6 Best Anime Gaming Chairs { Review 2022 }

There are anime fans all over the world. In fact, I am also an anime fan and am watching different anime like One punch man, Raruto, and many more.

If you are also an anime fan then I am sure you want these characters on your gaming chair. At that point, you will surely love these Anime Gaming Chairs that we will review in our blog. These anime chairs have cool look with attractive designs over them which an anime lover will love a lot.

6 Best Anime Gaming Chairs { Review 2022 }

In the blog, we will tell you their features, pros, and cons so you can choose the Best Anime Gaming Chair for yourself. So read this blog from top to end.

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Kawaii anime gaming chair – Best chair overall
Captain America Gaming Chair – 2nd Best Chair with Highest reclining back
Autofull Pink Gaming Chair – Budget Gaming Chair

What are Anime Gaming Chairs?

Before we do these chairs review tell me to tell you what are Anime Gaming Chairs. So anime gaming chairs are like normal gaming chairs in terms of features but the main change is in their look.

Anime gaming Chairs Review

The look of these gaming chairs is based on a different anime character. You will see characters’ designs embodied in them. Their color is also the same as the character them.

Their cool design makes them very attractive. That is why anime fans love to buy these chairs as they get a cool feel from them. You will get various anime gaming chairs on a different characters.

They have features like a headrest and lumbar pillow. Many anime chairs are very comfortable for sitting. They have padded seats and backs. In some chairs, you will get a fully reclining back while allowing the gamer to lay back on the chair.

The seats of these chairs are 360 degrees rotatable and adjustable. Overall you will see all features that a normal gaming chair has.

 Kawaii Anime Gaming Chair

 Kawaii Anime Gaming Chair
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area150 Degrees
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight Capacity250 Lbs

Kawaii gaming chair is the first anime gaming chair on our list. The chair look is stunning with amazing color patterns on it. On the chair, there is a combination of purple, pink, and light green color.

The athletics of this chair is another level that a gamer will sure love. Its lumbar pillow is of heart shape and is adjustable.

 Kawaii Anime Gaming Chair Features

The Kawaii gaming chair is made for both boys and girls gamers. Besides its look, the chair is highly comfortable too. Its body has a padding of soft foam which gives a soft and comfy sitting place for the gamer.

The Kawaii Anime Gaming Chair’s back is large in size with has the reclining ability. You can lay back on this chair which gives support to gamers’ back. You won’t feel tired in this chair.

The headrest and lumbar pillow come along with this chair. Both of them are adjustable. The seats of this chair move up-down like its armrests can. The seats also rotate by 360 degrees.

The build quality of Kawaii also seems to be good. Its foam and upholstery are of good quality. The casters are made up of high-quality nylon material which allows them to roll on the floor smoothly. These casters dont leave scratches while rolling, all because of their high quality.


  • The chair is highly comfortable.
  • The back reclines smoothly without any noise.
  • The look and appearance of the chair are amazing.
  • The customer support is very friendly.


  • The chair dont have any cons.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series, Pikachu

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series, Pikachu
Upholstery Material Hybrid Leather, Fabric and Napa Leather
Recline areaTilt tension
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight Capacity395 Lbs

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is the next chair that we will review. This chair is based on a Pikachu theme. If you are a Pikachu lover then buying this chair is worth it for you.

The chair’s backrest is embedded with a cute Pikachu image. Which really looks cool. Not just Pikachu on the side of the chair there is also Pokeball printed. When the chair is turned back their another big image of Pikachu can be seen.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series back

Overall, there is a cute Pikachu given over the chair. This Pikachu image attracts pokemon fans to buy this chair. You can play or watch different pokemon gamers and movies.

Believe me, your experience is going to increase even more. The Secretlab TITAN Anime chair has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.

For all size and weight users, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is made for. No matter if you are short size or tall size you can sit on this chair comfortably.

Class 4 gas lift cylinder comes in the chair which allows the chair seat to adjust from 17-20 inches. In terms of back support, the chair is good. Its large back gives support to the spine and maintains the back straight.

You won’t have back pain sitting on the anime Secretlab TITAN chair. The tiling backrest features adds support to the back. The base is made from aluminum which is 17.6 inches wider. It provides this chair with support. because of this even though the chair is so large the chair just remains stable in its place.


  • Comes in multiple upholstery options.
  • The chair is easy to assemble.
  • Worth its price.


  • The chair is quite expensive.

 AutoFull Pink PU Gaming Chair, Rabbit Ears 

 AutoFull Pink PU Gaming Chair, Rabbit Ears 
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area155 Degrees
Weight 56 Lbs
Weight Capacity330 Lbs

AutoFull Pink Gaming chair is one highest-rated gaming chairs. This AutoFull Pink Gaming chair is made for girl gamers. As it is in its name, this chair comes in pink color.

On this AutoFull chair, you will see a great combination of pink and white color which combined makes it a bright-looking gaming chair. Proper attention has been given in makes it look good.

Like an autofull logo comes on its back with autofull written on its headrest and lumbar pillow. The chair is highly comfortable. Even If you are a hardcore gamer you can go with this chair.

Its comfy body, headrest, and lumbar pillow provide support to the back. You can sit on this chair for the whole day. Even then your comfort will not be reduced.

The buyers of this chair have given this chair 4-6 stars in terms of comfort. We have found this chair highly comfortable.

The back has an ergonomic shape that supports the user’s spine. Its armrests move up and down and give us comfy space for placing our elbows. You can even rotate these armrests by 45 degrees.

Now let’s talk about its durability. The frame of this autofull chair is made from steel. Its steel frame maintains its durability and stability. Also, there are 3 years of warranty on its frame.

So if you face any issue with its frame you can contact their customer support.


  • Best for long-time gaming.
  • The seats are very fluffy and dont deflate.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty.
  • Comes with free carpet, tail, and ears.


  • The armrests of the chair are hard.

Marvel Leather Gaming Chair (Captain America, Navy)

Marvel Leather Gaming Chair (Captain America, Navy)
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area180 Degrees
Weight 44 Lbs
Weight Capacity300 Lbs

Now let’s move to another anime gaming chair on our list, Marvel Gaming Chair. The theme of this chair is based on Captain America. So you will see different captain America designs over their chairs.

This gaming chair comes in dark blue color. Now let’s talk about its features. Firstly the Marvel Leather Gaming Chair has 180 degrees reclining back with tiling it 130 degrees too.

Marvel Leather Gaming Chair Backrest

This backrest can also be locked at different angles. You can lock it any angle your love or which gives your back best support. The upholding of this chair is of Pu leather. The PU leather is very strong and dont get scratches easily.

So if you are worried about its look then you do not need to worry as its look is not going to get damaged. You can clean the chair easily, thanks to its PU leather.

Its seats are equipped with a heavy-duty gas lift cylinder that helps in the smooth height adjustable of its seats. Below its seats, there is an adjustable lever given which you can pull to adjustable its height up to 6 inches.

If this Marvel Gaming Chair is small or high for your body size then this feature will really help you a lot. The seats not just move up and down but also rotate 360 degrees. Its seats can move in any direction you want.

The base is made from nylon material and has 5 casters that have PU coating. These dual casters are very strong, not just strong they roll very smoothly too.


  • The build quality of the chair is amazing.
  • Has been certified by BIFMA.
  • Easy to put together.


  • The chair armrests are not padded.

 UYBAG Ms Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support, Pink

 UYBAG Ms Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support, Pink
Upholstery Material Faux Leather
Recline areaTilt Degrees
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight Capacity250 Lbs

For budget gamers, this UYBAG Ms anime gaming Chair is made for. The UYBAG Ms Gaming Chair just cost 175$, making it easy to afford by most gamers.

In terms of look, the chair is one of the most attractive gaming chairs for both male and female gamers. It is based on the Sailor Moon theme.

That is why you will see the Sailor Moon image embodied on its back with many other Sailor Moon logos on its headrest and on both sides of its backrest. These logos are of white color.

The chair casters have also been painted pink to make the chair color. This pink color gaming chair will increase the look of your gaming room. The leather is used in this chair which is durable and strong.

The back reclining feature also comes in this chair as it comes in other chairs. There is a lever given under the seat which can be used to recline its back at different angles.

The anime gaming chair is also quite comfortable, all because of its High-Density seats. With seat height adjustment, you can rotate your seat by 360 degrees too.

UYBAG Ms anime gaming Chair has a 5-Star Base that is stable and strong. Other amazing features of the chair are – Its adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, Its smooth casters, Padded seats.


  • The chair armrests are highly padded.
  • Has high backrest that gives proper support.
  • The chair dont take more than 20 minutes to assemble.


  • The armrests are not adjustable.

White Panda Gaming Chair with Headrest/Lumbar Pillow

White Panda Gaming Chair with Headrest/Lumbar Pillow
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area180 Degrees
Weight 37 Lbs
Weight Capacity300 Lbs

This White Gaming Chair is the last anime gaming chair. This White Panda Gaming Chair comes in 3 styles. You can choose any of them. The headrest of this chair has a unique panda design.

On its back and seats, there are square patterns all over them. There is an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow on its backrests. Their position and angle can be adjustable according to your back.

If you have pain issues then they will really help you out. You can reduce your back pain by adjusting your position properly.

The anime chair seat cushion is very wider, because of which the butts dont have hard feelings. Your butts won’t touch the chair frame.

The weight of this anime chair is 37 Lbs and it can bear 300 Lbs of weight. After looking at its weight capacity, we can say that the chair is worth it for heavy-weight users.

The assembly of the chair is also not hard. Moreover, you will also get an assembly manual in the box where they have told how to assemble this Panda White Gaming Chair. White Anime Gaming Chair is 2d Armrests that move Up-Down and its back can recline by 180 degrees.


  • Has a cool look with an attractive panda headrest.
  • Has a heavyweight capacity of 300Lbs.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 days free return.
  • The chair is easy to clean.


  • The chair is quite expensive.
  • The armrests are low adjustable.

Buyers Guide For Choosing Best Anime Gaming Chair


 It is also the most important thing to look for in a anime chair. Make sure that any gaming chair you are going to buy is comfortable. If you do gaming for long hours then the comfortability of your gaming chair should be very much.

In an uncomfy anime chair, you won’t be able to sit for a long time. Your gaming experience will also be spoiled used to the comfortability that you will get in that chair.

Headrest and lumbar pillow

Both Headrest and lumbar pillow are very important for a gaming chair. if you have a back pain issue then they will help you a lot in relieving that pain. Adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow give support to users’ backs.

They help to maintain gamers’ back. Because of them, you will be able to sit straight for a longer time. If your body posture is not correct then always go with a chair that has an adjustable headrest and lumbar as they will correct your body posture too.

Design and Color

When buying an anime gaming chair then it becomes important to look at the color and design of the chair. Make is sure that your gaming chair has a string color that dont gets fade away after some time.

This same applies to the design too.

The design of that gaming chair should be made properly that can last for many years. If both of them get damaged then your gaming chair will not look cool and you will not love sitting on that chair. You can buy a gaming chair that makes your room color, room accessories, etc.


You won’t want that your gaming chair dont last for many years. If not, then when buying a gaming chair make sure to check the chair’s durability.

Your chair should be durable and for that, your chair should be made up of highly durable material. Check the durability of each part and only after that buy that chair if that chair is durable.

Your gaming chair should at least last for 3-4 years. Or you have to spend money on a new chair.


There are many gaming chairs that dont come with a warranty. They may come cheap but don’t buy them. As it is very important to buy a chair that has a warranty.

As if the chair has no warranty and the chair gets damaged or gets any issue then you will not be able to return that chair. Also, mostly cheap quality chairs that have a warranty.

Even if that chair has a few months’ warranties you can buy that chair.


So these were some best anime gaming chairs. And from all of them, the Kawaii gaming chair is the best of all. This gaming chair has a very positive rating.

The chair gives many amazing features and is comfortable sitting at a low price. There are other gaming chairs too that are worth buying. So make sure to also check out other anime gaming chairs on our list.

And after that go with a gaming chair that fits your budget and has features that you want. Also, make sure to read the buyer’s guide to know what to keep in mind while buying a anime gaming chair.

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