Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

In this covid pandemic need of office chairs has increased. If you are a gamer and have a gaming chair then you would have surely asked yourself this question Are gaming chairs good for office work?

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

This same question I had asked a few days ago. So after doing some research I got its answer.

Yes, gaming chairs are good for office work too. Like office chairs, gaming chairs are also made for long your works. But make sure that your gaming chair is of high quality and has an ergonomic design. A gaming chair that does not have an ergonomic design is not good to be used for gaming chairs.

Below we are going to discuss it in more detail.

Also in this blog, we are also going to answer all other questions related to it. So make sure to read further.

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Office Work?

Its answer depends on many things. There is no doubt that you can use your gaming chair for office works too. Like office chairs and gaming chairs are also made for sitting.

They have padded seats and back which gives the user a comfy place for sitting. Gaming chairs also have many adjustable features like headrest, lumbar pillow, and armrests that make sitting more comfortable.

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While using a gaming chair for office chairs you won’t have pain in your back and neck. But in terms of ergonomic designs, gaming chairs are lower than and office chairs.

Office chairs have ergonomic backs and seats. And provides more support to the back than a gaming chair.

Also, office chairs have waterfall edges seats in which users dont have hips pain.

So if you want to use gaming chairs for office works too then make sure that your gaming chair is of good quality and has ergonomic features.

Using a low-quality or cheap chair will not be a good option. If you have a series of back pain issues then going with office chairs is more is good as you’ll be able to sit on an office chair for a longer time.

Also, it depends on your budget too as office chairs come a bit expensive than gaming chairs.

Can we sit on gaming chairs for long hours?

Yes, you can. Gaming chairs are specially made for long hours sitting. But in cheap gaming chairs, you may not be able to sit for long hours.

So make sure to buy a good quality gaming chair. Moreover, we had also reviewed some of the best 10 Best Chair for Long hours of Gaming in which users can set for 8-10 hours a day easily.

While sitting for long hours you need to sit in the correct posture and also make sure of most headrests and lumbar pillows.

As they make it more comfortable for sitting on a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are highly comfortable as they have fluffy and soft seats.

In high-density padding, you won’t have pain in your butts. Also, you can recline the chair backrest to get rest while sitting on the chair.

It removes tiredness from our back. many gaming chairs come with footrests which makes sure that we dont have pain in our legs.

Which can cause trouble in long hours sitting. There are 2 types of upholstery one is meshed and another is leather.

Mesh chairs are very comfy on hot days as they are very breathable and on the other hard leathers chairs are best for cold places.

But still, you can use leather chairs in hot areas too but make sure that your room has A.C or FAN as they get warm easily which can create uncomfortable on hot days. 

Should I invest in an office chair?

Definitely, you should. But when you are going to buy office chairs then make sure to buy a good one. Not buy a cheap office chair as they are not good.

Also, they do have not many ergonomic features. if you dont have much budget then go with gaming chairs. You will get the same features gaming chairs like office chairs in less price.

Cheap gaming chairs have more features like adjustability, comfort, ergonomics than an office chair. If you’re going to invest less than 200$ then buying a gaming chair is a good option.

Even in gaming chairs for less than 200$ you will see a high reclining backrest, adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, seat cushion seats, adjustable 3d armrest, and even footrest.

Whereas cheap office chairs often have fixed armrests, no headrest, fixed lumbar, no footrest, etc.

But when it comes to expensive office chairs, gaming chairs dont match them. They are highly ergonomic and are highly comfortable too.

So if you have the budget then going with an office chair is more worth it than buying a gaming chair.

4 Differences between a gaming chair and office chair


Office chairs come with 2d and fixed armrests whereas gaming chairs have 2d, 3d, and 4d armrests. Even cheap gaming chairs under 200$ come with 2d and 3d armrests.

Whereas much costlier office chairs have fixed or 2d armrests. You can adjust the height, weight, and angle of the armrests gaming chair.

Expensive gaming chairs like her Herman miller comes with high adjustable armrests whose angle, height, and weight can be adjusted.

Seats Type

Gaming chairs come with Raised Front Lip seats. These types of seats are a bit raised from the front.

On these types of seats hips pain can occur if the seats dont have comfy seat cushion. There are very few gaming chairs that have waterfall edge seats.

But in office chairs, you will often see waterfall edge seats. These waterfall edge seats are ergonomic designs in which the user dont get pressure on hips.

The pressure is distributed over the seat. Due to which the user dont have pain feel in the hips.

Also in waterfall edge seats, blood flow in the hips area also dont get the effect. They are very comfortable in long hours sitting.

Reclining Backrest

You will see Gaming chairs below 200$, also comes with 180 degrees reclining back. So yes, you can get a high reclining backrest chair at a low price.

But when it comes to office chairs you will find that even expensive office chairs do not have high reclining. Mostly they have recline area of 90 to 120 degrees.

So you cant lay back on an office chair. But on gaming chairs, you can lay back and can even sleep on the chair.

And if we talk about tilt tension then both gaming chair office chairs have tilt. This can be controlled by a tilt tension knob that you will see below the seat.

Adjustable Headrest and lumbar pillow 

In gaming chairs Adjustable Headrests and lumbar pillows are common. You will see mostly gaming chairs with Adjustable Headrests and lumbar pillows.

Their position and angle can be adjusted easily. They provided our back and neck areas support.

A lumbar pillow maintains our spine’s incorrect posture and makes sure that we dont feel pain in these areas while using a gaming chair.

And if we talk about office chairs you will not see many office chairs with headrests and lumbar pillows. Office chairs under 200$-300$ do not come with a headrest. They have fixed the lumbar pillow.

AKRacing AK-SX-BK Gaming Chair

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AKRacing AK-SX-BK is one of the best gaming chairs for long hours sitting. You can do both gaming and office chair while sitting on it.

The chair backs and seats are large and wider in size. Which makes this chair best for large-size users. The chair comes in 6 colors options.

Its armrests are highly adjustable that move up & down, back & forth, and rotate to the sides. You can put your arms and elbows over them for support.

The chair weighs 57 Lbs and has a weight capacity of 330 Lbs. PU leather upholstery is strong and durable and gets tear and wear. It also provides a soft feel to our back.

On its base, there are 5 PU casters included. These casters rotate smoothly on the floor and dont leave scratches on the floor.

Due to them rolling this bulky and heavy chair becomes easy.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The chair body is large and provides support to the body properly.
  • Comes in multiple colors.


  • The chair is a bit expensive.

Symino Gaming Chair 

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Symino Gaming Chair is for budget gamers. It has an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow which makes it comfortable for sitting.

Both of them provide support to the back and neck. Also, they are adjustable so you can adjust their position too. The backrest is much larger in size.

So your back will get proper support. The chair has a multi-angle reclining backrest which allows the user to adjust the back angle according to their need.

For different works, you can adjust its back. The chair dont get dirty easily. Even if it gets dirty you can clean it easily as cleaning this chair is very easy, all because of PU leather.

This Pu leather is waterproof too so water dont damage it. This same gaming chair comes in footrest too. And of course, that version will cost extra money.

For the footrest version, you need to pay 5$ extra which is why always go with the footrest version. As 5$ are not much but they will be very helpful for you. Especially in long hours sitting.


  • The chair is very easy to assemble.
  • It provides great support to the back and neck.
  • It is very affordable.


  • The armrests of the chair are not padded.


Both gaming and office chairs have some pros and cons. For budget users, gaming chairs are good options.

As you will get many features in them rather than in office chairs. And if you have a good gaming chair then you can just use that chair for office chair work too.

You won’t have any issues in using a gaming chair as an office chair. So hope you get the answer to this ” Are gaming chairs good for office work? ” and other questions related to it.

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