9 Best Chairs that are good for your back + Buyers Guide

Are you looking for chairs that are good for your back? If Yes. Then there are very high chances that you are facing back pain while using your old chair. Am I Right? This can happen because your chair lacks ergonomic features or is of low quality.

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by users who sit for prolonged periods of time. According to a report, around 16 million adults suffer from back pain. If your chair does not have an ergonomic back or lumbar pillow, the problem can worsen.

Due to back problems, the user has trouble sitting while working long hours sitting on the chair. This also affects his working experience and the quality of his work. In this market, there are tons of gaming and office chairs, so it can be difficult to choose one.

However, there aren’t many high-quality chairs available. But don’t worry as today I will review some best chairs that are good for your back. We will also review them on the basis of other factors like price, quality, ergonomic features, pros, and cons so that you can get the best chair for your price.

List Of Best office chairs for scoliosis

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office ChairBest Overall
Rottnen ErgoRo Ergonomic Office Chair2nd Best Overall
SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office ChairBest Budget chair
Homall High Back Gaming ChairBest Gaming Chair for back pain users
NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic Office ChairBest for users who have short room
Steelcase Series 1 Office ChairLargest variety color chair
SAMOFU Office Chair with Foot RestBest chair with footrest
KERDOM Ergonomic Desk ChairBest chair with high reclining area
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh ChairEasiest assembly chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

91WybTWbY2L. AC SL1500 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎26.4 x 26.4 x 53.7 inches
Armrests4D Armrests
MaterialHD ElastoMesh Back and Seat with Soft PU Coated Armrests
Recline 135 Degrees
Weight‎46 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs

So in our list NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair tops. NOUHAUS Ergo3D is a great chair for people who suffer from back pain. On Amazon, the chair is quite popular and has a positive rating. If we talk about rating then the chair has a 4.4-star rating and over 2.3K reviews.

Which is really quite an impressive rating. The chair is available in 4 different colors – Black, blue, grey, and Burgundy. With its unique design, this chair features a backrest that supports the spine properly. By this, your spine will have proper support when you sit in the chair.

You will also find lumbar support in the chair. The lumbar support will help to support the lower back. Moreover, the chair’s backrest is ergonomically designed. So in the chair, you will not have back pain problems, even when sitting for many hours.

81z80M UkfL. AC SL1500 removebg preview

The NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair has high adjustable features like it has an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, backrest, and height. Each of them will provide support for your main body points like your neck, back, elbows, and butts in order to give you the most comfortable sitting experience.

Seat height can be adjusted from 3.9 inches to 4 inches. You simply need to pull the lever under the seat for that. Simply rotate the knob underneath the chair seat to control tilt. The chair is very breathable and it is due to the chair’s mesh back and seat.

As a result, the air is able to circulate freely between the back and seat. The chair build quality is amazing and strong. Both base and frame have been made up of strong material. That is why your chair can easily bear heavy weight. And can last for a long time.


  • Value for money.
  • Gives great comfort and support.
  • Stong builds quality.
  • Has many ergonomic features.


  • No padded seats or back.

Rottnen ErgoRo Ergonomic Office Chair

6151UOyZ1lL. AC SL1500
Item Dimensions LxWxH19.3 x 19.3 x 19.9 inches
Armrests3D Armrests
Recline Synchro-tilt
Weight‎44 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs

Looking for an office chair that can provide great support for your back? Then you need to try out this ROTTNEN ErgoRo chair. The chair’s most amazing feature is its backrest. Firstly, it is ergonomically designed, and secondly, it includes dynamic lumbar support.

When your headrest or lumbar support is adjusted according to posture, you can give the best support to your back. The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down. The chair backrest is Sync-tilt and can be adjusted to tilt three different angles.

Be sure to tilt the chair back to find your best comfortable angle for working and relaxing. A high-quality metal base and frame are used to manufacture the chairs. Its wide base ensures that the chair will not move from its place while you will be seated in the chair, by keeping it stable.

Rottnen ErgoRo Ergonomic Office Chair

The mesh used in the chair is much more strong and durable than other types of mesh. The mesh will prevent you from having sweating problems on summer days. So you will be able to use sit in this mesh chair easily on hot days without worrying about sweating issue.

The chair armrests are covered with PU leather that makes them much softer but if you still want them comfier then you can buy the armrest pads variant. But that variant chair will cost you 50$ more.

This is the highest-rated office chair on our list as the chair has a 4.6-star rating. Without a doubt the chair build quality is amazing. That is why it has BIFMA and SGS certification. Also, the chair has passed the 2000 lbs weight test.


  • Allows users to sit for a long time.
  • Made from Durable and elastic mesh.
  • Soft padded armrests.
  • Has BIFMA and SGS certification.


  • Not have any serious cons.

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

61aQXC0MsPL. AC SL1388 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH24.41 x 24.8 x 42.13 inches
Armrests3D Armrests
Recline 126 Degrees
Weight‎41 Lbs
Weight capacity330 Lbs

SIHOO office chair is another mesh office chair in our list of – Best chairs that are good for your back. The chair only cost 269$, so it’s a pretty affordable chair. In the SIHOO chair, both the back and seat are mesh. Because of this reason, the chair is extremely breathable.

You won’t experience sweating and sticking issues with it. It is stronger and more durable than the traditional chair mesh. Due to which your mesh will not tear or wear easily. The chair seats have a waterfall design. So your hips will not face pressure when you sit on the chair.

Also, the blood circulation hips area will not be affected. The S-shape backrest and lumbar support will keep your back straight at 90 degrees angle. You will be able to sit on this office chair for 8-10 hours a day without feeling uncomfortable.

Adjustable 3D armrests offer 2.7-inch up-and-down movement, up to 2.3-inch forward and backward movement, and 360-degree rotation. Your chair headrest position can be adjusted to provide adequate support for your neck depending on your body size.

SGS cylinder comes with the cylinder which gives stable and safe height adjustment. The cylinder will not break easily and will last for many years. No need to worry about chair build quality as the chair has been tested numerous times.

In addition, BIFMA and SGS have both certified the chair. A high-grade aluminum base supports the chair. A heavyweight can be supported easily by the chair. Also, the base has passed the 2000lbs static pressure test.

There are long years of warranty on the chair. So no need to worry about chairs for many years. If you encounter any issue with the chair, just contact customer support and they will sort your problem out.


  • Has a very affordable price tag.
  • Comes with 3 years warrenty.
  • Strong and sturdy build quality.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not have many color options.

Homall High Back Gaming Chair

Homall High Back Gaming Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches
ArmrestsFixed Armrests
Recline 90 to 180  Degrees
Weight‎42 Lbs
Weight capacity300 Lbs

The next chair on our list is a premium homall gaming chair. This is a great chair for those who suffer from chronic back problems. In addition to a high backrest and headrest, the chair has lumbar support as well. Best of all, they are all adjustable and removable.

You will have enough support for your back thanks to their high backrests. Long periods of time can be spent sitting on a chair. The chair comes in 10 different colors including Pink. So if you are a girl gamer and looking for a pink gaming chair then you will love this chair.

Homall High Back Gaming Chair

Skin-friendly Pu leather has been used to make chair covers. The leather will not give any type of rash to your skin. Having any type of skin allergy still won’t stop you from using the chair. Keeping it clean is also very simple. You can easily clean the chair with water.

It will not harm the chair in any way. You can fully recline the chair back if you would like to. This chair is very helpful if you engage in intense gaming or work for long periods of time. Simply recline the chair and you can lie down. It will give comfort to your back.

71TjPAa KSL. AC SL1500

Not only comfort it also reduces tiredness from your back. The chair seat height can adjust from 14.5 inches to 20.5 inches. The back and seat of the chair are padded with molded foam. The result is that you will feel comfortable when sitting in a chair.

Moving this homall chair is very easy due to smooth-rolling casters. On this chair, you can move the chair from one room to another easily without worrying about damages to the floor. As the chair casters have been coated with PU leather. Due to chair premium features, this homall chair is also the #1 best seller on amazon.


  • Comes in a large variety of color options.
  • The chair has been tested many times.
  • Soft and comfy backrest and seats.
  • Comes with proper installation instructions.


  • The chair armrests are not padded and are fixed.

NOUHAUS +Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

81y0JQDdEPL. AC SL1500 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH27.55 x 27.55 x 46.1 inches
ArmrestsFlip-Up Armrests
Recline 135 Degrees
Weight‎40 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs

This chair also comes from NOUHAUS. But the chair has a completely different look and design. The chair comes in 3 different color options. On the chair, you will see a fixed headrest and an inbuilt adjustable lumbar support.

The lumbar support is very adjustable and will give support to your back and spine. You can lock the lumbar support at 5 different points, which is called Click5. By adjusting the lumbar support to the proper support great support can be taken to the back.

No matter how much pain you have, this chair will solve that issue properly. In terms of back pain, the chair has got a 5-star rating out of 5. This NOUHAUS office chair is an easy-to-store chair. Its reason is its flip-up armrests.

41rMepaitLL. AC

To store it just flip the armrests at 90 degrees and then put it under the desk. The armrests will give support to your elbows and arms and will make it easy to work on your desk. Also to prevent your elbows from getting a hard feel both of them have been padded.

High quality and durable, a Class 4 Gas Lift has been installed under the seat which makes the chair height adjustable much safer and stable than the other chairs. So you don’t need to worry about safety in the chair.

The chair base has a 5-Point Base which has been made up of Nylon material. Due to that, its base will not break and will lift heavy weight easily. The chair just weighs 40 LBS but can afford 275 LBS of weight. The chair casters are also made of nylon. That is why they will not break after high use too.


  • Easy to store.
  • Have an ergonomic back design.
  • Easy and smooth height adjustment.
  • Comes with 5 years warrenty.


  • Not have high adjustable armrests and headrests.

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

71Q1tBEg4L. AC SL1500 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches
Armrests4D Armrests
Recline Tilt tension + Lock
Weight‎29 Lbs
Weight capacity400 Lbs

When we are making chairs that are good for your back list, then how can we forget Steelcase Series 1 chair? This chair is another premium office chair from Steelcase. Generally, office chairs don’t have many color options, Right?

But this Steelcase chair is different as there are 12 different color options in this chair. And all the chair colors are really stunning and amazing. This Steelcase chair has fabric upholstery. So when you sit on the chair you will have a soft feel to your body.

The soft body of the chair will improve your sitting experience. The chair’s ergonomic design and Adjustable lumbar support give support to the spine. Plus, it maintains your body in the correct posture. You can adjust the position of your lumbar support according to your need.

It will relieve stress from your lower back. The pain in your back will therefore be reduced. Putting your hand over the chair armrests will not cause your elbows to feel hard. In another chair, you will get one caster option but in it, you can choose between -Hard or soft casters.

But in Steelcase Series 1 you get both options. So you can choose casters type according to your floor type. Choose the wrong casters will not only make a moving chair difficult but also can remove scratches and damages on your floor.

So choose your caster type wisely. The chair dont comes preassembled. So you have to assemble it by yourself. But it’s not a big issue as you can assemble the chair in less than 20 minutes. No need to take anyone’s help.


  • Soft cushion in a seat that makes its seat comfy and soft.
  • Waterfall design seats.
  • Very high weight capacity.


  • Very costly.

SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair with Foot Rest

7113cwNJgQS. AC SL1500 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH29 x 25 x 16 inches
Armrests5D Armrests
Recline 135 degrees
Weight‎59 Lbs
Weight capacity300 Lbs

SAMOFU office chair is an ergonomic chair with very high adjustability features. Like the chair headrest, lumbar support, armrests, footrest, and backrest all of them are adjustable. By adjusting them to a proper angle or position a user can increase your sitting experience on the chair.

By using them you can get support your neck, elbows, arms back, butts, and hips easily. It is the first chair on our list that comes with a footrest. You can move the chair up and use it for placing your legs over it. It will make sure that your legs don’t get tired when you sit on the chair.

Moreover, due to footrests, your butts will not have pain. And if you don’t want to use it just put it under your chair. All other chairs on our list just have adjustable seat height, Right? But the seat of this chair also can move forward-backward.

81LwgHyeiGS. AC SL1500

And it will also give you relief from your butts and hips pain. The chair’s high ergonomic features allow the user to sit on the chair for long hours and do his work comfortably. You can recline the chair backrest backward at 3 different angles as you want.

Plus, you can lock the back at different angles. There are 360 degrees of swivel in this SAMOFU office chair. So you don’t have to move the chair fully in order to talk or use more than 1 computer. 50 mm Pu casters of the chair are strong and are properly tested.

The chair’s 5-star base is much stronger and has done polished to prevent it from getting rust. They have been tested more than 120000. SAMOFU office chair may cost a bit higher but still, it is really a great ergonomic chair. And that is why we have put it in our list of office chairs that are good for your back.


  • Comes with an ergonomic design.
  • Has an adjustable footrest.
  • Comes with 5 years warrenty.
  • Has an ergonomic shape back.


  • Not have any serious cons.

KERDOM Ergonomic Desk Chair

51IKDRPcx1L. AC SL1200 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH21 x 11 x 20 inches
Armrests3D Armrests
Recline 90-135 degrees
Weight‎40 Lbs
Weight capacity275 Lbs

KERDOM Ergonomic Desk Chair is the next chair in our list of best chairs that are good for your back. The chair comes in 2 colors only – black and white. The chair has a cool and stunning look and design. The chair has been made in order to give support to users’ backs.

The chair headrest, ergonomic back, and lumbar support give support to the neck and back. Because of which your spine will remain straight when you sit in the chair. Also, it will improve your sitting posture by providing support for your back.

The lumbar support in the chair is adjustable so you can move it up-down. You will see curved hollow seats in the chair. These types of seats allow users to sit on the chair for many hours comfortably. In these seats, you will not have pain in your hips and butts.

There is an adjustable headrest given in the chair as you see in Rottnen chair. You can adjust the height and angle of the headrest easily. The base has been made up of steel which promotes stability and strength to the chair.

The base can bear a heavyweight of 275 lbs easily. So the chair is a great option for low and heavy-weight users. The wheels of the chair roll smoothly and silently on the floor as you will see Roller Blades Wheels.

These types of casters can move on both types of floor smoothly without making any noise. This Rottnen chair has a 4.5-star rating and 100 reviews. Moreover, in terms of comfort and support, its chair has a 5-star rating.


  • Very simple to put together.
  • Easy to move from its place.
  • High durability body.
  • Gives a comfortable sitting.


  • The chair dont comes in many color options.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

81FFN7rYwUL. AC SL1500 removebg preview
Item Dimensions LxWxH20″W x 19.3″D x 18.5″-22.05″H.
Armrests3D Armrests
Recline 90-120 degrees
Weight‎41 Lbs
Weight capacity280 Lbs

This Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is the last office chair on our list of chairs that are good for your back. The chair may be the last on our list but it will not affect its ergonomic features. Firstly, let’s talk about the armrest. Its armrests can move up-down by pressing the button given on the armrests and also flip-up by 45 degrees.

Due to the flip-up armrest, you can easily move the chair under your working desk. By doing it you can save space in your room. The armrests of the chair give support to your arms and elbows and will help you to work on the desk easily without having any pain in your shoulder.

The chair’s back can tilt backward. So you can move the chair backward at different angles and can find the best suitable angle for you for working. It will help you to sit more comfortably on this office chair.

7dcb7e77 a026 428f bdc1 dcb99cc8b4a6. CR0010001000 PT0 SX300 V1

Not just recline you can lock the chair back at different angles too. The chair’s back also has tilt tension which you can control with a tension knob. Breathable mesh has been used in both the seat and back. Thus, the circulation of air is easy.

The chair will not warn on summer days as the chair will remain cool. Thus, you can sit on a chair for long hours on summer days too. You will not face any type of comfortability. If you are a user who sits on the chair for 8-10 hours a day then make sure to check out this chair.

You will love it. The assembly of the chair is easy and takes very little time. Also, you would not have to search for assembly tools too. As all tools will come in the box. Just use them and follow the instruction manual.

You will not face any type of issue. The chair base has been made stronger so that it can bear heavy weight. Also, you will see the design on the base which increases the look of this Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair.


  • Smooth height adjustment in the chair.
  • Has SGS certified cylinder.
  • Comes with a 1-year warrenty.
  • Value for money.
  • Light and easy to move.


  • The armrests and not much adjustable.
  • The headrest is not adjustable.

Buying Guide – Chairs that are good for your back

If you want to buy the best office chair for your back problem then you need to check some important things in your chair. If your chair has all of that, then you can go with that chair otherwise you should skip that chair. As that chair will not be good if your back often has pain problems. So make sure to read this buying guide.

Ergonomic design

The first important thing that an office chair has is an ergonomic design. Many chairs have an ergonomic back design which has a design like a spine. As a result, a user’s spine is supported properly when seated on this chair.

In addition to providing support, the ergonomic design also helps keep the spine in the right position. Sitting in the wrong posture can also lead to pain, so ergonomic chairs are of great assistance in this case. Sitting in an ergonomic chair allows you to keep your spine in a natural alignment.

That is why you will see that all chairs on our list have ergonomic designs. If you dont have the habit of sitting in a straight posture then dont worry these chairs will help you to sit straight. By using the ergonomic design backrest chair your back problem will be solved or reduced. Also, it won’t allow your pain problem from getting worse.

Lumbar support or Lumbar pillow

Lumbar support is an important part of ergonomics. Both of them are very helpful in reducing people’s back pain issues. As they will give support to your lower back and will reduce pressure from that area.

If your lumbar is adjustable then you can also adjust it to get support for your upper back too. When your pressure from the back will reduce blood circulation in those are will also improve. Both of them will reduce your back pain issue.

Even if your chair has fixed lumbar even then you can go with that chair. Both lumbar support and lumbar pillow equal support to the back. Make sure that your chair lumbar pillow should be soft and fluffy as a hard lumbar pillow can give a hard feel to your back.

They also help users to sit in the right position. In our list of chairs that are good for your back, all the chairs have adjustable or fixed lumbar support and a pillow.

Headrest and armrests

When buying an office chair for a back problem, you also have to look for other things. Like headrest and lumbar support. They may not give great support to back but still, they are very useful. The headrest gives support to the neck whereas armrests give support to elbows and arms.

So you will not have pain in your neck, arms, and elbows. Due to the headrest, you can place your neck over the headrest, and it also helps the user to sit straight. By adjusting the armrests to a proper position to your desk height you can make it easy working on the desk.

Also, you will not have pressure on your shoulder while working at your desk. So you will have no pain in your shoulders. If the armrests are padded, placing your arms over them will be comfier. As your elbows will not have a hard feel due to hard armrests.

Height and weight recommadation

It doesn’t matter how comfy your chair is or how high adjustability your chair has. If your size and weight are less or higher than your chair’s Height and weight recommendation then the chair will become uncomfy for you.

The office chairs are made for specific height and weight people. And if the user is less or high then that user will not get proper support from the headrest, lumbar support, and armrests. All the chairs can get damaged or may not be for a long time if your weight is higher than the weight capacity of that chair.

That is the reason that buying the right height and weight capacity chair is important. So before selecting any chair for yourself make sure to check the chair height and weight of that chair. Or you have to face many issues with that chair later.

Reclining Back

Reclining the backrest also helps in reducing lower back pain. It also reduces back tiredness. You can recline the backrest and can lay on the chair or can find the best angle for you for sitting and working. Some chairs only have tilt tension but still, they are also helpful in reducing back pain. So you can also go with them. You will see that all chairs on our list have reclining backrests. Some chairs have both reclining and tilting backrests. So you can choose any of those office chairs.

Conclusion – chairs that are good for your back

Office chairs will lumbar support and ergonomic back design are very helpful for People who have back pain issues. If you also have this problem then don’t ever go with a normal chair. As that chair will just increase your back issue.

We have reviewed the 9 best office chairs that are good for your back. You can go with any of them. All will give support to your back. We have put them on our list after checking all the features that a premium chair should have. So after buying that chair you won’t regret on your choice.

Also, make sure to read the buyer’s guide before choosing any chair as it will help you to choose the best chair for yourself. if you like this blog then make sure to share it with your friends as they might be also looking for the best chairs for lower back pain problems.

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