DXRacer vs Gt Omega – Detail Comparision and Review

Gaming chairs have become a common part of gamers. In recent years, their popularity has grown significantly. Most gamers now use different brands of gaming chairs. There are many gaming chair brands available on the market. DXRacer and GT Omega are two of them.

Moreover, they both come from the world’s biggest gaming chair manufacturer. Both brands have provided a variety of top-notch gaming chairs to gamers. That is why buyers often get confused about which brand of gaming chair they should buy as both have high premium gaming chairs.

OUR verdict of Dxracer vs Gt omega

DXRacer is winer and is worth for buying. Dxracer Formula series is best chair that we found after reviewing it. To buy This Chair Click Here.

Do not worry if you are confused about which chair brand to choose as today we will do Dxracer vs Gt omega (compression). On top of this, they will also preview GT Omega’s best-selling gaming chair as well as DXRacer’s best-selling gaming chair in order to help you decide which gaming chair to buy. To know all this you just have to read the Dxracer vs Gt omega blog from start to finish.

Dxracer Vs GT omega – A Brief Comparision


The first thing we will tell you is everything about the DXRacer, like its history, product list, price, adjustability, comfortability, etc. We want you to learn everything you need to know about DXRacer.

Brand history

DXRacer is a company that manufactures gaming products since quite a while ago. The company was founded in 2001, which makes it around 20 years old. Hence, they have quite a bit of experience making gaming products, specifically gaming chairs.

However, they don’t offer gaming chairs right from the beginning. In fact, in 2006 they had started selling their gaming chairs and some other new products. The company was founded as a manufacturer of racing seats.

The company’s headquarters are in Michigan, USA. Its slogan is “How you play the game”. The company has stores in many countries. Not just stores they have their websites for different countries too.

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DXRacer gaming chairs range in price from $329 to $629. It means you will find budget gaming chairs to expensive gaming chairs. While their Legacy Series is the cheapest at $329, their Tank Series is the most expensive at $629.

The special edition DXRacer Pink Paw Print chair is priced at $399, so it remains affordable. Since the color prices of all chairs are fixed, you do not need to pay extra for any price you choose. An additional 50 dollars is required for the headrest and lumbar pillow. In reality, it is just written as Most of the time you will receive it for free.

Product line

The product line of DXRacer company is vast. In their gaming chair category, you will find 7 gaming chair series, and combined you will see 24 premium gaming chairs. Their all series names are –

  • Legacy Series
  • Gladiator Series
  • King Series
  • Tank Series
  • Prince Series
  • DXRacer AIR
  • DXRacer MASTER

You will also find special edition chairs in their product line. And accessories of office chairs like armrests, base, casters, gas lift cylinder, pillow seat are also available. Other product line product lines are Hoodie, Caps, Jacket.

Shipping and Monthly installation

In terms of shipping charges, you’ll be pleased to learn that DXRacer offers free shipping. Note, however, that this offer applies only to US customers. In order to ship it outside of the country, you must pay an extra fee that is determined by your purchase and the destination.

Overall you can save money on shipping inside the USA. Let’s talk about their monthly installation price. In DXRacer Monthly installation facility is available for buyers. Their monthly payments have 3, 6, or 12-month plans. But keep in mind that you have to pay interest. You can check more info by going to their page.

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Gt omega

Brand history

GT OMEGA is also like the DXRacer brand that not only just makes gaming chairs but also other gaming products. The company is not much as old as GT OMEGA but still, it is 12 years old. GT OMEGA was founded in 2009 in Grassroots, Humble, UK. The company was founded by Leo Wong.

The GT OMEGA brand was founded to provide the best high-quality gaming products to gamers at a budget price. So that all gamers can buy them and use them so that their gaming experience and performance can be increased. That is the reason that their products have been used in many esports tournaments too.


GT OMEGA gaming chairs are very much cheaper than the DXRacer chairs. Among their gaming chair series, their Pro series is the cheapest, starting at $219 dollars, making it one of their most affordable chairs.

The ELEMENT Series is GT OMEGA’s most expensive chair. GT OMEGA ELEMENT Series chairs will cost you $649.95. This can be a bit expensive chair, but still, you will get features worth its price. Their chairs come in both PU and Fabric variants.

You can go with any of them, without worrying about the cost. As both upholadery will cost you the same. The headrest and lumbar pillow come with the chair for free. So, you won’t have to pay extra money for delivery.

Product line

The product line of GT Omega is much greater than the DXRacer. They have five categories available on their website. Gaming chairs, cockpits, cockpit accessories, wheel stands, and merchandise. There are more than five products in each category. The names of their gaming chair series are –

  • PRO Series
  • ELITE Series
  • SPORT Series
  • PRO XL Series
  • ELEMENT Series
  • ELEMENT Series – Nappa
  • My Hero Academia
  • Special Edition Series

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Shipping and Monthly installation

The shipping of the GT OMEGA is free. And it applies not only just to their gaming chairs but also to all other products. Shipping generally costs more than 20$ and more. So you will save more than 20 dollars on shipping. The installments on the GT OMEGA are more than you find on DXRacer.

As on DXracer, there are 3 installments, while in GT Omega, there are 4. Omega is a clear winner when it comes to installments since they don’t charge interest. But the time period is low. As each installment is of 1 month. Money will be cut from your credit and debit card automatically.

Dxracer vs Gt omega -Comparision of Omega pro series and DXRacer Formula Series

Both brands have all premium gaming chairs but we will do a review of their most popular and best gaming chairs. You can choose any of their gaming chairs that you like after reading the comparison. The review will be done on behalf of chair features, pros, and cons. This will allow the user to find the best gaming chair for himself.

GT Omega Pro SeriesDXRacer Formula Series
HEADREST AND LUMBAR PILLOWAdjustable and removableAdjustable and removable
BACKREST RECLINE160 Degrees135 Degrees
CASTERSPU castersPU casters
RATING4.5 star rating4.6 star rating

Build Quality and material

In terms of build quality, both of them are amazing no doubt. But still, the DXRacer chair is much more durable than the Omega pro. The frame of the Omega pro series is made up of 2MM thick steel whereas metal has been used in the DXRacer frame.

The casters of both chairs are made up of PU leather. But still, Dxracer chair casters are much stronger as they are 50 MM and are made up of Nylon. The gas lift cylinder of the DXRacer is also stronger and more durable than the Omega series as the cylinder has been certified by BIFMA.

It’s a 5-star base on DXracer and GT Omega as well. The base of GT Omega is made up of ALUMINIUM, while strong Nylon is used in the base. In the Pro series, strong PU leather is used, while in the DXracer series, the strong mesh is used.

They are both very durable and strong. In general, both meshes are weaker than PU leather and can tear much more easily. You needn’t worry since the mesh is a bit less strong than the Pu, but it still doesn’t tear often. Also, the material quality of the chair also depends on it.


In terms of adjustability, the GT omega series is the clear winner. Even though the Omega series is much cheaper than the Formula Series, it still wins. Let’s start by comparing both chair armrests. The Omega series has 4D adjustable armrests that can move UP-DOWN, RIGHT-LEFT, and can PIVOT.

The armrests of the DXRacer Formula Series are very less adjustable as you can just adjust the height of the arms. The backrest of both gaming series are reclining but the reclining area of omega is a bit larger than other Dxracer chairs.

In terms of height adjustment, the Formula Series is also far ahead of the Pro Series. Omega chairs can be adjusted between 49 and 52 cm whereas Formula Series chairs can be adjusted between 41.91 and 52 inches.

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Build Quality and material

In terms of build quality, both of them are amazing no doubt. But still, the DXRacer chair is much more durable than the Omega pro. The frame of the Omega pro series is made up of 2MM thick steel whereas metal has been used in the DXRacer frame.

The casters of both chairs are made up of PU leather. But still, Dxracer chair casters are much stronger as they are 50 MM and are made up of Nylon. The DXRacer’s gas lift cylinder is also stronger and more durable than the Omega series since it is BIFMA-certified.

DXracer and GT omega chairs both have a 5-star base, the base of GT Omega is made from aluminum and strong nylon. The strong PU leather is used in the Pro series and In Dxracer strong mesh is used. Both of them are very stronger and durable.

Both meshes are generally less strong than PU leather and can tear much easier than that. But don’t worry as the mesh may be a bit less strong than the Pu but still, it doesn’t tear generally. Also, the material quality of the chair also depends on it.


Both Omega pro series and DXRacer Formula Series chairs have Large and reclining backrests. Both chair backrests will give your back proper support and will help you to sit straight. It is possible to recline the Formula Series backrest up to 135 degrees, whereas the Omega backrest can recline up to 160 degrees.

To recline the backrest of both chairs, you will see a lever just near the chair seat. Pull it to recline the backrest. The backrest allows the user to find the best angle of the back that can give support and comfort to his back. The backrest of both chairs is wider too so you will get great support to your back.

Warrenty and Assembly

In terms of warranty, Dxracer is a clear winner. As in Dxracer 2 years of warranty comes on the chair and a lifetime warranty on the frame. But in Omega pro the warranty period is small. As you just receive 30 days free return which is very less than the DXracer formula series.

If you have any issues with the Pro series then you can return the chair for free. No money will be charged from you. There is a 2-year warranty on the DXRacer Formula Series, which is relatively short for a 329$ gaming chair.

Typically, you can find gaming chairs with a warranty of 4-5 years at this price range. Next, let’s discuss both chair assemblies. Both gaming chairs series are easy to assemble. As per the buyers, the assembly of both series chairs is easy. Moreover, both chairs’ assemblies can be done in less than 30 minutes. you won’t have to talk to the help of another person about the process of chair assembly.

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Upholadary and Color options

GT omega PRO Series is the winner in terms of Upholadary and Color options. There are 2 different upholstery options in PRO Series and 7 different color options. The colors available in PRO Series are – Black, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Purple, and Green. And the Upholstery available is PU and FABRIC. Formula Series comes only in PU leather and is available only in 4 different colors – Black & Red, Black & Grey, Black & Blue, and Black & Red.

Dxracer vs Gt omega – Height and Weight capacity

DXRacer Formula Series is made up of small and middle-sized and weight users. This series can support a weight of 200 Lbs and is ideal for users below 5.8 inches. So if you are small and middle-sized users, this Formula Series will be a great choice for you.

On the other hand, the Omega Pro is made up of middle and large-sized users. The chair has 352.74 lbs of weight capacity so if you are a heavy-sized user still you can use the Formula Series. The seat and back of the chair have been made much wider and large in size so a heavyweight size or large-sized will not have uncomfort while sitting on the chair.

Dxracer vs Gt omega – Which one wins?

Both Dxracer and Gt omega are amazing brands and their best gaming chairs series are PRO Series and Formula Series. But overall, the Dxracer is a clear winner as the chair has more adjustability, durability, build quality, ergonomic, and warranty than the GT omega chair.

But in some aspects, GT omega is pro series is ahead of DXRacer too. Like the armrests, color options and upholstery pro series are much ahead of the formula series. If you are a user who has the budget to buy DXRacer then go with it otherwise Omega Pro series is also a good choice for you.

As with other gaming chairs both these gaming chairs also have some pros and cons. But compared to omega pro, the cons of the formula series are very few. That is why we tell you that Formula Series is much better. Overall if you like this Dxracer vs Gt omega blog then make sure to share it with your friends.


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