{ 5 Best } Unicorn Gaming Chairs Review 2022

{ 5 Best } Unicorn Gaming Chairs Review 2021

Are you looking for Unicorn Gaming Chairs? Then you are at the right place. Unicorn Gaming Chairs are cool-looking gaming chairs that have a very attractive look.

They make our gaming room look better. Gamers who love cool look gaming chairs are going to love these gaming chairs. Here we will do these Unicorn Gaming Chairs reviews and will tell you their features, pros, and cons.

Which will help you to choose the best chair for you. All of them have different features so choose a chair that has all features which are looking for. So read this blog from start to end.

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Unicorn Pink Gaming Chair – Best Budget Unicorn Chair Overall
DXRacer Unicorn Gaming Chair – 2nd Best Overall
HOMCOM Fluffy Unicorn Office Chair– Best chair for Kids

What are Unicorn Gaming Chairs?

There will be many questions coming to your mind about Unicorn Gaming Chairs. Like are they different from normal gaming chairs?

Do they come with expensive or Do they have the same features as a normal gaming chair?

So let me answer your questions.

So Unicorn Gaming Chairs are those gaming chairs that have a Unicorn look and design. Some Unicorn Chairs have Unicorn colors rather than a Unicorn design over them.

These gaming chairs have a cool and better design than normal gaming chairs. But in terms of features, they are quite the same as normal chairs. You will see the same features in those chairs.

They are also very comfortable and good chair for gamers. Gamers can use these chairs for a long hours gaming. In terms of price, they may come to a bit higher price than a normal chair. As more effort is put into their look. But the price difference is not too big.

Buyers Guide for choosing a Best Gaming Chair


No matter if you are buying a normal gaming chair or a unicorn gaming chair you need to check comfort. Gaming chairs need to be comfortable as they are going to be used by gamers.

Who will sit on them for a long time? So if you dont want to feel uncomfy then buy a comfy gaming chair. Buy a gaming chair that dont feel hard to your back and butts.

You can look for a headrest, lumbar pillow, footrest in a chair that makes a gaming chair comfortable.


Durability is another important thing to keep in your mind. The gaming chair should be durable and strong. The durability of a gaming chair depends on the chair material.

Gaming chairs that have strong frames and bases are always durable. Make sure that the frame and base are of strong material. If they are not strong then the chair will also not durable.

The gaming chair should be much durable that can last for more then 3-4 years. Some gaming chairs may come cheap in price but are less durable and dont last for even 1-2 years.


Unicorn Gaming Chairs come in 2 upholstery types.

PU leather and fabric.

  • PU leather dont get damaged easily and lasts for a longer time than fabric.
  • Leather gaming chairs often have sweating issues but fabric chairs dont have. As they are very breathable. Choose upholstery type according to your choice.

Both upholstery are good but have some differences.


Casters make it easy to move a gaming chair. They are a very important part of a gaming chair. Make sure that your gaming chair has casters on them. But also check whether they are carpet casters or hardwood casters.

They are made for 2 different floor types. You can choose any of them according to your floor type. There are some casters that can roll in both floor types. The casters need to be strong too. If you don’t want scratches on the floor then your casters should be of high quality.

Ergonomic back

The ergonomic back gives support to the back more properly. They have spine friendly design that supports the spine and maintains our back in a straight posture.

For gamers, they are very useful.

Search for gaming chairs that have ergonomic design back. While sitting on them you will not have back pain issues. On these chairs, you will also see a headrest and lumbar pillow that make them more ergonomic. On these ergonomic chairs, gamers dont feel pain in the back in long hours sitting.

Size and Weight

All gaming chairs are made for different weights and size users. That is why you need to buy the right size and weight gaming chair. Which can bear your weight and can hold your body. Gaming chairs should not be too big or small for your size.

As both of them are uncomfy and they dont give us proper support too. Also, choose a gaming chair that can bear your weight capacity. Dont buy a low-weight capacity chair.

 Unicorn Pink Gaming Chair for Adults 

 Unicorn Pink Gaming Chair for Adults 
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area155 Degrees
Weight 48 Lbs
Weight Capacity300 Lbs

Let’s start the list with this Pink Gaming Chair. The chair has a 4.6-star rating and over 1k Reviews. This bright look gaming chair is made for both boy and girl gamers.

The chair looks really bright, because of its upholstery type. Which reflects its color more brightly. The chair is highly comfortable. Its body has been padded well to make it comfortable.

If you are looking for a gaming chair for a long time then this chair will be a good option for you. As for it, you will not have any type of uncomfortable. As its padded seats, won’t feel your hand.

And its soft back with headrest and lumbar pillow will provide you with support. Both of headrest and lumbar pillow are very soft.

If you often have leg pain issues then the adjustable footrest that comes attached to this chair supports your legs. If we talk about its footrest then it is both adjustable and padded properly. You can just adjust the footrest and put your legs over them.

Its assembly is not a big task. It’s very easy and simple to put together. You can assemble it on your own. Of course, you will get assembly mannual in the box too.

Armrests have been padded well too. You can put your arms over them for support. One of the cons of this chair is that at this price range gaming chairs often have 2D or 3D armrests but it has none.


  • Has a cool look and aesthetics.
  • The back has a multi-function feature.
  • The chair comes in many color options.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty.


  • The armrests even dont have 2D armrests.

DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair, White & Pink

DXRacer Unicorn Customized Gaming Chair, White & Pink
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area135 Degrees
Weight 57 Lbs
Weight Capacity200 Lbs

DXRacer Unicorn gaming chair is another Unicorn Gaming Chair on our list. This gaming chair has been used by Ranboo too. This DXRacer Unicorn chair is a Customized Gaming Chair.

The chair has a color combination of Pink and White color. First, this chair is made for small and medium-size and weight users. If you are heavyweight or large size then you should skip this chair.

The chair can support a weight of up to 200 Lbs and a height of Up to 5’8″. For gamers above it, the chair will not be comfortable. And also it will not be safe to sit on it. As the chair can get damaged easily.

The PU leather is used in the chair cover. This leather is both waterproof and durable. The chair dont get torn or worn easily for many years.

You can clean this chair easily just with the help of a wet cloth. People who dont want to put much effort into cleaning the chair regularly will love it.

Both seats and back have High-Density Mold Shaping Foam which makes them highly comfortable. For the headrest and lumbar pillow, you have to pay an extra 50$, as they dont come free. Like we see that in other chairs.

But remember to buy them as they are very useful. Especially those who often have back pain or neck pain. PU casters come in this chair. These PU casters are very strong as they are 2 inches. Dont worry they won’t leave scratches on your floor. As they are PU coated.


  • The chair is super comfy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The build quality is amazing.


  • Bit expensive.

HOMCOM Fluffy Unicorn Office Chair, Rainbow

HOMCOM Fluffy Unicorn Office Chair, Rainbow
Upholstery Material Faux Fur
Recline areaNo
Weight 16 Lbs
Weight Capacity264 Lbs

For budget games, this HOMCOM Fluffy Unicorn is made for. In terms of look, the chair does not seem to be an office chair.

Its look gets enhanced because of its rainbow color on Furs. All over the chair, you will find this soft fur. So if you are a thing of what material these furs are made of. So these soft furs are made of soft fabric. These fabric furs are super soft.

You are going to have a soft comfy seat for sitting. In terms of comfort, this chair has a 4.8-star rating. Which is amazing. The chair seats can rotate 360 degrees. The swivel is quite smooth too.

The HOMCOM Fluffy is very breathable as it has a fabric cover. You can sit on the chair for a long time on summer days too. You won’t have a sweating issue on hot days.

Under its seats, there is a pneumatic lever given. Which allows the chair seat to adjust its height from 17.25″ to 20.25″. With this adjustment as can choose the right height for yourself.

This chair has a 5-star base where 5 casters are given. These casters move 360 degrees, which means moving this chair is easy. You can just roll the chair and can move it anywhere you want.

These casters are going to roll on all types of surfaces. Features that we are getting at this price range is really awesome. The chair is made up of small and middle-size users. So keep it in your mind while buying it.


  • Highly breathable and comfortable.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Has a strong and stable base.
  • Has heavy weight capacity.


  • The chair has no adjustability.

Kawaii Techni PC Gaming Chair with Foam Seat and Padded Arms

 Kawaii Techni PC Gaming Chair with Foam Seat and Padded Arms
Upholstery Material PU Leather
Recline area150 Degrees
Weight 47 Lbs
Weight Capacity250 Lbs

Kawaii is a unicorn color gaming chair. In our Best Anime Gaming Chairs blog, we also have to pick this chair. This Kawaii Gaming Chair is also one of the highest-rated gaming chairs with a 4.7-star rating.

The comfort level of the chair is high. The chair’s comfy body, headrest, lumbar pillow, and seat cushion make it so comfy. You can spend your full day sitting on it.

And You will not feel pain in your body. Kawaii Gaming Chair has an ergonomic design back. And on its back, you will see an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. That will provide support to your neck and back.

Your back will get proper support because of them. The chair is made for intense gamers who sit on a chair for 8-10 hours a day. The armrests of the chair can move Up-Down and Right-Left.

The armrests also have soft padding. These armrests will help you in doing gaming. You can put your elobws and arms over them for support while doing gaming.

It makes gaming more easier and comfortable. Again This chair is for small and medium-size users who are below 5.9”. Also weight capacity is not high. It can lift the weight of 250 Lbs only.

So the chair may seem to be big but it dont has a high weight capacity. But at this price range, getting this type of chair is amazing. They givers so many features, a comfy place for sitting at a low price.


  • Its back reclining is smooth and easy.
  • The leather quality is high and dont feel cheap.
  • The assembly is easy.


  • The armrests can be more adjustable at this price.

 Heritage Kids Faux Fur Chair, Cool Rainbow 

 Heritage Kids Faux Fur Chair, Cool Rainbow 
Upholstery Material Faux
Recline areaFixed
Weight 48 Lbs
Weight Capacity124 Lbs

Heritage unicorn gaming chair is for kids gamers. This unicorn chair comes in 4 different color options. You can choose any color option you like.

The chair is the best option for users who have small rooms. This gaming chair is to store. As the chair is quite small in size and also dont have armrests.

This gaming chair can be easily put under the desk or on small desks. It has a Faux Fur seat that is super soft and comfy. Kids can sit on the chair comfortably for the whole day.

The chair seats can be adjusted from 26.4″h-29.3″ by pulling the lever. This lever is given under the seat. In order to adjust the seat height, you have to pull the lever.

On the chair base, 5 casters are given. You can roll the chair easily because of these casters. The chair is stable and strong. As the base is made up of metal and is wider. The chair weighs 11 Lbs and has 125 lbs.


  • The chair has sturdy build quality.
  • The chair is easy to store.
  • Has comfy seats and back.


  • Not come with armrests.


Unicorn Gaming Chairs are really cool chairs that you can get. In our blog, we do a review of some of these chairs. You can get one of them if you love Unicorn Gaming Chairs. You will surely love them.

But dont forget to read their review first so that you can decide whether the chair is made for you or not. As all chairs have different features so one chair good for someone may not be as good for another person too.

So read the blog carefully and then make your decision. Also, read the buyers guide too.

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