1 gaming chair is the first alternative to Pewdiepie’s gaming chair. There are more than 3.5K reviews for this chair, giving it a rating of 4.4 stars. The chair comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the color you like best.

Pu leather is also used for this chair, so the leather will not tear from the edges for a long time. Are you a fan of high-reclining backrest chairs? The chair’s backrest is adjustable up to 180 degrees, so you can place it in any position that you desire.

It means that the chair’s back can be completely reclined and you can even lie down on it. It makes it possible to sleep while lying down. This chair has four-dimensional armrests that can move in all four directions, including up-down, left-right, and rotate from the edges.

This chair has a very soft back and seats, so you will have a very comfortable experience while using it. You can comfortably sit on the chair and can do intense gaming for many hours.

Other features of the chair are –

  • Waterproof and Fade resistant body.
  • Strong frame and Base.
  • Strong nylon base.
  • Steel skeleton construction.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.

DXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair

DXRacer  Racing Series  Gaming Chair

Let us move to the next Pewdiepie gaming chair alternative. This chair is another amazing gaming chair of Dxracer. So you can just think about the quality of this chair. Now let’s talk about the chair features. The chair has an ergonomic design so that a gamer can sit on the chair for many hours and can do comfortable gaming.

Your gaming chair will be improved due to chair comfortability. In the chair, you will see an adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar pillow. They have been given so that you can sit on a chair more comfortably. Moreover, they will also give support to your neck and lower back.

So from now, you won’t have pain in that area. You will see a strong nylon base and 2″ PU Casters. The casters of the chair will not leave any scratches or damages on the floor. Moreover, they will roll on the floor without making any type of noise too. The back will tilt back smoothly as there is a Conventional Tilt Mechanism in the chair.

Other features of the chair are –

  • 3D Adjustable armrest.
  • 2 years of warrenty on chair.
  • High durability and strongness.
  • Cool Look and Design.

AutoFull Pink Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair

AutoFull Pink Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair

Are you a girl gamer? Then you will love this pink color gaming chair. This autofull gaming chair has been made for especially gamers. The look and design of the chair are amazing no doubt. White patterns have been given on the edges of the chair which really looks stunning.

On the headrest, lumbar pillow, and backrest you will see the autofull logo. In terms of look, the chair has a 5-star rating out of 5. The backrest can recline and lock at different 90 to 155 degrees angles. There is an SGS-4 gas lift cylinder which makes the chair height easy. You can adjust the height from 47 to 50 inches.

There is natural curvature on the back which will give support to the back spine. The nylon base can easily bear the weight of 330 lbs. The nylon base and casters promote stability to the chair. Your chair will not move from its position while you are doing work. Because of its features, the chair has got a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. It is the highest-rated gaming chair on our list.

Other features of the chair are –

  • 3 Years of warrenty.
  • Heavy duty base and high weight capacity.
  • Explosion-proof gas spring.
  • Stunning look.

Conclusion – What gaming chair does Pewdiepie use?

After reading the blog now you would have to know the answer to what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use? Clutch Chairz chair is a great chair no doubt. There are not just amazing features on the chair, but it has a cool look as well. You will love this chair if you are a gamer.

The best thing about the chair I like is its affordable price. For example, if you are a new gamer and do not have much money, the chair may be the best option for you. As a result of reading the blog, I hope you have now determined whether or not to buy the PewDiePie Edition of the Throttle Series.

As an alternative to the chair we previously reviewed in our blog, you can also choose the chair we have reviewed in our blog instead. And if you like this blog, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends as they may also want to know What gaming chair does Pewdiepie use?

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