How much does a bean bag chair cost? in 2022

Are you looking to buy a bean bag chair? The first question that would be coming to your mind is that how much does a bean bag chair cost? This question is not just going to come to your mind. In fact, every buyer wants to know the price of the product he is thinking of buying.

Bean bags are fluffy chairs filled with beans or soft foam. They are quite popular chairs that have completely different looks, designs, and features from other office and gaming chairs. So let’s come to the points. How much do they cost? The price of the bean bag chair will be different according to the chair quality you buy.

How much does a bean bag chair cost? Bean bag chairs cost between 40$ to 600$, depending on their material, size, foam, and quality. The price will increase depending on the quality of the bean chair you are buying.

In this article, we will also tell you some most asked questions about a bean bag chair. So make sure to read the full article.

Are bean bag chairs comfortable?

Comfortability is the most important thing that a buyer’s check-in chair is going to buy. It is also another reason that buyers buy bean bag chairs instead of a normal chair. So is a bean bag comfy or not. Its answer is Yes.

Bean bags have beans/foam filled inside them, which is why you get a comfy feel to your body. In a bean bag, you will not have a hard feel to your butts and back like you can have in office chairs. It’s only due to chair comfortability that a user can sit on a chair for some hours.

How much does a bean bag chair cost?

Not only this you can even lay down on your chair and rest or sleep for a while. Its comfy body will give you the best sitting experience that you will want from a chair. Due to a chair being comfy, you can enjoy watching movies, playing games, or working while sitting on the chair.

It will also help you to concentrate on your work. Overall Yes bean bags are comfortable chairs. But keeping in mind they are not mostly made for full day sitting or sitting for 8-10 hours a day as an office chair. You can sit on them comfortably for 2-3 hours straight and after that, you can take a break and then again sit on the chair.

Are bean bag chairs good for Back?

Bean bag chairs are comfortable, as I said earlier. However, they can be uncomfortable as well. There are no backrest, lumbar pillow, or headrests on a bean bag like a gaming chair or an office chair. You won’t get any support for your back when you sit in a bean bag.

As a result, sitting in a straight posture on the chair may not be possible. If you plan on using the chair all day then you should reconsider. Also if you have a back pain issue, buying a bean bag will not be a good option. As your back pain can be increased due to less support for your back.

There are many bean bags that have backrests. You can go with those chairs if you have back pain issues. Support will be provided for your back, preventing your spine from twisting. Thus your back problems will be resolved as well.

Overall in simple words, if you choose bean bag chairs with a backrest they are good for the back, and if not then they are not. If you are not going to sit on the chair for long hours then you will not need to buy a backrest bean bag chair as it will just increase the chair price. Also, buy a chair that suits your body size it will be good for your back.

How long bean bag chairs last?

A bean bag chair’s lifespan depends totally on the quality of its construction and the care it receives. If you buy a cheap bean bag chair, it will only last 1-2 years. When the chair is of high quality and expensive, it can even last between 4 and 5 years. If you take proper care of the chair, you can extend its life.

This will result in extended life of your chair of about one or two years. You can just replace the old beans/foam with a new one if your chair is getting uncomfortable and hard. And after that, your chair’s softness will come back. Overall good quality bean chairs can last for 5-6 Years and cheap quality chairs can last 2-3 Years if you give proper care to them.

Can we sleep on bean bag chairs?

There is no doubt that you can. You will commonly see users sleeping on a bean bag chair. Sitting on a round bean bag chair is much easier than sleeping on a bean bag chair with a backrest.

Also, your bean bag chair should be on the right side of your body size or your body will not get a fix on the chair. Thus it will make sleeping on your chair uncomfy. The reason they are so soft and fluffy is that they are filled with foam or beans, so when you sit on them, your body will be properly supported.

Can we sleep on bean bag chairs?

Thus, your sleeping experience on the chair will also be increased. You can sleep on the bean chair for 10-12 hours easily. You can sleep while having your back side both towards and forward on the bean bag chair.

Different shapes bean bag chair

There are 5 different shapes of bean bag chairs in the market. The most popular of them are round shape bean bag chairs and Square Bean Bag chairs. But we will tell you all 5 shapes of chairs. So here is the list of 5 shape shapes chairs-

  • Round Bean Bag Chair.
  • Square Bean Bag Chair.
  • Novelty Bean Bag Chair.
  • Gaming Bean Bag Chair.
  • Novelty Bean Bag Chair

Can we use bean bag chairs as gaming chair?

Its simple answer is Yes. You can do gaming while sitting on the bean bag chair. But you also need to know that these chairs are not meant for hardcore gamers who sit on chairs for long hours and go gaming. If you are just a casual gamer then you can go with this chair.

As I have said earlier, you cannot sit on a Bean Bag Chair for long hours. So if you go to do gaming for just a few hours then you will not have any uncomfortability. But if you are going to do hardcore gaming then it will be best to go with a gaming chair. As gaming chairs have the most features that a gamer will need to sit comfortably on the chair.

Sitting and playing while sitting on red bean bag chair

Top 3 Best bean bag chairs

Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, red

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is the first bean bag chair on our list. This bean bag is made for adults people. The bean bag chair has a 4.4-star rating and 13K reviews. So it will not be wrong to say that this chair is a quite popular chair.

The chair is available in more than 30 different colors so you have a large color of colors from which you can choose your bean bag chair. This Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is filled with memory foam so the chair shape will not deflate and will remain in its shape.

You will get a comfortable experience while sitting on the chair. The chair cover and memory foam both are durable and will not tear or wear from any place or edges. Moreover, the chair is easy to clean. You can wash the chair cover in the washing machine too.

And after that, you can put the foam inside the chair easily. The chair is 60” x 60” x 34” so your body will fully fit this chair. As the chair has been made of fabric, the chair is very breathable. So you will not have sweating issues with this chair while sitting on the chair.

Big Joe Milano Bag Chair, Gray Plush

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If you want a bean bag chair with a backrest then this Big Joe Milano Bag Chair is a great choice for you. The chair just cost 54$ making it very affordable. The chair body is made up of fabric that is why the chair is very skin-friendly. You will not have harsh to your skin due to the chair’s softcover.

The chair comes in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large. You can choose chair size according to your body size. This bean bag chair has bean filling instead of soft foam. Due to this, the chair is very lightweight.

You will not have to put much effort into moving the chair. The bean chair just weighs 4 lbs. The chair is much strong and durable. Proper stretching has been done on the chair. The chair’s backrest will give support to your back.

Also, it will help you to sit straight for hours. You can comfortably sit on the chair and can do gaming and work. Note: The chair will not come filled with beans in fact you have to buy the beans separately. And for that, you have to spend more $15.

ANUWAA Bean Bag Chair, Grey

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In our list of chairs, the ANUWAA chair is last. It has also received the highest rating. The chair gets 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. That’s quite impressive. You can choose from three colors for this chair – blue, grey, or silver. Each color provides a stunning appearance.

Also, the chair comes in 2 different sizes – 3 foot and 4 foot. No matter which size chair you buy you can sit on the chair comfortably. The chair has a fabric covering and foam inside it. You can remove the covering of the chair too. As there is a zip on this chair.

Also, cleaning the chair is easy and fast. It will not take much time and effort to clean this bean bag chair. The cover of the chair can be easily washed in a washing machine. Simply put the cover in the machine whenever you wish to clean it.

As the chair weighs very little you can move the chair from one room to another easily. ANUWAA Bean Bag Chair can be used for multi-purpose like – napping, gaming, or studying.

Pros and cons of a bean bag chair


  • The bean bag chairs are much cheaper than any other office and gaming chairs.
  • They are very lightweight and are easy to move.
  • They are very comfy and soft so users get a comfy sitting experience.
  • The users can easily sleep or lay down on the bean back chair than Other chairs.
  • They are very easy to store and carry.
  • Increases look of room due to their amazing look and design.
  • Comes in different design and colors.


  • They have very less ergonomic features.
  • Not have any adjustable features.
  • Not are comfy for long hours sitting.

Conclusion – How much does a bean bag chair cost?

Bean bag chairs are quite amazing chairs. That comes in different colors, sizes, designs, and prices. We gave you the answer to the question: How much does a bean bag chair cost? Not only this we also give answers to the different questions that you might be thinking.

So overall after reading the blog you would have got the answer to all these questions. After that, it would have also helped to understand whether to go with the bean bag chairs or not. Last thing I will tell you that if you don’t sit on the chair for a long time then go with a bean bag chair but if you use the chair too much then they are not a great option for you.

And for gaming just go with a premium gaming chair. You can buy the top 3 bean bag chairs that we have given in our list. They are worth buying. If you like this How much does a bean bag chair cost blog then make sure to share it with your friends.

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