When Should I Get A New Gaming Chair?

When Should I Get A New Gaming Chair?

When should I get a new gaming chair? – This is a question that is asked by most gamers.

If you are also looking for this question answer then you are at the right place. As today we are going to answer this question.

Gaming chairs also need to get replaced like all other things have to. Today, we will tell signs that will come from your gaming chairs which will tell you should buy a new gaming chair or not.

Or you can use your old gaming chair for more some time. Generally when your gaming chairs get damaged multiple times. Or gaming chairs upholstery gets tear wear or padding gets deflate then its a sign that you need a new gaming chair.

There are also some more signs that will tell you when to get a new gaming chair that we will explain to you below.

When should I get a new gaming chair?

When you get to start seeing these signs then understand that it’s time to leave your old gaming chair and then buy a new one. And it is very important to buy a new chair. As it is important for your comfort and safety. Here are those signs which will tell you to buy a new gaming chair –

Tear and Wear

The first main sign is that when your gaming chair upholstery gets torn or worn from many places. Then you cant use that chair anymore.

That gaming chair will no longer be comfortable as the upholstery will not be soft anymore. Also, The gaming chair will not look good and will destroy your gaming room look.

It will also spoil your image in front of your friends. And once the gaming chair upholstery gets torn a bit then all the upholstery will get start to tear at speed.

Deflating padding

Gaming chairs have padding over their seats and back. Which makes them comfortable. They also prevent your body from getting in touch with a tough frame.

If your gaming chair padding is getting deflating then go and buy a new gaming chair. As that gaming chair will no longer be comfortable. Padding often gets deflate after many years of use.

Also, see the padding of the headrest and lumbar pillow. If the padding has been deflate or have lost their original size their you should get a new gaming chair.

Different issues coming

When a gaming chair gets old many new issues gets start coming to the gaming chair. These issues can be Like height adjustment, back adjustment, armrests adjustable becomes difficult.

When so many issues get started coming then buying a new gaming chair is a good option. As you, may solve some of these issues but for that, you have to spend money and time. And even then the issues will not be solved fully.

And after that same issue can come again. Which will just waste your money and time. If issues coming to your chairs are small then you can go with solving that issue unless they are big.

Not fits your body

One of the signs that will tell you to buy a new gaming chair is that your body no longer fits your gaming chair. If that gaming chair has been buoyed a few years back then it is likely that your body will not fit anymore.

It’s a common thing as your body grows over time but your gaming chair don’t. Using a small size gaming chair is always not comfortable as in that chair you will not get proper support as you should get.

So now you need to buy a large size gaming chair for yourself. That can fit your body well and can provide you will proper support. Now when you are going to buy a new gaming chair then buy that chair bit large for your size.

From Where should I Buy a Gaming Chair?

There are many places from where you can get a new gaming chair. You can buy a gaming chair from both offline and online markets. But we will recommend buying a gaming chair from an online place.

Online gaming chair stores

As there are many benefits of buying a gaming chair online. Like heavy discounts, many options, huge variety, etc.

In our 10 Best Place To Buy Gaming Chair Blog, we have told both online and offline places to buy a new gaming chair. Our most favorite place is amazon.

You can buy a gaming chair from amazon as on Amazon there are huge options to choose a gaming chair according to your choice. Also, gaming chairs are quite cheaper too.

Other popular online places are – Walmart, DXRacer, Secretlab, eBay, etc. And some popular offline places to buy gaming chairs are – Walmart, target, office depot, etc. You can buy from these offline stores if you prefer to buy things offline.

Which Gaming Chair Should I Buy?

There are many gaming chairs that you can buy. But we will tell you some best gaming chairs for budget gamers that have the high build quality and many ergonomic features. So here is this list –

For Budget Gamers under 260$-

AutoFull Bunny Pink Gaming Chair – Best chair for Pink Colors Lovers

AutoFull Conquer Series Chair – Best gaming chair with Footrest

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair – Best chair for spiderman lovers

Gaming Chairs between 260$ to 600$

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series – Best Gaming Chair for Large Users
AKRacing AK-SX-BK Gaming Chair – Another Cool Look Gaming Chair

Above gaming chairs are some top gaming chairs over the internet. You can buy any of them. But Buy a gaming chair that fits your budget and can fulfill your needs.

Why new gaming chairs are not comfortable?

It’s not true that new gaming chairs are not comfortable. In our previous Are Gaming Chairs Not Comfortable? 

We had told you that new users, may find their new gaming chairs a bit uncomfortable. But it dont means that gaming chairs are not comfortable.

The reason that new gamers found new gaming chairs uncomfy is that they dont have a habit of sitting on a gaming chair. When they use a gaming chair for some time then they began to find sitting on a chair highly comfortable.

Also gaming chairs material is often a bit hard when they are new. And when we use them a couple of times they get soft. Use a new gaming chair for 1 week and after that, you will love sitting on them.

But make sure to find high-quality gaming chairs like Autofull gaming chairs, Secretlab chairs, etc that are highly comfortable chairs. Low-quality gaming chairs will never will comfortable

How long do new gaming chairs Last?

Generally, new gaming chairs last for 4-5 years if they are of good quality. Their life can be increased by doing many things like –

  • Giving them proper care.
  • Use them carefully. 

Remember if your gaming chair is of low quality then that chair will last for only 1-2 years. And if you use them regularly then they may not even last for 2 years.

That is why getting a high-quality gaming chair. You should spend big high money on a gaming chair as you are going to use that chair for a long time.

When you buy a high-quality gaming chair that chair lasts for many years. And you won’t have to spend money on a new gaming chair which saves your money.

So next time when you are buying a gaming chair get a good gaming chair even if it cost a high price. 

Why should we not use an old gaming chair?

There are many different reasons for this. Like old gaming chairs will not be comfortable. And comfort is the first reason that we buy a gaming chair.

As the gaming chair will not be comfy then it will affect your sitting. Your gaming experience will also affect you. And you will have tiredness while using that chair.

Also, many other problems like pain in the back and neck will come. It will affect your gaming experience. Also using an old gaming chair is unsafe to use.

That gaming chair can break when you are sitting which can hurt you too. To old gas lift cylinder can get explode. Or when you are reclining your backrest that backrest can also get damaged.

Which is really very unsafe. You should not compromise your health by using an old chair which can get damaged anytime.

Bottom Line

So today we give the answer to this question ” When should I get a new gaming chair? ” You should replace the gaming chair when that chair is no longer comfortable for sitting.

Don’t use old gaming chairs as they are not worth it for gamers. And if a gaming chair is not comfy then there is no reason for using that anymore. Just buy another comfy gaming chair for yourself.

It’s very important for a gamer to have a good gaming chair. So if you find this When Should I Get A New Gaming Chair? blog useful then make sure to share it with your friends.

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