What chair does ninja use in 2022? | Ninja gaming chair

Have you ever wondered What chair does ninja use? I used to think about this question when watching Ninja gaming stream.

I am sure that I am not alone in who is thinking about this. That is why I do some research and found out the gaming chair that ninjas use.

So today I am going to tell the name of the ninja gaming chairPlus Why he is using that chair and should buy that chair or not? So make sure to read this Blog to know all this.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

So now let me tell you about his gaming chair. Currently, Ninja is using The MAXNOMIC Classic pro gaming chair and ninja has customized this gaming chair’s look and design according to his choice. By adding his logo and his theme color on his gaming chair.

But customizing this chair will only affect this chair’s look and appearance, but the chair features, quality will remain the same. The MAXNOMIC Classic pro is a premium chair and not only ninja there are many other Twitch and YouTubers streamers who are using this chair.

It is a great chair for you if you are looking for a premium chair at a budget price. As the chair is a very budget-friendly chair. Like other esports players, Ninja has also used other gaming chairs like DXRacer, Techni, AKRacing and etc. in tournaments

Quick overview of Ninja Gaming chair – MAXNOMIC Classic pro

After the quick review of this chair, let us now look at this Tfue gaming chair in more detail. In this part, you will detail an overview of this chair has amazing features. I am sure you will love the chair features. And will surely be able to decide whether to go with this chair or not. So here is the Herman Miller Embody chair features overview.

ModalMAXNOMIC Classic pro
Armrests4D Armrests
Color5 different colors
Weight 51 Lbs
Weight capacity330 Lbs
ReclineTilt Tension
Material Faux leather
Quick overview of Ninja Gaming chair - MAXNOMIC Classic pro

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Who is Ninja? Small intro

I know you would be thinking that what type of question is this. But kept my words, Vene if you are a hardcore fan and follow him for a long time still you would not have known about his background very well.

So make sure to read this part without skipping it as you will get to know about his many new things. Richard Tyler Blevins is the real name of Ninja. But most of his follows know him by Ninja name. He was born on June 5, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan, the U.S. Currently, he is 30 years old in 2021.

Before coming to twitch, in 2009, he was still an esports player who has been played for many popular esports teams like Cloud9, Renegades, Team Liquid. Hos twitch account was created in 2011, where he ban streaming H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

After that, he also does live streaming of Fortnite. In 2017, he played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Luminosity Gaming where he won the PUBG Gamescom Invitational Squads classification. After that, his popularity began to grow very faster.

Between 2017-2018 his twitch follows increased from 500,000 to over 2M. Currently, his twitch channel has 17 million followers and 543 million views. Whereas his youtube channel has 24 million subscribers and 2.4 billion views.

From 2018 to 2021, he has won 6 awards. He had also come in recent popular move free guys in which he had to play his role. Other movies and tv shows in which he has featured are – The Masked Singer, Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered.

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Ninja gaming chair Overview

After the quick review of this chair, let us now look at this Tfue gaming chair in more detail. In this part, you will detail an overview of this chair has amazing features. I am sure you will love the chair features. And will surely be able to decide whether to go with this chair or not. So here is the Herman Miller Embody chair features overview.

Great Customizability and colors

The first great thing about this MAXNOMIC Classic pro is that the chair is highly customizable. Not only this chair all other chairs of maxnomic, but you will also find high customizability. You can customize the look of the chair according to your choice.

If you see the ninja chair you will see the ninja logo on the backrest. It has been because ninja has custom, size this chair according to him. You can embodied any logo on your chair. Or can even print any line or sentence you want. But remember for this, you have to pay 57$ extra.

There are not many chairs in the market that offers this type of chair customizability in their chair. Now let’s talk about chair options. In the MAXNOMIC Classic pro chair, you will see 5 colors options like Red, blue, Black, Grey, etc. But you can also color the chair according to your by contacting the MAXNOMIC support team. Colors can also add cost to the chair.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?   | ninja gaming chair

Adjustable 4D Armrests

4D armrest comes in the MAXNOMIC Classic pro gaming chair. 4D armrests mean that the chair can move in 4 different directions like UP-DOWN, RIGHT-LEFT, FORWARD-BACKWARD, or even can rotate.

The adjustable armrests give the option to users to adjust the angle and position of the armrests according to users’ choice. It makes gaming on the desk easier. You can adjust the height of the armrests according to the height of your desk.

The armrests allow gives support to users elbows and arms and gives them a place for resting their hand. The armrests have been padded to add comfort to them. Padded armrests give a soft feel to users’ arms.

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Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar pillow

The headrest and lumbar pillow come along with the MAXNOMIC Classic pro chair for free. Both of them are adjustable and removable too. So you have an option to adjust their position, or even to remove them if not want to use them. The headrest and lumbar pillow have been made fluffy and soft, to give support to the neck and back position.

The lumbar and headrest also make it easy for the user for sitting straight. The lumbar pillow will also relieve your back pain. The anti-slip coating has been don’t on the backside of the headrest to prevent it from slipping. They both are easy to clean so if they get dirty you can clean them by washable.

MAXNOMIC Classic pro headrest and lumbar pillow


Now we will move to the adjustability feature of this ninja gaming chair. There is no doubt that this ninja chair has great adjustability features. Like the armrests of the chair are adjustable, the headrest and lumbar pillow are adjustable too.

Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the seat and the backrest can tilt back at different angles easily. The chair backrest can tilt back at 5 different angles easily. The more adjustability features a chair has the more comfortable the chair becomes. For tiling the back, you will see a tension knob, just near the chair seat.

By rotating the knob, you can control the tiling of the chair back. You can adjust the position of the headrest, lumbar, and armrests to get even more support to your elbows, arms, neck, back, and shoulders. And the adjusting height will give you relief from hips and toes pain. Make sure not to use a low or high chair for your height as it will make your sitting experience uncomfy.

Great Comfortability

The comfortability of the MAXNOMIC Classic pro is high. That is the reason that hardcore gamers like ninja use this chair as their gaming chair. On the chair, you can sit for 8-10 hours a day comfortably without any issue.

You will not have any uncomfy or tiredness in your body, and all it is due to chair great comfortability. The faux leather of the chair is skin-friendly and soft which will give a soft feel to your body. The cold cured foam has been used inside the chair that adds comfortability to this chair. Your back and butts will have a soft feel.

Moreover, even if you sit on the chair for a long time your butts will not have a hard feel. Also, cold-cured foam under the chair will not deflate too. You can tilt the chair back for providing comfort to your back. Overall, this classic pro is no doubted a highly comfortable chair.

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Adjustable Height

The height of this ninja chair is adjustable. On the chair, you have 2 gas spring options. Each gas spring will give your a different height adjustment size. For eg- in a small one, you can adjust the height between 162 – 172 cm and in the larger one 172 – 184 cm. You can choose anyone you want. It will be best to choose them according to your body size.

MAXNOMIC Classic pro height adjustament

By adding the height of the chair seat you can even make the chair more comfortable for your body size. You should always correct the height chair as when a user uses a low or high chair size he will begin to feel pressure on his and toes. As your feet will tough the feet too much or your feet will remain in the air. And both of them are uncomfy.

Strong Base and Casters

The base of the chair is strong and stable. As it is made up of aluminum and is 70 cm wider in size. Moreover, the base is very lightweight because of being, made up of aluminum. The base can last for many years due to its durability.

The base is heavy duty and can bear a weight of 330 Lbs easily. The casters of the chair are of standard quality. You will see 5 black casters in the chair. These casters will make your chair movement easier. You can roll your gaming chair in your room easily and faster. These standard wheels roll smoothly on most floor types without damaging them.

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Height and weight recommendation

MAXNOMIC Classic pro is ideal for all-size users. No matter you are small, medium, and large-sized still you can go with this chair. Height recommendation for this chair is from 5.4 ft to 6 ft. Moreover in the chair, you also get high height adjustment. The weight capacity of the chair is high too.

Of course 330 Lbs weight capacity is not low. The chair high backrest will give support to your back and its wider seats will make it comfortable for the large-sized user for sitting. So if you lie between this height and weight you can buy this chair without a doubt. Still, there are users who are low from 5.4 or are highest than 6 ft.

For those users, if you are just but high or low then you can buy this ninja chair but if the difference is too much then buying other chairs will be best for you. You can choose from our ninja gaming chair alternative. But in my opinion that there are very less users who won’t fall within the char height and weight limit.

How much does the Ninja gaming chair cost?

If you have like this MAXNOMIC Classic pro now you would surely want to know the price of this chair. So that you can know theater the chair can be afforded by you or not. As all the users have a different budget, so this question is common.

If you even see other gamers’ gaming chairs you would have seen that their gaming chairs are too expensive, Right? But this ninja chair is different from that. This chair is highly affordable as it just cost $417.

And if you customize this chair will cost you $467 which is still an affordable price tag. Also, you won’t have to pay extra for the headrest and lumbar pillow. If you do not have money to buy a 467 dollars chair then you can just go with a normal variant chair as features of the both chairs will be the same.

This chair is a great choice for users who want a high features gaming chair at less price. Like in this price tag you get fully adjustable armrests, adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, height, tilting back, etc. which are great features at this price range.

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Should You invest on Ninja gaming chair or not?

So the last question that comes to the user is that should you invest in this ninja chair or not? In my opinion, you should surely invest in this chair. The chair is without a doubt a worth gaming chair for gamers. If you sit on your chair for very long hours and do gaming then you will love this chair.

This chair has been made especially for hardcore gamers. The chair has been equipped with features that a gamer will need in his gaming chair. This is also the main reason that so many gamers use this chair as this chair satisfied their needs.

You should not go with a normal chair if you do gaming too much. As those gaming chairs will give support and comfort to your back and will create tiredness in your body. It will also affect your gaming experience too and will decrease your gaming performance.

That is why investing in a good gaming chair is so much experience. Investing in these premium gaming chairs is as much as important as investing in other gaming types of equipment are like headphones, GOOD wifi connection, PC, CPU, etc. And after all, this is a one-time investment you are going to do and after buying this chair you do not need to buy another chair for many years.


  • The chair is highly customizable.
  • Made up of high-quality material and has high build quality.
  • Budget-friendly chair.
  • Has high adjustability features.
  • Light weight and heavy weight capacity.
  • Easy to move.
  • Easy to put together.


  • There is no warranty period on the chair.

Best Alternatives of Ninja gaming chair

AutoFull Gaming Chair

AutoFull Gaming Chair

The first alternative to this ninja’s gaming chair is a homall gaming chair. The cool of this homall chair is stunning and attractive. There are 5 colors options available in the chair – Blue, Red, White, Black, and Brown. On the chair, black stripes and patterns on the backrest, lumbar, and headrest increases the look of this chair.

The chair is also ahead in features like its look. On Amazon, it has a 4.6-star rating and around 500 reviews. The backrest of the chair has an ergonomic design that will give you back spine support. The headrest and lumbar pillow will increase support to your back.

The cover of the chair is made up of PU leather, which will make your chair softer and waterproof. You can clean this homall chair easily. There is an 11 cm Anti-collapse sponge seat cushion that makes the seat of the chair even softer and comfortable.

Your butts and hips will not have pain while sitting on the chair. Both armrests and footrests of the chair are adjustable too and will give support to your elbows, arms, and feet. You can adjust the position of your footrest to get even more support to your feet.

Other features of this chair are –

  • Has 3D bionic modeling lumbar pillow.
  • The back can recline 170 degrees.
  • Has strong base and 350 Lbs weight capacity.
  • Smooth 5 rolling casters.

CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair

CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The next gaming chair on our list is CORSAIR T3 Rush. It is another cool-looking gaming chair. The chair is available in 8 different colors and 3 different styles. The chair has 4D armrests that can move up or down, left or right, forward or backward, or swiveled.

These armrests will give support to your elbows and shoulders. The chair’s build quality is amazing because of the strong steel frame and base. This strong base and frame also add durability and stability to this CORSAIR T3 Rush chair.

The chair just weighs 46 Lbs and can bear 264 lbs of weight. The chair’s backrest can both tilt and recline back. The backrest of the chair can recline back 180 degrees and can tilt up by 10 degrees. A fully reclining backrest allows the user to lean on the backrest and rest his body.

The headrest and lumbar pillow of the chair are padded which makes them even more comfortable. They will give a soft feel to your neck and lower back and will remove tiredness from the neck and back area.

Other features of this chair are –

  • Has class 4 gas lift for smooth height adjustament.
  • Wider and larger 4D armrests.
  • Smooth rolling 65mm dual wheel casters.
  • Easy assemblying.

RESPAWN RSP-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN RSP-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The last chair on our list is RESPAWN RSP-200 Gaming Chair. The gaming chair may be in the last of our list but it is not due to its features. The look and design of the chair are very different from other gaming chairs. On the backrest, you will see a diamond design and patterns on the back.

If you want a different-looking gaming chair then you can check out this chair for sure. This respawns 200 chairs is the cheapest chair on our list. As it just cost between $140 to $208. This chair is also the only mesh chair on our list.

Due to the mesh body, the chair becomes highly breathable and because of this, the chair will remain cool on hot days. You will not have sweating and sticking problems with this chair on summer days. The high backrest promotes a good seating posture for the user.

Your back will remain straight when you will be sitting on the chair. 360 degrees of seat swivel rotation enables dynamic movement in the chair. You can adjust the seat height between 18 to 22 degrees by rotating its adjustable lever that you will see under the seat. On the chair, you will also see RESPAWN 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Other features of this chair are –

  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Has a weight capacity of 275 Lbs.
  • Comes with 4D armrests.
  • 5 smooth rolling colored casters.
  • Comes with headrest and lumbar pillow.

Conclusion – What chair does ninja use?

Today in this what chair does ninja use? the blog we give you answer of you all question related to Ninja chair like What what chair does ninja use? and its features, pros, and cons. This blog would have surely helped you to whether this ninja chair is best for you or not? In our opinion, this chair is surely a good option for you.

Before deciding, make sure to read the blog from start to end as it will help you to decide whether to go with this chair or not. You can go with other alternatives to this gaming chair that we have given above if there is something about this chair that you dont like. If you find this blog useful for you then make sure to share what chair does ninja use? from the blog from start to end.

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