Are Gaming Chairs Not Comfortable? Here is What We found

Recently one of my friends buy a new gaming chair. But when he sits on that chair he feels that gaming chair uncomfy.

He asked me One Question ” Are gaming chairs not comfortable?“. If you also have bought a gaming chair first thing then you would also have the same question.

In this blog, we are going to answer your question that Is gaming chairs not comfortable?

So gaming chairs in fact very comfortable. When a user sits on a gaming chair for the first time he feels that chair bit uncomfy as the user has not sat on the chair previously. Some gaming chairs seats are a bit hard when they are new. But when you will use them for some time their hardness will go.

There are many ways that can make gaming chairs more comfortable.

So make sure to read the blog to know all this.

Are gaming chairs not comfortable?

No, gaming chairs are very comfortable. And that is why gamers use them. Because of their comfortability gamers are able to sit on them for many hours.

Are Gaming Chairs Not Comfortable?

In a gaming chair, you won’t have back and butts pain while sitting on them. They have a comfy body which provides gamers with a comfy sitting experience.

The only reason that you are not feeling comfortable is that you are using that chair for the first time. And also if that chair is new the chair body is a bit hard at this time.

When you will use that gaming chair for some time then the chair back and seats will get soft. And then you will not have an uncomfortable. So overall, the gaming chair is comfortable unless you have a low-quality chair.

What makes gaming chairs comfortable?

There are many things that make a gaming chair more comfortable. Like Chair material, Ergonomics, Supports, Size and Posture. Below we will explain it more deeply.


First thing that makes a gaming chair comfortable is its material. If you want a comfy chair then buy a gaming chair that has soft upholstery. Soft upholstery chairs are very comfortable. Also, the padding of the chair makes the chair comfy.

Padding of both seats and back should be dense as if the padding is dense then you will get a comfy feel to your body. You will not have a hard feel while sitting on that gaming chair.


Proper support is another factor. Gaming chairs should have a headrest and lumbar pillow. As they provide proper support to users’ back and neck. And the user dont feel pain in the back and neck areas. When your body will get proper support then you will not feel tired. By adjusting them according to your body size you can get more support from them.


As gaming chairs are made for different size users. Then you should also buy a gaming chair that fits your body size. Gaming chairs that are best for your body size will provide you with more support.

Make sure that your gaming chair has a large back and seat according to your body size. Or they will not get proper support which will make sitting uncomfy when if that chair is of good quality with high comfortability.

How to make gaming chairs more comfortable?

There are certain things that you can do to make your gaming chairs comfier. Here is how you can do it-

Get a Seat cushion

On all gaming chairs, you will get a seat cushion. But you can also get an extra one. On Amazon, there are many fluffy and soft seat cushions that you can buy. And after buying, just put it under your butts when you are sitting on a chair. One of the pros of it is that you can choose a seat cushion according to your choice. The more comfy seats you want the more comforting seat cushion you can get.

Get lumbar pillow and headrest

Both headrest and lumbar pillow are very helpful. Right, we all that. But You can also get a new headrest and lumbar pillow that have more high-quality padding and are wider. By doing this your back and neck will get more support and you won’t have to spend money on a new chair.

But while buying them make sure that they can fit your gaming chairs. You can also use the lumbar pillow with one for more support too.

Buy a new one

One of the options is to buy a new gaming chair. If your gaming chair is old then why not be buy a new gaming chair. That is comfortable. Do this only if the above points dont solve your problem and your gaming chair is quite old. As if your gaming chair is old then it is likely that the gaming chair will be uncomfortable too.

How can we sit on a gaming chair for long hours?

Yes, you can sit on gaming chairs for a long time. But in order to sit on gaming chairs for long hours, you need to keep many things in mind.

  • First, buy a gaming chair that has padded seats and back body as those chairs are best for long hours sitting. They give us a soft and comfy place for sitting. And because of that we dont get tired.
  • Make sure that the chair comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow as they will provide you support that will help you in long hours sitting. You can adjust them to get support to your neck and back area which gets the most pressure when you sit. You can also use an extra seat cushion for lumbar support too.
  • Always sit in the correct position when sitting on a gaming chair. When we sit in incorrect posture then we get tired easily. And we have to stand up after and after for removing tiredness.
  • When sitting on a gaming chair you can recline the chair back at different angles and then check which angle is more comfortable and sit on that angle.

Is sitting on Gaming chairs Healthy?

Its answer is both Yes and No. Gaming chairs that are not ergonomic and uncomfy are always not good for your health. You should not buy a cheap chair.

When you sit on those gaming chairs you dont get support to your spine and your body posture is also not maintained. Which can cause problems in long run.

Like you can have major back pain issues in the future. On the other hand, if your gaming chairs are ergonomic. Then you do not need to worry.

As your body will get proper support from the chair ergonomic design backrest and lumbar support. You can even sit on those chairs for the whole day.

For good health, you should stand up from your chair after some time of sitting. And do it for a whole day after every 1-2 hours. As by this, your body will have some movement.

Which gaming chair type is more comfortable – Racing type, Floor or Peestal Base?

In all of these chair types, there is not much difference.

But Racing-style gaming chairs are more comfortable.

These gaming chairs come with a headrest lumbar pillow and footrest. That is why they provide support to all body points like the neck, back, and foot. The gaming chairs also have reclining back which we dont find in other chair types.

So a gamer can lay back on their gaming chair after reclining the back. These features make them more comfortable. You can easily sit on these types for a long time.

And it is also a reason you will mostly see gamers with racing-type gaming chairs. In-floor types gaming chairs we usually dont see headrests, lumbar pillows, and reclining that is why they are less comfortable.

Sitting on a gaming chair in Good Posture.

Good sitting posture for gaming chair
  • When you are sitting on a gaming chair then place your legs at 90 degrees angle. Your feet should touch the ground properly. Dont put them in the air as by this more pressure will fall on them. 
  • Keep your monitor screen at eye level. The screen should not be too high or low for your eyes. The monitor should not be too far or near for your eyes. If the monitor screen is not at eye level then you will have to move your neck and eyes up and down too much. Which will create pressure on them. You can also use a monitor stand to maintain monitor height. 
  • There should not be a gap between your lower back. You can fill that gap with the help of a lumbar pillow in case your gaming chair dont have one. Adjust the lumbar pillow to give support to your back. By this, your back will remain straight and proper support will be provided which will reduce pressure on your back.
  • Move your shoulder blades a bit backward and then move your check bit forward and other body in 90 degrees angle. It will help you in maintaining your body posture.

Keep in mind that you may find bit hard and uncomfy at first when sitting on this body posture. But keep in your mind that this posture is good for the long run.

And after some time of sitting on this posture, your body will get used to it. And then you will feel comfortable sitting on this posture than in an incorrect posture.

Your back pain issue will also get solved and you won’t have this issue after it. So practice it for some time.

Bottom Line

So today we give the answer to that question which is often asked by many gamers when they buy a gaming chair that Are gaming chairs not comfortable?

Hope now you get the answer to these questions. Chairs are not comfortable when they are of not good quality or they are not used properly. So use them properly to get proper benefit from them. If you like this blog then share it with your friends on social media.

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