15 Best Gaming Chairs Brands Of 2022

Gaming chairs are very important for gamers. If you are an intense gamer then you would surely need a Best Gaming Chairs brands. Premium gaming chairs are very comfortable.

15 Best Gaming Chairs brands With Their Top Chairs

Good brand gaming chairs may come to a bit high priced but they are worth their price. If you are also looking for a new gaming chair then you should definitely buy a gaming chair from a well-known brand.

Today we are going to tell you the names of some top gaming chair brands that are known for their high-quality gaming chairs.

All these brands produce different premium gaming chairs that are used by premium gamers.

We will also answer some important questions related to this question that you would surely Think. To know all this make sure to read the blog from start to end.

List of Best Gaming Chairs Brands And their top Chairs –

SecretlabSecretlab Titan
AutofullAutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair
DXracerGladiator Series
CorsairT2 ROAD WARRIOR Chair
RespawnRespawn 110
XRockerX Rocker Eclipse Floor Chair
RazerRazer Iskur
E-WinChampion Series
MaxnomicMAXNOMIC® Dominator Chair
HomallHomall Gaming Chair
Anda SeatAnda Seat Kaiser 2
AKRacingAKRacing Core Series EX
Clutch ChairzPEWDIEPIE 100M


Secretlab is one of the major gaming chair brands. Even though the brand is not much old still it has begun very popularly in just a few years. The brand has started 6 years back in 2014.

In our Blog, we have reviewed many gaming chairs of Secretlab. Secretlab is a Singapore-based brand and was started by Ian Ang and Alaric Choo.

Their first gaming chair was the Secretlab Throne V1 gaming chair. Many popular gamers are using Secretlab gaming chairs. Secretlab has also sponsored many esports tournaments in which their gaming chairs were used.

All Secretlab gaming chairs come in many themes like you will see Game of throws chairs, DC characters, Pokemon, Many esports players, Harry Potter theme chairs.

So many themes in gaming chairs make them different from other gaming chairs brand. You will see their gaming chairs in more than 20 themes of different characters. Their gaming chairs come with all features that an intense gamer might need.

The top gaming chairs of Secretlab are


Another well-known brand in our Best Gaming Chairs brands list is Autofull. If you have ever searched about gaming chairs then you would surely have heard about them.

The internet is full of gaming chairs. Autofull has sponsored around 28 esports teams in different esports tournaments. In major esports tournaments, you will see gamers using their gaming chairs.

They have 6 different gaming chairs in different colors. Autofull gaming chairs come with a high reclining backrest, adjustable 4d armrests, headrest, and lumbar pillow and footrest.

They are made for hardcore gamers. If you are looking for a comfortable sitting chair then you should definitely check out their gaming chair. Their most popular gaming chairs are –

  • AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair
  • AutoFull Racing Gaming Chair


DXRacer is one of the oldest gaming chairs brand. This DXRacer brand is 20 years old. It was started back in 2001. Their headquarters are established in Michigan, USA. Michigan.

DXracer has sold more than 6 million gaming chairs. Yes, you heard that right. It is no doubt a big number. They have 7-8 different types of gaming chairs that are equipped with different features and are made for different gamers.

Some special edition gaming chairs can also be seen on the Dxracer website. DXracer gaming chairs have a lifetime warranty on frames and parts.

They have 30 days free refund policy that allows the user to return their chairs within 30 days for free. DXracer also sells other gaming stuff and parts like armrests, headrest and lumbar pillow, casters, cylinder, Gaming caps, Bag back.

DXracer gaming chairs come in different sizes, and because of which all size and weights users can use their gaming chairs. Their popular gaming chairs are

  • Legacy Series
  • Gladiator Series,
  • Tank Series


Another gaming chair brand on our list is GTRacing. GTRacing is known for making affordable gaming chairs. GTRacing chairs cost between 120$ to 280$.

They have more than 15 different types of gaming chairs that come in different colors, prices, sizes, and features. GT308 is their most expensive gaming chair that cost 280$.

Their product line also includes other gaming stuff like gaming keyboards, mouse, headphones, desks, floors mats, etc. The gaming chairs are of high quality that lasts for many years.

Features of their gaming chairs are – 3d-4d armrests, high reclining backrest, adjustable backrest, super-soft padded seats, and back. GTRacing brand gives free shipping on their all chairs.

One of the most important pros of GTracing is that they also offer installments. Their most popular gaming chairs are

  • Music SERIES GT890MF.


Corsair is a computer peripherals and hardware company that comes to exist in 1994. The company makes different PC components like RGB mouse, RGB keyboard, CPU, RGB CPU fans, RAM, Mousepads, RGB Headphones, RGB CPU coolers, gaming chairs much more.

They allow the gamer to build their own customized gaming pc. Corsair gaming chairs come in many different colors. That is why gamers can choose a gaming chair in their favorite color.

On their official site, you will find 5 gaming chairs but you cant buy gaming chairs from there. Yes, it’s right. You will be redirected to other retailers for buying a chair.

T3 RUSH Gaming Chair is one of their best gaming chairs. This chair comes in 8 different colors and 3 types. The chair has got a good response from buyers.

T3 RUSH Gaming Chair is made up of fabric like most of their other chairs are. New gaming looking for a premium chair can check out this chair. Other popular gaming chairs are

  • T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair
  • T1 RACE 2018 Gaming Chair


Respawn is one of Best Gaming Chairs brands in the gaming industry. They produce different types of gaming chairs and desks. They sell 1 monitor, 2 monitors, 3 monitors.

One of the highest selling gaming chairs comes from respawn. They sell Mesh and PU Leather gaming chairs. They have Both with and without footrest gaming chairs.

RESPAWN RSP-110 is the most selling gaming chair that has more than 20k reviews. RESPAWN RSP-110 is also the most seller gaming chair of respawn. RESPAWN RSP-110 gaming chair comes in 8 colors.

Its backrest reclines between 90-165 degrees. The gaming chair has an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow. They have 360 degrees rotating seats and height-adjustable seats.

RESPAWN 5-Year warranty comes on all respawn gaming chairs. Other Respawn gaming chairs are

  • Respawn 100
  • Respawn 110 pro
  • Respawn 200.


X Rocker was started in back 2005. The company is established in Los Angelos, California. From its very starting X, Rocker has become a major brand in a gaming chair.

They have different types of gaming chairs like Floor gaming chairs, PC chairs, and Pedestals chairs. X Rocker was the first company that had made the first gaming chair with speakers.

On their website, you will also find many other PC accessories like desks, Xbox accessories, and beds. X Rocker also has bean bag gaming chairs. Xrocker chairs are made up of faux leather.

They are highly durable chairs that have many ergonomic features. Xrocker chairs make gaming more comfortable. You will get a comfortable place for sitting and doing gaming. Here are their top gaming chairs

  • X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker Gaming Chair
  • X Rocker Falcon Pedestal PC Office Gaming Chair
  • Stinger X Rocker chair


Razer is a Singaporean-American company that makes consumer electronics, financial services, and gaming hardware. The company was founded by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff on January 2, 1998.

More than 1400 employees are working for them. Razer is not a fully gaming chair brand. Currently, they only have 2 gaming chairs. Their first gaming chair was just launched 1 year back.

Their 2 gaming chairs are – Razer Enki – Quartz and Razer Iskur. In terms of features, they are not much different. Their gaming chairs cost between 299$ to 599$.

Their Gaming chairs may be a bit high price they have many premium features too like they have inbuilt adjustable lumbar support, high-quality fabric, 4D armrests, and a strong durable body.


Vertagear, A well-known brand in the gaming industry. If you are a hardcore gamer then you would have surely heard about them. Mike Ma is the founder of this brand.

He had found this Vertagear chair brand in 2015. So Yes, this brand is not much old. In just 5 years they have launched 4 different categories of gaming chairs.

There are many gamers and YouTubers that are currently using their gaming chairs. On their gaming chairs they give – 10 years warranty, free shipping, No cost installments, and free Free 2-Year Wear & Tear Protection Program.

Vertagear chairs modals are – S-Line, P-line, Triigger line, and Special editions. If you are an RGB lights gaming chairs lovers you are going to like their chairs. As you can buy RGB light kits for gaming chairs too.

Vertagear top gaming chairs are –

  • S-Line
  • P-line
  • Triiggr line.


E-win is a big gaming chair brand. E-win has started in 2001 by manufacturing car seats for luxury sports cars and different office furniture. After that, they come into the gaming chair industry and started making high-quality chairs.

They have sold more than 2 million gaming chairs which is a huge number. They had renamed them E-win in 2015. They had sold their first gaming chair in 2016.

Their different series are -Knight Series, Champion Series, Calling Series, Hero Series, and Flash XL. E-win all gaming chairs come with 10 years warranty, free return, and free delivery.

There are not many brands that make gaming chairs for heavy users. But E-win has made their gaming chairs to support very heavy-weight users.

Their gaming chairs have more than 500 Lbs of weight capacity. E-win gaming chairs come in multiple color options. Which gives users a lot of options to choose from. Flash XL Series is their latest gaming chair that was launched in 2020. Their popular gaming chairs are –

  • Knight Series
  • Champion Series
  • Calling Series.


Maxnomic is a gaming brand that is known for its customizability. Maxnomic allows users to customize their gaming chair according to their choice.

You can choose the gaming chair in your favorite color or can embroider your logo or branding on the Maxnomic gaming chair. Ninja who is a popular gamer is using their customize gaming chair.

He has customized their gaming chair according to his choice. Of course, you have to pay some extra money for customizable.

But the best thing is that you dont have to do bulk orders using their customizable options. You can even get your 1 gaming chair customized. They offer gaming chairs in all 3 sizes like M, L, and XL.

Both both gamers and office users their chairs are made for. Recently they have just launched their new gaming chairs series named XBOX 2.0 Chairs. In which they have 4 gaming chairs. Maxnomic chairs cost between 399 to 499 dollars. Their most popular gaming chairs are

  • MAXNOMIC® Dominator Black


Homall gaming chairs are one of the most affordable gaming chairs brands. They have of collection of 26 gaming chairs that have different features.

They sell RGB chairs, Pedastal chairs, sofa chairs, and Racing style gaming chairs. Their cheapest gaming chair is their homall racing style chair that just cost 129$.

For budget gamers, their chairs are very useful. Gamers can get a great deal at less price. Their homall racing style chair comes in 9 different colors including pick.

Which is a rare color in gaming chairs. In our blog, we have done their gaming chairs review multiple times. Homall racing style chair has 180 degrees reclining back, PU coated casters, high-density padding, adjustable headrest, and lumbar pillow, and a Class 3 gas lift cylinder.

All these features mostly come in much expense gaming chairs. But they give all those features at less price. Homall focuses on making high-quality chairs that can be left for many years.

And the user dont have to buy a new gaming chair. Homall also sells gaming and working desks, mesh chairs, sofa, TV stands, stools, Bookcases, standing tables, leather office chairs, etc.

So Yes, their product line is very vast. Homall Top Chairs are –

  • Homall Gaming Chair Racing Chair
  • Homall Sracer Gaming Chair
  • Homall Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair

Anda Seat

Anda Seat was founded in 2007. They are not making gaming chairs for their starting. In starting they were making racecar seats for Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

They had started making their own gaming in 2016. They had come The company is based in Shenzhen, China.

Anda seat has been used by major esports teams like Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five, and OMG. Now in 2021, they sell their gaming chairs in more than 30 countries like the USA, Canada, UK, etc.

Anda Seat brand focus on making highly ergonomic and comfortable gaming chairs. Anda Seat says ” Born for a Much Healthier Lifestyle “. In terms of durability, they beat many other chairs.

They has SGS certificates on their chairs which is proof of their durability. Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series is one of the popular gaming chairs. That chair cost 499$. The chair build quality is amazing.

Their cool features and look make them worth buying. Phantom 3 Series is their latest gaming chair. Other popular gaming chairs are –

  • AndaSeat Jungle Series
  • AndaSeat Fnatic Edition
  • Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series.


AKRacing is a big gaming brand like DXracer and autofull. At starting they were making automotive sports seats. All things like designing, producing, and testing is done by Akracing itself.

They have not hired any company for these works. That is why no compromise is made on the design and quality of chairs. And gamers get high-quality chairs for their money.

That they can be used for many years. All Akracing chairs Meet or Exceed both ANSI and BIFMA Standards. Which is enough to tell their chair’s quality. Users get 5 to 10 years on AKRacing chairs.

AKRacing chair has a metal frame and metal base. They have 180 degrees reclining back with a tilting option too. Both headrest and lumbar pillow come with them.

You will see both gaming and office chairs in their product line. And these chairs are available in both fabric and leather upholstery. For all size and weight users, their chairs are made for. 5’3″ to 6’3″ height users can buy akracing gaming chairs. Top AKRacing Gaming Chairs are –

  • AKRacing Core Series EX
  • MASTERS Series
  • OFFICE Series

Clutch Chairz

You will not have probably heard about this brand. It’s because the brand is new in a gaming chair. But like other big brands, this Clutch Chairz brand also has a good reputation.

The Clutch Chairz brand is owned by Pewdiepie, Who is 2nd largest YouTuber with 111 million subscribers on youtube. Clutch Chairz has 5 Pewdiepie edition gaming chairs.

Their most popular Pewdiepie edition chairs are PEWDIEPIE 100M and PEWDIEPIE / Red. The chair has a cool look and design that is getting a positive response from gamers.

These chairs have been specially designed for gamers. The chair has super soft leather upholstery, 3d armrests, 180 degrees reclining backrest with a strong base.

Recently they have also released 7 different variants of gaming chairs for girls. These chairs come in 3 different sizes which fit different size gamers. Clutch Chairz also sells gaming chairs desks too.

Which is the best gaming chair brand?

Above we discussed 15 different gaming brands. You will be thinking which one is best for all of them, Right? 2 brands are the best of all brands that we have discussed.


The first is Autofull and the second is Secretlab. Both of these brands are major leading brands in the gaming chair industry. There is a big number of gamers that are using their gaming chairs.

But budget gamers’ autofull chairs are best. They come at less price but have many premium features like high adjustability, high durability, high build quality, and ergonomic features.

You can also buy their chairs if you want a gaming chair for long hours sitting. And let’s talk about Secretlab now. Secretlab gaming chairs are also best. But they cost much higher in price than autofull.

If you have some budget then just go with Secretlab chairs. They may cost a bit higher in price but that price is really worth it. You can check out our previous blog, Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It? know why they are worth their price. 

Why it is important to buy a good Brand gaming chair?

This question is quite common. As when you get the same features of gaming chairs in less price than a new brand then why buy a gaming chair from a well-known brand. But there are many reasons for buying a gaming chair of well know brand than a new brand.

High Quality

Big brand gaming chairs are often of high quality. they dont do compromise the build quality by reducing the chair build quality. This is also a reason that their gaming chairs cost a big high.

When you buy a gaming chair of a reputed brand then you won’t have to compromise in quality. That chair is made up of high-quality material which adds comfort and durability to gaming chair too.

Good Customer support 

When we face any issue with our gaming chair or any part gets damaged then we contact customer support. Small brands dont have good and fast customer support.

Moreover, they dont give replies to customers too. Which causes a lot of trouble to game chairs owner. If you want to face this problem then it is better to buy a good gaming chair.

For eg- Respawn, Secretlab brands have very fast and good customer support that answers their customers very fast. And solves their issues.


This is a major issue that we face with gaming chairs of small brands. Their chairs may come a bit cheaper but their build quality is always low. Their gaming chairs dont last for a long time like a high-quality chair last.

And users have to spend money on a new gaming chair. Which just spoiled their money. If you dont want to spend money again and gain on a new gaming chair then just spend some money at once and buy a good brand gaming chair.

High Warranty

Yes, the next thing is high warranty. You will see that good brands give very high warranty as compared to a small brand. As they are quite sure about their product quality.

Just take an example of secretlab. This brand gives 5-10 years of warranty on their gaming chair. Which is a very long warranty period. They have done this as they are sure about the quality of their gaming chairs.

They know this thing that their chairs are going to last for many years. On the other hand, you will even don’t see 2 years warranty on gaming chairs of the low brand.

What things to look for in a gaming chair? 

There are many things that you need to look for in a gaming chair to buy a good one chair. Here are things you need to keep in your mind while choosing a gaming chair.


Never compromise in terms of comfort. A gaming chair that has less comfort is not worth buying. You will not love sitting on an uncomfy chair as that chair will make your feel uncomfy.

By this you’re concentrating on gaming will reduce. Which will also affect your gaming. So buy a comfortable gaming chair in which you can sit for a long time without having any issues.

Buy a well-padded gaming chair with high adjustability as those chairs are super comfortable for long hours.

Build Quality

Build quality is also an important thing to consider. A gaming chair won’t last for much time if it is of low build quality. Check what material is used in that chair.

And whether that material is of high quality or not. If it is not then just leave that chair. Low-quality padding will just deflate after some time which will reduce that chair’s comfort.

Also, different parts of that chair will get broken just after being used for some time. If you dont want these problems just buy a good quality gaming chair.

Headrests and lumbar pillow

Both of them are very important. They give support to users back. You can use them for getting support to the back.

They make a gaming chair more ergonomic and help in maintaining good body posture. If you have back and neck pain issues then get an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow chair.

They dont cost much but they really add comfort to the chair. They provide support to the back and promote good blood flow in the back and neck areas.


Go with a gaming chair that comes with some warranty. If Gaming chairs dont not come in a warranty then dont buy that. Even if that chair comes cheaper. I

f the chair faces any issue then you will not able to request new parts or a gaming chair. Always go with a gaming chair that at least have a month’s warranty. Brands that are sure about their product quality often offer long warranties.


There are tons of gaming chairs but fewer are good. You should go with a Best Gaming Chairs brands as they are worth their price.

While buying a brand gaming chair dont forget to see that chair features too. Buy a gaming chair that can give you the best sitting experience.

The gaming chair should have both high build quality and ergonomic features. We discuss some top brands of gaming chairs that you can buy.

If you are a hardcore gamer then spend big high money on a gaming chair as it will help you in improving your gaming experience. So dont compromise your gaming by buying a low-quality chair of a low brand.

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