Why does my office chair sink and Ways to Fix it

Why does my office chair sink? If you are searching for this question then it is confirmed that you are facing this problem with your chair. Or we could say your chair is kept thinking. It is one of the common problems that come with an office chair.

If you are using a cheap chair then you will fave many other problems in your chair like your chair casters will fall off or your armrests will break etc. But today we will only tell the answer to your question – Why does my office chair sink? and also some easy ways in which you can fix that problem.

You don’t have to seek professional help with these methods because they are simple. Additionally, they are also quick and don’t require much time or money. And can be done at home easily. So make sure to fix your chair sinking problem with these steps instead of throwing your office chair.

Why does my office chair sink? Reasons

Now comes the question of why office chairs sink. In general, there are two reasons for this. Your gas lift cylinder has either lost its left side of the seal on the gas lift cylinder has been broken or is loose. As a result, nitrogen gas will leak out and pressure will build up within the cylinder.

What exactly is a gas lift cylinder? The gas lift Cylinder is an important part of an office chair that allows the chair to adjust its height. Ok, how does the cylinder work? In the cylinder, there is compressed nitrogen gas. And when you put the adjustable knob which is given in the chair, then the nitrogen gas travels up and down.

office chair

Due to which you are able to move the chair seat up-down. That is why when the cylinder is leaky or broken, the pressure in the cylinder will not maintain and your chair will get shink. If their problem becomes worse the chair will shrink even if you dont sit on the chair.

Tools That You will need –

  • New Gas Lift cylinder.
  • A screw driver.
  • PVC Pipe.
  • Hose clump and duck tape.
  • Steel disk.

How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair

I am sure you are not here just to know the reason but also for the solution. So here are some easy ways that you can use. Use any step that you think is easy and best for you.

Method 1 – Replace the Gas Cylinder

If your cylinder is broken from any place then you cant repair that. Moreover, all the compressed nitrogen gas will leak out. Also if you have tools for repairing it still you should get a new cylinder as that old cylinder can be unstable and unsafe after getting a repair. So go to the offline or online market and search for Gas lift cylinder that can suit your chair.

Since gas lift cylinders are relatively cheap, you’ll have to spend less on them. For smooth and fast chair height adjustment, invest in a cylinder that’s Bifma certified. After getting the cylinder just replace it with your old one. To replace the cylinder follow the below steps-

  • First, remove the cylinder pin that you will found under the base. This pin joints the base with the cylinder.
  • After you remove the pin with the help of a screwdriver the base will get separated from the cylinder.
  • After that now it’s tern to separate the cylinder from the chair seat. There will be a tilting mechanism attached to the chair. Just remove the bolts and the cylinder will come out.
  • Now take the new base and reverse all the above steps.
  • Now you are done.
 DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder
DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder

Method 2 – Use PVC Pipe

This is a temporary method, so let me tell you that before beginning. If you use this method, you will not be able to adjust the chair height until you remove the PVC pipe. If you use this method, the chair will be fixed at any height you want. So now let’s move to the method. Make sure to buy high-quality PVC pipe from the market.

  • First take a PVC pipe. And make sure that this pipe should be bit same diameter and height of your cylinder cylinder piston.
  • Also it should be much wider then your cylinder piston size. So that PVC pipe didnt go inside the cylinder piston.

After getting the correct size PVC, lay the chair on the floor. Working on the chair will be much easier. Adjust the chair to your desired height. Using the PVC pipe you just cut, wrap it around the gas lift cylinder piston. This will fix the chair to that height.

The chair will not sink until you don’t take out that pipe. If you dont like the height then just take out that PVC pipe and then adjust the height and again put the pipe in the chair. As I said this method has some drawbacks but this is one of the easiest and cheapest methods. It won’t cost you more than 10-15 Dollars.

Method 3 – Fix using hose clamp and Duck tape

This method is also temporary and has drawbacks like the PVC pipe method like you can’t adjust the chair height. This method can give you a problem again after some time. That is why we don’t recommend this method. First, we will talk about how you can fix it through a hose clamp.

  1. First buy the hose clamp from amazon or offline market.
  2. Get the hose clamp according to your cylinder piston diameter.
  3. Now first adjust your chair height to your desired height.
  4. After that, now just put hose clamp under over the cylinder piston.
  5. If your hose clamp dont get much tighter then you cab first wrape the Duck tape over the piston. As it will prevent the hose clamp from going down.
  6. After that your chair seat will get stuck at that height and wont come down even after you sit on the chair.

The method will not cost your more the 1$. And also you can do this method easily at home.

6 different size  White Hose Clamp
White Hose Clamp

Method 4 – Use steel Disk ( Much Stronger )

For this method you will need 1-2 Flat steel disk as I have shown in the below image. After that follow below steps.

  1. Fi
  1. Now first move the cylinder cover-up from the cylinder.
  2. If there is any grease or oil on the cylinder then first clean that with the help of a cloth.
  3. Now take that 2 disks and then bend them over the cylinder piston. Make sure to adjust the height before using the disk.
  4. They will fix the chair height of the chair.

This method is much stronger then the 2-3 method that we tell. After using this method your probem will be solved fro many months or even yera. But the method is not temporarily. Only use this method if you are unable to bu the cylinder due to any reason. Also this method will take much time and energy too. These disk also can be hard to find.

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Method 5 – Chair Saver Kit ( Recommaded )

An excellent option for a user looking to solve their sinking problem will be to purchase a Chair Saver Kit. Most tools you will need for the method that we outlined above are in the Chair Saver Kit.

For eg in the kit, there will be a Steel disk, 2 Cylinder spacers ( Plastic Pipe like PVC, and 2 Zip ties. You will also get to see the installation manual with this product. The best thing is that this product just costs $15, which is a very affordable price tag.

 Office Chair Buddy - Fix Your Sinking Office Chair in Minutes - No Tools Needed - Supports up to 500 Pounds

There are 5 years of warranty on the product too and the product has a 4.5-star rating. Which is quite an amazing rating. This method may solve your problem for many years easily but still, it will not fully solve your problem.

Conclusion – why does my office chair sink

The steps given above are very easy and simple. You won’t have any trouble fixing your office chair if you follow all the steps properly. If you want to fix the problem permanently, replace the cylinder, or just want to fix the issue for some time then follow the other steps.

So from now dont just through your office chair due to these small reasons instead of that just repair the chair. Saving hundreds of dollars will enable you to invest that money later on in a new chair. Now you know why does my office chair sink, don’t you? If you like this blog, please share it with your friends, as their chairs might be sinking too.

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