Secretlab titan vs Omega 2020 – Which Gaming chair is the best?

The Titan and Omega gaming chairs from Secretlab are the most popular gaming chairs. Designed specifically for gamers, both chairs offer a variety of features that make them stand out. They are both used by popular players today.

Due to their outstanding features and build quality, both gaming chairs have been awarded many awards. Based on the reviews of both Secretlab Titan and Secretlab Omega gaming chairs, you may be confused about which Secretlab chair you should choose – Secretlab Titan or Secretlab Omega.

As both gaming chairs are amazing. Today in this blog we will do Secretlab titan vs omega in terms of features, price, and pros and cons. So that you can decide much better which gaming chair would be great for you. So make sure to read the full blog from start to end.

SecretLab company Overview

Here’s a brief overview of Secretlab before I move on to the chair review. Most of the users wanted to know about the company from which they are going to buy the product. So here is an overview of the Secretlab company. The history of the Secretlab company is not long.

The company was just started 7 years ago in 2014. Their headquarters are located in Singapore. Ian Ang and Alaric Choo, come together to make Secretlab. Ian Ang and Alaric Choo are both former professional esports players.

Thus, their gaming chairs are equipped with premium features that professional gamers need. The Secretlab Throne V1 was released in March of 2015 as their first gaming chair. Within a short period of time, it became very popular.

The Secretlab company sold its millionth chair in 2020. Now their gaming chair products line includes around 5 premium gaming chairs. And all of the chairs are getting a lot of love.

Secretlab Titan vs Omega quick overview

If you don’t have much time to read the full blog then just read the below table. You will get information on Omega and Titan features. It will be best to read the full blog if you have time.

Secretlab TitanSecretlab omega
Armrests4D Armrests4D Armrests
Lumbar PillowAdjustable Lumbar Pillow In Build Adjustable Lumbar Support
Backrest tilt165 Degrees85-165 Degrees
Base & Casters5 Star base 5 Star base
Weight77 lbs66 lbs
Weight Capacity290 Lbs240 Lbs
Height recommendation5’9″ – 6’7″5’3″ – 5’11”
Warranty5 Years After extended5 Years After extended
Upholday choices33
Adjustable height YesYes
Gas lift CylinderClass 4 HydraulicsClass 4 Hydraulics

Secretlab Titan vs Omega – Overview

Price Tag

So let us compare Secretlab OMEGA 2020 and Secretlab Titan in terms of cost. Compared to the Secretlab TITAN chair, the Secretlab OMEGA chair is more affordable. There is not a large price difference betwOMEGA chairs. They are around 50$ cheaper than TITAN chairs.

For $400 Dollars you can get the OMEGA chair, and for $450 you can get the Titan chair. Depending on the color and edition you choose, the omega chair can cost up to $800. Secretlab’s Titan 2020 Series chair, on the other hand, will be priced between $449 and $849. I have given you both chairs’ direct prices above.

However, they are both priced differently indirectly. The indirect price of the Secretlab OMEGA base variant is $499 and Secretlab TITAN is $549. Overall, the chair is not much expensive. So you will be able to afford the chair without spending too much money. They give so many features at less price.


Both Secretlab gaming chairs are extremely comfortable. The chairs provide the user with a comfortable sitting experience. It is due to chair comfortability that gamers use the chair. Gamer’s will begin to feel uncomfortable seated if the chair isn’t comfortable.

Which will create tiredness in the user’s body. Okay, so let’s move to our question, which chair is comfier. In terms of comfortability, the Secretlab Titan chair is much comfy than the Omega gaming chair. However, why is Titan so much more comfortable?

Secretlab titan inbuild lumbar support

It is because of two reasons. There is an adjustable lumbar support built-in to Secretlab Titan, while a lumbar pillow is included with Omega that offers some support and comfort, but not as much as an inbuilt adjustable lumbar support. Additionally, you will get to see Snug Fit Seat Base in the Omega chair, which is more comfortable to sit in than Leveled Seat Base.

Leveled Seat Base provides a comfortable seating experience without making you feel restricted in the chair. There is also 3rd reason for it. The back and seat of the total chair are much wider in size because of which the users are able to sit more comfortably.


In terms of adjustability, both are chairs are almost similar. The only difference between the 2 chairs is their lumbar support/pillow. In Secretlab Omega there is a Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow and headrest that are removable and adjustable. These are fully adjustable from left to right and up-down.

Integrated, adjustable lumbar support is available on the Titan gaming chair. As the lumbar support is inbuilt, you cannot remove it. You cannot move it up-down or right-left. Only its depth can be changed. For adjusting just rotate the knob given on the left side of the lumbar support.

This lumbar support will give support to your back and spine cord. Your back pain problem will be solved in both chairs. Now let us talk about the adjusted features that both chairs have to save. There are 4D Armrests, 160 degrees reclining backrest, and Class 4 Hydraulics in both Secretlab chairs.

Design, Edition and Color choices

The base variant design of both chairs is the same. For eg – On the headrest and backside of the back, you will see the secret lab logo embodied on them. On the backrest, there is another type of logo. The logo gives a cool feel to the gaming chair.

On the corners of the back and seat, there are red scratches. Which increases the look of the chair and gives it a feel of a racing-type gaming chair. Any edition or color variant chair you buy you will see that edition logo on the backrests.

Secretlab color options and special editions

Secretlab has not changed their design even a bit so you will see no differences in design. Not only just design color and a special edition of both chairs are also the same. There are 5 different color options in both chairs, Ash, Black, Royal, Classic, and stealth.

And you will get around 10 Esports Editions and 23 Official Special Editions. New colors and special editions keep adding to their options. You have so much a large variety of color options and editions. You can choose any color options you want in your chair.

Their most popular special edition is Team Liquid, T1, OG, Cloud 9, World 2019, etc. You will see many esports teams special editions you can choose any of them. Overall if you love cool-looking gaming chairs then the Secretlab chairs are a great option for you.

Upholstery Choices

Both Secretlab Titan and Omega series come with safe upholstery choices. The upholstery options include PRIMETM 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeaveTM Fabric, and NAPA Leather. Choose from any of these options. There will be a difference in price for each option.

Pu leather is the cheapest of all of them, with a starting price of $399; fabric costs $429; and NAPA leather is the most expensive, with a starting price of $799. All of the upholstery is good and comfortable without any doubt. Let me tell you the features of all Upholstery. It helps you understand which is best for you.


Height and Weight Recommadation

Each chair is made for people of different sizes and weights. Therefore, no matter what size or weight the user is, Secretlab chairs will fit him. Omega series chairs have been designed for people between 5’8″ and 5’11” and 200 to 240 pounds.

Titan chairs are recommended for users 5’9″ to 6’7″ and weighing up to 300 pounds. In general, their chairs are best for small, medium, and large-sized people. If you are extremely large or overweight, you can go with the latest Titan XL gaming chair.

As that chair has much more capacity than other Secretlab chairs like Omega and Titan. But make sure to choose the right weight and height chair for yourself. IF the chair size is high or low then your body then the chair comfortability and ergonomic will be decreased. Also, the chair will get damaged or its parts can get broken easily if you are using a smaller chair than yourself.

Dimentions and Weight

Let’s talk about Secretlab titan and Omega Dimensions and Weight. The Titan series backrest is 34 inches long and 21.7 inches wider whereas the Omega’s backrest is 32 inches long and 21 wider. The Omega seats are 22 inches wider and 14 inches long.

On the other hand, the titan chair is 20.5 inches wider. The armrests of the titan chair are also much larger and wider than the omega chair. SO without a doubt, the titan chair dimensions are greater than the omega chair. Let’s now talk about the weight of the Secretlab chair.

Secretlab Omega weighs 66 pounds and supports 240 pounds, while Titan weighs 77 pounds and supports 290 pounds. Due to the larger size, both chairs are had to store, especially Titan. Not only this if you have a small gaming chair then you will face a lot of problems.

Warrenty And Shipping

Three years warranty is included with Secretlab’s Titan and Omega 2020 chairs. That’s a really long warranty period for gaming chairs. The long warranty period also shows that the company is sure about the equality of their product like Secretlab is.

In addition, Secretlab chairs come with a 2-year warranty extension. After the extension, the chair’s warranty will be extended to 5 years. The Secretlab Series chair warranty can be extended for free by posting the chair on the public website or by giving 50 dollars extra.

It will not be covered by your warranty if the chair has been damaged or ripped by you. For more info just read their assembly conditions. There are no shipping charges on Omega and Titan series chairs. That is why your shipping cost will be saved on the chair. Also, there are no delivery charges on the chairs. So your extra money will be saved on both chairs.

resources omega 2020s US 1resources titan 2020 US

Which one You should buy Omega or Titan?

Both chairs are worth buying and have very similar features. Because of this, it is common that you can get confused about which you should go. Before buying any chair first see the height and weight recommendation of that chair as I told you earlier.

And after that which chair suits your body size just go with that chair. If you are small then omega will be good for you and if you are taller then titan will be best for you. Also, it also depends on your budget.

The omega series comes cheaper than the titan so if you have a low budget then just go to the omega 2020 chair as it has very few different features from the titan chair. If you have the budget to buy titan then just buy it as you just have to spend a little more money.

And you will have 2-3 additional features that you will not see in the Omega chair. You should also check the size of your room since the titan chair will be difficult to place in a small room. Omega is smaller than Titan, so you could use a Secretlab Omega gaming chair if your room is small.

The titan chair will greatly benefit you if you often suffer from back pain or have difficulty sitting straight. As inbuild, lumbar support of titan give very much support to back then omega lumbar pillow. Also, it will make it easy to sit straight posture for long hours.

Conclusion – Secretlab titan vs Omega

So now let’s move to the last part of this blog – Conclusion. Today in this blog we do Secretlab titan vs Omega in terms of features, price, and size. And tell you which chair you should buy. Overall both the great are great for gamers. So you can go with any of them that suits your budget and body size.

You will surely love this Secretlab gaming chair. Before choosing any chair make sure to read this blog fully as it will help you to understand better about both Omega and Titan chairs. If you like this blog then share this Secretlab titan vs Omega blog with your friends on social media.

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